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Merkel And Hollande Meet At Baltic Coast

If you want a lesson in how not to run an economy, take the Eurostar

14 August 2014 15:18

For the last five years, politicians of all shades have been banging on about how we should adopt this or that aspect of German economic policy. George Osborne argued in… Continue reading

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We need to reform pensions – here are some ideas

8 January 2014 18:22

The government is facing a fiscal crisis. In the face of that crisis David Cameron has promised to continue to raise pensions in real terms. The biggest item of welfare… Continue reading

A student receives their exam results. The government today announced reforms to A-levels. Picture: Getty

Why meddling with A-levels won’t work

23 January 2013 14:07

Conservatives will, no doubt, welcome the government’s announcement about A-levels today. Modules will be abolished. We will return to one tough exam at the end of the two years of… Continue reading


There is no reason to raise VAT

4 January 2011 13:39

It is very clear that the government cannot carry on borrowing at current rates and the coalition’s proposals for reducing government borrowing are prudent. However, today’s VAT rise is unnecessary.… Continue reading


A long way to go

20 October 2010 17:52

George Osborne has probably done enough to ensure that the public finances are back on track and that the national debt will not run out of control.   He has,… Continue reading