Peter Oborne

Peter Oborne is associate editor of The Spectator and chief political commentator at The Daily Telegraph.

A man stands on the rubble of his house in the Tariq al-Bab district of the northern city of Aleppo

It’s time to judge Assad’s Aleppo campaign by the standards that we set ourselves in Mosul

14 December 2016 8:33

For the past few weeks, British newspapers have been informing their readers about two contrasting battles in the killing grounds…

Students gather to voice their anger at the brutal death of writer and blogger Avijit Roy during a protest at Dhaka's University campus last year

Revealed: UK government blocks foreign journalists from press freedom conference

12 April 2016 9:40

On its website the Foreign and Commonwealth Office claims that ‘we’re strengthening the Commonwealth as a focus for democratic practice…

David Cameron addresses the crowds in Benghazi, Libya (Photo: Getty)

Barack Obama is right: David Cameron let Libya fall into the abyss

11 March 2016 17:04

In their interview in the Christmas edition of The Spectator, Fraser Nelson and James Forsyth asked the Prime Minister whether he…

The man who was almost PM

What Ed Miliband got right

29 December 2015 18:30

We’re republishing our ten most-read articles of 2015 and no8 is from Peter Oborne in defence of Ed Miliband. The Spectator…

Hani Mujahid (Picture: Al Jazeera)

Did Yemen’s intelligence service collude with Al Qaeda?

4 June 2015 17:53

Al Qaeda terrorists have never had good press. For sound reasons they are always represented as evil, nihilistic, faceless murderers.…

Charles Kennedy, photographed in 2004 during his time as leader of the Liberal Democrats. Photo: Getty.

Fighting talk from a dove — Peter Oborne interviews Charles Kennedy

2 June 2015 10:40

The former leader of the Liberal Democrats Charles Kennedy has died at the age of 55. He was the party’s…

Australia v England - Fourth Test: Day 2

The unbearable ingratitude of Kevin Pietersen

8 October 2014 13:32

Seven years ago Kevin Pietersen produced his first attempt at autobiography, Crossing the Boundary: The Early Years in My Cricketing…

World Leaders Attend UN General Assembly

No, Iran does not posses nuclear weapons

1 May 2013 16:23

In the course of a long career as a polemical journalist I have got thoroughly used to being insulted, libelled…

Boston explosions

The Boston bombings should make ‘Real IRA’ supporters in the US stop and think

25 April 2013 12:25

One of the first world statesmen to send a message of sympathy to Boston after last week’s outrage was Gerry…

In this week’s Spectator: The great euro swindle

22 September 2011 12:08

Very rarely in political history has any faction or movement enjoyed such a complete and crushing victory as the Conservative…