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World Leaders Attend UN General Assembly

No, Iran does not posses nuclear weapons

1 May 2013 16:23

In the course of a long career as a polemical journalist I have got thoroughly used to being insulted, libelled and attacked in a multitude of different ways. It comes… Continue reading

Boston explosions

The Boston bombings should make ‘Real IRA’ supporters in the US stop and think

25 April 2013 12:25

One of the first world statesmen to send a message of sympathy to Boston after last week’s outrage was Gerry Adams, president of Sinn Fein. ‘Just watching news of the… Continue reading


In this week’s Spectator: The great euro swindle

22 September 2011 12:08

Very rarely in political history has any faction or movement enjoyed such a complete and crushing victory as the Conservative Eurosceptics. The field is theirs. They were not merely right… Continue reading