Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen is a columnist for the Observer and author of What's Left and You Can't Read This Book.

Last Minute Canvassing Takes Place Before Tomorrow's Crucial Elections

Green Party Candidate: Give me more money!

30 July 2012 13:37

As a slogan, ‘give me more money’ is an unlikely election winner. Nevertheless, Peter Cranie came close to trying it…

A lecture against FGM in southern Egypt, Getty Images

The racism of the respectable

24 July 2012 19:33

To be a racist in Britain, you do not need to cover yourself in tattoos and join a neo-Nazi party.…

David Cameron is coming under increasing pressure from his backbenchers. Picture: Getty.

Tories, oppose family values

19 July 2012 18:30

For almost a decade now, what social conservatives say and the evidence in front of our eyes has been diverging…

Labour Party Conference Focuses On Economy

Westminster’s hollow men

8 July 2012 18:30

In my Observer column today I say that a judicial review into the banking scandal would have achieved little unless…

Bob Diamond, the new chief executive of

Crony Conservatism

4 July 2012 13:15

The fundamental division in modern politics is between corporatists and believers in free markets. So what, you might say, that…

Social Networking Sites May Be Monitored By Security Services

Whatever happened to freedom of speech?

28 June 2012 13:30

The issues raised by the Twitter Joke case have been gone over so thoroughly that, as is so often in…

Prime Minister David Cameron Makes A Speech Following Last Week's Rioting

The war against the young

24 June 2012 14:30

At the time of the student protests, I laid out in the Observer the demographic facts that push unscrupulous politicians…

Diamond Jubilee - Buckingham Palace Concert

Jimmy’s “Scam”

19 June 2012 12:00

Satirists are like pop stars in two respects. They earn extraordinary amounts of money, and the public assumes that they…

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair Gives Evidence To The Leveson Inquiry

Why are the unions frightened?

18 June 2012 19:00

Labour has only ever won a general election from the autumn of 1974 onwards when its leader has been called…


Why the Jubilee Coverage was so bad

6 June 2012 10:45

One of my objections to monarchy is that it is a vulgar institution that encourages verbosity, prurience, sycophancy and banality.…

IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde

A diplomatic racket

4 June 2012 18:45

In my Observer column on Sunday I mentioned in passing that in a crisis, elites have to be able to…


Take the mickey back

27 May 2012 15:33

Our beliefs are like our families. Some we live with every day. Others are distant relations we rarely see but…

Don’t trust the West

24 May 2012 11:30

A few days ago, I attended the Oslo Freedom Forum, where dissidents and human rights campaigners gather to exchange ideas.…


Beware the ferret-faced heresy hunters

15 May 2012 10:51

I fell in with bad company while I was on a story in Oslo last week: American conservative journalists. I…


‘It’s the newspapers I can’t stand’

30 April 2012 13:47

In Tom Stoppard’s Night and Day, Milne, an idealistic journalist, describes the limitations of newspapers, and then gives the best…


Rupert Murdoch and the revival of the Labour Party

25 April 2012 16:36

Last year I wrote that the Leveson inquiry would suit Jeremy Hunt rather well. He had appointed Lord Justice Leveson,…


Gunter Grass: the tin drum and the tin ear

9 April 2012 13:47

This morning’s editorial in Israel’s left-wing Haaretz newspapernoted a double standard that was also a bad joke. Israel’s Interior Minister’s…


The tweet police

27 March 2012 12:32

Writing with the optimism of a high-Victorian liberal, John Stuart Mill said that the only legitimate restriction on freedom of…


Will Osborne close the ‘Livingstone Loophole’?

20 March 2012 10:33

When I spoke to the tax justice campaigner Richard Murphy about Ken Livingstone’s tax avoidance, he said that the practice…


The spectre of militant secularism

19 March 2012 12:06

At the weekend, I was honoured to award the Secularist of the Year prize to Peter Tatchell on behalf of…

Can we talk about this?

13 March 2012 15:00

Can actors at the National Theatre quote Christopher Hitchens’ destruction of Shirley Williams for her failure to defend freedom of…


Should Christians kill Mark Thompson?

27 February 2012 21:06

I’d rather they didn’t. But perhaps a campaign of clerical terror would make the BBC ‘respect’ Christianity. According to the…


The brass neck of Julian Assange

21 February 2012 17:09

On 1 March, the Old Vic theatre in London is hosting the première of Europe’s Last Dictator — a film…


Attack of the Militant Secularists

18 February 2012 15:40

If you want to hear a BBC discussion going hopelessly wrong, listen to the ‘debate’ between the Bishop of Lichfield,…


We are all journalists now

13 February 2012 17:46

As the cops round up journalists, Trevor Kavanagh’s protest in the Sun has aroused amazement and some scorn. ‘Witch-hunt has…