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Nick Cohen is a columnist for the Observer and author of What’s Left and You Can’t Read This Book.

On not understanding Tories (3): Inflation

18 October 2011 20:05

Being an occasional series in which the writer confesses that supporters of the British Conservative party leave him in a state of perpetual perplexity. Part one here and part two… Continue reading


The New Statesman: The Toadies’ Gazette

10 October 2011 17:59

Here we go again. According to the surprisingly reliable Gudio Fawkes, the New Statesman has forced Dan Hodges, a lively young writer, whom you actually want to read, to resign… Continue reading


Obama and Miliband

2 October 2011 20:20

I apologise for the advertisement, but there is a piece in the Observer that is well worth reading. Michael Cohen describes how Obama has tired of offering the hand of… Continue reading


Chris Patten: a big disappointment all round

27 September 2011 12:08

Chris Patten has held almost every great and good job the great and the good can offer: Governor of Hong Kong, Companion of Honour, European Commissioner, Chancellor of the University… Continue reading


Labour is caught on a fork

21 September 2011 11:34

Listen to John Prescott on the Today programme this morning and you may begin to understand the complexity of the task Labour faces. Prescott was putting the best gloss he… Continue reading


Novelists can be shits (and may be the better for it)

19 September 2011 19:14

Writers of my generation are comparing the BBC’s version of Tinker, Tailor, Solider, Spy – the highpoint of the golden age of British television drama in my view – against… Continue reading


From the archives: Is that you, Johann Hari?

15 September 2011 10:44

Today, Johann Hari admitted to vandalising his enemies’ Wikipedia entries using the psydonym David Rose. One of his victims, the writer and Spectator blogger Nick Cohen, suspected so all along. His… Continue reading


Labour must make up for its failure on banking

11 September 2011 15:11

It is a sign of how serious economic thought disappeared in the bubble – "who needs it when we’re all making money?" –  that public opinion is not pummelling Labour… Continue reading


In praise of Gordon Brown, being the first part of a one-part series

17 August 2011 13:39

All politicians require a thick skin, but Gordon Brown must have an elephant’s hide. If an ordinary man had presided over the greatest crash since 1929, shame would compel silence.… Continue reading


Conspiracy theories kill

23 July 2011 11:06

Andrew Neather of the Evening Standard was — and, for all I know, still is — a decent man. Although he worked as a speech writer for Jack Straw around… Continue reading


Speaking for Britain

10 July 2011 13:31

Spectator readers are not going to like this, so I will keep short. Ed Milliband spoke for Britain last week, when he became the first senior politician in living memory… Continue reading


Pimping the press

5 July 2011 10:36

Why, I hear you ask, did the editors of the New Statesman and Independent do nothing about Johann Hari? Private Eye and many others had been raising killer questions about… Continue reading


The crisis: left, right and centre

28 June 2011 17:39

Whoever first came up with the saying, “the left won the culture war, the right won the economic war and the centre won the political war,” deserves some kind of… Continue reading


A Crooke from the Establishment

13 June 2011 13:00

The American journalist Michael Weiss wrote recently, “Tony Blair can’t be a war criminal. If he were, George Galloway would support him.”  The joke works on the assumption that the… Continue reading


Memo to Mr CTB esq. (Strictly confidential)

23 May 2011 15:10

Dear Mr CTB, We often say that the best advice a solicitor can give a client is to tell them when to back off from a confrontation. The time has… Continue reading


Rape and the French elite

18 May 2011 11:26

Bernard-Henri Levy begins his polemic on the alleged rape of a hotel chambermaid by Dominique Strauss-Kahn, with a priceless example of what a better French philosopher called “bad faith”. ‘I… Continue reading


Greedy Tories

8 May 2011 14:50

Liberal Democrat fury at the behaviour of the prime minister is all over this morning’s papers. They are not just blustering because they lost the referendum – although, obviously, there… Continue reading


The Patriotic Case for Republicanism

30 April 2011 10:36

I have a piece in Time on why British republicans are the true patriots. Here’s a taster: "If you doubt the patriotism of  British republicanism, consider trying to explain to… Continue reading


Libya and the shattering of European illusions

28 April 2011 10:26

I have a piece in the Norwegian daily VG about how the Libyan war is destroying old certainties. I point out that although: "Den europeiske liberale middelklassens illusjoner ødelegges av… Continue reading


Changing my mind on AV

26 April 2011 8:18

One should never be too prissy about political campaigns. But even when the usual excuses about the “rough and tumble of politics” have been trotted out, the argument about AV… Continue reading


On not understanding Tories (2)

17 April 2011 10:44

Being the second in an occasional series. Part one is available here. Let me see if I can get this straight. The British Conservative Party has not won a general… Continue reading


How angry are Conservatives going to be?

9 April 2011 17:30

I worry that Coffee House sometimes fails to enrage readers sufficiently, so let me run a scenario past you, suggested to me by Rafael Behr, the Observer’s brilliant leader writer.… Continue reading


Billy Bragg and the fate of the Lib Dems

3 April 2011 11:58

For as long as I can remember Billy Bragg has been arguing for tactical voting. He lives in some splendour in Dorset, and wants to drive the Tories out of… Continue reading


The Tory Party’s Secret Weapon

28 March 2011 12:37

Writing in today’s Guardian about the weekend protests, my colleague Jackie Ashley makes a half-true argument. ‘Miliband [cannot] be blamed for the embarrassing juxtaposition of his words at the Hyde… Continue reading


More like Veena, please

22 March 2011 14:38

If we are going to avoid a clash of civilisations, we are going to need many more like the Pakistani actress Veena Malik. Watch her take on a mullah, who… Continue reading