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Nick Cohen is a columnist for the Observer and author of What's Left and You Can't Read This Book.

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Far leftists do not laugh about Mao to mock communism. They laugh to forget communism

26 November 2015 11:51

Nothing about the crisis in the Labour party makes sense until you find the honesty to admit that far leftists…


C’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas le journalisme

23 November 2015 14:16

Andrew Neil is the best political interviewer in Britain. I am not just saying that because he is so high…

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Nobody will ever forgive the right if they destroy the BBC

18 November 2015 12:49

Nowhere does the right show its isolation from its own country more vividly than when it demands the destruction of the…

George Osborne: a man who combines all the vices of the left and right and none of the virtues of either (Photo: Getty)

George Osborne and the death of Tory idealism

11 November 2015 8:13

The kindest way to treat your enemies is to hate them. Hate them and you don’t understand them or their…


The left is no longer a happy family

2 November 2015 17:13

The far left controls the Labour leadership because the centre left did not take it seriously until it was too…

State Visit Of The President Of The People's Republic Of China - Day 2

Cameron tells Tories they no longer have to follow international law

21 October 2015 17:30

People go on about the awful pressure of 24/7 media on our leaders, and how hard the constant scrutiny must…

Conservatives, Labour And Lib Dems Agree A Deal On Press Reform

Lord Leveson’s legacy could be the death of investigative journalism

15 October 2015 14:24

Later this year, or more probably in the spring of 2016, the following scene may play out on the steps…

Brett Bailey's Exhibit B

How to defend the arts using liberal values

1 October 2015 11:32

This is a version of a speech I made to the No Boundaries conference at the Bristol Watershed Theatre on…

Jeremy Corbyn, MP for Islington North and candidate in the Labour Party leadership election, speaks to supporters outside Great St Mary's church on September 6, 2015 in Cambridge, England.

Looking good by doing nothing: Corbyn and the slackactivist left

21 September 2015 12:18

The Save Darfur page on Facebook was one of the most heart-warming successes of the early years of social media.…

Battle Of Britain 75th Anniversary St Paul's Cathedral Service

When will Labour move against Corbyn?

16 September 2015 17:32

The Labour party must dig deep into roots if it is to survive. The Blairites cannot do it, they are…

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Announces His Party's Education Manifesto

Labour’s centrists have held up the white flag of surrender

2 September 2015 13:46

Smart political operators are often the stupidest people. In conventional Westminster terms, it was smart of Labour’s Chuka Umunna to…

Jeremy Corbyn is pictured as he arrives to address a speech in west London, on August 17, 2015.

Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party: one of them must go

18 August 2015 17:24

I suppose I’d insult Jeremy Corbyn if I compared him to an American. Jews (sorry ‘Zionists’) and Ukrainians rank high…

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Amnesty International has pimped itself out

12 August 2015 8:36

There is no argument fiercer in feminism than the argument about prostitution. Say you want to ban it and the…


The discreet charm of the Labour bourgeoisie

3 August 2015 17:17

In the early 1960s a satirical combo called the Chad Mitchell Trio sang of the anti-communist paranoia of the John Birch…


Tim Farron is a reminder of what it actually means to be liberal

20 July 2015 13:30

The media complain about ‘career politicians’. Yet when politicians come along who aren’t Oxford PPEists, who have progressed via think…

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Keep the cops away from the radical clerics, be they Christian or Muslim

15 July 2015 13:40

If you want to see our grievance-ridden, huckster-driven future, looks to Northern Ireland, which has always been a world leader…

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Does anybody still believe that the EU is a benign institution?

6 July 2015 14:59

Ever since Margaret Thatcher U-turned in the dying days of her premiership, there has been a kind of agreement between…


Isil stands for Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Does David Cameron not realise this?

2 July 2015 18:09

It is very easy to make David Cameron and the Scottish National Party look ridiculous. But as every soldier and…

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Cameron has created a socialist utopia for pensioners

22 June 2015 12:33

On the radio this morning, a campaigner from the Child Poverty Action Group had an ’emperor’s new clothes’ moment. Why…


It has to be Liz Kendall, doesn’t it?

18 June 2015 16:44

The most revealing moment in the Labour debate last night came when a questioner asked ‘what qualities do you share…


The Olympic movement follows Fifa into the gutter

9 June 2015 18:39

No line has been repeated more often during the Fifa scandal than the instruction that football should follow the example…

Len McCluskey, the General Secretary of the union Unite (Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty)

Labour must understand that Unite is its enemy

18 May 2015 11:26

Imagine you are a Labour MP or a trade union official surveying Britain this week. The following points will strike…


Charlie Hebdo: The literary indulgence of murder

29 April 2015 15:59

I suppose it is asking too much of a writer called Francine Prose that she write prose anyone would want…

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If universities censor, they can’t complain when the state censors them

21 April 2015 15:38

I spoke at a Guardian debate on free speech before an audience of students at King’s College London last night.…

Liberal Democrats Annual Spring Conference 2014

How Labour can use Europe to stop the Tories

7 April 2015 13:53

One of the first tasks of a party in our time of fragmented politics is to stop their opponents making…