Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen is a columnist for the Observer and author of What's Left and You Can't Read This Book.

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The moral case against Jeremy Corbyn

20 July 2016 18:06

Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters are making much of Owen Smith’s work as a corporate lobbyist for Big Pharma before he entered…

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The frivolity of the Left

18 July 2016 12:53

I can tell you why hundreds of thousands think that ‘Jeremy’ – as they insist on calling him – must…


The martyrdom of St Andrea

11 July 2016 13:01

He may have died in the seventeenth century but in his Mysterie of Rhetoric Unvail’d  of 1657 John Smith showed…


Brexit was propelled by prejudice. Why deny it?

7 July 2016 14:03

There are two theories about racial prejudice. Most people talk as if there is a fixed block of people ‘the…

Brexit lies are opening up a terrifying new opportunity for the far-right in Britain

27 June 2016 14:54

The Tory leaders of Vote Leave, those supposedly civilised and intelligent men, are creating the conditions for a mass far-right…

Political Leaders Vote In The EU Referendum Result

Fascism is alive in Britain – on both the left and the right

23 June 2016 16:01

At the time of writing, no one knows the result of Britain’s European Union referendum. But everyone has learned in…

Vigils In Hong Kong After The Orlando Shooting

Homophobia is now met with the same silence given to anti-Semitism

13 June 2016 15:07

Rolling news does not give its participants the option of shutting their mouths and biting their tongues, even when shutting…

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Brexit: the triumph of the right

10 June 2016 16:34

The only arguments that matter in politics today are the arguments on the right. The only futures that are possible…

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Brexit could leave Britain with the worst of both worlds – like Norway

6 June 2016 12:27

This is a translation of an article I wrote for the Norwegian daily VG Never since the German attack on…

The left’s great illusion in praising Labour’s ‘moral clarity’ under Corbyn

31 May 2016 12:55

Danny Dorling is one of the warmest and most intelligent left wing intellectuals of our day; an egalitarian, who proposes…


The lies of meritocratic Britain

24 May 2016 12:06

In England after the Norman Conquest the worst insults you could throw were class insults. So long has feudal prejudice…

Jacob Rees-Mogg And Nigel Farage Speak Out Against The European Arrest Warrant

Brexit: the-stab-in-the-back myth is coming

17 May 2016 15:50

I don’t know if ‘Leave’ supporters will win. With the young abstaining and the old voting in a low-turnout referendum,…

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The English right’s Putinesque conspiracy theories

12 May 2016 18:08

The right, as well as the left, is home to the kind of flaming conspiracy nut who, in Bertie Wooster’s…

Antoine Deltour, a former employee at PwC, leaves the courthouse in Luxembourg (Photo: Getty)

The ‘Luxleaks’ whistleblowers trial should concern us all

26 April 2016 13:53

The trial of Antoine Deltour, Raphael Halet, and Edouard Perrin opens today in Luxembourg. Reporters should mob the courtroom. Camera…

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Boris Johnson’s attack on Barack Obama belongs in the gutter

22 April 2016 14:58

Boris Johnson is a former editor of this newspaper, and as such has the right to be treated with a…

Julie Bishop, the Australian foreign minister, has said that her country would not indulge the British right's fantasies (Photo: Getty)

It’s a Eurosceptic fantasy that the ‘Anglosphere’ wants Brexit

12 April 2016 14:28

No one does as much damage to a country as patriots who affect to love it the most. If you…

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Are Boris’s admirers prepared to have their hearts broken?

29 March 2016 17:52

When I was 18, I had my first tutorial on Anglo-Saxon history. I cannot remember the details but the don…

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Farewell, George Galloway

29 March 2016 11:15

It takes an achingly long time for the British to see a lickspittle of mass murderers for what he is.…

Student Boycott

The idea of a university as a free space rather than a safe space is vanishing

17 March 2016 17:00

I’ve always admired the liberal Muslims in the Quilliam Foundation. It is hard to take accusations of betrayal from your…


Eurosceptics are finally having to emerge from their safe space

8 March 2016 11:17

I accept it may take an effort to imagine Charles Moore dressed in a recyclable hemp skirt and organic cotton…

Jeremy Corbyn Visits The North East

Why Jeremy Corbyn is the ‘out’ campaign’s secret weapon

24 February 2016 14:29

Europe has opened up an unbridgeable chasm in the Conservative party. Labour remains, near as dammit, united. On the EU…

Boris Johnson: Everything about you is phoney

22 February 2016 12:45

Rather rashly, Boris Johnson published The Churchill factor: How one man made history last year. It was without historical merit,…


‘We told you so, you fools’: the Euston Manifesto 10 years on

18 February 2016 12:57

The Euston Manifesto appears a noble failure. It was clear in 2006 that the attempt to revive left-wing support for…

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Would Jeremy Corbyn prefer George Galloway to be Mayor of London?

10 February 2016 17:21

If a dirty mind is a perpetual feast, then a filthy mind is an open sewer. You see where the…

The trouble with Rhodes’s enemies is that they are not anti-racist enough

29 January 2016 15:29

  When Cecil Rhodes was drawing up his will his final dream was of British world domination. He pledged funds…