Nick Cohen

Nick Cohen is a columnist for the Observer and author of What's Left and You Can't Read This Book.


Daniel Hannan ought to be afraid of a hard Brexit – and so should you

16 January 2017 19:34

The British people, whose good nature is so frequently abused, could have done with hearing today’s argument from Daniel Hannan…


The Brexiteers turn on the plebs

15 January 2017 14:05

The trouble with plebiscites is that they leave the plebs stranded. A complicated issue is reduced to one question: should…

Can Jeremy Corbyn reinvent himself as a Trot Trump?

10 January 2017 15:45

‘Populism’ is a useless word. By definition, anyone who wins an election is more popular than his or her opponents…


Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Murdered Script

3 January 2017 11:14

In the first days of January ‘17, the Arctic air frosted over London forcing even the most careless citizen of…

The uses of terror

21 December 2016 7:37

I mean no disrespect to the dead when I say that Islamist terror in the developed world can seem a…

Marxist-Leninists are now the Labour party’s moderates

7 December 2016 15:43

There are three misconceptions about the far left. Not one of them is true. And all of them hide the crisis in…

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It’s time to challenge the Brexit Pollyannas

28 November 2016 16:04

In his admirably brief and necessarily brutal, Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now, Ian Dunt tells how civil servants brief…

Donald Trump campaigning in Utah ahead of the state's caucuses in March 2016. Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

The English right’s Trump temptation

9 November 2016 14:52

Labour’s election then re-election of Jeremy Corbyn was the equivalent of a suicidal man who, when the noose snaps and…

Maajid Nawaz

The white left has issued its first fatwa

31 October 2016 14:24

I have never advised anyone to use the English libel laws. I spent years helping the campaign to reform them,…

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Press censorship has begun in Scotland

18 October 2016 17:16

The silencing of Stephen Daisley has nagged away at journalism in Scotland for months. His employer, STV, holds the ITV…


The Brexit charlatans are getting away with it

28 September 2016 18:00

Opponents of demagogues from Donald Trump to Nigel Farage have suffered from a huge political disadvantage. They were either politicians…


Goodbye Labour. For the life of me, I cannot see how you can recover

24 September 2016 13:48

Those of us on the left can all too easily imagine how our political rivals felt when watching Jeremy Corbyn’s latest…

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The Brexiteers will always blame everything but Brexit

13 September 2016 10:27

The worst men always find themselves in others. If they are instinctive liars, they accuse their opponents of lying. If…

Vlad the corrupter and the crisis on the left

2 September 2016 14:03

Julian Assange still has not found the courage to face the women who accuse him of sexual abuse. Rather than…


Why you shouldn’t vote for Jeremy Corbyn

24 August 2016 14:18

What follows is an appeal to Jeremy Corbyn supporters to think again. It’s from Chris, a Labour party member, who…

Will Putin target Latvia next?

18 August 2016 11:21

The Baltic states do not feel like a front line. I did not see a police officer in more than…

Must Corbyn win?

7 August 2016 12:56

Thoughtful writing about the Corbyn phenomenon is not just impossible to find, it is impossible to imagine. Admirers live in…

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The moral case against Jeremy Corbyn

20 July 2016 18:06

Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters are making much of Owen Smith’s work as a corporate lobbyist for Big Pharma before he entered…

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The frivolity of the Left

18 July 2016 12:53

I can tell you why hundreds of thousands think that ‘Jeremy’ – as they insist on calling him – must…


The martyrdom of St Andrea

11 July 2016 13:01

He may have died in the seventeenth century but in his Mysterie of Rhetoric Unvail’d  of 1657 John Smith showed…


Brexit was propelled by prejudice. Why deny it?

7 July 2016 14:03

There are two theories about racial prejudice. Most people talk as if there is a fixed block of people ‘the…

Brexit lies are opening up a terrifying new opportunity for the far-right in Britain

27 June 2016 14:54

The Tory leaders of Vote Leave, those supposedly civilised and intelligent men, are creating the conditions for a mass far-right…

Political Leaders Vote In The EU Referendum Result

Fascism is alive in Britain – on both the left and the right

23 June 2016 16:01

At the time of writing, no one knows the result of Britain’s European Union referendum. But everyone has learned in…

Vigils In Hong Kong After The Orlando Shooting

Homophobia is now met with the same silence given to anti-Semitism

13 June 2016 15:07

Rolling news does not give its participants the option of shutting their mouths and biting their tongues, even when shutting…

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Brexit: the triumph of the right

10 June 2016 16:34

The only arguments that matter in politics today are the arguments on the right. The only futures that are possible…