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Commissioner Johannes Hann. Image: Getty

Why you can’t live in a ‘country’ in the eyes of the EU

25 July 2013 15:19

Here is a lesson from today’s European Commission midday press conference on how EU propaganda works, and works at all…

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Is José Manuel Barroso after the top job at Nato?

24 July 2013 13:30

José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, put on a suspiciously big-time press conference today to launch what were…


Why William Hague’s ‘red card’ plan won’t work

1 June 2013 11:54

Alas, now we know William Hague has joined the list – and it’s a long list – of British government…

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We are all citizens of Europe now, and the benefits row is just the beginning

31 May 2013 11:42

Yes, that law case the European Commission is taking against the UK is mission creep, or ‘a blatant land grab’…


The EU’s cut-out-and-keep economic timetable

27 May 2013 17:33

This morning two European Commission technocrats and a spokesman held an off-the-record press briefing to explain the EU’s economic ‘governance.’…

'Mrs Thatcher’s finance minister, who is the father of such a good cookbook author'.

The euro-elite responds to Nigel Lawson’s ‘dinosaur argument’

8 May 2013 16:24

I’ve just come from a briefing with a European Union official. He was asked whether Lord Lawson’s call for Britain…

European Union Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Olli Rehn talks to the media during a press conference today. Picture: Getty

Olli Rehn bosses George Osborne around

10 April 2013 20:32

Olli Rehn, the European Commissioner who is in charge of economic affairs, called in the Brussels press corps this afternoon…

All the reporters wanted to talk about was Cyprus - but all the commissioner wanted to talk about was his green paper. Image: Getty

How long will capital restrictions last in Cyprus? ‘Can’t say’

25 March 2013 14:51

To the European Commission headquarters this morning for a briefing with Michel Barnier, the Frenchman who is commissioner in charge…

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Cyprus: This isn’t a tax, it’s a bank raid

18 March 2013 15:52

You know this levy on Cyprus bank deposits? It’s not a levy. A levy is a kind of tax, and…

A rally for a ban on assault weapons; but what exactly is an 'assault weapon'? Image: Getty

America’s ‘gun culture’: Does anyone actually know what an ‘assault weapon’ is?

18 February 2013 11:50

Before British coverage of the American debate on gun control goes any further, I have to hope the BBC and…

European Parliament President Martin Schulz is gathering support for his plan to block the cut in the EU Budget. Picture: Getty

‘We are the voice of the people’: the MEPs planning to block the EU Budget cut

13 February 2013 16:07

The EU budget ‘victory’ cheers go on in the Commons, but the facts seem to have been lost in the…

European parliament president Martin Schulz. Picture: Getty

EU Budget: Beware the European Parliament’s veto power

8 February 2013 16:29

James Forsyth seems as happy as any Tory today, cheered by David Cameron’s prowess in the EU Budget negotiations. Even…

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Abraham Lincoln, the ‘specious humbug’

28 January 2013 10:38

This post by M.E. Synon is the first in a series about Stephen Spielberg’s Lincoln. A counter-argument will be published tomorrow,…

Jose Manuel Barroso’s spokesman-in-chief took questions from journalists at the European Commission on David Cameron's speech. Picture: Getty

The EU renegotiation pantomime

23 January 2013 17:35

Today’s midday press briefing at the European Commission was of course dominated by questions about the Cameron speech. This was…