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Commissioner Johannes Hann. Image: Getty

Why you can’t live in a ‘country’ in the eyes of the EU

25 July 2013 15:19

Here is a lesson from today’s European Commission midday press conference on how EU propaganda works, and works at all times and at every opportunity. Whenever a commissioner appears on… Continue reading

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Is José Manuel Barroso after the top job at Nato?

24 July 2013 13:30

José Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission, put on a suspiciously big-time press conference today to launch what were really no more than some modest proposals to standardise the… Continue reading


Why William Hague’s ‘red card’ plan won’t work

1 June 2013 11:54

Alas, now we know William Hague has joined the list – and it’s a long list – of British government ministers who do not understand how the European Union works.… Continue reading

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We are all citizens of Europe now, and the benefits row is just the beginning

31 May 2013 11:42

Yes, that law case the European Commission is taking against the UK is mission creep, or ‘a blatant land grab’ as Iain Duncan Smith has it. The eurocrats are trying… Continue reading


The EU’s cut-out-and-keep economic timetable

27 May 2013 17:33

This morning two European Commission technocrats and a spokesman held an off-the-record press briefing to explain the EU’s economic ‘governance.’ (Governance is the word eurocrats use instead of the more… Continue reading

'Mrs Thatcher’s finance minister, who is the father of such a good cookbook author'.

The euro-elite responds to Nigel Lawson’s ‘dinosaur argument’

8 May 2013 16:24

I’ve just come from a briefing with a European Union official. He was asked whether Lord Lawson’s call for Britain to leave the EU was a ‘dinosaur argument.’ In response, the… Continue reading

European Union Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Olli Rehn talks to the media during a press conference today. Picture: Getty

Olli Rehn bosses George Osborne around

10 April 2013 20:32

Olli Rehn, the European Commissioner who is in charge of economic affairs, called in the Brussels press corps this afternoon to announce the conclusion of his ‘in-depth review of the… Continue reading

All the reporters wanted to talk about was Cyprus - but all the commissioner wanted to talk about was his green paper. Image: Getty

How long will capital restrictions last in Cyprus? ‘Can’t say’

25 March 2013 14:51

To the European Commission headquarters this morning for a briefing with Michel Barnier, the Frenchman who is commissioner in charge of banking. The press pack wanted to talk about –… Continue reading

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Cyprus: This isn’t a tax, it’s a bank raid

18 March 2013 15:52

You know this levy on Cyprus bank deposits? It’s not a levy. A levy is a kind of tax, and what is happening to the people with bank deposits in… Continue reading

A rally for a ban on assault weapons; but what exactly is an 'assault weapon'? Image: Getty

America’s ‘gun culture’: Does anyone actually know what an ‘assault weapon’ is?

18 February 2013 11:50

Before British coverage of the American debate on gun control goes any further, I have to hope the BBC and a lot of other Anglo-Saxons who really ought to be… Continue reading

European Parliament President Martin Schulz is gathering support for his plan to block the cut in the EU Budget. Picture: Getty

‘We are the voice of the people’: the MEPs planning to block the EU Budget cut

13 February 2013 16:07

The EU budget ‘victory’ cheers go on in the Commons, but the facts seem to have been lost in the Prime Minister’s ‘triumph’. What the cheering Tories can’t quite grasp… Continue reading

European parliament president Martin Schulz. Picture: Getty

EU Budget: Beware the European Parliament’s veto power

8 February 2013 16:29

James Forsyth seems as happy as any Tory today, cheered by David Cameron’s prowess in the EU Budget negotiations. Even better for Cameron, he says, is the idea that the… Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln, the ‘specious humbug’

28 January 2013 10:38

This post by M.E. Synon is the first in a series about Stephen Spielberg’s Lincoln. A counter-argument will be published tomorrow, followed by a comparison of screen and literary adaptations of the… Continue reading

Jose Manuel Barroso’s spokesman-in-chief took questions from journalists at the European Commission on David Cameron's speech. Picture: Getty

The EU renegotiation pantomime

23 January 2013 17:35

Today’s midday press briefing at the European Commission was of course dominated by questions about the Cameron speech. This was despite efforts by Pia Ahrenkilde Hansen, Barroso’s spokesman-in-chief. First she… Continue reading