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Liz Jones wants me culled. Is that a hate crime?

27 September 2016 15:50

Should I report Liz Jones to the police for calling for me to be murdered? It’s a tricky one. On…

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The SNP has struck its first blow against English democracy. It won’t be the last

14 July 2015 15:18

So now we all know what we’re dealing with. This SNP malice against the English and our democracy is no…

The Avon Vale Hunt Meet Marks The Opening Of The Fox Hunting Season

Revealed: David Cameron’s plan to bring back hunting

7 July 2015 20:37

When Bill Clinton was asked if he had ever smoked marijuana he uttered the infamous cop-out that he had smoked…


The ‘war’ on cancer is futile. Let’s stop fighting it

8 January 2015 16:38

Have you ever wondered what illness you would prefer to die of? Cheerful of me, I know. But I’ve been…

Lou Burns, without and with the napkin she was given while breastfeeding her baby in Claridge’s. Via: @andysrelation

I’m with Farage on breastfeeding – we need to take on the frenzied glorification of motherhood

6 December 2014 10:04

Let’s get one thing straight. Women have been bringing up children perfectly happily for centuries without breastfeeding them in Claridges.…

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A new report calls into question what the RSPCA has been up to recently

2 October 2014 15:17

Yesterday, the RSPCA published the long-awaited review of its prosecutions policy. Interesting choice of timing – it finally released the…


Justine Greening: the Tory message on social mobility ‘has been diluted’

3 September 2014 16:07

This feature is a preview of this week’s Spectator, out tomorrow: Justine Greening wants to talk about social mobility. If…

The RSCPA are now a political organisation, spying on animal lovers. Illustration: Morten Morland.

The fanatical RSPCA behaves like an FBI for the countryside. Who will stop it?

28 December 2013 14:05

The Daily Telegraph’s excellent interview with the head of the Countryside Alliance today tells us what many people in the…

David Cameron

Why fall for Cameron’s cast-iron EU pledges?

23 January 2013 15:39

Tory MPs have fallen for David Cameron’s cast-iron pledges to hold a referendum before. So are they right in buying…