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Ed Miliband is deliberately misleading ‘you and me’ on the non-dom rules

8 April 2015 8:30

When he announced Labour Party proposals for changes to the non-dom rules, Ed Miliband tried very hard to be as misleading as possible without lying. He seems to have failed.… Continue reading

The 1980s. Would you really want to go back? Image: Getty

I’m part of the ‘jilted generation’ – so why do I think things are better than ever?

9 May 2014 16:59

Having been born in 1983, I am a part of Ed Howker’s ‘jilted generation’.  I think it is quite reasonable for him to argue that governments of all parties have… Continue reading

George Osborne Delivers His Autumn Statement On The Economy

How corporation tax cuts are helping wages

6 December 2013 17:07

Yesterday’s autumn statement included the results of the Treasury’s study of the dynamic impacts of the cuts to Corporation Tax, which George Osborne is down from 28 per cent to… Continue reading

Despite Ed Miliband's protestations, Ralph Miliband was a Marxist when Marxism was threatening our way of life.

Ed Miliband’s energy announcement may be nonsense, but it could become popular

24 September 2013 16:37

First politicians banned cheap energy. They are creating an affordability crisis by insisting on the rapid deployment of expensive technologies like offshore wind and by imposing endless green taxes. It… Continue reading

Stamp Duty is affecting ordinary house sales in the Midlands and the North, not just the plusher regions of London and the South East.

Stamp Duty is stomping all over Middle England

6 August 2013 13:40

65 per cent of the people buying a home in London in 2012-13 paid the 3 per cent rate of Stamp Duty or more. You can pay that rate on… Continue reading


How the government’s energy policies will benefit a rich sheikh at the expense of the poor

4 July 2013 21:33

Today Ed Davey launched the London Array, an enormous offshore wind farm, and the Prime Minister posed for pictures with a sheikh whose sovereign wealth fund put up part of… Continue reading

Little Green Street Included In Worldwide Travel Book

Why no conservative should support a mansion tax

18 February 2013 13:47

The Government is expected to raise around £550 billion in tax revenue this financial year. The Centre for Policy Studies estimates that a mansion tax (of £20,000 on properties of… Continue reading

On the right in this picture - Yves Daudigny, the man who proposed the Nutella Tax in France. Image: Getty

Why do-gooding ‘sin taxes’ always stink of politics

24 November 2012 14:30

Nutella may have been created by Italians, but it is the French who really love it. The hazelnut spread is a fantastically popular accompaniment for everything from bread for breakfast… Continue reading

mansion tax

Why George Osborne had to kill the mansion tax

7 October 2012 19:02

This morning the Mail on Sunday reported that George Osborne has promised there will be no mansion tax, no wealth tax and the council tax freeze will be extended. Homeowners… Continue reading

George Osborne looks set to miss his debt target. Picture: Getty.

The problem with George Osborne’s debt target

13 September 2012 19:46

Q: Why will George Osborne miss his debt target? A: The Government is spending a lot more money than it is taking in taxes. Q: Why is the Government spending… Continue reading


Promoting tax transparency at the petrol pumps

21 August 2012 11:26

Too many taxes are buried in prices. From Value Added Tax to the cost of extravagant subsidies for renewable energy, all people see is the shop charging them a higher… Continue reading

Burbo Bank Wind Farm Now Fully Operational

The Treasury sides with the consumer over climate policy

23 July 2012 14:30

Tim Yeo is now posing as a friend of the consumer. Launching the latest report from the Energy and Climate Change Committee this morning, he attacked the Treasury for ‘refusing to back… Continue reading


The deeper problem behind Europe’s rising carbon emissions

30 May 2012 17:49

The Government takes a lot of stick for blaming the weather when there are queues at airports or lacklustre growth figures. Now the European Union is blaming a ‘colder winter’,… Continue reading


We need a crack down on tax avoidance

9 April 2012 11:29

After the Budget there was a lot of anger over the pasty tax and the granny tax. Another big rise — in tobacco taxes — didn’t make as many headlines,… Continue reading


Why property tax rises aren’t the answer

23 February 2012 12:56

When Tim Montgomerie first started calling for new wealth taxes I was horrified. Sweden has only just abolished its wealth tax after seeing hundreds of billions of kroner leave the… Continue reading


A green-light for HS2 — but the coalition’s political instincts should tell it to stop

10 January 2012 20:20

Earlier today, the Government announced that it is still planning to go ahead with a new high-speed rail line that will reach Birmingham by 2026, and then be connected to… Continue reading


The Climate Change Committee’s suspiciously opaque report

15 December 2011 15:30

The Climate Change Committee, a quango set up to advise the Government on its emissions targets, make a big claim in their report today. They have, they suggest, disproved the… Continue reading


Whatever Chris Huhne says, Durban hasn’t changed anything

12 December 2011 18:34

This morning the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) told us that the climate summit in Durban, which concluded over the weekend, has been ‘heralded a success’. As they… Continue reading


Disappointment in Durban

5 December 2011 17:21

Will Durban break the cycle of climate change meetings that repeatedly disappoint those hoping to replace Kyoto with an upgraded model? With so much else on, most people seem to… Continue reading


The unions’ pension myths

30 November 2011 16:54

This morning I debated the President of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers live on Sky News.  It was incredible how few answers she had when confronted with the facts… Continue reading


How much are we paying towards next week’s strike?

25 November 2011 11:19

Next week, millions of public sector workers will go on strike over proposed changes to their pensions. And yet, even after the reforms, those pensions will still be far more… Continue reading


What does the ‘carbon floor price’ mean? More emissions and fewer jobs

18 November 2011 11:18

After the Conservative Party Conference, Fraser described this statement in George Osborne’s speech as the Osborne Doctrine: ‘Let’s at the very least resolve that we’re going to cut our carbon… Continue reading


Tax busting

4 November 2011 9:03

Back in June 2008, when Gordon Brown’s government was young but already so weak it looked like it might not last, James Foryth wrote about one positive legacy it might… Continue reading


Executive pay: don’t believe the headlines

29 October 2011 10:36

Open yesterday’s or this morning’s papers, and you’ll find plenty of reports about the snouts of FTSE100 chief execs being in the trough again, while the rest of us suffer.… Continue reading


How to untie the tax knot

21 October 2011 13:44

Yet another HMRC scandal this week, as a new HMRC computer discovered millions who have paid too much or too little in tax. A letter from the tax man will… Continue reading