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David Willetts today announced that the ONS will now publish two sets of migration statistics. Picture: Getty.

Willetts attempts to limit the damage of Coalition immigration policy

13 September 2012 17:50

There was a flutter of excitement among the Higher Education community this morning, when the education editor of the Times…


What’s in Mark Harper’s immigration in-tray?

7 September 2012 11:00

As an ambitious young MP rewarded with promotion to Immigration Minister, Mark Harper could be forgiven for viewing the job…

Damian Green said today's immigration figures were 'encouraging'. Picture: Getty.

Net migration starts to fall – but the real questions remain unanswered

30 August 2012 13:26

The latest immigration figures published by the ONS today, for the calendar year 2011, show net migration falling for the…

Passengers check in at quiet check in de

ONS blunder lets ministers blame falling real incomes on immigration

1 August 2012 10:20

Yesterday the ONS published a report showing average disposable incomes at their lowest level since 2003. This is difficult news…

David Cameron and Louise Casey, Getty Images

Troubled families policy deserves cross-party support

22 July 2012 9:30

The report published this week by Louise Casey, the Government’s ‘Troubled Families’ Tsar, has attracted a fair amount of criticism,…


Another voice: How ministers are gaming the net migration target

14 May 2012 9:22

International students are currently the largest single category of immigrants who count in the net migration figures, which cover all…


Riots report undermines the Tory diagnosis, but spreads itself too thin

28 March 2012 11:41

After last August’s riots the debate became quickly polarised. Were socio-economic factors like unemployment to blame, or was it all…


Replacing control orders: an unsatisfactory compromise 

26 March 2012 19:09

A small silver lining for David Cameron in the ‘cash for access scandal’: on a quieter day, today’s report on…


Why the immigration cap isn’t biting — and why that is good news

28 February 2012 15:31

The government’s official advisers on immigration, the Migration Advisory Committee, have today published a report into the restrictions on skilled…

The infantryman’s struggle in Afghanistan

23 February 2012 18:51

If you have an interest in the military campaign in Afghanistan, or in modern film-making — and if you have…


The implications of today’s border security report

20 February 2012 19:09

Today brought closure of a kind to last year’s border fiasco (which I covered for Coffee House here and here),…


How to implement a minimum price for alcohol

15 February 2012 16:27

Pete posted earlier on the Prime Minister’s latest intervention on the issue of problem drinking. The new proposals — like a greater…


The MoD wastes another opportunity

1 February 2012 18:59

Today’s White Paper on defence procurement makes disappointing reading for the UK defence industry — and for anyone who believes…


Today’s NATO leak highlights the need for more realism over Afghanistan

1 February 2012 17:12

Today’s leaked NATO report on ‘the state of the Taliban’ has generated the predictable responses: excessive attempts by the media…


The Home Office still hasn’t cleared up its border issues

19 January 2012 16:38

Remember Theresa May’s border skirmish against Brodie Clark back in November? This morning the Home Affairs Select Committee published their…


Immigration to fall in 2012 — but still not on track to hit the Tory target

1 January 2012 12:35

Immigration will remain at the heart of political debate in 2012. Economic downturns tend to heighten concerns about migrants competing…

Dave’s ‘troubleshooters’ policy is right — but it needs working on

15 December 2011 17:09

David Cameron has finally announced the way forward on his pledge to ‘turn round the lives of 120,000 of Britain’s…

The Tories may have left it too late for that realistic debate about border security

16 November 2011 9:04

Another day of bad headlines about border security is, in the end, a bad day for the Home Secretary, whoever…

‘Guest worker’ plan would hurt the economy

8 November 2011 17:30

The economists who advise the Home Office on immigration policy have come out against a plan to turn economic migrants…

Britannia waives the rules

5 November 2011 14:58

Today’s immigration headlines have a familiar feel. Twenty four hours afterembarrassing revelations about a hundred thousand asylum case files being…

Voters support lower immigration, but not the government’s policies

16 October 2011 18:20

A major new survey of public opinion on immigration, published today by the recently-established Migration Observatory, should prove troubling reading…

Right to reply: Why do so many "new jobs" go to foreigners?

31 August 2011 9:26

On Monday, we published a post on George Osborne’s “jobless recovery” — the point being that 90 per cent of…

Decisions that may come to determine the Coalition’s stewardship of defence

3 August 2011 10:05

The House of Commons Defence Committee moves at a stately pace. Two weeks back, it gave us its considered view…

Missing the target

18 July 2011 9:04

It has been a mixed week for Parliamentary Select Committees: they have regained some of their bite, but recent events…

Where we are in Afghanistan

2 June 2011 17:54

I wrote back in November that as we approached the July deadline when President Obama promised to start drawing down…