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Mary Wakefield is commissioning editor of The Spectator.

Hollywood A-listers should stop shrieking and admit Trump was right – when you are a star, women let you do what you want

12 October 2016 12:32

As awful as Donald Trump is, as oafish his attitude to women, I think his celebrity haters are even worse.…

Oxfam reaches a new, sneakier low

2 March 2016 16:50

Here’s a new low for Oxfam, or rather a different, sneakier low. Three times in recent months I’ve been telephoned…

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Twenty years on, I’m homesick for the Christian cult I left

20 December 2015 11:08

When I was 21, I lived with a cult for a year. It was a commune really, a tight-knit group…

A 19th century engraving of St George slaying the dragon (Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty

Patriotism isn’t uncivilised – it’s what makes civilisation possible

23 April 2015 11:16

Is it racist to be patriotic? Is patriotism, by definition, small-minded and exclusive? When you strip away the onion layers…

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The real reason GPs are grumpy: the robots are coming for them

15 January 2015 10:18

There’s something wrong with the relationship between patients and their GPs. I’ve spent much of this winter in my local…

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This is how you can fight the Taleban

17 December 2014 18:26

The murder of over a hundred children by the Taleban in Peshawar left people furious but also frustrated. What can we…

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Revealed: why paramedics are fleeing the NHS

28 August 2014 9:50

I can’t blame bigwigs in the NHS for the meltdown of our 999 service. It’s fundamentally our own fault that…

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Libya is imploding. Why doesn’t Cameron care?

27 July 2014 4:23

The US has said it has temporarily evacuated its staff from the Libyan capital Tripoli over security concerns. Earlier this…


The incredible, inspiring story of the man who ran ‘the greatest race of all time’

22 July 2014 17:30

In the middle of a troubled and brawling world: some hope and inspiration. In last week’s edition of The Spectator…

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A pundit for a PM

8 July 2014 17:51

A new Coffee House competition: who can identify the most pointless comment on events made by our PM? You’ll be…

David Cameron visiting soliders in the Middle East. Photo: Getty Images.

Please David Cameron, no moral grandstanding over Iraq this time

17 June 2014 17:53

A preview of Mary Wakefield’s column in this week’s Spectator… If there’s a bright spot in the murky mess of…

Iraqi policemen man a checkpoint in Baghdad. Image: Getty

How ISIS took Mosul

11 June 2014 10:29

How did ISIS, the blackest-hearted and most dangerous of Islamist groups take Iraq’s second city, Mosul, so easily? The lesson…

Author and politician Tony Benn, who has passed away today. Photo: Getty Images.

Tony Benn 1925 – 2014: a politician who actually believed in people

14 March 2014 7:47

The former Labour Cabinet Minister, author and long-serving MP Tony Benn has passed away today, aged 88. In 2009, our…

A dish of human embryos at an IVF clinic in California. Image: Getty

Would you screen for the ‘gay’ gene?

27 February 2014 10:21

How would you feel about a couple doing IVF just in order to find the embryos most likely to to…


The drones are coming!

3 December 2013 15:11

Amazon is testing unmanned drones to deliver goods to customers — whatever next? Well, the Spec can tell you exactly…


The Lady lives on

23 October 2013 19:00

Margaret Thatcher’s memory may be fading a little in England, but at least it still burns bright in Stanley. Here’s…

Should we be using this book as a basis for discussing omission bias?

An improvement on Lord Finkelstein’s Syria analogy

28 August 2013 11:37

As Freddy Gray points out, Danny Finkelstein has wheeled out a very odd argument in the Times today (£), in…


Do Tiger Mothers have any effect at all?

26 July 2013 8:55

Remember all the fuss about ‘tiger-mothering’ sparked by Amy Chua’s book: Battle-Hymn of the Tiger Mother?  Mothers around the world…

George Osborne

To infinity and beyond! George Osborne invests in space plane

16 July 2013 9:36

Hooray for George Osborne! I never imagined I’d ever write those words, but George has done his country a great…

Protestors clash with riot police between Taksim and Besiktas in Istanbul. Photo: GURCAN OZTURK/AFP/Getty Images

The tragedy of Taksim square

12 June 2013 17:38

First he set the police on his own people, now ‘democratic’ Prime Minister Erdogan is refusing even to meet them.…


Mexico must legalise drugs

14 January 2013 17:56

For the last six months or so, officials on both sides of the US/Mexico border have had their fingers crossed…

This man needs your help. Image: Getty

Can you help Andrew Mitchell?

10 January 2013 16:22

Andrew Mitchell, formerly of DFID, urgently needs Coffee Housers’ help. It seems he won’t believe DFID wastes money, unless he…

Mass Baptism on the Streets of Harlem

Entertaining Dr Murdock – Shiva Naipaul Prize, 2000

28 August 2012 16:29

The Spectator/ Shiva Naipaul Memorial Prize for the year 2000 was won by Mary Wakefield. The judges included Antony Beevor; Patrick…

Should most orphanages be shut down?

13 October 2011 15:00

The Spectator’s deputy editor, Mary Wakefield, recently visited Rwanda to investigate the work a charity called Hope and Homes for…

In this week’s Spectator

4 August 2011 19:16

The Spectator this week contains a brilliant piece on the crisis in Somalia by our Kenyan columnist Aidan Hartley. The…