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Martin Bright is Political Editor of The Jewish Chronicle and founder of New Deal of the Mind.

Do far right extremists operate as lone wolves or a pack?

16 April 2011 8:49

Some political organisations chase the news agenda, others just plough their own furrow driven by the overriding morality of their cause. The work of Gerry Gable and his anti-fascist organisation… Continue reading


A nudge towards genuine social mobility

9 April 2011 17:23

I have always thought “nudge” theory was an absurd excuse for a political ideology: just another way of arguing against state intervention. But Nick Clegg has almost forced me to… Continue reading


Why the Single Work Programme is not the Big Society

3 April 2011 17:03

So finally the media is waking up to the reality of the government’s new welfare to work scheme. The Single Work Programme (SWP), it turns out, is a top-down contractual… Continue reading


Why criticism is good for the Arts Council

30 March 2011 8:42

Today we will hear our fate. As the head of one of hundreds of organisations waiting to hear whether we receive Arts Council funding, I have to admit these are… Continue reading


Comrades, the politics of the streets is not always liberating

29 March 2011 11:48

I am struck by the confusion of left-liberal opinion over the violence at the anti-cuts demonstration in London over the weekend. Poor Lucy Annson of UK Uncut on Newsnight last… Continue reading


Does the coalition know what it’s doing?

26 March 2011 15:39

On the morning of the March for the Alternative, a friend alerted me to the brilliantly angry Andrew Lansley rap (chorus: “the NHS is not for sale you grey-haired manky… Continue reading


The enemies of enterprise

8 March 2011 10:36

David Cameron’s attack on the “enemies of enterprise”, his version of the “forces of conservatism” shows that he and those around him are still following the Blairite script, at least… Continue reading


So Gaddafi is a psychotic murderer: don’t say you weren’t warned

26 February 2011 12:24

It is nearly two decades since the murder of Ali Abuzeid, a Libyan dissident, who was cut down on the streets of London in the most brutal fashion. Having been… Continue reading


My Adventures in the Big Society

15 February 2011 9:29

I was invited to Somerset House on the Strand yesterday as part of the Big Society Network to watch David Cameron take questions for the best part of an hour… Continue reading


Reasons for optimism in the Middle East

12 February 2011 16:44

I began the week in Israel, where I watched Tzipi Livni make an extraordinary pitch for the premiership by representing herself as the candidate of moderation and peace. I ended… Continue reading


Cameron’s speech should not be lightly dismissed

5 February 2011 20:15

The all-too-predictable reaction to David Cameron’s speech on the importance of tackling the ideology of radical Islam has been depressing. Much of what he said in Munich should be entirely… Continue reading


A bad week for the Big Society?

5 February 2011 12:36

We all know that journalists hunt in packs and now they are circling around the Big Society. Lord Wei’s decision to restrict his volunteering to two days a week and… Continue reading


Reasons for cheer – and concern – in Egypt

31 January 2011 18:58

One of the most wonderful of many wonderful aspects of the anti-totalitarian uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt is that they have nailed the myth that Islamism represents the “authentic” voice… Continue reading


What happens when journalists become the story?

28 January 2011 15:58

When spin doctors become the story or spokesmen need a spokesman, we know the game is up. So say Alastair Campbell and Andy Coulson, and they should know. So what… Continue reading


Does the coalition hate young people?

22 January 2011 15:45

The real question raised by Suzanne Moore’s latest impassioned piece for The Guardian is whether the coalition government likes young people at all, or even gave them a thought when… Continue reading


Is Labour really back in the game?

14 January 2011 10:38

The Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election now raises the distinct possibility that Labour could win the next election by default. People on the left have been wondering for some time… Continue reading


The Blairite permanent revolution

11 January 2011 9:57

I find myself asking the question again. Why did the Coalition decide to cut and reform at the same time? In terms of raw electoral politics it cannot be explained.… Continue reading


Miliband is not yet the man to build the ‘good society’

7 January 2011 13:45

Neal Lawson¹s Comment is Free blog-post/essay/manifesto on the ‘good society‘ is causing a flurry of interest in Labour circles. The head of Labour leftish pressure group Compass has been banging… Continue reading


An enterprising move, but is it enough?

6 January 2011 1:01

I have been arguing for a return of the Thatcher-era Enterprise Allowance scheme for two years, so I was delighted to see David Cameron announce the extension of the New… Continue reading


Winning the argument

18 December 2010 18:41

Whenever I worry that my instinct for pluralism and debate is drawing me to listen to siren voices, I am reminded of the idiocy of the authoritarian alternative. This week… Continue reading


Is Ed Miliband getting any Foreign Affairs advice?

18 December 2010 16:31

It really has been the strangest of weeks and it has left me feeling curmudgeonly. On Monday I heard David Cameron give an eminently reasonable speech to Conservative Friends of… Continue reading


Students provide lesson in the Big Society

11 December 2010 18:33

It’s quite something when the editor of The Spectator concedes that revolting students (if not the rioting ones) have a point. Fraser makes a persuasive point that no government department… Continue reading


A matter of diversity

11 December 2010 11:34

I was astonished by the Guardian’s story this week about the lack of British African-Caribbean students at Oxbridge colleges. If we weren’t quite so blinded by the Wikileaks blizzard, I’m… Continue reading


The ultimate Jewish conspiracy theory

2 December 2010 17:46

This has to be the ultimate Jewish conspiracy theory story. Why have the Wikileaks disclosures been so soft on Israel? Here is Tariq Shahid from the Palestine Think Tank. I’m… Continue reading


The truth about Wikileaks

30 November 2010 8:22

Isn’t he a character that Julian Assange? With his shades, white hair and globe-trotting antics, the founder of Wikileaks is the perfect 21st century villain or hero depending on which… Continue reading