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Martin Bright is Political Editor of The Jewish Chronicle and founder of New Deal of the Mind.

Was the glory of the labour movement just a crazy dream?

16 September 2011 8:05

Watching the footage of the debates at the TUC this week can’t have been a happy experience for anyone on the left. I understand the leadership’s decision to hold an “austerity… Continue reading


What Alistair Darling and I have in common

8 September 2011 14:50

The coverage of Alistair Darling’s memoirs at the weekend was fascinating, not least for the almost universal respect he was shown. Some senior Labour figures tried the old "ancient history"… Continue reading


May blanket ban a bizarre overreaction

27 August 2011 9:24

Just as it looked as if Theresa May was about to do the right thing over the EDL march on Tower Hamlets, the Home Secretary decided to issue a blanket… Continue reading


Welcome moves against the EDL

26 August 2011 10:35

Great to hear that the police have formally applied to the Home Secretary to get the English Defence League march on Tower Hamlets banned. I’m something of a freedom of… Continue reading


Youth unemployment: anaylsis helps, but no substitute for action

20 August 2011 12:48

Congratulations to David Miliband on his appointment to head up the ACEVO commission on youth unemployment. He is exactly the right man for the job and may be able to… Continue reading


Why IDS must get it right on youth unemployment

18 August 2011 18:25

Iain Duncan Smith has given a detailed interview with the Spectator and the full-length version is online. Right now, beyond David Cameron and George Osborne, he has the most important… Continue reading


Riot culture: let’s stop pretending there are any easy answers

11 August 2011 22:22

I had a call from a researcher on the Jeremy Vine show this week to ask me to go on and talk about the riots. Would I be prepared to… Continue reading


A crisis that has been brewing for years

9 August 2011 18:23

Last Friday I wrote a post for this blog suggesting we had a problem with our young people. Well we do now. I remember talking to Camila Batmanghelidjh of Kids… Continue reading


The coalition can’t ignore the Tottenham riots

7 August 2011 16:34

As the early 1980s is recreated before our eyes, we now have a fully-fledged retro riot. Various Conservative commentators have been tweeting and blogging away about this today, including Nile… Continue reading


Norway: The Amy Winehouse Connection

5 August 2011 17:38

One of the most irritating aspects of modern journalism is the tendency to make spurious connections between unconnected phenomena. The non-existent links between Saddam’s Iraq and al-Qaeda is the most… Continue reading


Police, reporters and the security excuse that will not wash

25 July 2011 21:17

The excuse deployed by the police to explain their failure thoroughly to investigate the News of the World hacking allegations is quite persuasive: national security was a priority, and this… Continue reading


Will the dirty business of journalism survive hackgate?

16 July 2011 14:52

How long will it take for journalism to recover from what has been done in its name by the News of the World? It’s possible to argue that our profession… Continue reading


Where does volunteering stop and exploitation begin?

8 July 2011 13:06

There’s always something satisfying about appearing in a new publication and I made my debut in the Stage, the publication of the theatre industry this week. I was horrified to… Continue reading


The Johann Hari affair

1 July 2011 21:39

I have been surprised by some of the reaction to the news that the Independent’s star columnist and interviewer Johann Hari had played fast and loose with the conventions of… Continue reading


Why David Cameron should be bothered about unemployment

24 June 2011 14:22

With the publication of the latest unemployment figures, the government allowed itself a little moment of smugness as the figures appeared to be going in the right direction. Coalition ministers… Continue reading


Of Left and Right

15 June 2011 10:50

Those looking for further evidence of my drift to the right might wish to look at my latest post on authoritarian Islam for the new website Conservative Voices. As the… Continue reading


Trustees and trustworthiness

11 June 2011 18:44

I have been accused this week of conducting a witchhunt against London Citizens/Citizens UK, the “citizens organisers” and darlings of the political class. It seems some people are quite content… Continue reading


The fight against extremism and authoritarianism

9 June 2011 10:50

It is now nearly five years since I wrote When Progressives Treat with Reactionaries for the think tank Policy Exchange. It was a plea for sanity in the debate on… Continue reading


Tolerating a libel

7 June 2011 11:06

It’s always unpleasant to be libelled and particularly nasty to be defamed by supporters of totalitarian Islam. Journalists really shouldn’t sue, but sometimes it can get very frustrating, especially when… Continue reading


The Orwell Prize, DJ Taylor and the intern debate

22 May 2011 10:23

On Tuesday, I presented the Orwell Prize for journalism to brave Jenni Russell, who used the occasion to go public on her battle against cancer. She had not been well… Continue reading


Apprenticeships versus degrees: a disaster in the making

16 May 2011 16:06

There was a really interesting piece in the Observer business section this weekend balancing up the value of degrees and apprenticeships. “A perception prevails, particularly among middle-class families, that choosing… Continue reading


The saddest politician in England

7 May 2011 12:26

Nick Clegg’s time as the country’s darling was always likely to be fleeting. But poor Vince Cable was consistently feted as the man who got it right on the economy.… Continue reading


The new sectarian era

6 May 2011 23:29

David Cameron has been gracious in victory and Nick Clegg has been dignified in defeat, while Ed Miliband has felt like something of a bit-part player. The only real explanation… Continue reading


Britain at its worst

5 May 2011 17:36

It couldn’t have been a more extraordinary bank holiday for news and spectacle. But now the fuss is beginning to die down it’s possible to compare and contrast the hysteria… Continue reading


Playing the hard man

24 April 2011 16:49

Easter/Pesach is always a good time to be at the Jewish Chronicle with all the combined holidays. This year it is all the more congenial now the Pope has been… Continue reading