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Martin Bright is Political Editor of The Jewish Chronicle and founder of New Deal of the Mind.


Making the Work Programme work

11 February 2012 18:28

Last week David Milband showed some real class when he presented the recommendations from his Commission on Youth Unemployment. This was a sober and intelligent review of the crisis and… Continue reading


Opening up Westminster’s closed shop

4 February 2012 19:03

I was immensely proud to co-host an event at the House of Commons with Robert Halfon, the Conservative MP for Harlow, to promote apprenticeships in parliament. The workaholic Mr Halfon… Continue reading


The brave men of Camp E715

27 January 2012 16:10

Last year I travelled with the Holocaust Educational Trust to Auschwitz and the experience had a profound effect. I had been warned it would, but having been a voracious reader… Continue reading


Matthew Norman, David Brenteron and the end of the compassionate Conservative

21 January 2012 15:34

Until now I haven’t seen Matthew Norman as a radical figure in British journalism. But his column in the Independent this week was a genuine anti-establishment rant in the best… Continue reading


Labour is the third party, get used to it

14 January 2012 10:43

This has been a terrible week for the Labour leader – truly, bone-crunchingly awful. Inevitable comparisons have been made with the IDS era of the Tory wilderness years, but this… Continue reading


It’s not about you, Ed

7 January 2012 10:23

One thing you learn in life is that most people have no idea how they are perceived by others. This is particularly true in Britain, where we don’t generally feel… Continue reading


Nazis, Aidan Burley and memories of the bad old days

13 December 2011 16:48

News of the antics of Aiden Burley and his friends at a Nazi-themed stag party in France made me think about the strange ways some Tories like to have fun.… Continue reading


Cameron proves he is a politician of the eurosceptic right, but he still seems like a reasonable guy

12 December 2011 17:47

I have just been at the Conservative Friends of Israel Business Lunch, which can best be described as a triumphalist ‘smugfest’ in the wake of David Cameron’s bulldog moment in… Continue reading


Jewish divided loyalty: the old lie

5 December 2011 20:21

In all the furore over Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘joke’ about shooting strikers, people can be forgiven for missing a second row over outrageous remarks made by a public figure. Paul Flynn… Continue reading


So this is what the Lib Dems are for…

25 November 2011 16:33

Nick Clegg should be congratulated for doing the right thing by reviving the Future Jobs Fund and the Young Person’s Guarantee, for that is what the Youth Contract is in… Continue reading


Wise up Mr Grayling: youth unemployment is no mere distraction

18 November 2011 15:36

Could it be that Matthew Taylor, the RSA’s chief executive, is even more influential in Downing Street today than he was when he was head of policy under Tony Blair?… Continue reading


Miliband’s bind

12 November 2011 9:47

Ed Miliband is in a bind. He really should be concentrating on the competence argument, but keeps falling back on the ‘evil Tory ideologue’ argument. There are several reasons for… Continue reading


Ken’s adventures in Israel

4 November 2011 15:24

There is a very peculiar passage in Ken Livingstone’s memoirs, "You Can’t Say That", about a visit he made to Israel as leader of the GLC. He had been invited… Continue reading


Opening the doors to power

31 October 2011 14:04

Three young people start work in Westminster for the first time today. Breon Finch, Alice Hannam and Rachel Shackleton are the first apprentices at the Parliamentary Academy, a cross-party initiative… Continue reading


How the Tories turned generous donors into sinister lobbyists

21 October 2011 16:53

The Fox-Werritty story took an interesting turn this week with the news that Conservative Party treasurer Howard Leigh had been soliciting funds from wealthy Jewish donors. The Jewish Chronicle had… Continue reading


Cameron should continue to resist knee-jerk reshuffle politics

17 October 2011 22:37

When things get rough, especially in the area foreign policy, I have the distinct feeling David Cameron asks himself the question “What would Tony do?” before he takes a big… Continue reading


In it together

13 October 2011 9:56

Governments worth their salt know that a single young person out of work is a tragedy, but a million young people being on the dole is a political catastrophe.  … Continue reading


A genuinely New Generation

8 October 2011 12:17

Labour’s reshuffle is the best thing Ed Miliband has done since he became leader. I say this mainly because I am feeling very smug because I have been writing that… Continue reading


What Miliband must learn from Cameron: a speech is not a policy paper

2 October 2011 10:22

I have been so annoyed by Ed Miliband’s speech to Labour Party conference that I haven’t been able to bring myself to write about it. As the Tories gather in… Continue reading


Why all the apologies, Ed?

27 September 2011 15:04

The Labour Conference 2011 has turned into a horrible misery-fest. What a daft idea to make the theme of the conference: “We’re really sorry, we won’t do it again”. At… Continue reading


What Ed Miliband should say at Labour conference, but won’t

23 September 2011 14:17

It is now beyond question that Ed Miliband is moving his party to the left, or redefining the centre ground if you prefer, or drawing a line under the New… Continue reading


Political Stepford Wives

21 September 2011 16:16

At the beginning of the conference season I mused on Twitter that these occasions were very tribal, but that I had never been able to work out what defined the… Continue reading


A piece of illiberal silliness

19 September 2011 16:50

Memories are short in journalism, but reading about the attempts by the Met to force the Guardian to hand over source material in the Hackgate case, reminded me of a… Continue reading


Was the glory of the labour movement just a crazy dream?

16 September 2011 8:05

Watching the footage of the debates at the TUC this week can’t have been a happy experience for anyone on the left. I understand the leadership’s decision to hold an “austerity… Continue reading


What Alistair Darling and I have in common

8 September 2011 14:50

The coverage of Alistair Darling’s memoirs at the weekend was fascinating, not least for the almost universal respect he was shown. Some senior Labour figures tried the old "ancient history"… Continue reading