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Martin Bright is Political Editor of The Jewish Chronicle and founder of New Deal of the Mind.

A symbol of peace? (Photo: Abbas Momani/AFP/Getty)

Tony Blair has long been an irrelevance in the Middle East peace process

28 May 2015 11:52

Following months of speculation, Tony Blair has finally announced he is standing down as the Quartet Representative to the Middle East after eight years in the post. It is tempting to… Continue reading

Unlocking the Brain

Cage offered ‘Radical Chic’ to modern liberals

3 March 2015 16:28

In the 1970s it was called ‘Radical Chic’: the toe-curling tendency of well-heeled liberals to consort with revolutionaries in the hope that the glamour of violence would rub off. The… Continue reading


Cameron has reached the tipping point

21 May 2013 16:45

The combination of complacency and incompetence that seems to have afflicted the Conservative Party is a wonder to behold. Janet Daley wrote at the weekend of her frustration at David… Continue reading

Maria Miller today unveiled protections for religious institutions that don't want to conduct gay weddings. Picture: Getty

Maria Miller and Britain’s creative industries need to talk

25 April 2013 16:58

Everyone seems to like talking about the ‘creative industries’ these days. For arts folk, it gives the impression that what they do is hard-edged and economically viable, it makes geeky… Continue reading

David Miliband in the Chamber today.

David Miliband has proved he was the wrong man for Labour and Britain

30 March 2013 19:29

David Miliband’s decision to give up on British politics and take up the post of chief executive of the International Rescue Committee is an intriguing one. The former Foreign Secretary… Continue reading

The Hepworth Wakefield gallery was also funded by money from Arts Council England and the Lottery Fund. Image: Getty

The Creative Employment Programme: a genuine ‘what works’ policy

14 March 2013 15:52

Around the country, a roadshow is taking place that could transform the way young people are employed in this country. Bear with me, we are about to enter the strange… Continue reading

The Sun Sets Behind The Houses Of Parliament

Apprenticeships should be the ‘new norm’ in parliament. Get your MP to hire one

11 March 2013 15:32

As sound bites go, it’s not one of his best, but David Cameron is right to suggest that apprenticeships should be the ‘new norm’ for young people who want to… Continue reading

Queen Elizabeth II talks with the Ambassador of Israel, Mr Daniel Taub. (John Stillwell - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

A lesson in solidarity, from the Jewish community in Britain

8 March 2013 14:22

This week I wrote my last Bright on Politics column for the Jewish Chronicle. Here it is in full: This is my last Bright on Politics column. After three-and-a-half years… Continue reading

Children gather beside a toppled statue of Saddam Hussein as two men place their feet on the head to pose for a friend taking photographs April 14, 2003 in Bagdhad, Iraq.  (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

The Iraq fury still burns, fuelled by unanswered questions

5 March 2013 15:23

I was fascinated to read the reaction to Nick Cohen’s article expressing his view that after 10 years he still believed the invasion of Iraq was the right thing to… Continue reading

The late Trevor Grills sung the lyrics to 'The Last Leviathan' by Fisherman's Friends, a great song about the death of a great whale. Image: Getty.

Trevor Grills: the terrible death of a Fisherman’s Friend

12 February 2013 23:21

I first came to discover the beauty of the Cornish shanty singers Fisherman’s Friends when I was on holiday in the West Country last year. I was late to the… Continue reading

Algerian Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal, speaking during the recent hostage crisis. Image: Getty

There is nothing new about Islamism in Africa

22 January 2013 13:12

The Algerian hostage crisis is over and the Prime Minister has warned that the focus of the al-Qaeda’s franchise has shifted westwards. In his statement on the situation, he was… Continue reading

It's all getting out of hand. Lynne Featherstone has waded into the Suzanne Moore 'transexual' row. Image: Getty

In defence of Suzanne Moore

15 January 2013 18:30

Tell me if you have heard this already but it appears that Suzanne Moore has offended the trans-gender lobby. She did this by writing an essay about women’s anger for… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Launches The Big Society Fund At The London Stock Exchange

The Big Society and the problem of faith-based policy making

8 January 2013 16:16

The real problem with the Big Society (and I speak as someone who has written in favour of the idea) is that it was a vaguely-defined description that was turned… Continue reading

An internship should be about more than making tea. It should be a preparation for work. Does that mean the interns deserve to be paid? Image: Getty

The Dalkey Archive Press responds

21 December 2012 12:43

Following my last post about the Dalkey Archive Press advert for unpaid interns I received an email from publisher John O’Brien. I think it sheds some interesting light on the… Continue reading

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Beth Stockbridge, an intern with the US

Will 2013 bring an end to unpaid internships?

17 December 2012 19:45

It’s a bit early for predictions for 2013. But my feeling is that it could be the year of the unpaid intern, or rather, the year of the paid intern… Continue reading

Iain Duncan Smith is a lucky man: no other minister would have survived figures as poor as those of the Work Programme. Image: Getty

How to improve the Work Programme

28 November 2012 16:49

Everyone who has been involved in the Work Programme has been warning ministers for some time that there were serious problems with this flagship policy. As this is the opposite… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Hopeless in Gaza

21 November 2012 10:50

I have already tweeted my feeling of utter despondency at the situation in Gaza. I feel hopeless, both in the sense of having no hope and in the sense of… Continue reading

Jimmy Savile OBE, the BBC's licensed paedophile, in 1972. Image: Getty

The paedophile equivalent of 7/7

12 November 2012 15:45

I was looking through an old contacts book the other day (something that sad ageing hacks find themselves doing) and found that a number of people I used to call… Continue reading

Incompetence is fast becoming the norm for this government. Image: Getty.

The government needs good news from the Work Programme

23 October 2012 10:23

You know a government is in trouble when the ‘week from hell’ moves beyond cliché to become the normal state of affairs. We already had a slew of pieces around… Continue reading

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David Cameron has some unpleasant allies in Europe. Image: Getty.

Taking stock of politics after the conferences

13 October 2012 18:07

Party conference season is over and it all felt very mid-term. It’s always best not to be swept away by the immediate reaction to leaders’ speeches. Miliband’s was surprisingly good,… Continue reading

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David Cameron goes to the Tory conference at a low ebb. Image: Getty.

What else could go wrong for the Tories?

7 October 2012 12:16

Beyond being implicated in the Jimmy Savile scandal it’s hard to imagine how last week could have been worse for the Tories. The build up to their conference in Birmingham… Continue reading

Image: Getty.

Ed Miliband: my two penn’orth

1 October 2012 12:02

It seems that everyone is offering Ed Miliband advice. Jonathan Freedland wrote him an alternative leader’s speech. Matthew D’Ancona urged Miliband to answer his own fundamental question: “What is the… Continue reading

Iain Duncan Smith needs to recognise that welfare is more complicated than he has imagined. Image: Getty.

The dangers of yearning for a simple life

22 September 2012 16:53

What is this mania for simplification? Listening to Nigel Farage struggling to explain UKIP tax policy on the Today programme this week made me wonder why, in so many areas… Continue reading

Supporters of Israel are losing the battle of ideas in the UK. Images: Getty.

Israel is losing the battle in Britain

14 September 2012 17:02

The simplest way to react to the madder pronouncements of the trade union movement is to dismiss it as so much infantile ‘group think’. Solidarity can be very selective and… Continue reading

It is probable that Ed Miliband will be the next prime minister, which should worry the left as much as the right. Image: Getty.

Face it: Ed Miliband could be the next prime minister

11 September 2012 14:41

It’s fun isn’t it, all this speculation about a leadership challenge to David Cameron? It was obvious really in the run-up to party conference season. We all needed a new… Continue reading