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PMQs Sketch: Cameron’s lurches to the left

15 July 2015 16:08

‘Put that on your leaflets,’ snarled Cameron at PMQs. Inwardly he was gloating. Labour voted against Tory welfare reforms last night so the PM was able to boast that Labour… Continue reading

The Chancellor Hosts A Reception For Victoria Cross And George Cross Veterans

What does George Osborne have against the fecund?

8 July 2015 18:12

Budget leaks were once the cause of scandals, inquiries and resignations. But the contents of George Osborne’s red box were spilled across the papers last Sunday. By yesterday the entire… Continue reading

Airport Commission Report A Backs Third Runway At Heathrow

PMQs Sketch: Airports and angry Nats

1 July 2015 16:22

Chooom! Davies has arrived. Sir Howard’s report made a text-book landing on the PM’s desk yesterday afternoon and began taxiing towards Cameron’s in-tray. But the PM hasn’t read it yet.… Continue reading


Common sense suggests Britain’s economy doesn’t depend on the EU

30 June 2015 14:53

They say you have to be nearly 60 to have voted in the 1975 referendum. I voted in that referendum. I was 12. My mum had forgotten her glasses. We… Continue reading

Harriet Harman Speaks On The Labour Party Future

At this rate Labour won’t even be a debating society in five years time

24 June 2015 16:44

The phoney war continues. While Labour searches for its next Michael Foot, the party’s stand-in boss, Harriet Harman, seems keen to lose the 2020 election as soon as possible. Some… Continue reading

osborne pmqs

PMQs sketch: He lays roads. He decrees bridges. Is there anything George Osborne can’t do?

17 June 2015 16:16

At last it happened. Benn led Labour. Hilary Benn, grandson of a hereditary peer, stood up at PMQs on behalf of the dispossessed. Gravitas was his chosen register. Radicalisation was… Continue reading

Jenny Sealey with Labour culture shadow Chris Bryant

Fine producers who don’t employ disabled actors and actors will just learn how to fake disability

12 June 2015 14:45

Jenny Sealey, director of Graeae Theatre Company, has had a brainwave. Fine producers who don’t employ disabled actors. She’s particularly concerned about the failure of opera directors to hire performers… Continue reading

The State Opening Of Parliament

PMQs sketch: Dave gloats in front of Saint Hattie

10 June 2015 16:04

Poor old Labour. They’re still so crushed by the election result that they put up dead-parrot Harriet Harman against Cameron every Wednesday. Why not let the leadership candidates use him… Continue reading


PMQs sketch: And they’re back

3 June 2015 16:33

‘Don’t gloat’. Cameron trotted along to the Commons today with this commandment ringing in his ears. He nearly managed it. But his manner betrayed his state of mind. There was… Continue reading

(Photo: Niklas Halle'n/Getty)

Will anything go right for Nigel Farage?

15 May 2015 12:27

Anxious viewers tuned into Question Time last night to watch live coverage of the ongoing Nigel Farage crisis. Quite a week for the Ukip leader. Up and down. In and out.… Continue reading


Channel 4′s The Vote reviewed: ‘complex, acute, very funny and oddly moving’

8 May 2015 14:21

He’s back on top form. James Graham has taken the unlikeliest setting, a polling station during the last hour of a general election, and turned it into a beautifully crafted… Continue reading

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg, UKIP leader Nigel Farage, Labour leader Ed Miliband, Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood, Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon and British Prime Minister and Conservative leader David Cameron take part in the ITV Leaders' Debate 2015 at MediaCityUK studios on April 2, 2015 in Salford, England.

In a seven-way debate, the truth-evaders can wriggle free

3 April 2015 13:14

They won’t do that again. Seven leaders lined up like skittles all nervously fingering their plastic lecterns. In charge was Julie Etchingham who’d spent many hours in wardrobe creating a… Continue reading

Alex Salmond haunted proceedings today. Pictured: Alex Salmond's appearance as a ghost in Pakistani soap opera ‘The Castle’ (yes, really)

PMQs sketch: Haunted by Salmond

25 March 2015 17:19

Cameron expected to walk into a firestorm of mockery at PMQs following his retirement bombshell. Quitter. Lame duck. Get yer pipe-‘n’-slippers. But barely an audible jibe was flung from the… Continue reading


Budget Sketch: Penny-pinchers like me can rejoice

18 March 2015 17:35

That was a motto-blaster of a budget. George Osborne deployed half a dozen chewy new Tory slogans during this afternoon’s statement. ‘Britain walking tall again. … a country built on… Continue reading

Miliband's ticket to Downing Street? Getty

PMQs sketch: Miliband could have lost the election today

11 March 2015 16:33

Was this the day Ed Miliband lost the election? Only two PMQs remain before polling day and the Labour leader used all six questions to ask David Cameron one thing:… Continue reading

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PMQs Sketch: Cameron’s ducking and diving

4 March 2015 16:29

Dodge and shimmy. Duck and weave. Cameron was at it again today. Ed Miliband asked if he’d care to join him for a spot of cut and thrust on TV.… Continue reading


PMQs sketch: A jam for Cam but the greased piglet escaped again!

25 February 2015 17:30

That was a close one. Miliband set two traps for the PM today. One was visible. The other, far more dangerous, was hidden until the very last moment. Miliband wants… Continue reading


PMQs sketch: Today’s storm of accusations

11 February 2015 17:15

The Swiss list, or swizz list, dominated PMQs. Ed Miliband was keen to paint Cameron as the beneficiary of ‘dodgy’ donors who craftily side-stepped their tax bills and funnelled the… Continue reading


PMQs Sketch: Cameron is more slippery than a jellyfish emerging from an oil-slick

4 February 2015 16:29

How did he get away with that? We’re assured that somewhere inside Labour HQ there toils a crack team of sleuths, analysts, Cameron-watchers, policy-fetishists and high-IQ saboteurs who spend all… Continue reading


PMQs sketch: Cameron demonstrates true gamesmanship

28 January 2015 16:27

Last week it was seven. This morning it stood at nine. By the end of PMQs it had climbed to 12. The statistic everyone is yawning about is the number… Continue reading


PMQs Sketch: Cameron denies any Chilcot responsibility

21 January 2015 17:02

Warning to publishers. Don’t commission a first-time author without giving him a deadline. The Chilcot Inquiry, a long-pondered probe into the origins of the Iraq war, is maturing gracefully and… Continue reading


Truth, Lies, Diana review: it was a cover-up!

15 January 2015 17:05

Truth, Lies, Diana Charing Cross Theatre, in rep until 14 February John Conway’s sensationalist play, Truth, Lies, Diana, is a forensic re-examination of the circumstances surrounding the princess’s death in 1997.… Continue reading


PMQs sketch: EU referendum, the Greens and A&E

14 January 2015 16:55

Would he say no to saying no? The first question at PMQs, from Gregg McClymont, was about Cameron’s vote in the EU referendum, (if it ever happens). McClymont wants the… Continue reading

7 jan pmqs

PMQs sketch: In which today’s big loser is the NHS

7 January 2015 16:45

Everyone predicted a sombre PMQs. It was anything but. A mood of opportunistic and lacerating silliness dominated today’s exchanges. The NHS – poor thing – was fought over like a… Continue reading

Seth Numrich (Bazarov) in Fathers and Sons at Donmar Warehouse. Photo: Johan Persson

Lloyd Evans’s top five plays and musicals of 2014

24 December 2014 15:47

1. The play of the year, by a mile, was Fathers and Sons at the Donmar adapted from Turgenev’s novel. Lindsey Turner directed Brian Friel’s harrowing and exhilarating script with… Continue reading