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"For The Love Of" Climate Coalition Rally Takes Place In Westminster

PMQs sketch: Kamikaze Creasy

3 February 2016 16:12

The referendum is slowly (very slowly) breaking up Cameron’s cabinet. It’s put him in a weird mood. Yesterday he was…


PMQs sketch: Cameron's new profanity

27 January 2016 17:23

Jeremy Corbyn hasn’t changed his clothes since Christmas. He arrived at PMQs today in his dependable outfit of non-slip shoes,…


PMQs sketch: Labour’s yellow submarine

20 January 2016 16:03

A new face at PMQs becomes samey after a few months. Corbo reached that point some time ago and Cameron…

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 13

PMQs sketch: We’re all dying, according to MPs

13 January 2016 16:40

Cameron has a dream. And Jeremy Corbyn wants to destroy it. Our belligerent prime minister has declared war on those…

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 13.19.10

PMQs sketch: A wet performance from Jeremy Corbyn

6 January 2016 16:21

Corybn gave his wettest ever performance at PMQs. The party leaders had different theories about the authorship of the floods.…

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The Donald must be thrilled to be name-checked by David Cameron

16 December 2015 16:41

Corbyn was back on drone duty at PMQs. He monotoned his way through six questions about NHS funding and gave…

Angela Eagle at PMQs

PMQs sketch: Angela Eagle outshines Corbyn and Osborne

9 December 2015 16:00

Jeremy Corbyn is like the lights in a planetarium. Whenever he goes off, stars appear. Last week the radiation came…

Bombing Raqqa may make the West feel better, but it isn's stopping Isil's advance

Airstrike debate sketch: terrorist sympathisers, anti-Semitism and a basket of old ribbons

2 December 2015 16:10

Bomb Syria. That was Cameron’s priority today as PMQs was sidelined in favour of the debate on airstrikes. His opponents’…

60 million people died under Chairman Mao's regime (Photo: Getty)

Sketch: Chairman Mao gets flung across the Commons

25 November 2015 16:59

That was a funny way to say sorry. Osborne kicked off his autumn statement with a Niagara of self-congratulation. He…

State Visit Of The President Of The People's Republic Of China - Day 2

David Cameron is starting to look like Jeremy Corbyn’s best friend at PMQs

18 November 2015 16:14

Jezza started PMQs with a bit of a wobble. As he got to his feet the applause from his Labour…

Demotix 13th November 2012

PMQs sketch: Cameron thinks cutting tax credits is fun

4 November 2015 21:11

‘It’s getting longer and longer,’ grumped David Cameron at PMQs. A microphone picked up the aside as the session over-ran…

Labour Party deputy leader Tom Watson addresses delegates on the final day of the annual Labour party conference in Brighton on September 30, 2015.        (Photo: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

Tom Watson gets a tickling from the Home Affairs Committee

21 October 2015 18:38

Tom Watson, the man who hated Brittan, appeared before the Home Affairs committee this afternoon. In earlier evidence it became…

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PMQs sketch: The clash of the victims

14 October 2015 20:17

Corbyn’s PMQ’s strategy is now clear. Hopeful emailers send their lifestyle details to Labour HQ and a computer sifts the…

David Cameron delivers his speech on the closing day of the Conservative Party annual conference in Manchester, U.K. on Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2015.

Sketch: David Cameron’s ‘greatest’ speech ever

7 October 2015 16:27

This was Cameron’s ‘greatest’ speech ever if you count his uses of the g-word. Great Britain, great schools, great traditions,…

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Sketch: Corbyn’s speech proved he is as cunning as Blair

29 September 2015 17:38

He looked bored. He looked dishevelled. His half-knotted crimson tie sagged disconsolately beneath his bearded throat. The drab jacket seemed…


PMQs sketch: Jeremy Corbyn’s master plan

16 September 2015 17:13

Jezza! What a genius. The master plan is clear at last. You spend four days plumbing new depths of political…

Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn addresses the TUC Conference at The Brighton Centre on September 15, 2015 in Brighton, England.

Sketch: Welcome to Snorin’ Corbyn

15 September 2015 18:46

Great gag from the TUC. They played ‘Hey Big Spender’ as Jeremy Corbyn arrived to address their conference in Brighton.…

David Cameron Chairs The Weekly Cabinet Meeting

PMQs sketch: Yet more people are executed by the work and pensions secretary

9 September 2015 16:44

Time’s up for Hattie. Her performance at PMQs had a whiff of embalming fluid about it. This was probably her…

The Speaker's number one admirer (Getty Images).

PMQs Sketch: Cameron’s lurches to the left

15 July 2015 16:08

‘Put that on your leaflets,’ snarled Cameron at PMQs. Inwardly he was gloating. Labour voted against Tory welfare reforms last…

The Chancellor Hosts A Reception For Victoria Cross And George Cross Veterans

What does George Osborne have against the fecund?

8 July 2015 18:12

Budget leaks were once the cause of scandals, inquiries and resignations. But the contents of George Osborne’s red box were…

Airport Commission Report A Backs Third Runway At Heathrow

PMQs Sketch: Airports and angry Nats

1 July 2015 16:22

Chooom! Davies has arrived. Sir Howard’s report made a text-book landing on the PM’s desk yesterday afternoon and began taxiing…


Common sense suggests Britain’s economy doesn’t depend on the EU

30 June 2015 14:53

They say you have to be nearly 60 to have voted in the 1975 referendum. I voted in that referendum.…

Harriet Harman Speaks On The Labour Party Future

At this rate Labour won’t even be a debating society in five years time

24 June 2015 16:44

The phoney war continues. While Labour searches for its next Michael Foot, the party’s stand-in boss, Harriet Harman, seems keen…

osborne pmqs

PMQs sketch: He lays roads. He decrees bridges. Is there anything George Osborne can’t do?

17 June 2015 16:16

At last it happened. Benn led Labour. Hilary Benn, grandson of a hereditary peer, stood up at PMQs on behalf…

Jenny Sealey with Labour culture shadow Chris Bryant

Fine producers who don’t employ disabled actors and actors will just learn how to fake disability

12 June 2015 14:45

Jenny Sealey, director of Graeae Theatre Company, has had a brainwave. Fine producers who don’t employ disabled actors. She’s particularly…