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Ed Miliband missed the opportunity of the week at PMQs, allowing David Cameron off the hook. (Image: Getty)

Ed Miliband bungles as Miller’s tale draws to a close

9 April 2014 17:02

Oh dear. Miliband was all set to give Cameron an almighty hammering at today’s PMQs, but Maria Miller’s resignation blew up his ammunition dump. Mr Bercow rose at the start… Continue reading


PMQs sketch: An old-fashioned punch-up between Cameron and Miliband

2 April 2014 17:09

Cameron, the king of the mood swings, was on typical form today. He veers between calmness and rage with alarming rapidity. The pattern is always the same. He deals reasonably… Continue reading


Nick vs Nigel sketch: Farage edged ahead of a pompous Clegg – but there was no knock-out blow

27 March 2014 11:29

Never mind the arguments, the body language said it all at the EU debate last night. Nigel Farage was relaxed, smiley and upbeat. Nick Clegg had a solemn and rather… Continue reading


PMQs sketch: Ed Balls ruins Miliband’s piece of theatre

26 March 2014 17:20

Last week, if you can remember that far back, World War Three was about to start in Ukraine. The fixture was postponed, thankfully, and politics at Westminster has returned to… Continue reading

Tony Benn Joins Remebrance Ceremony For 204 Dead Soldiers

The ghost of Tony Benn stalked PMQs

19 March 2014 15:45

Tony Benn, the most divisive left-wing figure since the war, united the house today. David Cameron paid tribute to him as an orator, diarist and campaigner. Ed Miliband praised his… Continue reading

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg And Business Secretary Vince Cable Visit Ricardo Engine Assembly Facility

PMQs sketch: what Tony Blair knew about being a toff, and what Nick Clegg doesn’t

12 March 2014 17:37

Hattie Harman tried to crack Clegg today. The deputy prime minister, standing in for David Cameron, explained carefully that his boss was visiting, ‘Israel and the Occupied Palestinian territories.’ Not… Continue reading

Image: Getty

PMQs sketch: Bring back ya-boo politics – at least it’s watchable

5 March 2014 16:32

We all know what’s wrong with ya-boo politics. Today we saw what’s right with it. Instead of the usual shouting match we had a calm, well-mannered, (and deadly dull,) debate.… Continue reading

Image: Getty

PMQs sketch: Miliband turned Cameron’s flooding fraud into a faux pas

26 February 2014 17:22

Earlier this week David Cameron threatened the Lib Dems with divorce. Today, two of their senior figures offered to kiss and make up. Sir Alan Beith and Sir Bob Russell,… Continue reading

The wellies were off at PMQs, but flooding still dominated (Photo: Tim Ireland/AFP/Getty)

PMQs sketch: Floods dominated everything

12 February 2014 17:32

Wellies off, gloves on. The party leaders greeted each other with forced displays of warmth and mutual esteem today. Outside, the gusts blew, the rivers rose and the heavens wept.… Continue reading

Where are all the women, Dave? (Photo: BBC)

PMQs sketch: Miliband nutmegs Cameron, while the Speaker seemed preoccupied

5 February 2014 16:28

That should have been a tap-in. London is currently crippled by a Tube strike thanks to the noted beach enthusiast, Bob Crow, and his high-earning chums at the RMT. So… Continue reading

Image: Getty

PMQs sketch: Cameron kick-starts a Miliband recovery

29 January 2014 17:21

Cunning work from Milband at PMQs. He played Syria like a fixed-odds betting machine and came away with a minor jackpot. Last week he had urged the prime minister to… Continue reading

(Photo: BBC)

PMQs sketch: Miliband begins to run out of arguments

22 January 2014 18:32

Syria overshadowed PMQs today. The chamber was quiet and sombre. And both leaders were clearly about to do their world-statesman bit. Ed Miliband rose to his feet with an air… Continue reading

Image: Getty

PMQs sketch: Ed Miliband looks like an ex-leader-in-waiting

15 January 2014 16:32

Truce ditched. Peace deal scrapped. The parties agreed to revive Punch and Judy at PMQs today. Ed Miliband opened with bankers’ pay. RBS is seeking to give top traders bonuses… Continue reading

Lloyd Evans after watching PMQs. Image: Getty

PMQs sketch: a subdued week, but the bear-pit will be back

8 January 2014 17:22

It’s a whole new kind of politics. The subdued atmosphere at PMQs had two possible causes. First, the tragic death of Paul Goggins had stunned the House into near silence.… Continue reading


PMQs sketch: This being Yuletide there were some turkey ticklers

18 December 2013 17:47

Christmas is excellent news for a Labour opposition. The season of goodwill throws rich and poor into sharp relief. Red-faced aldermen gather at loaded tables to gobble up roast goose… Continue reading


PMQs sketch: The snarling between Cameron and Balls enters fresh territory

11 December 2013 17:16

Christmas is here. And Ed Miliband’s script writers have already got their present. The sack. Really, he seems to have let them go. At PMQs he was reading out insults… Continue reading

Image: Getty

PMQs sketch: Clegg has fun on the train set, but he’s killed chances of a Lib-Lab pact

4 December 2013 17:10

Crash-bang-wallop. The chances of a Lib-Lab pact in 2015 have just gone hurtling through the floor. David Cameron is away in Beijing looking for Chinese venture capitalists who can turn… Continue reading

Alan Rusbridger arriving for his select committee hearing. Photo: Getty Images.

Sketch: Alan Rusbridger’s select committee interrogation

3 December 2013 18:28

Guardian editor, Alan Rusbridger, was quizzed about the Snowden leaks in select committee today. The chair was amply filled by Keith Vaz who always comes across as well-fed, well-meaning and… Continue reading

(Photo: BBC)

PMQs sketch: Hashtag ‘Green Crap’

27 November 2013 16:32

Loan sharks got a biff on the nose at PMQs today. Cameron wants to cap the sum that each of us can borrow. Ed Miliband was puzzled. This is a… Continue reading

The Labour Party Annual Conference

Nightmare at PMQs!

20 November 2013 15:48

It started as soon as Ed Miliband stood up at PMQs today. ‘Nightmare!’ yelled the Tories. ‘Nightmare!’ They’d been fired up by the first question from Steve Brine, who craftily… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 20.48.49

Spies’ evidence sketch: Greek weddings and theatrical nonsense

7 November 2013 20:57

The nation was agog today as Britain’s spymasters were summoned to parliament. The heads of MI5 and MI6, along with the boss of GCHQ, were grilled about the ethics and… Continue reading

John Bercow couldn't keep quiet during PMQs today. Photo: Getty Images.

PMQs sketch: John Bercow’s bid for stardom continues

6 November 2013 16:42

Nope. Nothing doing. Ed Miliband spent all morning racking his brains but he couldn’t think of a single disaster to pin on David Cameron at PMQs. So he made one… Continue reading

Labour's spokesman on public finances. Image: Getty

PMQs sketch: Ed Miliband’s fuel bill and Labour’s trappist vow on public finances

30 October 2013 15:48

It was a doddle for Ed Miliband at PMQs this afternoon. The nation watched agog yesterday as the energy companies deployed a handful of silk-lined suits to justify their price… Continue reading

Image: Getty

PMQs sketch: Cameron is a buffoon who might as well eat his own manifesto

23 October 2013 15:29

At PMQs today, the Tories’s energy policy went bi-polar. The Conservatives now seem to touch both extremes of the debate. For eight years they’ve presented themselves as a gang of… Continue reading


PMQs sketch: Exaggerations, solecisms and clangers

16 October 2013 16:44

The Clangers are back. And not just on television. At PMQs, both the party leaders tried to embarrass each other with solecisms, exaggerations – and, yes, clangers – which they’d… Continue reading