Julie Bindel


A report from the porn Oscars

3 February 2015 14:46

The annual XBIZ Awards, which I attended as a journalist last month in Los Angeles, is regularly portrayed by its organisers…


24 Hours in Police Custody: a C4 programme that finally tells the truth about ‘honour crimes’

7 November 2014 16:15

Settling down to watch 24 Hours in Police Custody, the new Channel 4 programme brought to us by the team…


Why I love this feminist who hit nuns and shot Andy Warhol

29 September 2014 15:44

Just as I was feeling frustrated about the lack of robust books on feminism I spot a real corker: Valerie…


Let me introduce you to ‘sick chick lit’

17 September 2014 18:27

Chick lit has its place. On long-haul flights, for example, when you’re a bit pissed and bored with the films on…

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My ‘fare-dodging’ hell

2 September 2014 12:01

At least every other time a ticket inspector boards a train or bus I’m on, I pretend I can’t find…

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Is there anything worse than kids’ parties? Actually yes – the shops that sell kids’ presents

19 August 2014 16:17

It has been a bad fortnight. Not only am I off the sauce for a few weeks to help my…

London Gay Pride. Picture: Getty

‘Tolerance’ is the last thing gays need

4 August 2014 16:59

There I was flexing my defensive muscles, waiting for the tsunami of hatred to come my way once my new…

Stansted Airport. Photo: Bethany Clarke/Getty

Airports are hell – no wonder staycations are growing in popularity

28 July 2014 13:10

Last week I experienced the horror of Stansted Airport. I had paid for a fast track through security to avoid…

Borough Market, London. Getty Images/AWL Images RM.

The snobbery of farmers’ markets makes me want to run to the nearest Morrisons

24 July 2014 18:46

My friend Cathy once paid £9 for a small bag of green beans from an organic deli because she ‘wanted…

Ways With Words Festival. Photo: Christopher Jones

The mindlessness of mindfulness

14 July 2014 16:12

I was at the Way with Words literary festival in Devon last week, reading from my new book. Afterwards I…

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Three cheers for being miserable

10 July 2014 14:26

I prefer the music and lyrics of Pharrell Williams’s Happy to Morrisey’s Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now (because I loathe the…

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Summer sucks

30 June 2014 17:19

Who could possibly choose hay fever, insect bites and heat rash over an open fire, cashmere blanket and hot chocolate…

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Why I hate runners

23 June 2014 13:00

They annoy dogs, drivers and cyclists, and get in the way of pushchairs, wheelchairs and groups of people out for…

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Picnics are ridiculous. Don’t expect me or my dog to have any respect for them

16 June 2014 13:31

In the past few weeks my poor dog Maisie has been screamed at, threatened, vilified and monstered, just as she…

Footballers' Wives

TV snobs hate the telly because it’s watched by those born on the wrong side of the tracks

9 June 2014 15:15

Growing up in the 1970s I watched as much TV as humanly possible. When we had important visitors to the…

Aidan Gillen in a still from Ken Loach's Jimmy's Hall

Dick-swinging filmmakers like Ken Loach constantly write real women and our struggles out of history

2 June 2014 14:04

I hadn’t seen a Ken Loach film in years because I got sick of his schmaltzy sexism but yesterday decided…


Julie Bindel goes to Hay-on-Wye and comes back with trench foot

28 May 2014 15:50

I am trudging around a field in the middle nowhere with mud up to my genitals. The joining instructions for…


Masterchef is a food programme by tossers for tossers

19 May 2014 12:47

There is so much to hate about massively successful TV series Masterchef that I have been glued to it for…

Divine Lady

I Am Divine reminds me why I’ve always hated drag

25 April 2014 12:21

It was early evening and I had not yet eaten, so I took a glass of wine and a packet…