Jonathan Portes


Right to reply – Jonathan Portes on Niall Ferguson

11 June 2015 17:39

Two weeks ago I was too ‘obscure to bother with‘ for Professor Niall Ferguson. He’s changed his mind, dedicating an…


Why Fraser Nelson is wrong about a jobs ‘miracle’

16 April 2014 15:52

In his blog earlier today, Fraser Nelson argues: ‘The UK jobs miracle is happening mainly due to radical welfare reform…


Analysis: what is meant by 13,000 ‘excess’ NHS deaths?

21 July 2013 17:32

When the dust settles on the Keogh report published last week  one figure is likely to linger: the “13,000 excess deaths”…

Two ex-Chancellors will soon be debating whether George Osborne's economic strategy has failed. We'll be running debates on Coffee House this week as a warm-up.

Why George Osborne’s ‘Plan A’ has failed – and what to do next

16 October 2012 16:15

Does George Osborne need to adopt a Plan B? This will be the topic for a Spectator debate a week…

Another voice: Against austerity

10 October 2011 17:32

Here’s the latest in our Another Voice series of posts, which give prominence to viewpoints outside the normal Coffee House fold:…

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Right to reply: The impact of immigration on the labour market

1 September 2011 17:20

Yesterday, we introduced our new “Right to reply” series, where outside writers take on some of the ideas and arguments raised…