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EU toasts defeat of ‘backward-looking populism’ as Hofer concedes Austrian election

4 December 2016 19:20

Norbert Hofer has just conceded defeat in Austria’s presidential election after exit polls and interim results showed him losing by…

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Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland could stay in the EU and the UK

17 July 2016 13:33

We are ‘in uncharted territory with, effectively, a blank sheet of paper’ in front of us – and that means…


Bank of England holds the base rate at 0.5 per cent

14 July 2016 12:10

So, the Bank of England didn’t do it: against market expectations that there would be a cut, the base rate…


Labour’s disintegration begins

26 June 2016 8:56

Will Jeremy Corbyn have a shadow cabinet by the end of the day? By 9am there have already been two departures.…

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Bookies anoint Boris as next Tory leader

24 June 2016 8:17

The betting markets are all-but-ready to crown Boris Johnson as the next Conservative leader. After it became clear that Leave…

A police officer outside the home of Thomas Mair in Birstall. Image: Getty

Jo Cox murder suspect had links to neo-Nazi group: report

17 June 2016 14:11

New allegations are emerging about the man suspected of murdering Jo Cox yesterday. He was named locally as Thomas Mair,…

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Brexit chances surge: live chart of bookmakers’ odds

14 June 2016 9:27

Two polls putting Leave well clear of Remain – five points according to yesterday’s Guardian/ICM poll, seven points  according to…

Tory Wars

Nadine Dorries leads calls for Cameron’s resignation

29 May 2016 17:03

The knives have been out for David Cameron today. The Sunday Telegraph splashed on Priti Patel saying that he is too rich…

U.K. Chancellor George Osborne Launches National Loan Guarantee Scheme

Business investment falling could be good news for Remain

26 May 2016 10:06

Today’s migration figures (net migration was 333,000 in 2015, up by 20,000 on the previous year) are bad news for…

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Inflation rises to 0.5 per cent in March

12 April 2016 10:49

Annual CPI inflation rose by more than forecasters expected to reach 0.5 per cent in March, up from 0.3 per cent…

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UK economy grew by 0.5 per cent in Q4

28 January 2016 10:31

GDP growth accelerated to 0.5 per cent the final three months of last year, compared with 0.4 per cent in the previous…

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Unemployment falls – but so does pay growth

20 January 2016 13:23

The unemployment rate fell to 5.1 per cent in the three months to November, putting it at the lowest level…

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Inflation stays negative for a second month

17 November 2015 11:47

Britain stayed in deflation in October, with the Consumer Prices Index falling by 0.1 per cent over the year. So far…

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Osborne looks set to miss his deficit target – again

21 October 2015 10:22

After disappointing figures last month, public borrowing in September came in lower than forecast, at £9.4bn, figures published by ONS…

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Employment figures show 42,000 more people in work

16 September 2015 10:18

Employment figures out today show that the number of people in work rose by 42,000 in the three months to…

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Inflation rate still nailed to the floor

15 September 2015 11:43

Inflation slumped back to zero in the year to August, down from a rise of 0.1 per cent in July, figures…

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Immigration hits a record high

27 August 2015 11:52

There must be an element of masochism in Theresa May that leads her to promise the electorate something she cannot…


Is the jobs miracle over?

15 July 2015 10:43

No self-congratulatory tweets from George Osborne this morning: The UK has seen its first quarter-on-quarter rise in unemployment for two…

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Inflation is now below zero – just rejoice at that news

19 May 2015 12:15

After a couple of months of teasing the rate of inflation fell below zero to -0.1 per cent in the…

George Osborne and David Cameron pay a visit to Arriva TrainCare mantenance plant  in Crewe (Photo: Toby Melville/Getty)

Have the Tories given up on taking seats from Labour?

24 April 2015 16:03

David Cameron and George Osborne’s campaigning is focused on seats the Tory party wants to hold onto, while Ed Miliband…

Party manifestos for the 2015 General Election campaign. Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Four things you need to know about the IFS’ manifesto analysis

23 April 2015 15:17

Nobody’s perfect, are they? The IFS found something to criticise today for all the parties — the Conservatives, Labour, Lib Dems…

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Even the academics don’t have a clue who will win this election

27 March 2015 19:52

Academics gathered in London today to discuss how they predict the outcome of the most unpredictable election in living memory…


Live odds

23 March 2015 10:32

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When do the children of migrants become British?

26 November 2014 17:18

When do the descendants of immigrants go from being migrants to being natives? That’s the question raised by a MigrationWatch UK…

Leader of Britain's opposition Labour Pa

Miliband’s people

23 September 2014 22:14

Have you met Ed Miliband recently? Then he probably namechecked you in his speech earlier today. Unless you talked about…