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Tom Palmer (Vladimir) and Tom Stourton (Estragon). Photo: Oliver King Photography

A Waiting for Godot that’ll make you laugh as much as it’ll make you despair

15 May 2014 17:49

I have to remind myself that Waiting for Godot is a confounding piece of theatre. It’s supposed to be. The famous repudiations Beckett made to its interpreters, the ignorance he… Continue reading


In the middle of the march

30 November 2011 17:31

Walking through Parliament Square this afternoon, you’d be forgiven for wondering whether some kind of bomb threat had been made on Westminster Palace. The fleets of police vans and hoards… Continue reading


Heath on Heath

20 November 2011 13:55

‘I don’t know why I became a cartoonist,’ says Michael Heath. ‘I had no education during the war, so when I was twelve and war ended, I couldn’t read or… Continue reading


The policies behind your energy bills

15 November 2011 17:30

It may be a week old, but last Monday’s episode of Panorama really is worth putting half-an-hour aside for, if you haven’t seen it already. Its subject was energy prices,… Continue reading


A most unlikely hero

11 October 2011 10:38

What is it about George Smiley that makes him translate so well onto the screen? The man doesn’t fight, he doesn’t gamble, and he barely seems to notice women (apart… Continue reading

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