Jerry Hayes

MP Nigel Evans Is Found Not Guilty Of Sex Offence Charges

British justice the envy of the world? Tell that to Nigel Evans

14 April 2014 11:32

I am utterly delighted that Nigel Evans has been acquitted of serious allegations of sexual assault. He is a good,…

UK justice is the fairest in the world - but can we have a debate about how sex crimes are prosecuted? Photo: Getty Images.

Can we have an honest debate about sex crimes?

7 August 2013 12:30

It really is time that we had an honest debate about sex crimes. But in the present climate I wonder…


Harry Mount is wrong: Chris Grayling’s legal aid reforms will damage justice

9 June 2013 17:07

I just wonder how long Harry Mount has been waiting to put his boot into the Bar. Having a first-class…

The good points in Daniel Hannan's 'A Doomed Marriage' are obscured by the bad. Image: Getty.

Review – A Doomed Marriage by Daniel Hannan

17 October 2012 9:23

When Dan Hannan’s book, A Doomed Marriage: Britain and Europe, arrived through the post I was alarmed to see that…

Edwina Currie's second volume of diaries is required reading for anyone who wants to enter the Commons. Image: Getty.

The loneliness of Edwina Currie

2 October 2012 9:49

Edwina Currie is very much an acquired taste and I am very happy that I acquired it in 1983 when…

British Business Secratary Peter Mandels

Jeremy Vine’s survival guide

29 August 2012 18:34

I first knew Jeremy Vine as a very young, charming, earnest and totally driven political correspondent for the BBC in…

Another voice: The book no newspaper editor will want you to read

13 May 2012 20:00

There are so many axes being ground in Tom Watson and Martin Hickman’s fascinating and explosive new book, Dial M…

A man of courage and conviction

29 April 2012 17:45

Whatever you might think about Peter Hain, he has proved himself to be a man of great personal courage and…

Why Jeffrey Archer’s books should be banned

11 March 2012 18:24

Jeffrey Archer is a menace. His books should be pulped and an Act of Parliament passed to ban their sale.…


The daughter of the great man

19 February 2012 17:28

A Daughter’s Tale is the memoir of Mary Soames, Winston Churchill’s youngest daughter. It is remarkable, uplifting, moving and utterly…

Gay pride

22 January 2012 17:43

Now that the Tory party is about to embark on an unedifying internal spat over gay marriage, I would commend…


A splendid life of crime

8 January 2012 13:22

Let me nail my colours clearly to the mast: I would prefer to eat my own spleen, or listen to…

A winter comfort

4 December 2011 11:01

Robert Sellers and James Hogg’s Little Ern!, the authorised biography of Ernie Wise, is an uplifting, heart-warming and beautifully written…

A class act

23 October 2011 14:45

When John Donne wrote that no man is an island he clearly didn’t have Boris Johnson in mind. Because, if…

Better than his party

9 October 2011 13:21

I have been awaiting a definitive biography of Nick Clegg for a while. And while I’m not entirely sure whether…

A politician happy in his own skin

18 September 2011 17:14

Alistair Darling’s Back from the Brink is not just a compulsive read: it is an essential primer for anyone with…

Mandelson exposed

4 September 2011 20:03

For those of you who missed the public outing of Peter Mandelson: The Real PM, the remarkably revealing, fly-on-the-turd psychomentary…

A riveting read

21 August 2011 11:34

It is spookily appropriate that I read Chris Mullin’s splendidly candid and revealing 2005-2010 diaries in the aftermath of the…

Ed Miliband isn’t sad, he’s tragic

17 July 2011 10:04

ED: The Milibands and the Making of a Labour Leader by Mehdi Hasan and James Macintyre is a much better…

The Zionist and the Zealot

26 June 2011 11:27

If anyone wants to attempt an understanding of any conflict they should study history. And if anyone wishes to understand…

Archer’s gift

12 June 2011 16:24

One of the most irritating things about the launch of a Jeffrey Archer book is the high pitched whine of…

Whatever Next?

22 May 2011 11:55

  Robin Ferrers has written a wonderful and entertaining book about his life. In many ways his is a life…

Transcending the Bounds of Awfulness

27 February 2011 16:11

Jerry Hayes, the former Conservative MP for Harlow and criminal Barrister, returns to The Spectator Arts Blog with his take…

Compulsory political reading

30 January 2011 15:25

What I find so depressing about this book is that so few politicians and journalists have bothered to read it.…

TV: Oh, Mandy

28 November 2010 12:02

Mandelson: The Real PM? is not so much a fly on a wall as a bluebottle buzzing round a dunghill.…