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MP Nigel Evans Is Found Not Guilty Of Sex Offence Charges

British justice the envy of the world? Tell that to Nigel Evans

14 April 2014 11:32

I am utterly delighted that Nigel Evans has been acquitted of serious allegations of sexual assault. He is a good, kind, gentle and decent man and a very old friend.… Continue reading

UK justice is the fairest in the world - but can we have a debate about how sex crimes are prosecuted? Photo: Getty Images.

Can we have an honest debate about sex crimes?

7 August 2013 12:30

It really is time that we had an honest debate about sex crimes. But in the present climate I wonder if it is possible. Over the next few days there… Continue reading


Harry Mount is wrong: Chris Grayling’s legal aid reforms will damage justice

9 June 2013 17:07

I just wonder how long Harry Mount has been waiting to put his boot into the Bar. Having a first-class degree from Oxford, membership of the Bullingdon Club and then… Continue reading

The good points in Daniel Hannan's 'A Doomed Marriage' are obscured by the bad. Image: Getty.

Review – A Doomed Marriage by Daniel Hannan

17 October 2012 9:23

When Dan Hannan’s book, A Doomed Marriage: Britain and Europe, arrived through the post I was alarmed to see that it was shrink wrapped in the same way as top… Continue reading

Edwina Currie's second volume of diaries is required reading for anyone who wants to enter the Commons. Image: Getty.

The loneliness of Edwina Currie

2 October 2012 9:49

Edwina Currie is very much an acquired taste and I am very happy that I acquired it in 1983 when we were both first elected to Parliament. Sassy, saucy, fiendishly… Continue reading

British Business Secratary Peter Mandels

Jeremy Vine’s survival guide

29 August 2012 18:34

I first knew Jeremy Vine as a very young, charming, earnest and totally driven political correspondent for the BBC in the 1980s. So when I started reading It’s All News… Continue reading


Another voice: The book no newspaper editor will want you to read

13 May 2012 20:00

There are so many axes being ground in Tom Watson and Martin Hickman’s fascinating and explosive new book, Dial M for Murdoch: News Corporation and the Corruption of Britain, that… Continue reading


A man of courage and conviction

29 April 2012 17:45

Whatever you might think about Peter Hain, he has proved himself to be a man of great personal courage and conviction. Of course, when it comes to being a British… Continue reading


Why Jeffrey Archer’s books should be banned

11 March 2012 18:24

Jeffrey Archer is a menace. His books should be pulped and an Act of Parliament passed to ban their sale. They are the Maltesers of publishing. Once you’ve started one… Continue reading


The daughter of the great man

19 February 2012 17:28

A Daughter’s Tale is the memoir of Mary Soames, Winston Churchill’s youngest daughter. It is remarkable, uplifting, moving and utterly fascinating. Remarkable, because from 18 to 22 she was at… Continue reading


Gay pride

22 January 2012 17:43

Now that the Tory party is about to embark on an unedifying internal spat over gay marriage, I would commend students of political history to read Michael McManus’s beautifully written… Continue reading


A splendid life of crime

8 January 2012 13:22

Let me nail my colours clearly to the mast: I would prefer to eat my own spleen, or listen to a Gordon Brown speech, than read the memoirs of a… Continue reading


A winter comfort

4 December 2011 11:01

Robert Sellers and James Hogg’s Little Ern!, the authorised biography of Ernie Wise, is an uplifting, heart-warming and beautifully written book that will act as a comfort blanket recalling cheery… Continue reading


A class act

23 October 2011 14:45

When John Donne wrote that no man is an island he clearly didn’t have Boris Johnson in mind. Because, if Sonia Purnell’s well documented book, Just Boris, is correct, old… Continue reading


Better than his party

9 October 2011 13:21

I have been awaiting a definitive biography of Nick Clegg for a while. And while I’m not entirely sure whether Chris Bowers’ Nick Clegg, The Biography quite gets there, don’t… Continue reading


A politician happy in his own skin

18 September 2011 17:14

Alistair Darling’s Back from the Brink is not just a compulsive read: it is an essential primer for anyone with aspirations to be Prime Minister or Chancellor. It’s not unlike… Continue reading


Mandelson exposed

4 September 2011 20:03

For those of you who missed the public outing of Peter Mandelson: The Real PM, the remarkably revealing, fly-on-the-turd psychomentary by the gloriously talented Hannah Rothschild, don’t despair, the boy… Continue reading


A riveting read

21 August 2011 11:34

It is spookily appropriate that I read Chris Mullin’s splendidly candid and revealing 2005-2010 diaries in the aftermath of the Blackberry riots, where dysfunctional families are a popular topic of… Continue reading


Ed Miliband isn’t sad, he’s tragic

17 July 2011 10:04

ED: The Milibands and the Making of a Labour Leader by Mehdi Hasan and James Macintyre is a much better book than it has been given credit for. The making… Continue reading


The Zionist and the Zealot

26 June 2011 11:27

If anyone wants to attempt an understanding of any conflict they should study history. And if anyone wishes to understand the roots of the problems in the Middle East, and… Continue reading


Archer’s gift

12 June 2011 16:24

One of the most irritating things about the launch of a Jeffrey Archer book is the high pitched whine of indignation and scorn from that small, bitchy and endangered species,… Continue reading

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Whatever Next?

22 May 2011 11:55

  Robin Ferrers has written a wonderful and entertaining book about his life. In many ways his is a life of love; of his family, his country and of life… Continue reading


Transcending the Bounds of Awfulness

27 February 2011 16:11

Jerry Hayes, the former Conservative MP for Harlow and criminal Barrister, returns to The Spectator Arts Blog with his take on Janet Street Porter’s book Don’t Let The B*****ds Get… Continue reading


Compulsory political reading

30 January 2011 15:25

What I find so depressing about this book is that so few politicians and journalists have bothered to read it. A couple of days ago I popped in to the… Continue reading


TV: Oh, Mandy

28 November 2010 12:02

Mandelson: The Real PM? is not so much a fly on a wall as a bluebottle buzzing round a dunghill. Hannah Rothschild invites us to join her on the trail… Continue reading