James Kirchick

Sen. Bernie Sanders Launches Presidential Bid In Vermont

Who does Bernie Sanders think he is?

27 July 2016 12:24

You have to admire Bernie Sanders’s chutzpah. For almost the entirety of his over 40-year career in politics, Sanders pointedly abstained…


After the horrific tragedy of MH17, Europe must wake up to the threat posed by Vladimir Putin

19 July 2014 23:04

How many more civilian planes need to be shot down over European airspace before Europe’s leaders get serious about the…

Spinks' police mugshot from 2001. Image: PA

The British paedophile who’s still on the run

24 May 2013 10:38

In the current issue of the Spectator, I write about Warwick Spinks, a convicted British paedophile who hid in plain…


‘Vote for Romney and I’ll unfriend you’: why I won’t debate politics on Facebook

20 December 2012 12:22

On July 4, 2009, the day Sarah Palin announced that she would step down from the Governorship of Alaska, the…