James Mumford

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A truly liberal society would tolerate the Anglican church’s views on sexuality

20 January 2016 12:54

Given how apocalyptic the predictions were, Anglicanism’s make-or-break meeting about issues of human sexuality last week proved something of a…


The best albums of 2013

31 December 2013 18:07

As the new year beckons, James Mumford counts down the best albums of 2013. Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, and David…

Elderly care

A blank cheque to the baby boomers

16 December 2012 15:25

After more than a decade of wrangling, it seems that a deal is finally about to be struck on long-term…


Politicians are avoiding the real problems with social care

8 May 2012 12:24

‘The smell would be even worse’, says Zoe, the social worker I’m shadowing for the week, ‘were it not for…