James Forsyth

James Forsyth is Political Editor of the Spectator. He is also a columnist in The Sun.


Corbyn talks past the country

28 September 2016 16:58

Jeremy Corbyn’s second leader’s speech was much better than his first. One has to beware the soft bigotry of low…


Why there will be no new shadow Cabinet for weeks

25 September 2016 11:11

Normally, a leadership election is followed by the leader appointing a new top team. But that won’t be happening in…


Now Corbyn has triumphed, Labour’s real civil war begins

24 September 2016 14:57

Jeremy Corbyn has never been in a stronger position as Labour leader than he is today. A leadership contest that…

Owen Smith MP Poses For Leadership Campaign Pictures

This Labour leadership contest has represented an intellectual surrender to Corbynism

24 September 2016 9:05

The Labour leadership result isn’t announced until 11.45am today. But whatever the result—and no one seems in much doubt what…


Jeremy Corbyn promises to ‘wipe the slate clean’

22 September 2016 7:30

Yesterday evening, Jeremy Corbyn released a statement saying that: ‘As far as I am concerned, the slate will be wiped…


New Ukip leader says Putin is one of her heroes

18 September 2016 12:05

Diane James, Ukip’s new leader, did her first major TV interview as Ukip leader this morning. And very revealing it…


Philip Hammond, the frankest man in the Cabinet

17 September 2016 10:45

On Thursday, the Cabinet’s Economic and Industrial Strategy committee met. There were, as I write in The Sun this morning,…


Diane James is Ukip’s new leader – but will she be haunted by Nigel Farage?

16 September 2016 13:41

Diane James is the new Ukip leader. The party’s home affairs spokesman won with 8,451 votes. She beat Lisa Duffy into second place by…

David Cameron resigning as Prime Minister (Getty).

Will David Cameron only be remembered for Brexit?

15 September 2016 12:21

At the moment, the consensus is that Brexit will be Cameron’s legacy, that the thing people will remember about his…

David Cameron and William Hague arrive in Tripoli in 2011 (Photo: Getty)

David Cameron is only partly to blame for Libya’s problems

14 September 2016 11:40

David Cameron is not having the best of weeks and the Foreign Affairs Committee’s highly critical report on his Libya…

Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

David Cameron resigns as MP for Witney

12 September 2016 15:24

David Cameron is quitting as an MP. The former Prime Minister has just told ITV’s Chris Ship that he is…

GCSE students take an exam at Maidstone Grammar School, in K

Cameroons fume about May’s grammar school plans

10 September 2016 10:01

Theresa May has picked the first defining fight of her leadership—and it is the same one that David Cameron chose.…

Theresa May Succeeds David Cameron As The UK's New Prime Minister

Theresa May: We have selection in state schools already, selection by house price

7 September 2016 21:00

Theresa May received the traditional desk banging reception when she addressed the 1922 Committee of Tory backbenchers. May pleased Tory…

Theresa May at the G20 Summit (Getty).

What we learnt about Brexit from Theresa May today

7 September 2016 15:57

Theresa May began her statement on the G20 by talking about Brexit. She insisted that she wasn’t going to give…

Picture: Getty Images

Some clues as to what David Davis means by Brexit

5 September 2016 19:12

David Davis has just finished his first statement to the Commons on the process for the UK exiting the European…

Courtesy of the BBC

May says general election will be in 2020

4 September 2016 8:45

Theresa May is on her way to her first G20 summit. But she has still sat down for the traditional…

Picture: Getty

The Cabinet’s Brexit talk

3 September 2016 10:32

So, where are we at on Brexit? Well, we know that Theresa May wants immigration control as part of the…


Theresa May shows she wants to be defined by more than just Brexit

31 August 2016 11:45

Theresa May welcomed the Cabinet to Chequers with this address, just released by Number 10: ‘Thank you very much for…

Theresa May Succeeds David Cameron As The UK's New Prime Minister

Why an early election would be bad for the Tories

6 August 2016 10:35

Ten points ahead in the polls, Theresa May regarded as the best Prime Minister by a majority of voters and…

Oliver Letwin has received a knighthood  (Photo: Getty)

Corbyn joins Cameron in giving peerages to pals

4 August 2016 18:56

David Cameron’s resignation honours have now been published—and it is an extensive list. Cameron has nominated 13 people for peerages…

Labour’s problems go far beyond Jeremy Corbyn

4 August 2016 16:28

Owen Smith takes on Jeremy Corbyn in the first Labour leadership hustings this evening. The moderates are desperately hoping that…

Steven Woolfe excluded from Ukip leadership race

3 August 2016 12:14

Steven Woolfe has been barred from standing for Ukip leader. The party’s national executive committee has ruled that he didn’t…


The European Commission chooses not to play Brexit games

2 August 2016 12:50

Jonathan Hill’s post-referendum resignation as the UK’s EU Commissioner was a deeply regrettable act. Even after the referendum, the UK…


Theresa May is right not to mess with David Cameron’s resignation honours

1 August 2016 13:25

Downing Street has made clear today that Theresa May will not move to prune down or veto David Cameron’s resignation…

Theresa May Succeeds David Cameron As The UK's New Prime Minister

Decision time approaches for Theresa May

30 July 2016 10:35

Parliament is off for the summer, and the exodus to the beaches has begun. But Theresa May isn’t heading off…