James Forsyth

James Forsyth is Political Editor of the Spectator. He is also a columnist in The Sun.

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Why the Germans are so worried about the Trump administration

23 January 2017 18:31

One of the advantages for Theresa May in being the first foreign leader to visit the Trump White House is…

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What does President Trump do to Brexit?

21 January 2017 10:32

With Theresa May expected to head to Washington next week to see President Trump, I have a look at what the…


Trump’s trade war could cause global economic carnage

20 January 2017 18:31

The most striking thing about Donald Trump’s inaugural address was how little it tried to reach out to those who…

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May’s aim: take back control of the Brexit negotiation

17 January 2017 15:07

Listen to Isabel Hardman, Fraser Nelson and James Forsyth reviewing Theresa May’s speech: Theresa May’s speech today was striking for…


Theresa May can now drive a hard Brexit bargain – and she knows it

16 January 2017 18:07

The backdrop to Theresa May’s Brexit speech is almost as interesting as the speech itself promises to be. First, there’s…

Why Theresa May isn’t the new Iron Lady

15 January 2017 8:00

Curbs on executive pay, restrictions on foreign takeovers and workers on boards. Not Jeremy Corbyn’s plan for Britain, but ideas…

Theresa May Holds First Prime Minister's Questions

The PM’s national security adviser is leaving

14 January 2017 12:16

  Mark Lyall Grant, the Prime Minister’s national security adviser, is leaving. As I report in The Sun today, the…


Trump Team preparing US / UK trade deal

14 January 2017 10:33

Boris Johnson returned from the US this week boasting that the UK was now ‘first in line’ for a trade…

General Election - Economy

Leak suggests EU will seek ‘special’ deal to access the City post-Brexit

13 January 2017 22:12

The Guardian has a very significant story on its front page tomorrow. It has obtained notes of a meeting that…

Jeremy Corbyn dodges disaster but fails to inspire at PMQs

11 January 2017 13:36

At PMQs today, Jeremy Corbyn didn’t have a disaster: there was no repeat of yesterday’s shambles. But he didn’t take…

Jeremy Hunt has a point about A&E

9 January 2017 17:15

One of the supposed rules of modern politics is that you shouldn’t tell the voters they are wrong. So, Jeremy…

Arlene Foster and Martin McGuinness

Martin McGuinness’s resignation piles pressure on Arlene Foster

9 January 2017 15:33

Martin McGuinness is to resign as deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland. McGuiness’s resignation is designed to embarrass the First…


Theresa May: Donald Trump’s remarks about women are ‘unacceptable’

8 January 2017 11:41

The most memorable moment of Theresa May’s New Year TV interview was when Donald Trump’s quote about grabbing women by…

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The other lesson that Theresa May must learn from Cameron’s failed EU negotiation

7 January 2017 10:31

Theresa May has clearly learnt one lesson from David Cameron’s failed negotiation with the EU. As I write in The…

Europe is still struggling to face up to the terror threat

5 January 2017 17:12

Europe’s unpreparedness to deal with the terrorist threat it is now facing is highlighted in two reports today. The Wall…

Brexit means that few years will be as memorable as 2016

31 December 2016 8:00

Few years will live as long in the memory as 2016. Historians will ponder the meaning and consequences of the…

Commuter Trains Are Carrying 40 Per Cent Above Their Passeneger Capacity

Strikes shouldn’t be able to shut down key railway lines

17 December 2016 10:31

300,000 people were hit by Aslef and the RMT’s strike on Southern Rail yesterday. The bad news for commuters is…


PMQs: Festive silliness before Corbyn gives his best performance yet

14 December 2016 13:31

PMQs began with the Labour MP Peter Dowd asking Theresa May if she didn’t wish that she had told Boris…


Labour has even bigger problems than Jeremy Corbyn these days

10 December 2016 10:38

Want proof of how bad things are for Labour? Jeremy Corbyn and his disastrous leadership is not even its biggest…

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Commons votes in favour of invoking Article 50 by the end of March

7 December 2016 19:27

461 MPs have just voted for Theresa May to invoke Article 50 by the end of March. The Tory amendment…

The Final Day Of The EU Referendum Campaign

PMQs: Emily Thornberry’s battle over the customs union

7 December 2016 13:29

With Theresa May away, it was David Lidington v Emily Thornberry at PMQs today. The shadow foreign secretary asked Lidington…

Michel Barnier plays hardball on Brexit

6 December 2016 11:56

Michel Barnier, the Commission’s Brexit negotiator, has been giving a running commentary on Brexit this morning. Barnier, striking a predictably…

Matteo Renzi

Renzi concedes defeat in Italian referendum and resigns as PM; the Eurozone is heading for a fresh crisis

4 December 2016 22:38

Matteo Renzi has conceded defeat in the referendum he called on his constitutional reforms and announced that he is resigning…

Eurozone Debt Crisis - General Imagery

Austria and Italian voters could plunge the EU into crisis

3 December 2016 10:31

Voters in Austria and Italy head to the polls tomorrow and could plunge the EU into a political and economic…


PMQs gets interesting as Tory Eurosceptics coordinate their activities

30 November 2016 13:44

A rare event at PMQs as Jeremy Corbyn went on the economy. The Labour leader had some well-crafted questions but…