James Forsyth

James Forsyth is Political Editor of the Spectator. He is also a columnist in The Sun.

Eurozone Debt Crisis - General Imagery

Austria and Italian voters could plunge the EU into crisis

3 December 2016 10:31

Voters in Austria and Italy head to the polls tomorrow and could plunge the EU into a political and economic…


PMQs gets interesting as Tory Eurosceptics coordinate their activities

30 November 2016 13:44

A rare event at PMQs as Jeremy Corbyn went on the economy. The Labour leader had some well-crafted questions but…


Trump and Fillon mean that Britain matters far more to Eastern Europe

28 November 2016 14:46

By next summer, Britain could be the only one of the three major Western military powers unequivocally opposed to the…

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Boris is fed up with being the butt of the government’s jokes

26 November 2016 10:27

In the autumn statement, Philip Hammond chose to mock Boris’ failed leadership bid. This wasn’t the first time that one…

Philip Hammond’s productive afternoon

23 November 2016 17:12

For most people being Foreign Secretary would be a great job, but Philip Hammond never looked like he particularly relished…


Don’t send Farage to Washington; invite him to Chevening

22 November 2016 10:15

Donald Trump has been putting the cat amongst the diplomatic pigeons—again. His tweet suggesting that Nigel Farage should be made…


Tory Brexiteers pressure May to quit EU single market and customs union

19 November 2016 10:10

Normally, the Saturday before an autumn statement would be dominated by speculation about what is in it. But, as I…


PMQs: Jeremy Corbyn’s failings give Theresa May a way out

16 November 2016 13:42

At first it looked like Jeremy Corbyn was going to go on the rights of Chagos Islanders at PMQs, but…

Conservative Leader Theresa May Addresses Party Conference

May tells business: We have got to change globalisation, to save it

14 November 2016 21:00

Theresa May’s first big foreign policy speech as Prime Minister is a call to reform globalisation, to save it. As…


Theresa May now has some Trumps in her Brexit negotiating hand

12 November 2016 10:05

Britain’s position heading into its Brexit talks is far stronger than it was a week ago, I argue in The…

Theresa May Leaves Downing Street For Prime Minister Questions

Government’s high court defeat sparks election chatter

5 November 2016 10:05

What worries government ministers, as I say in The Sun this morning, is not the actual vote on the Article…


Tory MP quits over Theresa May’s approach to Brexit

4 November 2016 11:25

Stephen Phillips is resigning as a Tory MP in protest at the government’s reluctance to engage with Parliament over Brexit.…


Government loses Article 50 court fight

3 November 2016 10:34

The government has lost the High Court Article 50 case. The court has ruled that Article 50, the formal two-year…


Theresa May offers a lame defence of Louis Smith

2 November 2016 13:45

Neither Jeremy Corbyn nor Theresa May are PMQs naturals. The jokes and the ad-libs that have become such a feature…

Second Day Of The Annual Conservative Party Conference

What does Philip Hammond have planned for the autumn statement?

29 October 2016 10:05

The City and Westminster are waiting to see what Philip Hammond does in the autumn statement next month. I write…

Nissan’s boost for Brexit Britain

27 October 2016 12:56

Nissan’s announcement that it will build the new Qashqai in Sunderland is a boost to Brexit Britain. If the decision…

Jeremy Corbyn lets Theresa May off the hook again at PMQs

26 October 2016 13:18

Today’s PMQs could have been a tricky affair for Theresa May. Her decision on Heathrow has seen one Tory MP…


The LibDems will make the Richmond Park by-election into a referendum on Brexit

25 October 2016 19:09

Zac Goldsmith has announced this evening that he’ll be standing as an independent in the Richmond Park by-election he has…


Can the Lib Dems profit from Zac Goldsmith’s resignation?

25 October 2016 12:43

The political fallout is now coming from Theresa May’s decision to approve a third runway at Heathrow. Boris Johnson and…


Theresa May’s Brexit plan slowly trickles out

24 October 2016 16:57

A pattern is emerging in the Government’s statements on Brexit to the House of Commons. The initial statement, today by…

Nissan's Car Manufacturing Plant In Sunderland

Brexit relief as government insiders expect Nissan to announce it is building its new car in Sunderland

22 October 2016 11:35

Government insiders expect Nissan to announce that it is building the new Qashqai in Sunderland in the next week or…


Philip Hammond and the gap between No 10 and 11 Downing Street

19 October 2016 18:09

98 days into the Theresa May government and Philip Hammond is the Cabinet Minister under the most scrutiny. The reports…

UKIP Leaders Give Immigration Election Speech

Steven Woolfe’s departure shows how far off becoming a well-run political party Ukip is

17 October 2016 18:47

Steven Woolfe isn’t just dropping out of the Ukip leadership race tonight, he’s quitting the party altogether. He has left…

Will Brexit butcher the banks?

16 October 2016 11:33

The financial crisis defines our age. It helps explain everything from the presidential nomination of Donald Trump to Jeremy Corbyn’s…


Britain shouldn’t stay in the customs union after Brexit

15 October 2016 10:23

A Brexit deal that would end free movement and see UK goods able to access the EU market without tariffs…