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James Forsyth is Political Editor of the Spectator. He is also a columnist in the Mail on Sunday.

Jim Murphy, stands with Kezia Dugdale after being announced as the new leader of the Scottish Labour Party on December 13, 2014 in Glasgow, Scotland.

Kezia Dugdale running for leader of Scottish Labour

22 May 2015 11:06

Kezia Dugdale, the deputy leader of the Scottish Labour party, has announced that she’s running for the leadership of the Scottish party following Jim Murphy’s resignation. With Murphy not being… Continue reading

Camilla Cavendish at The Times CEO Summit in 2011.

Camilla Cavendish to head Number 10 policy unit

21 May 2015 14:00

As British politics becomes more presidential, the structure of Number 10 matters more and more. David Cameron values continuity, collegiality and calmness in his senior team and what is striking… Continue reading


Germans propose linking the British renegotiation to Eurozone reform

20 May 2015 17:48

Wolfgang Schäuble’s decision to link the British renegotiation to changes to the governance of the Eurozone is highly significant. In an interview the German Finance Minister told the Wall Street… Continue reading

The stakes are raised for Miliband’s speech Photo: Getty

Ed Miliband’s fate shows that how you win a leadership contest matters almost as much as winning it in the first place

18 May 2015 18:58

Any new party leader needs legitimacy, an acceptance that they won the contest fair and square. Ed Miliband didn’t have this because he lost in two of three sections of… Continue reading

(Photo: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty)

What Michael Gove told his civil servants

17 May 2015 13:18

Michael Gove has been keeping a relatively low profile since being made Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor last weekend. I understand that he is keen to master the brief, and… Continue reading

A picture shows the front door of number

George Osborne poaches Daily Mail’s political editor

16 May 2015 18:34

George Osborne has moved to strengthen his personal, political operation by hiring the political editor of the Daily Mail James Chapman as his director of communications. This beefing up of… Continue reading

Jim O'Neill (Photo: Pius Utomi Ekpei/Getty)

The final flourishes have been made to the new government

14 May 2015 19:26

The chaos in Ukip and the Labour leadership race has allowed Number 10 to quietly finish off the task of constructing a new government without too much attention. The distribution… Continue reading


The three groups of voters that Labour needs to win back

14 May 2015 15:48

Labour is in a more difficult position now than it was after its defeat in 1992. In ’92, the electorate had sent Labour a clear message: move to the centre,… Continue reading

Steve Hilton in 2010. Getty images.

Steve Hilton returns to the British political scene

13 May 2015 11:17

In 2012, Steve Hilton quit his role as David Cameron’s senior adviser in frustration at the compromises of coalition and the slow pace of reform. Since then, he has maintained… Continue reading

A picture shows the front door of number

Osborne left with two vacancies to fill

12 May 2015 11:54

One of George Osborne’s political skills is his ability to put together a talented team. Few politicians spend longer thinking about who to have working for them. But post-election, Osborne… Continue reading

Grant Shapps and his Tory colleagues are thrilled that Labour will abstain on the EU referendum bill. Picture: Getty

No Cabinet job for Grant Shapps

11 May 2015 20:30

The party chairman in a general election winning campaign can normally expect a plum job as a reward, especially when that victory was against the odds. Tonight, though, Grant Shapps… Continue reading

Leader of Britain's opposition Labour Pa

Dan Jarvis rules himself out of Labour leadership contest

10 May 2015 22:15

Since Labour’s election defeat, there has been a lot of chat about how Dan Jarvis could be the man to revive the party. The argument went that Jarvis, a former… Continue reading

Iain Duncan Smith must beware of ignoring warning signs about the implementation of the universal credit. Picture: Getty.

Iain Duncan Smith to stay at Welfare

10 May 2015 22:06

News has just broken that Iain Duncan Smith is to remain as Secretary for State for Work and Pensions. Now, normally a Cabinet Minister remaining in post would not be… Continue reading

Labour Party parliamentary candidate for Leicester West, Liz Kendall, answers questions at a press conference to launch the party's "NHS Week" and unveil a new campaign poster for the general election in London on April 20, 2015.

Liz Kendall announces she’s running for Labour leader

10 May 2015 14:34

In an interview with Andrew Neil, Liz Kendall has confirmed that she’s running for Labour leader. In a polished performance, Kendall set out why she believes education has to be… Continue reading


How David Cameron will manage his Tory coalition

10 May 2015 11:54

Up until Thursday night, everything that David Cameron and George Osborne had done in government had had to be agreed by the Liberal Democrats. Every policy had to go through… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Justice for Michael Gove

9 May 2015 22:05

Michael Gove is the new Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor, Downing Street has just announced. Chris Grayling will move to become Leader of the House. Number 10 is also confirming… Continue reading

David and Samantha Cameron re-entering 10 Downing Street earlier this afternoon. Image: Getty

The reshuffle has begun – but the real excitement will happen on Monday

8 May 2015 17:49

David Cameron has reappointed several of the most senior members of the government. George Osborne stays as Chancellor, Theresa May remains Home Secretary, Philip Hammond Foreign Secretary and Michael Fallon… Continue reading


Tory backbenchers increasingly reconciled to another coalition

6 May 2015 12:18

Speaking to various senior Conservative backbenchers in the past 24 hours, I’ve been struck by how much support there is for the formation of another coalition. There is a recognition… Continue reading


Comedian Brand u-turns and urges people to vote

4 May 2015 13:37

There’ll be satisfaction in the Labour leader’s office today as Russell Brand has done a reverse-ferret and urged his voters to vote and vote Labour. Or, to be more precise,… Continue reading

David Cameron Makes Campaign Speech In London

Will there be a late surge to the Tories?

3 May 2015 13:19

So, here we are. In 100 hours time, we’ll be half-way through election-day. But at the moment, the polls still remain deadlocked. Yet, there remains a sense that there’ll be… Continue reading

Labour leader Ed Miliband takes part in a special BBC Question Time programme with the three main party leaders appearing separately, at Leeds Town Hall on April 30, 2015 in Leeds, England.

Ed Miliband’s refusal to admit that Labour overspent could cost him dear

30 April 2015 23:02

Tonight’s Question Time special with Cameron, Miliband and Clegg provided the best television of this campaign so far. A well-informed audience relentlessly pressed the three leaders on their weakest points.… Continue reading


Cameron needs to keep the momentum going in tonight’s Question Time

30 April 2015 13:41

Tonight’s Question Time is, probably, the most important TV event of the campaign. The fact that it is on BBC1 in prime time means that it is likely to attract… Continue reading

Daily Politics health debate

Andy Burnham still can’t answer questions on Mid Staffs

29 April 2015 16:02

Today’s health election debate on the BBC just now was one of the feistiest we have seen in this campaign. Andy Burnham, Jeremy Hunt and Norman Lamb clashed repeatedly —… Continue reading

Peter Mandelson. Getty Images.

Note from Mandelson’s firm warns that SNP will drag Labour to the left

27 April 2015 10:20

Peter Mandelson and Ed Miliband appeared to have been undergoing a certain rapprochement during this campaign. Mandelson declared recently that Miliband has ‘way exceeded my expectations‘. But a briefing note… Continue reading


Cameron’s answer to the passion question

26 April 2015 16:35

David Cameron has been bugged in this campaign by the question of whether he’s passionate enough, of whether he really wants it. When Fraser and I asked him about why… Continue reading