James Forsyth

James Forsyth is Political Editor of the Spectator. He is also a columnist in The Sun.

Boris – without support? Image: Andrew Parsons - Pool/Getty Images

Why did Michael Gove suddenly withdraw his support from Boris Johnson?

30 June 2016 14:38

So, what happened? As late as yesterday afternoon, Michael Gove was trying to persuade fellow Cabinet Ministers to back Boris…

Boris Johnson And Michael Gove Address The Nation After EU Referendum Victory

Gove goes for it

30 June 2016 9:27

In the most dramatic development yet in the Tory leadership race, Michael Gove has announced that he is running. As…

British Justice Secretary Michael Gove addresses delegates on the first day of the annual Conservative party conference in Manchester, north west England, on October 4, 2015. AFP PHOTO / LEON NEAL        (Photo credit should read LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

Gove running for the Tory leadership

30 June 2016 9:09

Michael Gove has just released a statement saying that he’s running for the Tory leadership, and not supporting Boris Johnson.…


Alan Duncan aired the Tories’ dirty laundry at today's PMQs

29 June 2016 14:29

PMQs was always going to be an odd event today. David Cameron is going as Prime Minister and Jeremy Corbyn…

"The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History" by Boris Johnson - Book Launch Party

Jo Johnson backs Boris

27 June 2016 18:44

Jo Johnson has declared his support for his brother’s leadership bid. In a statement to The Spectator, the minister for…


Cameron indicates that he wants the UK to stay in the single market

27 June 2016 16:34

David Cameron came to the House of Commons this afternoon to update the House on Brexit. Cameron was greeted by…

Conservative Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 1

Set out your Brexit model, Foreign Secretary tells Tory leadership contenders

26 June 2016 11:22

This morning, Philip Hammond has insisted that those running for the Tory leadership explicitly set out how they intend to…


Jonathan Hill’s resignation is an act of gross irresponsibility

25 June 2016 16:04

The UK’s EU Commissioner, Jonathan Hill, has resigned today saying that he couldn’t carry on as ‘though nothing had happened.’ This strikes me…

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Will Boris, Gove and the Brexit band of brothers run for No 10 together?

25 June 2016 11:27

Westminster is still digesting what happened on Thursday night. But before Britain can turn itself to the big question of…

Political Leaders Respond To The UK's EU Referendum Result

David Cameron resigns, but not immediately

24 June 2016 8:43

In an emotional but dignified statement, David Cameron has announced his resignation as Prime Minister. However, he will not resign…


Britain votes to leave the European Union

24 June 2016 5:07

In the greatest political upset of recent time, Britain has voted to leave the European Union. We are now in…


Why all the certainty about the referendum result?

22 June 2016 17:54

Right at the start of this campaign, a senior figure at Vote Leave told me that if they were level…

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Corbyn’s immigration honesty creates a problem for Remain

19 June 2016 11:08

Jeremy Corbyn went on The Marr Show this morning to talk about Jo Cox’s tragic death and the EU referendum.…

David Cameron and Boris Johnson visit to Newark

Boris makes it clear he isn’t interested in a coup against David Cameron

18 June 2016 10:31

The murder of Jo Cox was a moment that leaves you numb; an MP paying the ultimate price for the…

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Leave six points ahead in latest phone poll

16 June 2016 9:36

Fraser Nelson and Nick Cohen discuss The Spectator’s decision to back Brexit: The Ipsos MORI phone poll released this morning…


Gove wouldn’t support Osborne’s ‘punishment Budget’

15 June 2016 20:27

One consequence of David Cameron’s refusal to take part in any ‘Blue on Blue’ debates is that he and Michael…

Corbyn fails to give Cameron a helping hand at final PMQs before referendum

15 June 2016 14:25

The last PMQS before the EU referendum will not live long in the memory, the Commons did not rise to…

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Osborne’s dead cat Budget

15 June 2016 10:00

The In campaign believe that they win when the referendum debate is focused on the economy. So, today George Osborne…

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Going for Boris just makes the Remain side look rattled

11 June 2016 10:35

All sides of the Remain campaign are turning their fire on Boris Johnson at the moment. But these attacks are,…


The Andrew Neil Interviews: Nigel Farage tones it down

10 June 2016 20:34

Sometimes you sense that Nigel Farage is keen to create controversy, to stir things up. But tonight in his interview…


The Andrew Neil Interviews: George Osborne tried to deal with the Turkish question

8 June 2016 20:55

PODCAST: Listen to James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman discuss George Osborne’s performance: In a feisty interview with Andrew Neil, George…


PMQs: Corbyn highlights Tory divisions, but Cameron knows he needs Labour

8 June 2016 13:52

With the EU referendum just weeks away, Jeremy Corbyn is now trying to exploit Tory divisions over the issue. At…


The Andrew Neil Interviews: Hilary Benn dragged out Remain’s immigration agony

6 June 2016 20:33

The first of the BBC’s series of prime-time EU referendum events took place this evening, with Andrew Neil interviewing Hilary…

Vote Leave has brought out its Turkish weapon

6 June 2016 13:50

Vote Leave feel that they now have the momentum in this campaign. The three polls out today all have them…

Boris Johnson Leads 48Hour Brexit Blitz Of Campaigning

Could the Vote Leave strategy work?

4 June 2016 10:31

The Leave campaign have had their best week of the campaign this week. After months of being battered by the Whitehall machine,…