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Isabel Hardman is assistant editor of The Spectator and edits the Coffee House blog. She also writes a weekly column for The Daily Telegraph.


Labour’s football policy reveals what the party really thinks about business

17 October 2014 17:02

One of the few things that brought real joy at the Lib Dem conference last week was the party passing a football policy that included a lament about the sport’s… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Campaigns In Rochester And Strood

Why the Tories think they can win in Rochester

17 October 2014 16:23

One of the bits of their Parliamentary party meeting this week that cheered Conservative MPs the most was a speech by Tracey Crouch on why the Tories could win the… Continue reading

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Gives His Keynote Speech At the Annual Party Conference

Labour has a better-than-expected week, but the party remains shaky

17 October 2014 8:58

This week has gone much better for Labour than many of its MPs thought it would. They started the week in very poor form indeed, grumpy after a bad conference,… Continue reading

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Number 10: No final decision on European Arrest Warrant

16 October 2014 17:51

Is Number 10 really preparing for a U-turn on the European Arrest Warrant? After Coffee House reported some odd manoeuvres by chief whip Michael Gove involving him suggesting to Tory… Continue reading

David Cameron in Rochester this morning. Picture: Getty

David Cameron: I want one last go at renegotiating Britain’s relationship with Europe

16 October 2014 15:11

Is David Cameron about to announce emergency controls on European jobseekers or a points-based system on EU migration? The Times and the Sun both splashed on these ideas today (after… Continue reading

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Exclusive: Is a U-turn looming on the European Arrest Warrant?

16 October 2014 14:03

Tory chief whip Michael Gove has been calling round MPs to suggest that it might be better if Britain does not opt back into the European Arrest Warrant, Coffee House… Continue reading


Exclusive: Cameron hints at points-based immigration system in meeting with Tory Right

15 October 2014 16:36

Whatever David Cameron’s promised ‘big bang’ announcement on immigration in the EU is, it has certainly excited Conservative backbenchers. A group of them confronted him this afternoon to ask whether… Continue reading

Work and Pensions Select Committee

Lord Freud offers ‘full and unreserved apology’ for disability comments

15 October 2014 14:04

Lord Freud has apologised for suggesting that disabled people were not ‘worth’ the minimum wage. He said: ‘I would like to offer a full and unreserved apology. I was foolish… Continue reading

Lord Freud. Image: Getty

Can Lord Freud survive row over disability comments?

15 October 2014 13:55

Labour clearly scent blood with Lord Freud’s comments about disabled people not being ‘worth’ the full minimum wage. They knew their first PMQs back would be difficult after their own… Continue reading

United Kingdom Minister of State for For

Jeremy Browne to stand down as an MP

15 October 2014 13:13

Jeremy Browne, the Lib Dem former Home Office minister, has just announced that he is to stand down as an MP at the general election: I have decided not to… Continue reading

Green party leader Natalie Bennett. Picture: PA

How the Greens are spooking Labour and the Lib Dems

15 October 2014 8:00

Being excluded from the TV debates has been the best thing that could possibly happen to the Greens, it seems. Already over 100,000 people have signed a petition calling for… Continue reading

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Tory MPs promised ‘big bang’ announcement on EU migration

14 October 2014 19:22

The Tories will announce a big new policy on freedom of movement in the European Union, David Cameron told his MPs tonight. At a meeting of the Parliamentary party, the… Continue reading

John Denham (Photo: Getty)

The debate over English votes for English laws heats up

14 October 2014 15:36

As the Commons debate on devolution gets underway, the three parties have set out their positions on English votes for English laws. The Tories are adamant that this principle needs… Continue reading

William Hague today conceded that EVEL is not linked to devo-more. Picture: Getty

The shadow of EVEL will still hover over the Commons

14 October 2014 8:59

Alex Salmond was on Today this morning, muttering darkly about a new betrayal of Scottish voters from Westminster leaders. He was looking ahead to this afternoon’s debate on Scotland, where… Continue reading

A man wearing a mask of Nigel Farage dangles a puppet representing David Cameron (Photo: Leon Neal, AFP)

Nigel Farage admits Ukip’s leftward drift would hobble Tory pact

13 October 2014 18:06

The Tories may have watched Douglas Carswell’s re-entry into the House of Commons in silence, but he seems to be getting a reasonably warm reception from his old colleagues behind… Continue reading


Watch: Douglas Carswell re-enters the House of Commons as a Ukip MP

13 October 2014 15:53

Douglas Carswell has just re-entered the House of Commons as a Ukip MP. Nigel Farage was in the peers’ gallery to watch his first elected MP take his seat. So… Continue reading

(Photo: David Jones/PA/Getty)

Cameron annoyed by TV debate proposals that include Ukip but not the Greens

13 October 2014 13:52

The broadcasters’ proposals for the TV debates have not gone down particularly well in many quarters of Westminster. David Cameron, who has been trying to avoid the issue for as… Continue reading


Why the Tories must win Rochester – and how they plan to do it

11 October 2014 16:40

Why are the Conservatives so serene after losing the Clacton by-election and seeing their vote collapse in Heywood and Middleton? It is not that the party has finally decided endless… Continue reading

Tories still haven't discussed how close the Scottish referendum came (Photo: Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images)

Syria or Scotland? Tory whips confuse MPs with mysterious message

10 October 2014 16:26

The Tory whips are busy today, but not necessarily with fallout from the Clacton by-election. They have sent a message round to MPs saying the following: ‘There is a possibility… Continue reading

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Ukip means mainstream parties should stop seeing voters as ‘theirs’

10 October 2014 13:51

How are the two parties reacting to their bruising night in the two by-elections? David Cameron – after telling us, helpfully, that ‘there were two by-elections last night’ – went on to… Continue reading


Tories and Labour defiant after bruising by-elections

10 October 2014 8:25

Last night’s by-election results were bad for both the main Westminster parties. The Tories did not manage to make significant inroads into Douglas Carswell’s majority, and their vote collapsed in… Continue reading

Carswell-on-sea (Photo: Rob Stothard/Getty)

Nigel Farage’s Krakatoa day arrives

9 October 2014 8:56

Tonight Clacton is set to return the first elected Ukip MP to the House of Commons. The Conservatives have already tried to factor in Douglas Carswell’s defection as something they… Continue reading

Graphic: Carla Millar

We want to make you shine! Nick Clegg’s speech in five points

8 October 2014 15:07

listen to ‘Podcast: Nick Clegg’s speech’ on audioBoom Nick Clegg has just finished speaking to the Liberal Democrat conference. The Lib Dem leader spoke for around an hour, and in… Continue reading

Nick Clegg at the Lib Dem conference (Photo: Getty)

Nick Clegg to announce waiting targets for mental health

8 October 2014 0:16

Nick Clegg will, as promised, use his conference speech today to announce waiting time targets for mental health treatments. The Deputy Prime Minister, as part of government efforts to bring… Continue reading

Vince Cable. Image: Getty

Tory planning changes ‘perverse’ and creating ‘unbalanced development’ warns Cable

7 October 2014 18:14

One of the most striking things about the Lib Dem conference is not that the party has decided to be mean about the Tories in a mildly obsessive and weird… Continue reading