Isabel Hardman

Isabel Hardman is assistant editor of The Spectator and edits the Coffee House blog. She also presents Radio 4’s Week in Westminster.

Labour Leadership Election

What matters in Labour’s leadership contest is what works

21 July 2016 13:57

Jeremy Corbyn’s attempt to strike a contrast between his beliefs and those of his Labour leadership rival Owen Smith would…

Liz Truss

Liz Truss attracts far more vitriol than her male non-lawyer predecessors. Why could that be?

21 July 2016 10:41

A politician with no legal training and limited experience of the legal world becomes Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor. The…

U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May Makes Her First Statement As The Country's New Leader

The net migration reckoning draws nearer

20 July 2016 14:58

Is the new government under Theresa May going to ditch the target to drive net migration into the tens of…


Angela Eagle pulls out of Labour leadership contest

19 July 2016 17:26

In the past few minutes, Angela Eagle has pulled out of the Labour leadership contest, citing insufficient nominations in the…


Theresa May’s first Cabinet meeting gives us a glimpse of her leadership style

19 July 2016 15:12

Theresa May’s first Cabinet meeting wasn’t accompanied by the kind of eye-catching announcement you would have expected from Tony Blair…


The Labour leadership contest looks set to be savage

19 July 2016 13:35

Labour MPs are currently nominating candidates in the party’s leadership contest to replace Jeremy Corbyn. The current Labour leader does…

The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 3

Corbyn savaged by his own MPs as he refuses to read out Labour policy on Trident

18 July 2016 18:07

If you wanted evidence to support the repeated assertion from Labour MPs that Jeremy Corbyn cannot continue as Labour leader,…

Is Owen Smith the answer to Labour’s Corbyn problem?

18 July 2016 16:32

As Katy reports, Labour appeared rather divided at its leadership hustings today. Behind the scenes, Owen Smith does seem to…


Labour’s dismal showing gives Sajid Javid a gentler first day in the job

18 July 2016 16:13

Theresa May’s new government gets to work today, and first to face the heat of the Chamber was the Communities…

Nice attack: Quiet shock reigns on the city’s streets

15 July 2016 14:27

Nice is quiet today, moving a little slower than it was yesterday, but it still moves. There is a strange…


At least 80 dead in Nice after lorry crashes into crowds

14 July 2016 23:00

A lorry has ploughed into crowds celebrating Bastille Day by the beach in Nice;  there are reports of at least…

David Cameron's Last Day As The UK's Prime Minister

David Cameron’s legacy is out of his control

13 July 2016 17:38

It was a rather cruel pathetic fallacy that the Prime Minister who had to resign early after creating a political…

David Cameron Holds The First Cabinet Meeting Since The UK Voted To Leave The EU

Where will Theresa May get her policies from?

13 July 2016 15:02

Theresa May takes over as Prime Minister this afternoon much sooner than she expected at the start of the week.…

Jeremy Corbyn Attends A Momentum Rally

Labour chief whip complains to Corbyn and Momentum about abuse of MPs

13 July 2016 10:52

Labour MPs are becoming increasingly agitated about the amount of abuse and intimidation they are receiving, to the extent that…


What might David Cameron do next?

12 July 2016 13:40

David Cameron has chaired his last ever, emotional, Cabinet meeting this morning, with just a final Prime Minister’s Questions lying…

The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 3

Labour party split over whether to split

11 July 2016 15:22

As well as all the other things that Labour MPs are anxious about at the moment, there is genuine anxiety…

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.59.39

And then there was one… Theresa May’s team prepare for government

11 July 2016 13:03

Chris Grayling has given this very brief statement on behalf of Theresa May in the past few minutes: ‘Can I…


Andrea Leadsom: Theresa May is ‘ideally placed’ to implement Brexit

11 July 2016 12:15

Andrea Leadsom has withdrawn from the Tory leadership race, saying ‘the best interests of our country are best served by…

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 10.23.03

Jeremy Corbyn hints at legal challenge if he’s kept off the ballot paper

10 July 2016 10:59

Jeremy Corbyn was insistent this morning on the Andrew Marr Show that he isn’t going anywhere. More than that: he…


Angela Eagle threatens Labour leadership bid on Monday

9 July 2016 17:10

Finally, the Labour coup is about to begin. Or at least, Labour MPs are talking about the fact that the…

Andrea Leadsom. Photo by Stefan Rousseau-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Why Andrea Leadsom may still benefit from her naive comments about motherhood

9 July 2016 8:51

One of the rules of modern leadership contests is that at some point there is an almighty row about whether…


What has happened to Labour’s coup?

8 July 2016 12:02

Things have gone mysteriously quiet in the Labour party. Every so often, Len McCluskey and Tom Watson emerge from a…

Prime Minister David Cameron Delivers His Keynote Speech At The Conservative Party Conference

Gove camp nervous as Tory MPs go to vote again

7 July 2016 9:43

This afternoon we will find out which two Tory MPs will face the Conservative party members in the leadership contest.…

Chilcot Iraq inquiry

Tony Blair’s rumination over his own ‘good faith’

6 July 2016 17:52

Tony Blair appeared emotional, sounded hoarse, and constantly fixated upon his belief that he acted in ‘good faith’ over Iraq…

The Final Day Of The EU Referendum Campaign

Has Parliament learned the lessons of the Iraq war?

6 July 2016 16:18

Normally whenever someone mentions Iraq in the House of Commons, the Chamber descends into a grouchy scrap. But today’s statement…