Isabel Hardman

Isabel Hardman is assistant editor of The Spectator and edits the Coffee House blog. She also presents Radio 4’s Week in Westminster.

Labour shadow cabinet

Labour remembers what it’s like to be an effective opposition

7 December 2016 14:09

Is Labour actually managing to do its job as a decent opposition? Yesterday, the party forced the government into a…

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Nicky Morgan’s wrong trousers

7 December 2016 11:41

Does Theresa May understand what life is like for the just-managing families she purports to stand for? The Tory party…

A bag decorated with the British flag is seen as people prepare to board a bus to London in Sofia. Photo: NIKOLAY DOYCHINOV/AFP/Getty Images

Immigration reaches record high – but what does that really tell us about Brexit Britain?

1 December 2016 11:14

How much do the net migration figures mean these days? The Office for National Statistics released its latest migration estimates…


Labour’s Matt Damon problem

30 November 2016 16:01

One of the crueller caricatures in the 2004 satirical film ‘Team America: World Police’ is a little puppet of Matt…


John McDonnell’s response showed how irrelevant Labour has become

23 November 2016 15:29

No-one envies the person whose job it is to respond for the Opposition to an economic statement that has just…

Philip Hammond delivers a politically placid autumn statement

23 November 2016 15:11

Philip Hammond started his autumn statement to the House of Commons by saying his style would be rather different to…

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Poor mental health care is a ‘stain’ on our country. But whose fault is that?

18 November 2016 13:46

Today’s warning from every former Health Secretary from the past 20 years about inadequate mental health provision raises a number…

The Conservative Party Conference 2016 - Day Two

Liam Fox looks towards the sunny world of Brexit Britain

3 October 2016 18:28

This afternoon’s session of speeches at the Tory conference might best be described as the ‘Why My Department Exists’ section.…


Philip Hammond’s ‘sombre’ speech acknowledges the impact of Brexit on businesses

3 October 2016 16:07

Philip Hammond’s speech has had a mixed reaction from his MP colleagues, it is fair to say. A number have…

Theresa May’s honeymoon isn’t over yet

3 October 2016 15:33

This Tory conference is making clear quite how topsy-turvy politics has become over the past few months. David Davis is…


Theresa May’s ‘hard Brexit’ hint

2 October 2016 16:12

We had heard a great deal of Theresa May’s Brexit speech to the Conservative party conference before – to the…


Theresa May: Brexit will begin in March 2017

2 October 2016 10:10

As Conservative conference begins, we are finally starting to find out a little more about what Brexit means. But only…

What is Theresa May’s greatest weakness?

30 September 2016 12:51

What is Theresa May’s greatest weakness as she goes into conference season? The Prime Minister had such a good start…


Jeremy Corbyn could have given this speech 20 years ago

28 September 2016 17:35

Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to Labour conference was rather good. It was clear, it was reasonably neatly-delivered, and it covered all…


There will be nothing normal about Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech

28 September 2016 14:21

Jeremy Corbyn will shortly address the Labour conference with what is officially known as the ‘parliamentary report’. An accurate ‘parliamentary…

The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 3

Man bites dog as Corbyn tells Labour members: I want to win an election

27 September 2016 22:37

Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech includes the normally unremarkable but currently remarkable assertion that he wants Labour to win the next…

MPs are trying to decide whether or not to be Jeremy Corbyn's lapdogs and return to the frontbench.

Labour moderates split over whether to serve on Corbyn’s frontbench

26 September 2016 21:30

Whether or not to serve on Labour’s frontbench is a question of the same order of asking whether the deck…


Labour members’ stand-off with MPs shows things can only get more bitter

26 September 2016 15:14

Jeremy Corbyn might have wanted to wipe the slate clean and start over with his MPs after the summer’s leadership…


Labour must hold the Tories to account on Brexit

26 September 2016 12:40

John McDonnell is now speaking at the Labour conference, and will pledge to match the regional funding that communities will…

How long will the brittle peace at Labour’s conference survive?

25 September 2016 19:50

Labour conference is now firmly underway in Liverpool, as is the ‘World Transformed’ festival organised by Corbynite grassroots organisation Momentum.…


Jeremy Corbyn’s fresh start doesn’t sound convincing

25 September 2016 11:38

If Jeremy Corbyn set out in his Marr interview to reassure his critics in the Labour Party that this is…

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Labour women attack Theresa May as ‘no sister’. How very un-feminist.

24 September 2016 17:38

The Labour Party is in a sour mood at present, that much we already know. Usually, most of the sourness…


Jeremy Corbyn wins the Labour leadership again, with a stronger majority

24 September 2016 11:52

As expected, Jeremy Corbyn has just beaten Owen Smith in the Labour leadership race with 62pc of the vote, higher last…

Shadow Cabinet Make A Joint Call To Labour Supporters To Vote Remain in EU Referendum

What will Labour MPs do once Jeremy Corbyn is re-elected?

23 September 2016 12:45

Tomorrow just before noon, Jeremy Corbyn is set to be crowned leader of the Labour party for a second time,…

Jeremy Corbyn Takes The Lead In The Labour Leadership Race

Leaked Corbyn abuse list shows the unbridgeable gulf in Labour

15 September 2016 15:49

The leaking – accidental or otherwise – of a list of Labour MPs allegedly guilty of abusive behaviour towards Jeremy…