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Isabel Hardman is assistant editor of The Spectator and edits the Coffee House blog. She also presents Radio 4’s Week in Westminster.

Conservative Party Launch Their Election Manifesto

David Cameron insists Tory campaign has ‘the most positive vision there could possibly be’

26 April 2015 11:57

There’s nothing wrong with negative campaigning in an election. If you think your opponents would damage the country, then you should point it out. What’s wrong with negative campaigning is… Continue reading

Nicola Sturgeon taking a selfie. Getty Images.

This is a social media election. But in the most miserable, sinister way

24 April 2015 13:29

A friend of mine was notorious at university for photoshopping every single photo of her that went onto Facebook. Every snap in a nightclub or lounging on the beach went… Continue reading

Jo Swinson in Bishopbriggs

Do Labour voters hate the SNP enough to save the Lib Dems?

24 April 2015 12:36

For someone who might be about to lose her seat, Jo Swinson seems very perky as she walks the streets of Bishopbriggs in her constituency. The Lib Dem, who is… Continue reading

British Prime Minister David Cameron And French President Nicolas Sarkozy Visit Libya

Ed Miliband thinks Libya’s failure is so obvious he’s barely mentioned it until now

24 April 2015 10:24

With less than two weeks until polling day, it’s nice to see that Ed Miliband has discovered foreign policy as an important issue worth discussing. The Labour leader will attack… Continue reading

Ruth Davidson. Photo by Isabel Hardman.

Breaking: Politician spotted talking to a real voter

23 April 2015 14:42

I’ve just witnessed an extraordinary moment on the campaign trail in Edinburgh. No, it’s not this, but a political party leader talking to a real voter. This is Ruth Davidson,… Continue reading


Jim Murphy rallies Labour activists in Edinburgh

23 April 2015 13:14

Jim Murphy held a street rally in Edinburgh today. Given many of the election events from the main parties have been behind closed doors, the Scottish Labour leader deserves credit… Continue reading

(Photo: Getty)

Boris is being careful with his dinner invitations

23 April 2015 11:00

One of the main risks of wheeling Boris out this week was that he was never just going to be asked about this election in interviews. The Mayor and candidate… Continue reading

Image: Getty.

Why identikit lines on the SNP are important for the Tories

23 April 2015 10:30

This morning when George Osborne defended the way the Tories were fighting the election campaign, there was something slightly odd about what he said in response to John Humphrys’ first… Continue reading

Image: Getty.

Tired Tories call for ‘pizzazz’ in election campaign

22 April 2015 10:09

Are the Tories having a bad campaign? It certainly doesn’t seem to be as slick and upbeat as some had expected. Many Tories had expected the polls to stay right… Continue reading


The Tories are gaining momentum with their ‘Labour-SNP pact’ message

21 April 2015 12:12

Complain all you like about the way the Tories are campaigning at the moment, but it’s getting the message across. The party has hit on the SNP, which is fascinating the… Continue reading

Manifestos are getting longer

Why are all the manifestos so rubbish?

20 April 2015 15:09

So all the manifestos are now out for voters to pore over. Given the amount of fuss the parties have made about these documents, you’d think they might outsell Fifty… Continue reading

Keynote Speech By New Leader Of The SNP Nicola Sturgeon

Labour’s gamble for SNP support

20 April 2015 9:54

The SNP launches its manifesto today in Edinburgh. Nicola Sturgeon will be arguing that the policies in the document are for the benefit of the whole of the United Kingdom,… Continue reading


Nicola Sturgeon sets out roadmap to a second referendum

19 April 2015 10:07

Most politicians are having a miserable election, but not so Nicola Sturgeon. Her party is terrifying Labour in Scotland, she has put in very strong performances in the TV debates,… Continue reading

Preaching the Green gospel (Photo: Justin Tallis/Getty)

What ‘large quantities of goods’ can Natalie Bennett be shifting around?

17 April 2015 17:36

On the subject of politicians using language effectively, the funniest quote of today has to go to Green leader Natalie Bennett, who told the World at One today that: ‘On… Continue reading


Iain Duncan Smith is right about zero hours contracts – he’s just far too late

17 April 2015 16:55

Into each day, outrage must fall. Today Iain Duncan Smith has performed the service of upsetting everyone by telling Sky News that zero-hours contracts should be rebranded ‘flexible-hours contracts’. The Work… Continue reading

UKIP Nigel Farage Attends BBC Broadcasting House For A Radio Interview

How Ukip plans to boost its national campaign

17 April 2015 16:14

What will Ukip do with the £1.3 million donated by Express chief Richard Desmond? The party cannot plough the money directly into its fight in South Thanet because strict spending… Continue reading


The Tories have fallen for their own spin on Miliband

17 April 2015 8:59

Believing your own hype is a dangerous thing in politics (and elsewhere). So is falling for your own spin. Spin is a message you craft that bears a tenuous link… Continue reading


The Ukip pledge that other parties may well adopt

15 April 2015 16:20

One of the Ukip manifesto pledges that’s making certain types a bit grumpy today is a pledge to abolish the Department for Energy and Climate Change. Unite has said that… Continue reading


The Tories may have a strong message but do they have any momentum yet?

15 April 2015 15:06

The Tories have another election broadcast out tonight that builds on the message of their manifesto: that they are for hardworking blue-collar people and that if you want sunshine, vote… Continue reading

Fairy lights at the Lib Dem conference

Lib Dems launch their manifesto with fairy lights and funky music

15 April 2015 10:06

The Lib Dems are launching their manifesto this morning. In keeping with their whole slightly bizarre national campaign, which has seen Nick Clegg touring the country apparently completing a Bucket… Continue reading

Conservative Party Launch Their Election Manifesto

Are the Conservatives being honest about their new minimum wage policy?

14 April 2015 20:07

The Conservatives have sent out a campaign email from David Cameron this evening promoting their key manifesto pledges. You’d expect that: now’s the time to galvanise activists’ support. But there… Continue reading

Conservative Party Launch Their Election Manifesto

The Tories launch a smart, upbeat manifesto

14 April 2015 12:06

David Cameron has just presented a smart Conservative manifesto with a solid speech. He didn’t quite have as much fire in his belly as Ed Miliband did yesterday, but what he did… Continue reading

Ed Miliband, the Leader of the Labour Party, launches his party's general election manifesto in the Old Granada Studios in Manchester, northwest England on April 13, 2015.

Is Labour really wise to take on the Tories on the economy?

13 April 2015 12:46

Ed Miliband gave a good, forceful, well-received speech at Labour’s manifesto launch this morning. It couldn’t have been anything else, given how close we are to polling day. There were… Continue reading

Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband Speaks At The Scottish Labour conference

Labour tries to confound expectations with tough-sounding manifesto front page

13 April 2015 7:54

Labour’s manifesto launch today sees the party seeking to confound expectations. Even though the party would prefer to fight a comfortable election campaign on the NHS, the fact remains that… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 14.04.32

Tories on £8bn NHS commitment: Trust in me

12 April 2015 14:10

Towards the end of last week, the Tories were looking a bit miserable. Their slow response to Labour’s non-coms announcement, coupled with a ‘dead cat’ response from Michael Fallon which… Continue reading