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Isabel Hardman is assistant editor of The Spectator and edits the Coffee House blog. She also writes a weekly column for The Daily Telegraph.


Tory backbenchers talk out ‘revenge evictions’ bill

28 November 2014 17:51

Fridays in the House of Commons Chamber are rarely edifying experiences, and today a number of MPs and campaigners are very exercised that two backbenchers managed to talk out a… Continue reading

Black Friday

Black Friday just shows us what we’re all really like

28 November 2014 15:07

I’m not sure why everyone is so enraged by the pictures of fighting, shouting and arrests from Black Friday. British people have been exhibiting this sort of behaviour for years,… Continue reading


Enraged euro-rebels threaten trouble after Cameron’s immigration speech fails to satisfy

28 November 2014 14:02

One of the aims of David Cameron’s big immigration speech was to settle the issue with his backbenchers before returning to talk about the economy. Based on conversations I’ve had… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 10.38.10

David Cameron’s immigration speech in five points

28 November 2014 10:39

David Cameron has just finished delivering his ‘game changing’ immigration speech. A lot of it was a narration of why immigration had made Britain the country it is, but why some… Continue reading


Will Cameron please his backbenchers and EU leaders with his immigration speech?

28 November 2014 9:21

If David Cameron’s speech today is more about backbench management than it is about his desperate desire to talk about immigration, then he needs to make sure that what he… Continue reading

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Cameron to demand migrant benefit curbs in ‘game-changing’ immigration speech

27 November 2014 22:41

David Cameron will make his ‘game-changer’ speech on immigration tomorrow in which he is expected to say that the UK will leave the EU if it does not secure reforms… Continue reading

Former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell Loses His Plebgate Libel Case

What next for Andrew Mitchell?

27 November 2014 19:14

Toby Rowland didn’t have the ‘wit, imagination or inclination’ to invent the account he produced of Andrew Mitchell calling police officers ‘plebs’ at the gates of Downing Street. In any… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Makes Speech On The UK's Position In Europe

Net migration target fails as Cameron prepares to make more immigration pledges

27 November 2014 11:57

We are still waiting for David Cameron’s immigration speech, expected ‘this week’. The Conservatives tried to get their apology in early for failing to meet their target to get net… Continue reading

Liz Truss

Tory detox mission continues as Liz Truss speaks softly to ‘Green Blob’

26 November 2014 17:43

One of the major themes of this year’s big Tory reshuffle was the attempt to detoxify certain policy areas where a minister was involved in a stand-off with certain groups… Continue reading


Will Cameron talk to his MPs before his ‘game-changer’ immigration speech?

26 November 2014 16:50

We still don’t know when David Cameron’s long-awaited ‘game-changer’ speech on immigration will be. Downing Street is only saying that it will be ‘before Christmas’, but it is still expected… Continue reading

Mark Reckless asks his first question as a Ukip MP.

PMQs: Ukip’s Mark Reckless begins his battle to hold his seat with local question

26 November 2014 13:24

‘Oooooh!’ shouted MPs when Mark Reckless got to his feet today at Prime Minister’s Questions for his first chance as a Ukipper to grill David Cameron. The newly-re-elected MP had… Continue reading

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Ministers to unveil counter- terror laws

26 November 2014 9:01

Today is the day ministers set out their new counter-terrorism legislation following Theresa May’s revelations on Monday about the number of thwarted terror attacks and yesterday’s publication of the ISC… Continue reading

Labour Attempt To Hold On To Stoke As The BNP Target The Seat

Are Tristram Hunt’s plans for private schools a class war or just a bit pointless?

25 November 2014 17:52

Tristram Hunt has managed to get a great deal of attention for his proposals for private schools helping out state schools, with even his own (private but sufficiently stuffed with… Continue reading

British Prime Minister David Cameron mee

MPs to discuss legacy of Afghan conflict this week

25 November 2014 14:37

Yesterday the final UK personnel left Kandahar airfield, with just a few hundred British defence workers left in Afghanistan to help train the country’s future officers. MPs have been assured… Continue reading

British Secretary of State for Work and

Can Iain Duncan Smith force Labour to continue his welfare reforms?

25 November 2014 9:51

Iain Duncan Smith is taking the fight to Labour today, accusing them of being the ‘party of welfare’ with their ‘heads in the sand’ as he marks the next ‘roll-out’ of… Continue reading

(Photo: Leon Neal/Getty)

Is Owen Paterson hoping to become leader of the ‘Out’ camp in the 2017 referendum?

24 November 2014 15:36

There may well be a battle in Labour for the party’s soul, but the same is certainly true of the Tory party. Owen Paterson’s speech today to Business for Britain… Continue reading

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The fight for the soul of the Labour party

24 November 2014 13:33

Fight! Two senior Labour MPs locked horns yesterday over the Scottish leadership contest. Ivan Lewis and Tom Watson scrapped after the latter wrote a piece endorsing left-leaning Neil Findlay for… Continue reading

(Photo: AFP)

Will mainstream parties get the credit for turning up the volume on immigration?

23 November 2014 18:26

David Cameron is set to give his big immigration speech this coming week, according to the Sunday Times, while James reports that Labour is to turn up the volume on… Continue reading


Will there be more defections to Ukip?

21 November 2014 8:14

Now that Ukip has bagged a seat that the Tories thought they could win, other would-be defectors may well be having a good long think about their chances. The fact… Continue reading

Labour shadow cabinet

Emily Thornberry apologises for Rochester tweet

20 November 2014 19:01

Update: Emily Thornberry has stepped down as the Shadow Attorney General. More to follow… After being given a dressing-down by Ed Miliband, Islington MP Emily Thornberry has apologised for tweeting a… Continue reading

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Mark Reckless already arranging return to Commons as Ukip MP

20 November 2014 18:26

This story first went out in tonight’s Evening Blend email, a free round-up and analysis of the day’s political developments. Sign up here. Mark Reckless seems pretty confident of a win… Continue reading

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Emily Thornberry exposes Labour’s agony in Rochester

20 November 2014 16:49

The Tories expect to lose in Rochester tonight – and blame Labour. Had it not been imploding, they argue, the Ukip vote would not be so big. And why is… Continue reading

London 2012 - UK Landmarks - Oxford

The top students who are too lazy to argue

20 November 2014 12:58

Don’t be a Stepford student — subscribe to The Spectator’s print and digital bundle for just £22 for 22 weeks.  Brendan O’Neill writes this week’s cover piece on his encounters with ‘Stepford… Continue reading


Labour tries to avoid Commons humiliation over the West Lothian question

20 November 2014 12:05

MPs are preparing to debate devolution this afternoon, with a motion from Dominic Raab which includes a call for a review of the Barnett formula and a resolution to the… Continue reading

James Wharton's Private Member's Bill will have its second reading on 5 July. Picture: PA

Poll for Unite says Labour will fail to take its seventh target seat from the Tories

19 November 2014 17:32

Stockton South is seventh on Labour’s target seat list in terms of the swing needed to win yet a Survation poll in the constituency has put the current Tory MP… Continue reading