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Isabel Hardman is assistant editor of The Spectator and edits the Coffee House blog. She also writes a weekly column for The Daily Telegraph.


Housebuilding is up: is that good news?

21 August 2014 18:55

Good news on housing: this government is building more homes. New figures from the Communities and Local Government department show housing starts in the second quarter of 2014 increased by… Continue reading

Labour and Conservative supporters’ placards, held on the occasion of a visit by Gordon Brown to Cardiff during the 2010 election campaign. Image: Getty

Lord Ashcroft’s poll shows a swing to Labour in Tory-held marginal seats

20 August 2014 16:31

One of the most fascinating things about Lord Ashcroft’s latest poll is not its content, but who in the Conservative party will be reading it. Naturally, those trying to hold… Continue reading

Camerons on holiday

Breaking: David Cameron returns to Downing Street after journalist beheaded

20 August 2014 10:08

Downing Street has announced that David Cameron is returning to Westminster from his holiday. A Number 10 spokesperson said: ‘If true, the brutal murder of James Foley is shocking and… Continue reading

Philip Hammond. Image: ANDREW YATES/AFP/Getty Images

My enemy’s enemy: Philip Hammond on Isis and Assad

20 August 2014 9:15

Philip Hammond made quite clear on the Today programme that this government is ‘utterly opposed’ to everything that Isis stands for: it’s difficult to say anything else when militants who… Continue reading

Lord Rennard Image: PA

Lib Dems reinstate Lord Rennard and drop disciplinary process

19 August 2014 21:29

The Lib Dems are not taking any disciplinary action against Lord Rennard and have reinstated his membership, the party said this evening. Lord Rennard had been suspended from the party… Continue reading

Philip Hammond. Image: ANDREW YATES/AFP/Getty Images

Philip Hammond: No plans to engage in airstrikes

18 August 2014 14:52

So Britain’s long-term fight against Isis isn’t, at the moment, going to involve this country doing any fighting. The Prime Minister this morning insisted that there would be no ‘boots… Continue reading


David Cameron: Britain is not going to get involved in another war in Iraq

18 August 2014 9:10

That there are just two weeks now until MPs return from summer recess to discuss Britain’s response to the events in Iraq, Palestine and Syria will give Downing Street some… Continue reading

David Cameron

What are David Cameron’s plans for the fight against Isis?

17 August 2014 15:01

David Cameron warns today that Britain must act against Isis in order to prevent terrorist attacks on this country. But what does he actually intend to do? In his article… Continue reading

Ukrainian President Poroshenko

Ukraine ‘destroys’ Russian military vehicles

15 August 2014 16:59

Ukrainian military have destroyed a ‘significant’ part of a Russian military column that crossed into the country on Thursday night, the country’s president has claimed. A Ukrainian military spokesman told… Continue reading


The Tories should give their members more power

15 August 2014 8:32

Politics is an expensive game. You might get paid three times the average salary once you’re in Parliament, but you can spend so much on your way there that only… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Obama: ‘We broke the ISIL siege of Mount Sinjar’

14 August 2014 19:03

When President Obama finally turned up to his press conference on Iraq and the situation in Missouri, he made quite clear that he does not intend to increase US involvement in the… Continue reading

Political Leader React To Local Election Results

Nigel Farage’s immigration deluge hasn’t arrived. But it doesn’t matter.

13 August 2014 19:22

So Nigel, where’s your flood? You know, the one involving Bulgarians and Romanians that you predicted last year. That deluge? You got it wrong, didn’t you? Ner-ner-di-ner-ner. It must be… Continue reading

Cobra Meets To Discuss the Crisis In Iraq

Westminster plays recall tennis

13 August 2014 16:47

Now that David Cameron has returned from his Portuguese fish-shopping exploits, the game of recall tennis that Westminster has been playing for the past few days has stepped up a… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Jobs figures: good news on unemployment, bad news on wages

13 August 2014 10:30

Today’s labour market figures have enough in them for both sides of the political debate to feel they’ve got something to run with. First, the jobs: the overall unemployment rate… Continue reading


‘These people want a holocaust’: pressure grows on PM for recall over Iraq

12 August 2014 13:12

Downing Street remains resolute that there will not be a recall of Parliament over the situation in Iraq. But Conor Burns, a Tory backbencher who resigned as a ministerial aide… Continue reading


Nicky Morgan’s challenge: stop Gove becoming a useful bogeyman

12 August 2014 8:47

Tristram Hunt announces today that he wants to put a stop to the policy of overhauling A-levels. That means that Labour isn’t going to do something that the Coalition says… Continue reading

Could Britain send Tornado jets to help with the relief operation? (Photo: Getty)

Britain’s military involvement in Iraq is becoming increasingly confusing

11 August 2014 17:18

What is the extent of British involvement in Iraq? Philip Hammond today said it was simply to provide humanitarian assistance, but the suggestion that ministers could send Tornado jets to help… Continue reading

Simmonds resigns

Foreign Office clear out continues: Mark Simmonds stands down as FCO minister

11 August 2014 12:56

Number 10 has today announced that Mark Simmonds, the Conservative MP for Boston and Skegness, is stepping down as a Foreign Office minister – and will not stand as an MP… Continue reading


Opinion polls should be the last thing on MPs’ minds now

11 August 2014 8:54

There was a revealing moment on the Today programme this morning when Lord Dannatt was asked whether he accepted that the response from the British public to any further military… Continue reading

The Prime Minister and Baroness Warsi clashed over the government's counter-extremism strategy while the minister was on a plane. Picture: Getty

Baroness Warsi’s parting shot contains a serious warning for the Tories

10 August 2014 14:45

Baroness Warsi’s interview with the Sunday Times and Independent on Sunday is, unsurprisingly, not just about her discomfort with the government’s policy in the Middle East. The Independent on Sunday… Continue reading


Nigel Farage and South Thanet: a poorly-kept secret

8 August 2014 17:44

That Nigel Farage was planning to stand in South Thanet was one of the worst kept secrets in politics. But Ukip turns out to be the worst secret keeper in… Continue reading


What will Britain do to help the Yazidis? And will MPs get a say?

8 August 2014 14:29

After President Obama announced air strikes against Isis and humanitarian aid drops to the Yazidis, British ministers have been clarifying the extent of their involvement in the response to the… Continue reading


A recall of Parliament now looks even more likely

8 August 2014 10:01

It is becoming increasingly difficult to see how Parliament will make it through the summer recess without being recalled. This morning has brought two good reasons for MPs to return… Continue reading


How the FOBs, FOGs and FOTs could trip themselves up in the Tory leadership fight

7 August 2014 17:12

FOB, FOG or FOT? Which one are you? In this week’s Spectator, Harry Mount examines the machinations of the Friends of Boris as they set their star man up for… Continue reading

A Memorial Is Held On The 20th Anniversary Of The Murder Of Stephen Lawrence

Boris is ‘not expecting to get special treatment’

6 August 2014 13:10

So what now for Boris? He’s got to go through the selection process for a constituency, which he hasn’t yet settled upon, although I’ve outlined some of the options that… Continue reading