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Isabel Hardman is assistant editor of The Spectator and edits the Coffee House blog. She also writes a weekly column for The Daily Telegraph.


Who is in charge of the Education department?

1 February 2015 15:08

The Tories are embarking on an ‘education week’, which means they won’t just be fighting Labour but also the Lib Dems, as the latter like to strike up a fight… Continue reading


Ukip: We won’t do pacts with other parties

30 January 2015 16:15

Who wants to work with who after the General Election? It’s a question that pundits like to chew over, partly because few politicians can afford to rule anything out with… Continue reading

Green Mp Caroline Lucas  in Court Over Fracking Protest

Green MP hides mention of party from campaign literature

29 January 2015 11:08

The Greens may be in the middle of a national ‘surge’, with more than 50,000 members, but in one part of the country, their brand isn’t particularly trendy. In Brighton,… Continue reading

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Makes A Speech In Defence Of His Leadership

Not all the worriers in Labour are from a previous ‘era’

28 January 2015 8:50

The papers are full of Blairite warnings to Ed Miliband and Andy Burnham about the way Labour is campaigning on the NHS at present. Alan Milburn’s World at One interview… Continue reading


Nicky Morgan: British values test isn’t just about Muslim schools

27 January 2015 22:08

Nicky Morgan has launched a rather strident defence of the government’s ‘British values’ agenda this evening, after fears that it is being used to punish schools unfairly. The Education Secretary… Continue reading


Exclusive: Senior Tories protest removal of Theresa May’s advisers from candidates list

27 January 2015 17:50

Senior Tories yesterday protested the removal of Theresa May’s special advisers from the candidates’ list, Coffee House understands. There had been talk of mounting a ‘rescue mission’ to reinstate Nick… Continue reading

Plans for plain packaging of cigarettes have taken a step forward today. Photo: PA.

80 Tories could reject plain packaging

27 January 2015 16:09

While Cabinet members grumble about the way the government’s plain packaging announcement was snuck out last week, those Tories opposed to the measure have been counting up the number of… Continue reading


Labour fails to turn up to work for Treasury questions

27 January 2015 14:10

The Commons is pretty quiet at the moment, draining of energy earlier and earlier in the week as MPs head out to their constituencies. So quiet, in fact, that Labour… Continue reading

(Photo: David Jones/PA/Getty)

David Cameron wriggles further away from the TV debates

27 January 2015 8:59

David Cameron had clearly planned his answers to his Today programme so that a casual listener might think that he really is very keen for the TV debates to take… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 16.36.35

Labour’s weak welfare attack leaves Tories to chant tribal slogans in Commons

26 January 2015 16:55

Today’s Work and Pensions Questions was taken almost exclusively by Esther McVey – to the extent that when Steve Webb finally got the chance to answer a question, he joked… Continue reading

Chancellor George Osborne Delivers His Autumn Statement

Danny Alexander: David Cameron is an ‘enemy of aspiration’

26 January 2015 13:51

As coalition rows go, today’s ‘spat’ over who is most supportive of aspirational voters really is the more boring for a while. David Cameron has been talking about Britain’s ‘tax… Continue reading

Results In The Greek General Election

UK politicians squabble over whose point the Greek elections prove

26 January 2015 8:53

What are the lessons for British politicians from Syriza’s victory in the European elections? They’re certainly very keen to tell voters what lessons we should be drawing. Last night Nigel… Continue reading

(Photo: Justin Tallis/Getty)

How will the Greek elections change the political debate in the UK?

25 January 2015 19:38

If you were looking for clues as to how the result of the Greek elections will affect our politics in the United Kingdom, here’s a handy hint. This is the… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Anti-austerity party Syriza celebrates as exit polls put it ahead in general election

25 January 2015 18:02

Exit polls published in past few minutes suggest that anti-austerity Syriza are on course to win the Greek general election. One put Syriza on 35.5 per cent of the vote,… Continue reading

We have a repeat of this spectacle to look forward to in 2015.

Labour signs up to debates as broadcasters threaten an empty chair

23 January 2015 15:15

So the broadcasters have done what many thought they’d be too afraid to do and have threatened to empty chair David Cameron – or anyone else who refuses to take… Continue reading

British Home Secretary Theresa May leaves 10 Downing Street in London on June 26

Confusing politics encourages leadership intrigues

23 January 2015 9:47

This election is going to be terribly confusing, something the latest TV debate proposals from the broadcasters highlight very nicely indeed. The debates are starting to resemble an episode of… Continue reading

Deputy Leader Of The Labour Party Harriet Harman Meets With Labour's Candidate For The Eastleigh By-election John O'Farrell

Labour rising star: Party cannot afford to sound like ‘the moaning man in the pub’

22 January 2015 20:59

Liz Kendall is a real rising star in the Labour party. Few colleagues have a bad word to say about her, and indeed many have a great deal of good… Continue reading

Picture: Carla Millar

TV debates: Cameron sits comfortably as smaller parties complain

22 January 2015 17:53

If his condition of including the Greens in the TV debates was to be met, David Cameron’s next hope of scuppering them was that the other parties got upset with… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Broadcasters to propose new set of TV election debates

22 January 2015 15:40

The broadcasters have reportedly come up with a new set of proposals for the TV debates in order to force David Cameron to sign up. The Radio Times reports that they… Continue reading

Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps Visits Rochester

Tories run two rickety databases in target seats

22 January 2015 11:37

The Conservatives are running two voter databases, neither of which are fully functioning, in their key constituencies, Coffee House has learned. The party had been trying to get rid of… Continue reading

Plans for plain packaging of cigarettes have taken a step forward today. Photo: PA.

Ministers to introduce plain-packaging for cigarettes

21 January 2015 20:53

The government has finally decided to bring in plain packaging laws for cigarettes. This U-turn is a sort of U-turn because MPs will get a free vote on it, after… Continue reading

Conservative MP Douglas Carswell Defects To UKIP

Could Britain cope with a minority Coalition government?

21 January 2015 17:32

For all the obsessing about whether Nick Clegg would prefer to be in government with the Tories or Labour after the next election, there is very little discussion of what… Continue reading

John Chilcot holds a news conference to outline the terms of reference for the inquiry at the QEII conference centre on July 30, 2009 in London

Chilcot delay will feed suspicions about politics, not just the inquiry

21 January 2015 8:50

Even though publication of the Chilcot report in the weeks before a General Election would have hardly been ideal, it would have been better than it being delayed until after… Continue reading

Gordon Brown Tours East Midlands

Are the Blairites sitting comfortably for Labour’s election campaign?

20 January 2015 18:26

Lord Mandelson likes to think he knows a thing or two about Labour winning elections. So it’s odd that the man so keen on message discipline should start sticking his… Continue reading

Ed Miliband's Speech On The Cost Of Living at Battersea Power Station

Could Labour limit its tuition fee cap to ‘useful’ subjects?

20 January 2015 13:29

One of the really big policy areas that Labour has yet to resolve before the General Election is how it can lower the cap on tuition fees to £6,000. University… Continue reading