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Isabel Hardman is assistant editor of The Spectator and edits the Coffee House blog. She also presents Radio 4’s Week in Westminster.


Tory concern about ‘bedroom tax’ grows

9 June 2015 17:08

David Cameron’s former speech writer Clare Foges isn’t the only Tory worried about the impact of the so-called ‘bedroom tax’. In a column in The Times today, Foges argues that… Continue reading

Boris Johnson Attends A Rally Against The Heathrow Expansion

Zac Goldsmith to run for Mayor of London

9 June 2015 10:48

Finally the Conservatives could have a decent and recognisable candidate for Mayor of London. Zac Goldsmith has told the Standard that he wants to put himself forward for the Tory… Continue reading

G7 Leaders Meet For Summit At Schloss Elmau

Cameron on Europe: the anatomy of a U-turn

9 June 2015 10:05

How did David Cameron get into such a mess on Europe so quickly? For those whose heads are still spinning (and this probably includes the Prime Minister) over what on… Continue reading

Grant Shapps and his Tory colleagues are thrilled that Labour will abstain on the EU referendum bill. Picture: Getty

Wikipedia reprimands editor who accused Grant Shapps of ‘sock puppet’ edits

8 June 2015 21:04

It is probably reasonably cold comfort to him, given he’s already lost his Cabinet job, but Grant Shapps has today seen a Wikipedia administrator who accused him of editing his… Continue reading


Miliband’s policy chief: the party is making the same mistake as it did in 2010

8 June 2015 18:32

Everyone in Labour is having their say about where the party went wrong in the run-up to the election. But what if it’s still making the same mistakes as it… Continue reading

G7 Leaders Meet For Summit At Schloss Elmau

‘Careless talk costs lives’: Cameron angers MPs as he insists he was ‘misinterpreted’ on EU vote

8 June 2015 16:23

It’s not clear who David Cameron is trying to annoy more: his party or the press pack following him at the G7 summit in Bavaria. But what is clear, at… Continue reading

Cutting Through The Spin - Bremner, Blunkett, Fox and Kennedy talk #GE2015 seminar - Advertising Week Europe

Liam Fox interview: Tories have to get a free vote on the EU ‘in the end’

8 June 2015 14:51

Liam Fox started his political life under a majority Conservative government, and finally he’s back under one. He was elected in 1992 after John Major’s surprise election victory, and is enjoying… Continue reading

G7 Leaders Meet For Summit At Schloss Elmau

Number 10 rows back on EU vote threat

8 June 2015 12:52

So after a few hours of outrage in the Tory party, David Cameron’s aides have announced that he didn’t say ministers would have to support his stance during the EU… Continue reading

Prime Minister David Cameron Makes Speech On The UK's Position In Europe

How David Cameron could still avoid a bitter Tory row on Europe without a free vote

8 June 2015 8:07

David Cameron’s indication that his ministers will have to follow the position of the government on the EU referendum or leave the government has caused some consternation in his party. David… Continue reading


Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill is coming back – but it won’t help cancer patients

5 June 2015 19:10

What makes for bad legislation? Sometimes it is a lack of scrutiny from a weak opposition and bored backbenchers. Sometimes it’s an attempt by ministers to make a political point… Continue reading

(Photo: Getty)

Eurosceptics fear the ‘In’ campaign will get off to a head start

5 June 2015 16:05

As David Cameron predicted, we are hearing all sorts of ‘noises’ on whether or not his European renegotiation will succeed or fail. But under the noise, as James explains in… Continue reading

Grayling works on TV licence reform

Why not settle the issue of MPs’ pay on the floor of the House of Commons?

4 June 2015 16:13

Now that the fashionable thing for all MPs to do is to announce that they won’t be ‘taking’ the 10 per cent pay rise planned by IPSA, the government has… Continue reading

22nd October 2014 -- Jeremy Corbyn MP at the DPAC vigil outside the High Court in support of the second court case against the closure of the Independent Living Fund.

Jeremy Corbyn to stand for Labour leadership

3 June 2015 19:41

Jeremy Corbyn is to stand for Labour leader. Those scoffing at the idea of the very rebellious backbencher entering the contest to lead a party he often disagrees with have… Continue reading

A 'sincere' rebel (Photo: Getty)

Tory rebels are already starting to cause trouble

3 June 2015 15:52

David Cameron might have had an enjoyable session teasing Labour at Prime Minister’s Questions, but as soon as he’d finished doing so in his head-to-head with Harriet Harman, he was… Continue reading


Can MPs really refuse a pay rise anyway?

3 June 2015 11:34

If you’re a Labour leadership contender, or keen for other reasons to look in touch with people – or perhaps you really do disagree with MPs getting a 10 per… Continue reading

This picture does not show a 'pay debate' in the Commons. 'Voting takes place in the House of Commons during the Second Reading of the Higher Education Bill on 27 January 2004 which introduces controversial university tuition fees'.  Picture: PA

No, MPs are not ‘giving themselves a pay rise’

2 June 2015 14:43

So MPs are now set for a 10 per cent pay rise, taking their basic salaries to £74,000. Cue fury about MPs shoving their snouts in the trough as they… Continue reading


Labour leadership contenders make their case at health questions

2 June 2015 13:15

The odd thing about the Labour leadership contest is that while it runs, two of the most different candidates, Liz Kendall and Andy Burnham, must work together in the Shadow… Continue reading

The Prime Minister Joins The Irish Taoiseach At Stormont For Cross Party Talks

David Cameron is putting himself in the firing line on immigration

2 June 2015 11:32

One of the important but unglamorous adjustments that the Conservatives have had to make in majority government is the structure of government itself. It’s the sort of thing that was… Continue reading

Charles Kennedy Campaigns For The Lib Dems in Bearsden

Former Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy dies aged 55

2 June 2015 6:26

Charles Kennedy, former leader of the Liberal Democrats, has died at his home in Fort William aged 55. His family released this statement this morning: ‘It is with great sadness,… Continue reading

Britain's Opposition Labour Party's Shad

Team Yvette: We are setting the agenda in the leadership contest

1 June 2015 17:00

Now that the three main candidates in the Labour leadership contest have established themselves, they are vying to be the ones who set the agenda and the terms of debate.… Continue reading

SNP MP's Pose In Front Of Parliament Following Election Success

The SNP packs the House of Commons Chamber to send a powerful message

1 June 2015 15:18

As the new SNP MPs settle in to their new life in the House of Commons, a picture is doing the rounds on social media showing a Commons Chamber that… Continue reading

The European Court of Human Rights (Photo: Getty)

Human rights reform: will the Tories end up with the same bill but under a new name?

1 June 2015 14:13

Number 10 has not given an official denial that David Cameron has ruled out pulling out of the European Convention on human rights, with the Prime Minister’s official spokeswoman today… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Legal high ban could cause row with gay voters

29 May 2015 19:39

The Home Office has today published a bill banning a number of ‘legal highs’ such as laughing gas, poppers, and so on. There is a big debate about whether this… Continue reading

Eurofighter Typhoon Launched To Replace Tornado F3s

Why the Tories will probably get away with defence cuts

29 May 2015 17:21

On election night, between the exit poll suggesting the Conservatives would be back in a coalition government and the slow realisation that they were heading for a majority, Defence Secretary… Continue reading


David Cameron’s contradictory EU stance

29 May 2015 15:43

Of all the talks he will have with European leaders about his plans to renegotiate Britain’s relationship with Europe, David Cameron was always likely to enjoy his meeting with Angela… Continue reading