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The Yes camp is gaining ground in the Scottish independence referendum

17 August 2014 10:21

The Yes camp is closing the gap. That is the clear message from two new opinion polls published this morning. Both polls – ICM for Scotland on Sunday and Panelbase… Continue reading

Television Debate Between Alex Salmond And Alistair Darling

Alex Salmond fails to land the blow he desperately needed

5 August 2014 22:58

Many people, I’m sure, will already be calling the first TV debate in Alistair Darling’s favour. That is a fair point to make but it was not quite as straightforward… Continue reading

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The SNP might not realise it, but in sport, there’s a difference between patriotism and nationalism

23 July 2014 8:30

The BBC should probably think about issuing a public warning before it starts broadcasting the Commonwealth Games from Glasgow tonight. Something along the lines of ‘viewers of a nervous disposition… Continue reading

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Today’s poll shows Alex Salmond running out of time

13 July 2014 11:07

There really isn’t much time left. From today, there are just nine and a half weeks until we go to the polls in the independence referendum. Also today, we have… Continue reading

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New report puts price on freedom – but we are still none the wiser

22 June 2014 21:08

You can’t put a price on freedom. Well now, it seems, you can: or rather, one senior academic has done so and his verdict? Scottish independence will cost £200 million. On… Continue reading

First Minister Alex Salmond Presents The Case Scotland's Economic Future

If a men-only referendum was held, Salmond would win comfortably

15 June 2014 14:10

Another day another poll or, rather, another day and we have another two polls on independence. Scotland on Sunday today published an ICM poll which found support for Yes on… Continue reading

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Salmond, cybernats and a row that could be one of the key moments of the independence referendum campaign

11 June 2014 16:00

All through this referendum campaign, there have been two battles: one has been in the open. This has generally been courteous and respectful. But the other battle has been hidden… Continue reading

A warm welcome for Nigel Farage on a campaign visit to Edinburgh. Image: PA

How a Ukip victory could hasten the break-up of the UK

19 May 2014 11:48

In a sense it could be the political version of the law of unintended consequences. There is Nigel Farage insisting that he is a British unionist, that he opposes Scottish nationalism… Continue reading

The Sunday Herald becomes the first Scottish newspaper to say Yes to independence.

The Sunday Herald says ‘yes’ to Scottish independence. Which newspaper will be next?

4 May 2014 11:44

If you are going to declare a clear political affiliation, you might as well do it big. In cricketing terms, if you are going to slash at the ball, slash… Continue reading

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A new poll shows Scotland on the brink of independence. Time for the ‘no’ side to panic

20 April 2014 11:05

Politicians always manage to take some crumbs of comfort from opinion polls but, if you are Alistair Darling, it would be difficult to find anything positive in the dramatic new poll published by… Continue reading

SNP Leader Alex Salmond Delivers His Keynote Speech At The SNP Conference

Alex Salmond’s message to Labour supporters: vote ‘yes’ to escape the Tories

12 April 2014 17:28

When is a conference not a conference? When it’s a rally. Sitting in the hall listening to Alex Salmond this afternoon, it was hard to ignore the feeling that this… Continue reading

Scottish Labour Party Leader Johann Lamo

Enough complacency. Enough bitching. The No camp needs to fight to save the Union

1 April 2014 10:14

Look up complacency in the dictionary and the chances are you will find a picture of a Scottish unionist next to it. For months – no, make that years – politicians… Continue reading

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Alistair Darling needs football fans—not financiers—to save the union

26 March 2014 12:08

Has the No camp got it wrong? This may seem an odd question to ask when the unionists are still leading in the referendum race but there is no doubt that… Continue reading

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Ed Miliband pushed left-wing Scots’ buttons today – but he needed to do more

21 March 2014 16:29

English Labour leaders tend to find Scottish party conferences difficult. The Scots tend to be more old-fashioned, unreconstructed and left-wing than their English colleagues which can make it difficult for English… Continue reading

Johann Lamont - a match for Red Ed (Photo: Getty)

Johann Lamont shows Labour’s true colours – red in tooth and claw

18 March 2014 16:45

Just occasionally in politics, the mask slips and political parties reveal what they really are – rather than what they would like us to believe they are. Today in Edinburgh… Continue reading

David Cameron addressing the Scottish Conservative Party. Image: Getty

Did David Cameron just promise Scots devo max?

14 March 2014 16:45

Scotland will get more powers – including control over taxes – if Scots vote No in September. That was the message David Cameron took to the Scottish Conservative Party at its… Continue reading

Ming Campbell. Image: Getty

Ming Campbell knows how to kill off the Scottish nationalists. Shame no-one’s listening to him.

10 March 2014 14:13

The independence campaign could be over now. The Yes campaign could be all but destroyed with six months to go before the vote. The unionists have it within their power to… Continue reading

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How Osborne’s tactics drew Standard Life into the independence debate

28 February 2014 14:48

In politics, as in comedy, timing is everything. It is worth bearing this in mind when considering George Osborne’s ‘you can’t keep the pound’ speech and what has happened since. There… Continue reading

‘Scotland – stay with us’. Image: Getty

David Bowie, George Osborne and the PCS union have given Scottish nationalists momentum

21 February 2014 11:27

Ask any election strategist and they’ll tell you that momentum is everything. For the past 18 months, the No campaign has had all the momentum in the referendum debate. The Yes… Continue reading

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Now Scots know: an independent Scotland won’t be Salmond’s ‘same-but-slightly-different’ vision

16 February 2014 16:50

Personally, I’m now waiting for the Queen to get involved. After all, there’s not much left of Alex Salmond’s independence-but-not-independence blueprint that is left intact. First it was his ‘we’re going… Continue reading

George Osborne is being serious when he says Scotland won't keep the pound (Photo: Shaun Curry/AFP/Getty

Osborne is serious. An independent Scotland won’t be keeping the pound

13 February 2014 16:39

Could it be Bodie and Doyle? Perhaps Starsky and Hutch? Morse and Lewis? Whoever provided the inspiration, someone in Downing Street has clearly been watching too many old TV cop shows… Continue reading

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Cameron’s unionism speech was laudable in substance, but it made him look afraid of Alex Salmond

7 February 2014 14:53

I got a text from a mischievous friend in London this morning. ‘David Cameron has asked me to ask you not to leave the UK. We would miss you all… Continue reading

Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond (

Poll shows Yes camp are within striking distance of victory

27 January 2014 20:00

‘It has given us a good, old-fashioned kick up the backside,’ said one member of the ‘No’ camp yesterday. He was being charitable. It could end up being an awful… Continue reading

Do you want this man on your side?

Putin’s strange intervention over Scottish independence

20 January 2014 14:48

Is it useful to have Vladimir Putin on your side or not? One would have hoped anybody in the UK Government would have considered this question before, apparently, asking for the Russian… Continue reading


Europe will affect the Scots referendum, but not in the way everyone expects

17 January 2014 17:59

With William Hague in Glasgow this morning, the Scottish independence debate has swung round to Europe once again. Europe is indeed going to be important as we head towards the… Continue reading