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Britain's Prince William and his wife Ka

The Succession to the Crown Bill is a constitutional can of worms

22 January 2013 9:29

Today, the Succession to the Crown Bill will receive its second reading in the House of Commons. If one had to think of one person who would welcome this plan… Continue reading


An election before 2015 could soon be illegal

7 May 2011 15:02

Amazingly, the forces of conservatism derided by Tony Blair, are in the ascendant, their enemies scattering and in retreat. Bin Laden is dead, the oil price tumbling, the Royal Wedding… Continue reading


The true scale of the cuts

15 October 2010 12:19

George Osborne likes to spend his weekends at Dorneywood, the chancellor’s official residence near Slough, but I doubt this one will be  particularly enjoyable. He will be burning the midnight… Continue reading