Freddy Gray

Freddy Gray is deputy editor of The Spectator. He was formerly literary editor of The American Conservative.


Farewell then, Ted Cruz

4 May 2016 8:23

Farewell then Ted Cruz, who has now accepted the inevitable and suspended his candidacy for the Republican Party Nomination. Cruz…


Very funny Barack, but can our politicians start taking themselves a bit more seriously?

3 May 2016 14:12

Tell me something. When you watch the above video of Justin Trudeau, does it warm your heart? Do you think…

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 26: Surrounded by his supporters, Republic

The Cruz-Kasich alliance has failed to stop Donald Trump

27 April 2016 9:57

Another Tuesday, another triumph for Donald Trump. The Republican frontrunner had a clean sweep at last night’s primaries, winning easily…


Donald Trump defies the pollsters again by winning big in New York

20 April 2016 7:51

Ted Cruz once suggested – it feels like years ago but was only January – that Republican voters would not…

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Albany, NY

Dear Guardian, stop patronising America

14 April 2016 13:41

Oh dear. I’ve always admired Jonathan Freedland, and he usually writes so well about America. But his latest contribution to…


Goodbye, Marco Rubio. You were the wrong candidate at the wrong time

16 March 2016 9:33

Marco Rubio last night finally suspended his campaign. At the risk of sounding smug, I could have told you years…

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The anti-Donald Trump mob is Making America Scary

12 March 2016 9:29

Last night in Chicago, a mob of progressives shut down a Donald Trump rally. The protestors — described as mostly young…


The Republican Party’s attempts to stop Donald Trump look increasingly pathetic 

9 March 2016 9:31

The Trump train will not be stopped. Last night, Donald Trump won in Michigan and Mississippi, again proving the breath…


What Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday triumph says about America

2 March 2016 13:38

It was, in the end, the best possible night for Donald Trump. On Super Tuesday, 12 American states voted for…

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Chris Christie just endorsed Donald Trump. Now this election looks like The Sopranos

26 February 2016 18:28

Badda Bing. Chris Christie has just endorsed Donald Trump for president, and suddenly Republican politics looks like a particularly nasty…


Finally, Marco Rubio attacks Donald Trump. But is it too little, too late? 

26 February 2016 10:08

Ah, Marco Rubio sold the media a dummy yesterday. Ahead of the CNN debate last night, his press team briefed…

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Is Marco Rubio still refusing to attack Donald Trump? Is he scared?

25 February 2016 18:10

Tonight’s Republican CNN debate should be, to use the Donald Trump word, yuuge. I don’t mean to sound like a boxing…

GOP Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio Holds SC Primary Night Gathering

Can Marco Rubio now catch Donald Trump? It’s a big ask

21 February 2016 1:23

It was obvious that Donald Trump would win the South Carolina Republican Primary tonight. Polls are never that far off.…

Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting In New York

After Nevada, it’s hard to see how Hillary Clinton loses

21 February 2016 0:00

Bernie Sanders’s quixotic tilt at the White House needed an upset in the Nevada Caucuses tonight. But Hillary Clinton won.…


The Pope vs The Donald. Who will win?

17 February 2016 14:02

It’s pretty extraordinary that a leading contender for the American presidency has just effectively threatened the Pope with terrorism. But then,…


The Jeb Bush family nostalgia tour isn’t working

16 February 2016 11:27

Remember when Tony Blair begged Labour supporters not to go for Jeremy Corbyn? Remember how well that turned out? Yesterday…


Did Donald Trump go too far against Jeb Bush last night? Probably not

14 February 2016 10:46

If Jeb Bush is to have any chance of winning the Republican nomination in 2016, he needs a ‘media moment’.…

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The strange tale of Evgeny Lebedev and the Independent

12 February 2016 13:20

What sad news that the Independent is closing. In September last year, I did an investigation into the strange, celebrity-orientated world…

Retro, but cool (Photo: Getty)

The irony of Bernie Sanders: why American kids love the 74-year-old socialist

10 February 2016 11:37

Manchester, New Hampshire ‘Anybody here got any student debt?’ asks Bernie Sanders halfway through his speech at a rally in…


Populism rules: Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump triumph in New Hampshire

10 February 2016 3:41

Manchester, New Hampshire Populism won tonight in New Hampshire. Rage against the elite won tonight in New Hampshire. Class warfare…

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US election 2016: New Hampshire primary – as it happened

9 February 2016 23:55

New Hampshire The Spectator’s deputy editor Freddy Gray is currently in New Hampshire. Here’s his report from the evening as the…

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Oh dear. Marco Rubio had a shocker in Saturday’s debate

7 February 2016 6:03

Poor Marco Rubio. At the vital moment, he seems to fluff his lines. In the final months of 2015, America’s lumpencommentariat kept predicting ‘Marco’s…

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Why is Jeb Bush still running?

5 February 2016 16:46

Washington, DC The Bush family hates to lose. Yet Jeb Bush — child of one president; brother of another —…

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Sorry establishment Republicans, The Donald isn’t dead yet

3 February 2016 15:19

If Donald Trump had won in Iowa on Monday night, everybody would still be saying what a brilliant candidate he…

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With Hillary Clinton’s hopes in the balance, will Joe Biden now enter the race?

2 February 2016 11:44

What now for Hillary Clinton? The rumour in Washington last week was that, given her weak position in New Hampshire and…