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Freddy Gray is managing editor of The Spectator. He was formerly literary editor of The American Conservative.


To avoid revenge porn, don’t let someone film you having sex

7 April 2014 15:02

How do you solve a problem like revenge porn? It’s a strange new social evil. More and more men are getting back at women who dump them by posting sex… Continue reading


Anthony Hopkins and a musical luvvie-fest

4 April 2014 17:48

Has anything ever been more luvvie than this?

The digital-age male is a sad thing. Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Cocks-in-socks: charity has become exhibitionism

26 March 2014 9:21

The digital-age male is a pathetic creature. Shorn of all his old manly attributes, he has to puff himself up. He does this, as Clive Martin on Vice magazine pointed… Continue reading


Stella Creasy, social media, and politicians with ‘hinterlands’

21 March 2014 12:48

Politicians like to insinuate that they have a ‘cultural hinterland’ — a range of interesting interests beyond Westminster. Take Stella Creasy, the MP for Walthamstow, who describes herself as an… Continue reading

Betting machines

Budget 2014: the new FOBTs tax is a cop out

19 March 2014 14:31

Cheers today from the Tory ranks for the Chancellor’s decision to raise taxes on Fixed Odds Betting Terminals to 25 per cent. Nobody in the political and media elite likes… Continue reading

Pope Francis: one year in. Photo: Getty Images

Pope Francis’s revolution is just beginning – and the media will find it boring

13 March 2014 15:27

Yesterday I took part in an interesting discussion at The Catholic Herald’s offices on the subject of Pope Francis’s first year. The question was, as it seemed to be for… Continue reading


Isn’t Obama’s Two Ferns interview just a bit crap?

12 March 2014 8:28

Have you seen Barack Obama’s appearance on the satirical interview show Between Two Ferns? What did you think? According to some pundits, it is amazingly funny. Obama is the ‘best… Continue reading


Was Liz Wahl’s on-air Russia Today resignation brave or self-serving?

6 March 2014 10:10

It’s hard not be cynical about these TV presenters on Russia Today making such bold on-air declarations against their network. The eye-catching Liz Wahl sensationally quit RT yesterday saying she would… Continue reading

What we are seeing here is the return of geography

Ten handy phrases for bluffing your way through the Ukraine crisis

4 March 2014 10:00

We’re all journalists now, apparently, so when a major foreign policy crisis comes along it is important to be prepared. Everyone must learn the art of winging it as the… Continue reading

Katy Perry at the Brit Awards 2014. Photo: Yui Mok/Press Association Images

Let’s call a ban on Katy Perry. Why I’m siding with the mad mullahs.

27 February 2014 18:02

Call me a fruitcake, but I am all for Islamic censorship when it comes to Katy Perry. In the last few days, there’s been a terrible fuss about Perry’s latest… Continue reading

Betting machines

Who would benefit from a ban on FOBTs?

22 February 2014 12:16

I wrote a piece about the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals uproar in the magazine this week, and it has prompted some angry responses by email and over social media. I’m told that I didn’t… Continue reading


The Olympian smugness of the anti-Sochi gay protests

7 February 2014 18:32

Now look, as Tony Blair would say, homophobia is bad. Very bad. But does that mean we have to turn the Sochi Winter Olympics into a sort of global gay… Continue reading


Sorry Laurie Penny, but the patriarchy likes short hair

28 January 2014 15:34

Boy oh boy do I feel sorry for Laurie Penny. I hope that’s not a sexist thing to say. There she is, doing what she does, churning out perfectly harmless po-mo guff… Continue reading


The François Hollande farce is a tragedy for France

3 January 2014 13:24

François Hollande seems like the European Left’s answer to George W. Bush, a disaster-prone buffoon who somehow makes it to the top and then wrecks his country. The comparison doesn’t… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Why Time’s Person of the Year should be Pope … Benedict

11 December 2013 11:24

It seems that everyone agrees Pope Francis should be Time’s ‘Person of the Year 2013′. Better him than Miley Cyrus, at any rate, or Bashar al-Assad, and Francis deserves it,… Continue reading

'A global city surrounded by a rust belt'. Britain's future with HS2 - or without it? Image: Getty

HS2 won’t solve the North’s economic problems – it might make them worse

30 October 2013 11:00

As Isabel says, the HS2 brigade are on a roll. Not only are Labour now under serious pressure over the party’s support or otherwise for the project, each day brings… Continue reading

Is HS2 really a white elephant? Image: Getty

Can you trust a government report on the alternatives to HS2?

28 October 2013 10:34

As Britain’s train lines suffer in the wake of St Jude, the political storm over high speed rail continues to rage. The government and Labour are playing footsie with each… Continue reading

Negotiations Continue On Capitol Hill One Day Before Debt Limit Deadline

Debt emergency over – now for the Republican Party’s existential crisis

16 October 2013 20:22

Phew! America has stopped banging its head against the debt ceiling. For now. The world’s pre-eminent power can carry on ruining itself for a while longer — until the next… Continue reading

(Image: Getty)

How is Obama escaping blame for the government shutdown?

1 October 2013 13:06

Barack Obama may not be a great president, but he is a wizard at the blame game. He has fought ‘fiscal brinkmanship’ battles throughout his presidency, and he tends to… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Hillary Clinton, the Unstoppable Power Machine

30 September 2013 18:35

Hillary Clinton is overwhelming favourite to be America’s next President  - and this time nobody, especially not no pesky filmmaker, will get in her way. Charles Ferguson, who was working… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 15.49.49

Tomahawks you can believe in: the video mocking Barack Obama’s “progressive” war

14 September 2013 15:51

Hats off to the Second City Network for the brilliant video above. The funny thing about the great Syria intervention saga has been the number of astoundingly smug and normally… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Don’t be daft – last night’s vote was nothing to be ashamed of

30 August 2013 10:07

Are you ashamed of your country and depressed following last night’s vote against intervening in Syria?  David Aaronovitch  the journalist is. I do not give a fuck what this means for… Continue reading

Should we intervene in Syria without knowing what is going to happen? Photo: SALAH AL-ASHKAR/AFP/Getty Images

Should we really bomb Syria ‘for show’?

28 August 2013 9:52

‘Syria won’t go away if we just shut our eyes,’ says the newly ennobled Daniel Finklestein, in today’s Times (£). What he proposes instead is that we support the Prime… Continue reading

Stephen Fry has used Nick Cohen's column as an excuse for an argument on religion. Photo: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Stephen Fry: the high-priest of juvenile atheism

22 August 2013 20:32

Well, well, well. Nick Cohen’s excellent column in this week’s mag  has caused a stir today. Sadly, though, Nick’s astute argument became another excuse for a boring slanging match between… Continue reading

Mark Carney 'chillaxes' at the Wilderness Festival this weekend.

The creepy cult of Mark Carney

13 August 2013 12:10

Of all the qualities one hopes for in a Bank of England Governor – a brilliant mind, the courage to tell politicians they are wrong, supernatural foresight – coolness is… Continue reading