Fraser Nelson

Fraser Nelson is the editor of The Spectator. He is also a columnist with The Daily Telegraph, a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Social Justice and the Centre for Policy Studies.

George Osborne meeting New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key at Downing Street. Image: Getty

George Osborne as Foreign Secretary? A bad idea

26 June 2016 23:28

We haven’t heard much from George Osborne since the referendum, but that will change tomorrow morning. He’s due to make…

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Brexit won’t hand victory to the SNP. A unionists’ breakdown just might.

26 June 2016 14:09

Over the last few years, Scots have had to get used to Nicola Sturgeon telling them what they think. When…


Did referendum rage get the better of David Cameron?

25 June 2016 11:33

I suspect a lot of people who voted out have mixed emotions this weekend, especially given how emotional the debate…

Bookmakers odds: chance of Brexit plunges to all-time low of 15 per cent

23 June 2016 12:03

As Britain goes to the polls to vote on the EU Referendum, the odds on Brexit are plummeting – to…

The Prime Minister And Chancellor Join Forces For The Remain Campaign

A response to David Smith’s economic case for Remain

19 June 2016 13:09

When it comes to making economics understandable, no one does it better that David Smith of the Sunday Times*. Today,…

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Brexit still barely half as likely as Remain, say bookmakers

18 June 2016 7:16

The campaigning has been halted, as the country mourns the death of Jo Cox, but the financial markets have continued and indicate…


George Osborne threatens to punish voters with tax rises if they defy him on Brexit

14 June 2016 23:50

The polls are tight, so George Osborne has a cunning plan. He’ll present a “Brexit budget” where he will spell…

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David Cameron’s Brexit threat to pensioners is a new low

12 June 2016 16:05

Campaigns only last for a few weeks, but politicians can be defined by what they say during those campaigns. Ed Miliband…

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Nigel Farage has just been rumbled on immigration

10 June 2016 21:49

The Leave campaign has been talking a lot about immigration, but just what kind of effect would Brexit have? How many…

The Spectator podcast: David Cameron’s purge of the posh

4 June 2016 10:20

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The Spectator podcast: David Cameron’s purge of the posh

2 June 2016 7:58

To subscribe to The Spectator’s weekly podcast, for free, visit the iTunes store or click here for our RSS feed.…


Brexit odds – live updates on percentage chance of UK leaving the EU

26 May 2016 7:56

With opinion polls showing dazzling range – from Leave being 4 points ahead to Remain 13 points ahead – it’s…

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Might ITV save Britain from further Eurovision humiliation?

15 May 2016 13:57

About 200 million people tuned in to the Eurovision Song Contest last night, and will have seen Britain finish third-last.…

Mass immigration 
hasn't caused M&S to run out of things to sell (Photo: Getty)

Immigration: a (belated) response to Andrew Neather

13 May 2016 13:57

A while ago, I promised to write about my response to allegations by Andrew Neather that the government had covered…

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Watch: George Osborne grilled about his great deception over Brexit

11 May 2016 18:02

The Chancellor gave evidence to the Treasury select committee today, and he was challenged about The Spectator’s analysis of his systematic…

Image: STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images

Introducing Coffee House shots, a new Spectator podcast

9 May 2016 18:47

The Spectator’s weekly podcast, presented by Isabel Hardman, has been going for a couple of years now and is established…

Sir John Sawers. Photo by Hiroko Masuike/Getty Images

Do our spies really depend on the EU?

8 May 2016 14:49

Sir John Sawers, an ex-MI6 chief, insisted to Andrew Marr earlier that No10 did not put him up writing today’s…

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OECD says Brexit would cut immigration by 84,000 a year

27 April 2016 17:04

We should assume that today’s OECD report on Brexit was intended to frighten Britain into voting to remain in the EU.…


Will Barack Obama’s ‘back of the queue’ threat backfire?

22 April 2016 20:46

Barack Obama’s decision to visit Britain during an election campaign was controversial enough. His writing an article against Brexit in the…


The ejection of Romania from Eurovision is shameful

22 April 2016 17:08

On Eurovision night, the best and most heartfelt performances always come from the countries imprisoned behind an Iron Curtain not…

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Swedes tell Britain: if you leave the EU, we’ll follow

21 April 2016 10:44

If Britain were to leave the European Union, would it survive? Britain is one of the least enthusiastic members of the EU,…

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The deceptions behind George Osborne’s Brexit report

18 April 2016 14:02

Sometimes, George Osborne’s dishonesty is simply breathtaking. Let’s set aside the way he has positioned himself over the years (if he…

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The truth about black teenagers, prison and university

15 April 2016 15:55

A few months ago, David Cameron made an incendiary claim that splashed the Sunday Times and set the news agenda for…


Culture Secretary John Whittingdale admits relationship with dominatrix

12 April 2016 23:46

If is missing an advertising strap line, how about saying “Where lonely cabinet members can meet lonely dominatrices?”. According…

Here's the 'evil Cameron' picture that we've seen so much of since he started to lead the press on this late Easter Egg hunt through his family finances.

David Cameron’s tax returns tell us nothing. So why did he publish them?

10 April 2016 6:44

It’s just as well that David Cameron abandoned his career in public relations because he seems to be comically (or,…