Fraser Nelson

Fraser Nelson is the editor of The Spectator. He is also a columnist with The Daily Telegraph, a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Social Justice and the Centre for Policy Studies.


In defence of Niall Ferguson

7 December 2016 12:45

Niall Ferguson’s belated decision to back Brexit has aroused a lot of mockery today. Unkind souls are presenting him as…

Beppe Grillo says he’s ready to govern after Renzi resigns

5 December 2016 8:06

It started with a blog, and it could end up with a new Prime Minister. Beppe Grillo’s 5-Star movement, which…


We need a Zac’s law: MPs who trigger a by-election should not be allowed to stand again

2 December 2016 6:54

Even I can’t say I’m upset that Zac Goldsmith has lost his seat. For the last few days, now, my…


Why wait for Merkel? Theresa May should guarantee the status of EU nationals now

29 November 2016 20:47

The news that Theresa May offered to do a deal on expats – only to be rebuffed by Angela Merkel…


The pound has fallen 13pc. Might the IMF have been right to say it was 13pc overvalued?

27 November 2016 11:21

When the pound plunged a few weeks ago, Andrew Marr opened his Sunday show by saying that this might be…


How worried is Philip Hammond about Theresa May’s JAMs?

24 November 2016 10:45

‘Theresa May and I have made it clear that we are very committed to returning the public finances to balance,’…


Brexit to cut immigration by 80,000 a year – and other OBR observations

23 November 2016 16:41

Once, journalists trawled the Red Book (ie, the Budget statement) for stories. Now, the Office for Budget Responsibilities does this…


Thatcherism for France: Sarkozy bows out as François Fillon surges in presidency race

21 November 2016 8:34

So farewell, then, Nicolas Sarkozy. After winning just 21pc of the votes in the primary to decide the conservative candidate…

This is the era of Donald Trump – and of Theresa May

18 November 2016 9:36

Bob Dylan called it pretty much right. When he sang ‘your old road is rapidly ageing’ he was calling time on…


Why do the polls make anyone confident that Donald Trump will lose?

8 November 2016 17:12

Today’s reports about the confident noises coming from Hillary Clinton’s camp made me think about the reports I picked up…


Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year 2016: the speeches

2 November 2016 22:46

The Spectator’s Parliamentarian of the Year awards, sponsored by Benenden, has already made the headlines. What started out in 1983 as a…

House Prices Widen The North-South Divide

Rent increases are a problem in London – but not, really, for the rest of Britain

28 October 2016 12:18

When I made my Dispatches documentary about generational inequality for Channel 4, I was struck by how many of the…

GDP data shows strong growth in UK economy after Brexit vote. Who’d have thunk it?

27 October 2016 10:43

After the Brexit vote, the Financial Times summed up the general mood in the City by running a weekly doomometer,…

If Zac Goldsmith is standing again, what is the point of his resignation?

25 October 2016 15:02

Quite a few MPs are driven by a strange need for validation, but Zac Goldsmith might be the first politician…

Sturgeon’s secessionist fantasy has been rejected by Europe. So why does she ask Theresa May?

24 October 2016 9:27

‘Downing Street says the PM is set to rebuff calls for a flexible Brexit, which would allow parts of the…


Boris Johnson’s ‘secret’ article is not the smoking gun his critics had hoped for

16 October 2016 8:10

As part of its preview of Tim Shipman’s keenly-anticipated Brexit book, the Sunday Times today reveals draft article written by Boris…

A member of the public arrives to cast her vote in the EU referendum at Royal Hospital Chelsea. Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

How the triple lock pension pledge went out of control

10 October 2016 22:18

In my Dispatches documentary on the generation wars, which has just aired on Channel 4, I interviewed Iain Duncan Smith…


The truth about young people’s pay? It’s up, significantly, over a generation

10 October 2016 14:38

Right at the start of filming for Dispatches on the generation wealth gap (8pm on Ch4 tonight), we were working…


The generational wealth gap: my Ch4 documentary

9 October 2016 17:13

I’ve spent the last few weeks making a documentary for Channel 4’s Dispatches on what I regard as one the…

Ruth Davidson and her partner Jen Wilson (Photo: Getty)

Ruth Davidson: why I talk about being gay

4 October 2016 16:51

The three most magnetic politicians at this year’s Tory party conference are the Prime Minister, the Foreign Secretary and the…


Anti-Tory protest march in Birmingham ends up denouncing Blairites

2 October 2016 18:48

Who could deny that the quality of the political protest march has improved since Jeremy Corbyn become leader? I went along to…


Theresa May’s ‘Great Repeal Bill’ is about continuity, not change

2 October 2016 0:21

Six years ago, Matthew Parris suggested in The Spectator that David Cameron’s first act of parliament should be the Blanket…


Parliamentarians vs Corbynistas – two tribes at war in the Labour Party conference

27 September 2016 12:35

Quite extraordinary scenes here at the Labour Party conference. I’m typing this in the main conference hall and have just…

Bust-up over influence of Scottish Labour

25 September 2016 9:47

Now that Jeremy Corbyn has won, the fight moves to the jungle of Labour Party rules, regulations and procedures. Whoever…

This Spectator cover, by Morten Morland, is doubling as the cover for Tim Shipman's book All Out War

David Cameron can’t blame Theresa May for his awful deal with the EU

25 September 2016 7:14

Tim Shipman’s book about the EU referendum campaign, All Out War, is serialised today in the Sunday Times. The newspaper…