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Fraser Nelson is the editor of The Spectator. He is also a columnist with The Daily Telegraph, a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Social Justice and the Centre for Policy Studies.

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Lucy Powell confirms: debt-addicted Labour has no plan to balance the books

29 March 2015 14:02

‘You aren’t listening to what I’m saying,’ said a rather rattled Lucy Powell, Labour’s election chief, whom the party put up for BBC Sunday Politics today. I suspect that, by now, she’ll… Continue reading


YouGov/Sunday Times poll puts Labour 4 points ahead. Be afraid.

28 March 2015 22:15

Just two weeks ago, senior Conservatives were saying that ‘crossover’ had been reached: that the Tories were ahead in the polls and that the lead would slowly build. Last week, the lead… Continue reading

" it would look less like partnership and more like a Stephen King novel with Miliband tied to his parliamentary bed by the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act"

Exclusive: Alex Salmond says SNP will back Labour unconditionally

25 March 2015 13:40

“Would you like a glass of pink champagne?” asks Alex Salmond at 3.30pm, sounding very much like a man settling down for the afternoon. It’s Monday and Scotland’s former First… Continue reading

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What cost of living crisis? CPI inflation falls to zero for first time on record

24 March 2015 9:41

So much for Ed Miliband’s ‘cost of living crisis’. UK inflation, as measured by the CPI index, has just fallen to zero (pdf). Even this figure masks better news: food prices are… Continue reading

David Cameron and Boris Johnson. Photo: Getty Images.

David Cameron: this will be my last election. Theresa, George or Boris may succeed me

23 March 2015 18:29

With just days to go until the general election campaign, David Cameron has declared that this is last time he’s leading his party into battle. It’s not clear why he felt the… Continue reading


Internships at The Spectator for summer 2015

21 March 2015 15:42

Summer’s coming, and we’re looking for interns at The Spectator. We’re looking for digitally-savvy lovers of good writing with fresh ideas to spend a week or two with us at 22… Continue reading

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Budget 2015, explained in ten graphs

18 March 2015 15:42

As ever, the story of the Budget was hidden in the small print. There are no hidden tax rises, but the story isn’t really in the tax. It’s about the cuts… Continue reading

Graphic: Carla Millar

Budget bloopers – five graphs that George Osborne won’t be sharing on Wednesday

15 March 2015 16:16

George Osborne is the most political of Chancellors, and his Budget today will doubtless read like a party political broadcast. The economic momentum is on his side: soaring employment, plunging inflation, fuel… Continue reading

Sanna, the #MelFest host

Eurovision in sign language

15 March 2015 9:18

I was at the hall of Swedish Church in Marylebone last night to watch the final of Melody Festival – the bar was selling dill crisps, pear cider and plenty… Continue reading

Danny Alexander (Photo: Getty)

The Lib Dems are getting desperate (but it didn’t have to be this way)

13 March 2015 10:13

I do feel sorry for Danny Alexander. He’ll have been worked off his feet for the Budget due next week but his party then dispatches him to butter up a… Continue reading


If Alex Salmond thinks posh boys are cowards, he should visit Eton’s war memorial

12 March 2015 9:57

 Alex Salmond’s brand of populist nationalism involves portraying the Tories as the party of the class enemy. But his latest attack on David Cameron and the TV debates has crossed… Continue reading

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A deserving winner – and undeserving losers – from last night’s UK Press Awards

11 March 2015 18:02

Last night’s UK Press Awards stood out for deserving winners – and some undeserving losers. Andrew Norfolk of The Times won two gongs for his extraordinary investigation into child abuse… Continue reading


With proper support, state-educated kids beat the privately-educated. Here’s the proof

8 March 2015 9:45

The Sunday Times today reports proof of what many have long suspected: that if you give bright disadvantaged kids the same support that pupils get at private schools and they… Continue reading

The BBC Host The Third And Final Televised Leaders' Debate

TV election debates don’t fit the UK democratic system. Hence the chaos

6 March 2015 20:46

I wish I could get worked up about the televised election debates (or lack thereof). I can understand that it’s a very important to the broadcasters, who don’t mind reducing the campaign to three… Continue reading

Tony Blair with Justin Forsyth to his right (Photo: Getty)

Justin Forsyth has far more to apologise for than Tony Blair’s Save the Children award

3 March 2015 13:47

You almost have to admire Justin Forsyth’s brass neck. He is a former Gordon Brown spin chief earning a Prime Ministerial £138,000 for running Save the Children. Or, rather, transforming it… Continue reading

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Melody Festival’s ‘Heroes’ shows why Sweden rules the pop world

1 March 2015 15:12

The world’s most-watched cultural event is still two months away, but for Eurovision affectionados the entertainment has started already. Britain and Sweden are the continent’s two greatest exporters of pop music, but… Continue reading

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England’s university tuition fees are working – to prove it, look at Wales

27 February 2015 14:20

I’ve just seen a poster from the NASUWT teaching union at a stall they have taken at this year’s Welsh Tory conference in Cardiff (where I am today). It suggests that the poor… Continue reading

Last year, employment rose faster in Yorkshire than in France (Photo: Getty)

How Cameron’s jobs miracle ate his immigration target

26 February 2015 13:06

The embarrassing truth is that David Cameron did not think carefully about this pledge to take net immigration into the ‘tens of thousands’. The pledge originated in a Thick-of-It style… Continue reading

Foreign Secretary, Malcolm Rifkind listening to Prime Minister Major, 11 April, during the morning election conference.

The sad truth is that Malcolm Rifkind’s political career ended in 1997

24 February 2015 11:25

For years I saw Malcolm Rifkind as an unusually principled politician, one of the very best and brightest talents in the Conservative Party. After the rout of Scottish Tories in… Continue reading

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Britain already has the world’s highest property tax. Why do we need a Mansion Tax?

16 February 2015 8:06

To listen to the debate about Labour’s prospective Mansion Tax, you’d think that the UK didn’t have any wealth or property taxes. So your CoffeeHouse baristas looked up the figures,… Continue reading

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The Spectator on Thatcher’s election as party leader, 15 Feb 1975

15 February 2015 23:19

It seems hard to believe now, but only The Spectator supported Margaret Thatcher in the first leadership ballot.  She had been Keith Joseph’s campaign director, and when he faltered she… Continue reading


Sales of The Spectator

12 February 2015 15:17

The Spectator’s sales figures are out today, and our rise continues. The website’s traffic is up a remarkable 50 per cent year-on-year to 1.8 million monthly unique users and over… Continue reading


A century on, Scotland still has a drink problem

11 February 2015 15:27

The tragedy of the Rab C Nesbitt caricature is that there is a lot of truth in it – Scots do tend to have more problems with booze then those… Continue reading

The new map of Europe

Australia joining the Eurovision shows the awesome soft power of the song contest

10 February 2015 19:07

All you want from Europe is free trade, cheap flights and the Eurovision Song Contest – the rest is bureaucracy. One of the contest’s many strengths is its generous, expansive definition… Continue reading

George Osborne, cashpoint. Image: Getty

Mortgage rates stand at record lows – so why won’t George Osborne boast about it?

10 February 2015 16:40

Under George Osborne, borrowing costs have fallen to record lows – as data released by the Bank of England today shows. And this, rather than pretending that he has been helping… Continue reading