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Fraser Nelson is the editor of The Spectator. He is also a columnist with The Daily Telegraph, a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Social Justice and the Centre for Policy Studies.

The Annual Cowal Highland Games

Podcast: the night Britain holds its breath

18 September 2014 22:00

Well, it’s going to be a nail-biter. The voting has closed, and I’ve just spoken to Hamish Macdonell and James Forsyth for the podcast: both sides think that they have… Continue reading

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Whoever wins Scotland’s referendum, the ‘yes’ side has emphatically won the campaign

18 September 2014 11:40

As I left Edinburgh this morning, en route to Inverness, I passed about four ‘yes’ activists cheerily wishing me good morning, asking if I have voted and would I like… Continue reading

Ravenscraig Steel Works - shortly before it closed in the mid-1990s (Elliott Simpson) / (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The Scottish jobs miracle is an argument for Union, not independence

17 September 2014 19:09

One of the more bizarre aspects of the Scottish independence debate is the idea that UK welfare reform somehow doesn’t fit Scotland. On the contrary, it was designed for Glasgow… Continue reading

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Pictures: the UK unity rally in Trafalgar Square

15 September 2014 20:49

The point of being British is not banging on about being British. But when your country is three days away from being dissolved – in part because the emotional case… Continue reading

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Shock election in Sweden as the Sweden Democrats become no3 party

14 September 2014 22:11

Yes, Britain is on the point of breaking up – but there are more ill winds blowing in Europe right now. The National Front is polling so strongly in France… Continue reading


It’s on! Come for tea at The Spectator before the 6pm #unity2014 rally in Trafalgar Square

14 September 2014 14:08

Okay, so it’s going ahead: The Unity rally in Trafalgar Square, where people will come together to say how much the United Kingdom means to them, will take place 6pm… Continue reading


Deutsche Bank: Scottish independence would bring austerity on a scale never seen before

13 September 2014 10:06

Many voters in Scotland moan about the media: half of the country wants separation, according to the polls, but almost all newspapers are against it. So where to turn, for dispassionate analysis? As James Forsyth… Continue reading

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UK #unity2014 rally announced: Trafalgar Square, 6pm on Monday

12 September 2014 21:07

Great news: a Unity rally has just been called in Trafalgar Square for 6pm on Monday. It’s for those who love Britain and don’t want to see it snapped in… Continue reading

Alex Salmond and Jim Sillars yesterday

Jim Sillars’ threat of a ‘day of reckoning’ exposes the darker side of nationalism

12 September 2014 15:45

Only yesterday, Jim Sillars was being paraded by Alex Salmond as a nationalist heavyweight who has been taken back into the fold. He had once fallen out with the Alex Salmond but… Continue reading

Jim Murphy meets the mob. Photo: Getty

How Scotland’s ‘yes’ side mastered the art of mob politics

12 September 2014 12:08

While distributing free Spectators in Glasgow yesterday, I came across a Labour rally and ended up standing about two metres away from Ed Miliband as he gave his speech. But no… Continue reading

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The young (and the English) have restored Scotland’s ‘no’ lead

12 September 2014 10:04

No unionist should breathe easily after last night’s YouGov poll putting the ‘no’ team on a six-point lead. The race remains too close to call. And the poll also suggests a… Continue reading


Stay, Scotland – the Spectator readers’ message

10 September 2014 23:20

I’ve just arrived in Edinburgh, where I’ll be handing out copies of the new magazine on Princes St from 8am tomorrow morning (helped by two readers, who kindly answered my appeal… Continue reading

Pressure Increases For A Scottish Independence Referendum

Devolution has given power to politicians, not people. Independence won’t change that

9 September 2014 12:09

Gordon Brown has spoken, and the unionist parties are in agreement: if there’s a ‘no’ vote then more powers will be given – we’re told – ‘to Scotland’. There’ll be… Continue reading


Stay, Scotland! Brits say why they want to keep their country united

8 September 2014 15:38

For the first time in its 186-year history, The Spectator‘s cover story will be written by its readers: people from outside of Scotland, saying why they want Scotland to stay… Continue reading


Join The Spectator’s campaign to save Britain (and write our next cover story)

8 September 2014 12:35

We’ve had an extraordinary response to our request for emails saying why you hope that Scotland votes to stay, and to keep our country united. So many that we’ll put… Continue reading

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Glasgow Prepares For The Independence Vote

Spectator podcast special: Scotland’s shock poll

7 September 2014 13:39

Would you bet on Scotland staying in the union? Isabel Hardman asks Hamish Macdonell, my former Scotsman colleague, in a podcast she presented this morning. Its about a minute from… Continue reading

What's at stake

Do you want Scots to stay in the UK? Say why – and be published in the Spectator

6 September 2014 12:50

It’s extraordinary to think that we could be 12 days away from the dissolution of our country. The union of Scotland and England, perhaps the most successful and consequential alliance… Continue reading

Minister for International Development Justine Greening addresses delegates on the first day of the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester on September 29, 2013. Photo: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

Justine Greening: Cameron’s government needs more people who have worked at Morrisons

3 September 2014 16:46

David Cameron is in need of advice right now and there’s plenty of it in the new Spectator – not least from Justine Greening, his International Development Secretary. Her interview… Continue reading

The energetic Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy laments the ‘energy of nationalism’. Where’s the energy of unionism?

2 September 2014 23:26

“It’s part of the energy of nationalism,” sighed Jim Murphy on Newsnight. “They’re never knocked down.” He’s right, and that that is why the Scottish referendum polls show the gap… Continue reading

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If Carswell was serious about Europe, he would never have defected

31 August 2014 16:10

Where is this burning point of principle that drove Douglas Carswell into the arms of Ukip? I’ve read lots about his defection, and I’m still none the wiser. We’re told… Continue reading


Douglas Carswell: the rebel with an unclear cause

28 August 2014 15:44

Anyone who would rather not live in a Britain run by Ed Miliband and Ed Balls should be dismayed at Carswell’s defection to Ukip. He is an original, intelligent and… Continue reading

(Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty)

Worried about Britain’s poor social mobility? Here’s a way to change things

28 August 2014 10:36

Today’s report about the penetration of the privately-educated at the top of British society should be familiar: the Sutton Trust has been producing this study for years and the picture… Continue reading

An Iraqi Yazidi refugee woman arranges a tent at the Newroz camp in north eastern Syria after fleeing advances by Islamic State jihadists in Iraq. Image: AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/AFP/Getty Images

Britain must do more for the new wave of asylum seekers

24 August 2014 15:21

Over the summer I read Vilhelm Moberg’s The Emigrants, a documentary novel about the Swedes who emigrated to America in the 18th century. It powerfully describes what drove illiterate peasants… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Why Britain is poorer than any US state, other than Mississippi

22 August 2014 10:41

Now and again, America puts its inequality on display to the world. We saw it after Hurricane Katrina and we have seen it again in the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.… Continue reading

Source: ONS Consumer Price Inflation, 19 August 2014 and OBR Economic and Fiscal Outlook March 2014

Inflation down, Osborne up

19 August 2014 12:08

David Cameron is back on holidays again, this time to Cornwall. He missed a trick. His economic recovery is making the pound strong and, ergo, the continent cheap for British… Continue reading