Fraser Nelson

Fraser Nelson is the editor of The Spectator. He is also a columnist with The Daily Telegraph, a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Social Justice and the Centre for Policy Studies.


Theresa May’s Brexit speech – ten main points

17 January 2017 12:38

‘A Global Britain’ promised the slogan behind Theresa May as she delivered her big Brexit speech. It was robust and well-judged, very much…


What Oxfam won’t tell you about capitalism and poverty

16 January 2017 7:22

Your average milkman has more wealth than the world’s poorest 100 million people. Doesn’t that show how unfair the world is?…

Trump with Gove and Kai Diekmann from the German newspaper Bild, with whom he conducted the interview (Photo: screenshot from Bild)

Michael Gove’s interview with Donald Trump: main points

15 January 2017 22:11

Michael Gove has landed the first British interview with Donald Trump for The Times (where he is, now, a columnist).…


Audio: Jeremy Corbyn’s extraordinary Today programme interview

10 January 2017 8:50

Jeremy Corbyn tends to avoid interviews, and we were reminded why this morning. Speaking to Radio 4’s Today programme, he…

Britannia Gagged - USE THIS EDIT

There’s one day left to help defend press freedom

9 January 2017 17:36

Think of the scandals of the last two decades; think of who exposed them. That’s why we need to protect…


The Spectator’s online traffic hits record high in 2016

31 December 2016 7:58

If you’ve enjoyed The Spectator’s website this year, you’re in good company. Some 22 million have visited our website this year, a…

The Spectator Christmas issue – an apology

29 December 2016 11:44

The new issue of the Spectator is out today, and hopefully those who buy their copy shops will have more luck…


Priti Patel is wrong: mass migration is a sign of rising prosperity, not poverty

26 December 2016 10:25

Perhaps the worst excuse for Britain’s massive international aid budget is that the cash will stem immigration pressures because richer countries…


The genius of George Michael, 1963-2016

25 December 2016 23:34

A couple of weeks ago, George Michael announced he was collaborating with another songwriter, Shahid Khan, and for his fans…

Podcast: Will Tories or Ukip profit from abandoned Labour voters?

23 December 2016 11:42

The Copeland by-election will be a fascinating test of whether Brexit can open up more votes for the Tories in…


This Christmas, fall in love with the Spectator’s books podcast

22 December 2016 9:44

Christmas is three days away, those heading off to relatives are starting to pack. Booze, books – and, I’d like to…

Britannia Gagged - USE THIS EDIT

Competition: write a response to the government’s ‘consultation’ on press freedom

20 December 2016 14:00

Since my blog about the new threat to press freedom yesterday, and the notorious Section 40 being consulted on by the…


The new battle for press freedom

19 December 2016 14:34

The fight for press freedom is back on – and it needs your help. The government is consulting on a…

Brexit Butterfly

Here’s how Theresa May can grant assurances to all Britain’s EU nationals

12 December 2016 6:09

In the chaos after the Brexit vote, no one really noticed when Theresa May adopted an odd position on EU…


AA Gill, 1954 – 2016

10 December 2016 20:18

When we redesigned The Spectator six years ago, we spent months working on the launch issue and there was one…


In defence of Niall Ferguson

7 December 2016 12:45

Niall Ferguson’s belated decision to back Brexit has aroused a lot of mockery today. Unkind souls are presenting him as…

Beppe Grillo says he’s ready to govern after Renzi resigns

5 December 2016 8:06

It started with a blog, and it could end up with a new Prime Minister. Beppe Grillo’s 5-Star movement, which…


We need a Zac’s law: MPs who trigger a by-election should not be allowed to stand again

2 December 2016 6:54

Even I can’t say I’m upset that Zac Goldsmith has lost his seat. For the last few days, now, my…


Why wait for Merkel? Theresa May should guarantee the status of EU nationals now

29 November 2016 20:47

The news that Theresa May offered to do a deal on expats – only to be rebuffed by Angela Merkel…


The pound has fallen 13pc. Might the IMF have been right to say it was 13pc overvalued?

27 November 2016 11:21

When the pound plunged a few weeks ago, Andrew Marr opened his Sunday show by saying that this might be…


How worried is Philip Hammond about Theresa May’s JAMs?

24 November 2016 10:45

‘Theresa May and I have made it clear that we are very committed to returning the public finances to balance,’…


Brexit to cut immigration by 80,000 a year – and other OBR observations

23 November 2016 16:41

Once, journalists trawled the Red Book (ie, the Budget statement) for stories. Now, the Office for Budget Responsibilities does this…


Thatcherism for France: Sarkozy bows out as François Fillon surges in presidency race

21 November 2016 8:34

So farewell, then, Nicolas Sarkozy. After winning just 21pc of the votes in the primary to decide the conservative candidate…

This is the era of Donald Trump – and of Theresa May

18 November 2016 9:36

Bob Dylan called it pretty much right. When he sang ‘your old road is rapidly ageing’ he was calling time on…


Why do the polls make anyone confident that Donald Trump will lose?

8 November 2016 17:12

Today’s reports about the confident noises coming from Hillary Clinton’s camp made me think about the reports I picked up…