Fraser Nelson

Fraser Nelson is the editor of The Spectator. He is also a columnist with The Daily Telegraph, a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Social Justice and the Centre for Policy Studies.

EU Referendum - Signage And Symbols

Did the Brexit refuseniks propose overturning the Scottish referendum result?

27 August 2016 19:36

The parliamentary move against democracy is gathering strength. The notion that parliament might vote down the results of the referendum…


Britain is ready for a mature immigration debate. Is Theresa May?

26 August 2016 10:18

You can’t fool all of the people all of the time, said Abraham Lincoln. Theresa May faces a different question:…

Conrad Black joins The Spectator’s Trump vs Clinton debate

25 August 2016 17:22

A subscription to The Spectator buys you more than just full access to the world’s greatest magazine. It also means…


The Spectator’s accidental all-women cover

25 August 2016 13:58

Just before The Spectator went to press yesterday, my colleague Emily Hill pointed out that I’d just taken away the…

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Revealed: the bureaucrat who advised Theresa May to use EU nationals as bargaining chips

20 August 2016 14:45

The biggest puzzle of Theresa May’s premiership so far is why someone who pioneered laws against modern slavery and was…

"Margaret Thatcher - The Authorised Biography, Volume One: Not for Turning" by Charles Moore - Book Launch Party

Charles Moore ‘voted’ twice as a public service. Why send the police after him?

19 August 2016 19:03

Shortly before the referendum, Charles Moore emailed me with an idea: he’d always thought how worryingly easy it would be for…


What more does Boris Johnson need to do to be taken seriously?

15 August 2016 18:35

Boris Johnson has spent his adult life being underestimated and sneered at. But today’s attack by Tim Farron, the leader of what…


Will Theresa May end the era of easy money and call time on QE?

12 August 2016 11:51

When Theresa May was gearing up for a summer-long leadership campaign, she identified a worthy target: George Osborne’s addiction to…


Sales of The Spectator hit a 188-year high in ‘perfect storm’ of print and digital

11 August 2016 13:59

The UK magazine industry publishes its circulation figures today, and there is good news for The Spectator: the highest sales…


In defence of EU migrants: a plea to Theresa May

28 July 2016 11:26

During the Brexit debate, there was a wide mainstream consensus that EU nationals living in Britain should not be affected.…


Of course Britain is ‘open for business’. That was the point of Brexit

18 July 2016 17:24

Today the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has launched a campaign telling the world that London is ‘still open for business’.…

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In defence of Cameron’s posh boys

17 July 2016 18:41

A few weeks ago, I wrote a Spectator cover story about David Cameron’s purge of the posh. My peg was a new…

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The Spectator’s two podcasts both hit iTunes top ten

15 July 2016 20:13

The Spectator’s podcasts – our weekly one, and our ad-hoc Coffee House shots, are now both in the iTunes Top…

David Cameron Meets Supporters After A Successful Night At The Polls

Labour and SNP join in standing ovation for David Cameron’s last PMQs

13 July 2016 12:54

David Cameron’s last PMQs was as entertaining as you’d expect. ‘The diary for the rest of my day is remarkably…


Andrea Leadsom drops out of leadership race

11 July 2016 11:55

In what must be the shortest-lived leadership campaign in the history of the Conservative Party, Andrea Leadsom has just announced…


What George Osborne should have written in the Wall Street Journal

11 July 2016 10:00

We have three months until we get a new Prime Minister but I’m not sure we can wait so long for…


As Basra slid towards hell, Blair looked the other way

6 July 2016 10:09

There has always been a faction of the Labour party that wanted Tony Blair in the dock for the Iraq…


Some thoughts on today’s Tory leadership elections

5 July 2016 17:28

You know what to expect: Theresa May wins, Andrea Leadsom comes second. Liam Fox forced out today, Stephen Crabb probably…


Wanted: broadcast producer for The Spectator

5 July 2016 16:20

If you read Coffee House you’ll have noticed how busy politics is right now – and you’ll have noticed that our…

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Philip Hammond repeats Theresa May’s threat to EU immigrants

4 July 2016 8:06

Appallingly, Philip Hammond has just echoed Theresa May’s threat to use the two Britain’s million European Union immigrant workers as bargaining…

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Merkel tells Juncker: Britain needs plenty of time to invoke Article 50

4 July 2016 7:37

Der Speigel has published a fascinating write-up giving last week’s extraordinary events from Angela Merkel’s perspective. Specifically, it seems, she’s had enough…

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Is Theresa May really threatening to deport Europeans?

3 July 2016 20:34

Does Theresa May really understand Brexit? Speaking to Robert Peston today, the Home Secretary seemed to be entertaining the idea…

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Andrea Leadsom’s scratchy job interview on the Marr show

3 July 2016 10:48

Is Andrea Leadsom a serious contender to become Prime Minister? A few days ago, she was almost about to sign up…

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In praise of Stephen Crabb and Sajid Javid

2 July 2016 12:00

Stephen Crabb has a 3pc chance of winning the Conservative leadership, according to to the bookmakers. Yes, the same ones…