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Fraser Nelson is the editor of The Spectator. He is also a columnist with The Daily Telegraph, a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Social Justice and the Centre for Policy Studies.

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UK jobless rate now heading to a 40-year low

17 April 2015 15:24

The jobs miracle continues – two million new jobs have now been created since David Cameron took over. The Tories are rightly boasting about all of this today, even if… Continue reading

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David Cameron’s Evan Davis interview: defenceless on defence

15 April 2015 20:11

“I’ve got it too,” said David Cameron, whipping out the ‘contract with Britain’ he published five years ago. His team seems have prepared him for the format of Evan Davis’s BBC interviews:… Continue reading

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At last, shopping is getting cheaper. Let’s not look this gift horse in the mouth

14 April 2015 10:06

‘The economy has entered deflation,’ announces the BBC news presenter, as if this was a kind of recession. Au contraire. Shopping bills are shrinking, and this is unalloyed good news. The cost… Continue reading

Tomorrow's newspapers - with the kind of headlines that Cameron needs to win

Extending right-to-buy is Cameron’s big bazooka. But will it work?  

14 April 2015 0:15

Just a few weeks ago, David Cameron had not decided whether to extend right-to-buy to a further 1.3 million families in housing association homes. The  idea, from Iain Duncan Smith,… Continue reading

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Nick Clegg on Lib Dem meltdown: ‘I put country before party’

13 April 2015 20:14

‘Hell, yes, I am proud of this,’ said Nick Clegg in the first of the BBC’s leaders interviews, broadcast at 7.30pm this evening. He’s lucky to get such a slot to… Continue reading


In defence of the 1 per cent: a Spectator debate

13 April 2015 17:12

Ed Miliband’s manifesto can be boiled down to the simple act of shaking his fist at the wealthy. Yes, the super-rich can be annoying – but they are also super-taxpayers. Those at… Continue reading

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When will broadcasters challenge Ed Balls on his porkies about his deficit plans?

13 April 2015 8:33

At Coffee House, we occasionally criticise George Osborne for stretching the truth when describing the deficit — but when it comes to hoodwinking broadcasters and deceiving voters, Ed Balls is the master.… Continue reading

Keynote Speech By New Leader Of The SNP Nicola Sturgeon

Sturgeon hints that the SNP would never back a Labour budget

9 April 2015 11:57

“Is it sensible to spend your way out of debt?” ran the opening question in the last night’s Scottish leaders debate – marking it out, straight away, as something very… Continue reading

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Chris Leslie confirms: Ed Miliband is planning more tax rises

5 April 2015 12:43

There’s something Ed Miliband isn’t telling us. He’d spend more, he says, and tackle the deficit. But how? Almost every tax rise he has announced is intended to raise cash… Continue reading

Forever blowing bubbles...

Osborne and Miliband compete to see who has the worst housing policy

5 April 2015 9:49

So who is talking more nonsense about the housing market: George Osborne or Ed Miliband? From today’s newspapers, it’s hard to tell. The problem: the era of low interest rates… Continue reading

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The hounding of the BBC’s James Cook exposes the uglier side of Scottish nationalism

4 April 2015 21:10

BBC Scotland’s James Cook caught up with Nicola Sturgeon today and asked her about the Telegraph‘s leaked memo. But he also told her that the story chimes with what he has been… Continue reading

Keynote Speech By New Leader Of The SNP Nicola Sturgeon

Leaked memo shows Nicola Sturgeon admitting that the SNP prefers Cameron to Miliband

3 April 2015 21:42

So who does Nicola Sturgeon really want as Prime Minister? Her official line is that she’d put in anyone but the wicked Tories – indeed, Alex Salmond told me last… Continue reading

Miliband, miles away

Ed Miliband could have won the election last night. Now, it’s Cameron’s to lose.

3 April 2015 0:22

The Sun’s front page today has a picture of Ed Miliband saying: “Oops, I just lost my election”. That’s an exaggeration: I’d say the election is still 50/50, pretty much where… Continue reading

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Does David Cameron’s new jobs plan mean recruiting a million more immigrants?

31 March 2015 8:50

The Conservatives have offered a rather peculiar new pledge: another two million jobs. They are right to focus on their record job creation, as I outlined in my Spectator cover… Continue reading

David Cameron with James Chapman, the Daily Mail political editor

Ten points from David Cameron’s Daily Mail interview

30 March 2015 22:45

David Cameron has given an interview to the Daily Mail where he appears to confirm that he will extend Right-to-Buy to 2.5m housing association tenants – a plan first revealed… Continue reading

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Why the SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon may well win Thursday’s leaders debate

30 March 2015 13:00

I know it’s early, but I’d like to tip a winner from Thursday’s debate: Nicola Sturgeon. SNP leader. She has just been positioned next to the Prime Minister, who’ll be on the far-right. This which… Continue reading

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Lucy Powell confirms: debt-addicted Labour has no plan to balance the books

29 March 2015 14:02

‘You aren’t listening to what I’m saying,’ said a rather rattled Lucy Powell, Labour’s election chief, whom the party put up for BBC Sunday Politics today. I suspect that, by now, she’ll… Continue reading


YouGov/Sunday Times poll puts Labour 4 points ahead. Be afraid.

28 March 2015 22:15

Just two weeks ago, senior Conservatives were saying that ‘crossover’ had been reached: that the Tories were ahead in the polls and that the lead would slowly build. Last week, the lead… Continue reading

" it would look less like partnership and more like a Stephen King novel with Miliband tied to his parliamentary bed by the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act"

Exclusive: Alex Salmond says SNP will back Labour unconditionally

25 March 2015 13:40

“Would you like a glass of pink champagne?” asks Alex Salmond at 3.30pm, sounding very much like a man settling down for the afternoon. It’s Monday and Scotland’s former First… Continue reading

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What cost of living crisis? CPI inflation falls to zero for first time on record

24 March 2015 9:41

So much for Ed Miliband’s ‘cost of living crisis’. UK inflation, as measured by the CPI index, has just fallen to zero (pdf). Even this figure masks better news: food prices are… Continue reading

David Cameron and Boris Johnson. Photo: Getty Images.

David Cameron: this will be my last election. Theresa, George or Boris may succeed me

23 March 2015 18:29

With just days to go until the general election campaign, David Cameron has declared that this is last time he’s leading his party into battle. It’s not clear why he felt the… Continue reading


Internships at The Spectator for summer 2015

21 March 2015 15:42

Due to the large amount of applications received we have decided to close the application process sooner than planned. Please do check back for future opportunities. Summer’s coming, and we’re looking… Continue reading

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Budget 2015, explained in ten graphs

18 March 2015 15:42

As ever, the story of the Budget was hidden in the small print. There are no hidden tax rises, but the story isn’t really in the tax. It’s about the cuts… Continue reading

Graphic: Carla Millar

Budget bloopers – five graphs that George Osborne won’t be sharing on Wednesday

15 March 2015 16:16

George Osborne is the most political of Chancellors, and his Budget today will doubtless read like a party political broadcast. The economic momentum is on his side: soaring employment, plunging inflation, fuel… Continue reading

Sanna, the #MelFest host

Eurovision in sign language

15 March 2015 9:18

I was at the hall of Swedish Church in Marylebone last night to watch the final of Melody Festival – the bar was selling dill crisps, pear cider and plenty… Continue reading