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Fraser Nelson is the editor of The Spectator. He is also a columnist with The Daily Telegraph, a member of the advisory board of the Centre for Social Justice and the Centre for Policy Studies.

Last year, employment rose faster in Yorkshire than in France (Photo: Getty)

How Cameron’s jobs miracle ate his immigration target

26 February 2015 13:06

The embarrassing truth is that David Cameron did not think carefully about this pledge to take net immigration into the ‘tens of thousands’. The pledge originated in a Thick-of-It style… Continue reading

Foreign Secretary, Malcolm Rifkind listening to Prime Minister Major, 11 April, during the morning election conference.

The sad truth is that Malcolm Rifkind’s political career ended in 1997

24 February 2015 11:25

For years I saw Malcolm Rifkind as an unusually principled politician, one of the very best and brightest talents in the Conservative Party. After the rout of Scottish Tories in… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 07.50.56

Britain already has the world’s highest property tax. Why do we need a Mansion Tax?

16 February 2015 8:06

To listen to the debate about Labour’s prospective Mansion Tax, you’d think that the UK didn’t have any wealth or property taxes. So your CoffeeHouse baristas looked up the figures,… Continue reading

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The Spectator on Thatcher’s election as party leader, 15 Feb 1975

15 February 2015 23:19

It seems hard to believe now, but only The Spectator supported Margaret Thatcher in the first leadership ballot.  She had been Keith Joseph’s campaign director, and when he faltered she… Continue reading


Sales of The Spectator

12 February 2015 15:17

The Spectator’s sales figures are out today, and our rise continues. The website’s traffic is up a remarkable 50 per cent year-on-year to 1.8 million monthly unique users and over… Continue reading


A century on, Scotland still has a drink problem

11 February 2015 15:27

The tragedy of the Rab C Nesbitt caricature is that there is a lot of truth in it – Scots do tend to have more problems with booze then those… Continue reading

The new map of Europe

Australia joining the Eurovision shows the awesome soft power of the song contest

10 February 2015 19:07

All you want from Europe is free trade, cheap flights and the Eurovision Song Contest – the rest is bureaucracy. One of the contest’s many strengths is its generous, expansive definition… Continue reading

George Osborne, cashpoint. Image: Getty

Mortgage rates stand at record lows – so why won’t George Osborne boast about it?

10 February 2015 16:40

Under George Osborne, borrowing costs have fallen to record lows – as data released by the Bank of England today shows. And this, rather than pretending that he has been helping… Continue reading

Forever blowing bubbles...

The truth? Savers have been losers under this government, and Osborne knows it

8 February 2015 20:22

Even the evening BBC bulletins are leading with this morning’s announcement by George Osborne that he will extend his ‘pensioner bonds’ programme – a glorified way of giving pre-election bungs… Continue reading

Image: Carla Millar

The unravelling of the left continues as RMT president joins the Greens

8 February 2015 9:16

Socialism fever is spreading. This time last year, Ed Miliband looked to be on course for 10 Downing St for the simple reason that the right in Britain had been… Continue reading

The latest polls suggest the SNP will take 55 of Scotland's 59 seats

The implosion of Scottish Labour means the battle for Britain has only just begun

4 February 2015 14:02

Gordon Brown is holding an adjournment debate on the union this evening, which comes after an Ashcroft poll which shows precisely what danger the union is in. If today’s polls… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 23.30.09

Watch: Ed Balls names ‘Bill somebody’ as Labour’s sole business supporter in car crash Newsnight interview

3 February 2015 23:35

Newsflash! Labour does have a business supporter – or so, at least, Ed Balls was able to disclose to Emily Maitlis on Newsnight. His name is Bill. But he couldn’t quite remember… Continue reading

Cameron vs Blob large rez

Freezing the education budget won’t hurt pupils. Here’s why

2 February 2015 18:56

David Cameron has today been refreshingly honest about his plans for school funding in England: budgets will be flat, which (when you factor in inflation) will mean a drop of… Continue reading

David Cameron talks to apprentices at the  Great Manchester Skillcentre who are on the apprenticeship training programme. October 5, 2009.

David Cameron should support work through tax cuts, not more apprenticeships

27 January 2015 9:00

In a Telegraph interview, David Cameron today pledges to cut the welfare cap – to £23,000 from £26,000 – to fund another three million apprentice places. He says that this:-… Continue reading

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The British economic recovery, in 12 graphs

23 January 2015 14:48

Everything seems to be falling into place ahead of the election for the Tories. Today’s data shows high street spending rising at the fastest rate for more than 13 years –… Continue reading

An Oxfam poster - advancing class war, while perpetuating damaging stereotypes about Africans

What Oxfam doesn’t want you to know: global capitalism means less poverty than ever

19 January 2015 8:58

The hijacking of Oxfam by the politicised left is nothing short of a tragedy. It’s heartbreaking to see a charity that has built up so much goodwill from so many… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 16.01.19

Exposed! George Osborne’s secret plan to help people back to work.

16 January 2015 15:01

We’ve spent plenty time on Coffee House challenging George Osborne’s more dubious claims (‘deficit halved!’, etc) as has much of the media. But happily, there now seems to be a truce.… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 09.38.15

Cost of living crisis, Ed? The price of goods is now falling…

13 January 2015 9:53

For goods, as opposed to services, Britain has just joined the Eurozone deflation club. This morning’s figures show that goods (i.e., the stuff we buy) were 1pc cheaper in Christmas… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 19.18.50

Revealed: the truth about Ed Miliband’s ’1930s’ porkie

11 January 2015 12:08

Today, on the Andrew Marr show, Ed Miliband repeated his porkie that David Cameron plans to reduce state spending to 1930s levels. When he first made this bizarre and obviously… Continue reading

(Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty)

The Tories need to ‘weaponise’ Ed Miliband’s incompetence

11 January 2015 10:40

Ed Miliband was on Andrew Marr’s sofa this morning, drawing 2015 battle lines. It all looked very encouraging – if you are a conservative, that is. Miliband started discussing the… Continue reading

Andrew Parker, the director-general of MI5.

Six key points from MI5′s Andrew Parker speech on the terror threat in Britain

9 January 2015 8:00

A lot of rot is written about what MI5 thinks, because the spooks don’t talk –even to deny wrong stories (like the supposed Remembrance Day Plot to kill the Queen,… Continue reading

montage 2

Not in our name – Muslims respond in revulsion to Charlie Hebdo massacre

7 January 2015 13:31

The Muslim Council of France, and of Britain, have denounced today’s attack on the offices of Charlie Hebdo. The imam of the mosque of Paris, Dalil Boubakeur, has said: “This is… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 09.02.29

And now a porkie from Labour: spending is not (really) heading back to 1930s levels

4 January 2015 9:31

Another day, another poster – and this time, it’s Labour stretching the truth. The above is the same trick as George Osborne was playing with the deficit. The reader is… Continue reading

The poster and the porkie

How Osborne’s ‘deficit halved’ claim backfired  

3 January 2015 9:25

So – how did it go? Yesterday, Tory HQ yesterday issued a poster with the misleading claim that the deficit had been ‘halved’ where in fact the reduction has been… Continue reading

The poster and the porkie

Which Tory MPs will repeat the porkie about ‘halving’ the deficit?

2 January 2015 11:21

New year, new porkies from Conservative HQ. It has opened 2015 with a poster that involves a deception (above): ‘the defict halved’. It’s a relatively small deception: the deficit has been… Continue reading