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The poster for Incubator Theatre's 'hip hop opera' The City

Cultural boycotts are ineffective and wrong

25 July 2014 12:57

Scotland’s national poet Liz Lochhead has been at it again. Two years ago she was petitioning against a dance company from Tel Aviv, this year it’s an Israeli theatre company… Continue reading

Tracey Emin's 'My Bed'. Picture: Getty Images

Why I love Tracey Emin’s bed

5 July 2014 13:10

My Bed, one of the works that failed to win Tracey Emin the Turner Prize (she lost to Steve McQueen in 1999), made £2.2m at Christie’s this week, going to… Continue reading

Gears of War 3

What makes art art? And why gaming may not make the grade

19 May 2014 18:37

Every now and then, you’ll come across an article which puts a case for something or other being taken seriously as an ‘art form’.  Designing computer games, cake-making, upholstery, you… Continue reading

Tate Britain director Penelope Curtis next to Henry Moore's 'Draped Seated Figure' at Tate Britain. Photo: Paul Grover

The problems at Tate Britain go beyond the director

3 May 2014 11:49

Last week, Tate Britain was one of six museums across the UK to be nominated for the Art Fund’s Museum of the Year award, an annual prize in which the… Continue reading

Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 11.35.54

Why do people always assume critics are male?

4 April 2014 12:05

I offer you a riddle. It’s worthy of the Sphinx guarding Thebes, but if you’ve got half the brain of Oedipus you might get it. A father and his son… Continue reading

Alain de Botton. Photo: Vincent Mentzel

Why Alain de Botton is a moron

19 March 2014 13:08

It’s become too easy of late to be rude about Alain de Botton. His banal aphoristic “insights” and homilies on Twitter, his efforts to turn the media away from “meanness”… Continue reading