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Ed West is Associate Director of @_UK2020 and author of The Diversity Illusion and 1215 and All That


Are we about to see the return of the Kings?

24 May 2016 14:15

With only two months until the Rio Olympics, Brazil’s woes continue, with a minister in the interim government being forced…

Green Party politician Alexander Van der Bellen has pipped far-right politician Norbert Hofer to the post in Austria's presidential election (Photo: Getty)

The working-class vote explains the rise of Austria’s far-right

23 May 2016 15:56

So Austria has a new leader. The radical leftist Alexander Van der Bellen, a former Green party leader running as an…


Facebook is helping the left to eat itself

22 May 2016 7:42

I hate Facebook, mostly because it’s full of other people’s happiness. I appreciate this makes me a terrible person, but…


What we learnt from Piers Morgan’s interview with Donald Trump

18 May 2016 7:26

Is Donald Trump the Leicester City of US politics, the 5,000/1 outsider who took everyone by surprise? That was Piers…


Putin’s Palmyra concert shows he is winning the propaganda war

8 May 2016 8:15

The city of Palmyra, recently liberated from Isis, has seen a return to civilisation and culture with a performance by…

Can America survive Donald Trump?

5 May 2016 16:37

There have been many hyperbolic headlines about Donald Trump these last few days and weeks, so I’d like to add…

EU Referendum - Signage And Symbols

Is it possible to be both pro-EU and patriotic?

25 April 2016 15:21

It’s safe to say that last week was a good one for the Remain camp, thanks in large part to the endorsement from…

Two twins baby

The ‘blank slate’ view of humanity is looking increasingly outdated

16 April 2016 8:30

Quietly, patiently, tentatively, scientists are revolutionising the way we see human nature, a breakthrough that may be as earth-shattering as…

(Photo: Getty)

Europe, Islamism and some uncomfortable home truths

22 March 2016 17:20

The flags are at half-mast in Westminster in a show of solidarity with Brussels, one of those ceremonies Europe seems…

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High-rise housing is hellish. It’s time to bring back terraces

16 March 2016 11:07

On the radio this morning the subject of high-rise housing was being discussed, the hook being the new film adaptation…

Activists protest against supporters of the Alternative Für Deutschland (Photo: Getty)

Is more multiculturalism really the cure for the EU’s problems?

15 March 2016 15:10

Germany is on its feet again; the country’s answer to Ukip, Alternative Für Deutschland, made huge gains at the polls,…


Does size matter for US presidential candidates?

4 March 2016 14:03

I don’t know whether men blessed with enormous manhoods are more likely to make effective leaders; social scientists probably lack…

Why are so few big business leaders for remain?

23 February 2016 11:43

How come so few big business leaders signed up to David Cameron’s letter in favour of remain? As the Daily…


Is the next Steve Jobs really among Syria’s migrants?

16 February 2016 16:28

Steven Pinker famously observed in The Blank Slate that ‘Sophisticated people sneer at feel-good comedies and saccharine romances in which…

Attendees at the 2012 Hipster Olympics in Berlin (Photo: Getty)

Are hipsters the new aristocracy?

5 February 2016 16:36

I love Twitter. Just like the historian Dan Snow, I find the social media site to be an overwhelmingly positive…

Migrants walking through Hungary to the Austrian border (Photo: AFP/Getty)

Would the migrant crisis have happened without the EU?

3 February 2016 14:21

For those people already bored with the interminable European question, Radio 4 might get unbearable over the next few months.…


Our leaders should read history books – but not just ones about the Nazis

28 January 2016 17:31

If I was in charge of the Home Office I’d employ someone whose sole area of expertise was Hitler’s Germany and…

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Donald Trump is capitalising on America’s declining middle class

22 January 2016 17:31

While watching MPs in the House of Commons debate banning a politician they find disagreeable, my first thought was to…

A shattered shop-window in Leipzig after the riots (Photo: Jens Schlueter/Getty)

By downplaying social problems, multiculturalists help extremism to flourish

15 January 2016 16:22

Ross Douthat’s 10 points about immigration is recommended reading for anyone sitting on the fence or who tends towards the open…

Photo: Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty

There’s nothing wrong with public grieving

14 January 2016 11:28

One of the things that repeatedly comes up with David Bowie fans talking about their hero is how much he…

A wave of sexual assaults took place in Cologne on New Year's Eve (Photo: Getty)

Modern technology has completely transformed mass migration

7 January 2016 12:03

I consider myself to be bad at making predictions, but one of the obvious things about the migrant crisis last…

Image: Getty

I love the commercialisation of Christmas

23 December 2015 16:23

I was in Toys R Us in Brent Cross the other day with my kids, pondering the true miracle of…

Expedition 46 Soyuz Launch

There’s one very good reason why space travel isn’t a waste of money

16 December 2015 13:38

Why is it that the sight of a huge, thrusting rocket ploughing through virgin space at 25,000 kmph makes me…

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European countries are now united by the war against Isis

4 December 2015 17:22

If anything positive comes out of the Syrian crisis, and I appreciate it’s like looking for silver linings in the Great…


So governments can control the weather, but not our borders?

3 December 2015 15:48

Niall Ferguson wrote a piece recently comparing Europe’s situation to that of the Roman Empire during its late, decadent, sexual…