Ed West

Ed West is the author of The Diversity Illusion, 1215 and All That and is writing a series of books on medieval history

An ‘Anglican Brexit’ is Britain’s best hope

16 January 2017 13:03

One of the many admirable aspects of Japanese culture is that they have developed strong taboos against triumphalism in politics.…

The truth behind Germany’s ‘Mein Kampf’ sales boom

5 January 2017 15:47

A dead white man called Adolf Hitler has sold nearly 100,000 copies of his memoir, Mein Kampf, since a new edition was…

Star Wars is the perfect analogy for the decline of America

31 December 2016 12:01

Star Wars is a generational thing and older people think my cohort are mentally subnormal for enjoying it, but it’s…

How the Catholic Church created democracy

24 December 2016 12:00

Going to spend Christmas with relatives you don’t really like? Well, you can thank God you only have to see…

Germany is facing a ticking time bomb of rage

21 December 2016 12:01

I’ve learned that it’s best not to say anything about a terrorist atrocity on social media, especially not if it…


Why Putin keeps winning the ideological war

16 December 2016 8:26

I have no idea whether Russia successfully interfered in the US election; I imagine it’s one of those situations where…

‘British values’ are a load of old codswallop

7 December 2016 14:10

Sometimes a combination of news stories crop up that so perfectly sum up the spirit of the age, its absurdities…


Is democracy in danger?

3 December 2016 9:30

Is democracy in danger? This is the belief of a Harvard lecturer called Yascha Mounk whose thesis was profiled in…

You can be against the ‘elite’ and still be rich and privileged

16 November 2016 14:46

Many people have remarked that the image of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage posing by the former’s golden elevator doors…

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump Holds Election Night Event In New York City

Donald Trump played the identity politics game – and won

9 November 2016 8:12

I feel a strange sense of schadenfreude mixed with a heavy dose of terror and uncertainty now that the American…

Liberal ideology created Donald Trump

8 November 2016 8:45

Dear Democrat voters, You are probably the most influential and powerful segment of the human race today. In terms of…

Crying woman, pain and grief concept

The new nostalgia for a pre-Brexit world

1 November 2016 12:44

Among its many treasures, Brexit has spawned a new genre of think piece, the nostalgic ‘what has happened to the…

Have our thin-skinned times killed off satire for good?

20 October 2016 13:43

Is satire dying? Zoe Williams asks in the Guardian whether the shrinking of permissible speech is killing comedy. To make her point,…

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In defence of small nation states

18 October 2016 10:54

Scotland may have a second referendum within three years, as many Remainers correctly predicted. If the British government makes a…

Detail of Battle of Hastings Scene from The Bayeux Tapestry

The Normans were the original liberal metropolitan elite ‘Remainers’

14 October 2016 12:08

Today is the most important date in our history, the day on which in 1066 thousands of men fought outside…

It’s absurd to compare Amber Rudd’s immigration speech to Mein Kampf

11 October 2016 9:18

The Tories want to turn us against migrants by dividing people between ‘us’ and ‘them’; well, let me tell you…


Foreign investors aren’t to blame for London’s housing crisis

30 September 2016 12:45

I hate gentrification; my area was so much cooler when there were people openly selling drugs on the high street,…


Can Katy Perry stop Donald Trump?

28 September 2016 13:58

Recall that eight years ago a number of actors brought out a video of unspeakable dreadfulness called I Pledge, calling on…

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks

The immigration debate shouldn’t be sugar-coated

22 September 2016 12:03

Do you like Skittles? Do you like them so much you’d eat one from a packet even if you knew…

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How open borders killed the Labour party

21 September 2016 11:49

Barring a most spectacular Mossad operation – and I wouldn’t put it past them – Jeremy Corbyn will be re-elected…

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaigns In Canton, Ohio

Win or lose, the Trump phenomenon isn’t going away

16 September 2016 10:35

I felt for the first time on Sunday that Donald Trump might actually win the US presidential election. I’m not the…

Martin Roth, the director of the V&A (Photo: Getty)

Imagine there’s no countries… and therefore no museums

10 September 2016 8:30

I’m not a great optimist about the whole Brexit thing, although my colleagues would mostly disagree. It’s as if we…

Imperial or metric? Why can’t we have both?

30 August 2016 12:45

I was in the Netherlands over the weekend, which is always nice; it’s a bit like England, but just better.…


The gender pay gap isn’t just about sexism

25 August 2016 10:18

‘More work needs to be done,’ is what people say whenever some unachievable social goal is shown to be another…

Why a record number of university places might not be a good thing

18 August 2016 13:25

A-Level results are announced today, and with it the happy news that a record number of university places have been…