Eamonn Butler

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At last, it’s Tax Freedom Day… but just wait until you find out when Cost of Government Day is

28 May 2014 11:47

Today is Tax Freedom Day. That means that the average person in Britain has to work 148 days of the…

The Adam Smith Institute predicted that if Vince Cable got his way and capital gains tax rates were increased to match income tax rates, the Treasury would not make anything out of it. Picture: Getty

The government must cut or even scrap capital gains tax

26 February 2013 18:42

When economists get things wrong– something rather easy, given the nature of their subject – they should admit that they…

The government has tied itself in knots about what it does and doesn't want energy suppliers to do. Picture: Getty

Politicians shouldn’t meddle with energy prices

19 October 2012 15:05

David Cameron’s announcement in the House of Commons on Wednesday – that he would force energy companies to give people…


Has Osborne learnt the right lessons from Adam Smith?

20 March 2012 14:58

According to Rachel Sylvester in The Times (£) today, George Osborne’s love of soaking the rich — from the non-dom…

Curing youth unemployment

16 February 2011 18:31

Youth unemployment in the UK has hit another record. More 16 to 24-year olds are out of work than ever.…

Lost in the woods

10 February 2011 13:31

The government’s plans for state forestry are so weak and feeble that it is hard to understand why there is…

Going for broke

29 November 2010 11:23

It won’t be for a while yet, but the UK seems headed for another financial crisis. And this time, the…

The Royal Mail – a tough sell

8 September 2010 18:39

Some day soon – unless the coalition has already lost its bottle – a bill will be introduced to ‘part-privatise’…

The legacy of a century of vain politicians

27 August 2010 17:58

Monday is the August Bank Holiday – at least in England and Wales, where it is the last weekend before…

The family is the best agent of welfare

24 August 2010 18:00

Conservatives have long been strong on family. They believe that families are the glue that sticks us together, and that…

This is no time for salami slicing

11 August 2010 17:56

You can often achieve a lot more by doing things a bit at a time rather than attempting one bold…

The Star Chamber won’t re-structure government. Philip Hammond might

11 June 2010 11:16

You have a computer for years. It gets gummed up with old applications, many of which can’t do the job…

The British constitution is in dire need of reform

27 April 2010 18:17

The UK Conservative leader David Cameron says that any Prime Minister not ‘directly elected’ by the public should be forced…

What to expect in the Budget

18 April 2009 14:57

After a decade of reckless spending, the government’s kitty is bare and its debts are mounting. In November, Alastair Darling…