Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray is Associate Director of the Henry Jackson Society and an author, most recently of Bloody Sunday: Truth, lies and the Saville Inquiry.

GMB union annual conference - Dublin

Labour’s anti-Semitism problem stems from its grassroots

28 April 2016 20:03

If I were the Conservative party I’d be getting worried: Labour’s implosion is happening too fast. At this rate they…

Naz Shah and Malia Bouattia

What a week for integration Britain!

27 April 2016 12:52

It’s been a terrific week for integration Britain.  First the National Union of Students (NUS) elected what the BBC joyously…

President Erdogan has had a sense of humour failure over Dutch comedian Hans Teeuwen's latest video

Nice try President Erdogan, but you can’t prosecute all Europeans who insult you

23 April 2016 8:00

Well the entries have been flooding in for the ‘Insult Erdogan Poetry Contest’. Thousands and thousands of them in fact,…

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Introducing ‘The President Erdogan Offensive Poetry Competition’ – £1000 prize to be won

18 April 2016 18:46

Nobody should be surprised that Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has instituted effective blasphemy laws to defend himself from criticism…

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Trevor Phillips is finally discovering the pitfalls of the term ‘Islamophobia’

11 April 2016 18:22

The former head of the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission has once again said the ‘unsayable’.  In a piece…

Karsten Nordal Hauken was raped by a Somalian asylum seeker

Norway syndrome: a new condition for Western victims of rape

8 April 2016 17:10

Here is a story that needs little extrapolation. A male left-wing politician in Norway – Karsten Nordal Hauken – has…


No, Simon Schama, people worried about gang rape and FGM aren’t ‘obsessed with sex’

4 April 2016 18:30

Hardly anything is less likely to keep people reading than to mention an exciting evening in Toronto.  But stick with…

Asad Shah

The questions nobody wants to ask about Asad Shah’s murder

29 March 2016 19:56

On Maundy Thursday a Muslim shopkeeper in Glasgow was brutally murdered.  Forty-year-old Asad Shah was allegedly stabbed in the head with a…

Asad Shah

The questions nobody wants to ask about Asad Shah’s murder

29 March 2016 19:56

On Maundy Thursday a Muslim shopkeeper in Glasgow was brutally murdered. Forty-year-old Asad Shah was allegedly stabbed in the head…


A terrorist attack has happened in Europe. Let the standard response begin…

22 March 2016 17:52

Well at least we all know the form by now.  This morning Islamist suicide-bombers struck one of the few European…


Finally: proof that the ‘Clarkson’ persona was all just an act

21 March 2016 13:45

To the extent I have ever thought about him, I have always viewed Jeremy Clarkson as a slight irritant. This…

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Prime suspect for Paris attacks arrested in Molenbeek, terror capital of Europe

18 March 2016 18:20

The prime suspect for the Paris terrorist attacks has just been captured in a police raid in (you guessed it) Brussels. Salah Abdeslam…

David Cameron meets Reccep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2012 (Photo: Getty)

Cameron’s support for Turkey’s EU membership should worry us all

15 March 2016 16:05

David Cameron this morning claimed that people who wish to leave the EU are ‘taking a risk with people’s jobs,…


Receiving online abuse has now become a badge of honour

2 March 2016 19:14

On Monday night I took part in a discussion on free speech in London for the think-tank Policy Exchange. The…

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Why are Amnesty keeping the details of their plan to bring in more migrants secret?

24 February 2016 15:09

The head of Amnesty, Kate Allen, was busily talking the most terrible balls on the radio this morning. In an…

Does Ken Livingstone really get his advice on Islamic theology from The Sun?

23 February 2016 16:24

As some light relief from all this EU discussion, I thought readers might like to hear about Isis. Or at…

European Leaders Gather In Brussels For EU Crunch Summit

The EU ‘deal’ is a political stitch-up

21 February 2016 11:52

Almost everything about the EU debate so far has been a fraud.  The ‘Remain’ campaign has lied to the public…


Tim Montgomerie has put his country before his party. Will others do the same?

18 February 2016 17:07

In the wasteland of principles that is Westminster, Tim Montgomerie has always been an exception.  The area is filled with…

Labour's shadow foreign secretary Hilary Benn delivers a speech on 'The Internationalist Case for Europe' at Chatham House (Photo: Ben Stansall/Getty)

Leaving the EU isn’t an ‘unknown’; it’s a return to the known

11 February 2016 15:28

I see that Hilary Benn has been doing his bit for ‘Project Fear‘. According to Mr Benn one of the…

Is it really wise for David Cameron to threaten us with migrants?

8 February 2016 16:42

Is it really wise for David Cameron to threaten us with migrants? That is what he has done today with…

EU officials find that most of the ‘refugees’ are not refugees. What a mess

30 January 2016 12:03

Even EU officials are now finally admitting that a lot – or, rather, most – of the people we have…

George Weidenfeld with one of the authors he published, Anne Sebba (Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty)

George Weidenfeld was one of the great advocates for high European culture

20 January 2016 18:23

I am far abroad at the moment but have just learnt the sad news from home of the death of…


An adult has finally intervened in the childish Cecil Rhodes debate

14 January 2016 17:26

I’ve never had much time for Chris Patten, generally disliking the Tory Europhile and late Roy Jenkins impersonator.  But the…

Pegida demonstrators hit with water cannons by German police

Cologne exposes a crisis in our continent, yet parliament is debating Donald Trump

9 January 2016 18:03

Europe is going through a period of radical change, but it is facing this with a process of radical self-distraction. Unwilling…


The Middle East’s 30 Years’ War just took a turn for the worse

3 January 2016 21:37

In January 2014, Douglas Murray explained in The Spectator how relations in the Middle East were becoming increasingly tense. With…