Douglas Carswell

Jean Claude Juncker and David Cameron at Chequers. (Image: Getty).

Why David Cameron should take his time with the EU referendum

26 May 2015 13:23

Exhilarating, isn’t it? A referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the European Union is at hand. For the first time…

Preceding each sustained fall in GDP (red line) since 1971 there has been a sharp increase in money and credit (blue line).

A credit boom before each bust

14 January 2014 13:24

Here is a graph that shows the four economic downturns Britain has been through (red lines) over the past forty years.…

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Toryism’s trip back to the 70s

17 October 2013 11:34

Remember Ted Heath’s greatest hits of the 70s? Riding high in the charts was his ‘prices and incomes policy’. Followed…

Tribune, the left-wing mag, wants more free access to the Tory autumn conference.

iDemocracy and a new model party

15 July 2013 11:15

The Conservative party is a bit like HMV, the bankrupt music business. For years, just like HMV, we were market…

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Let’s have iMembers in our parties and really change politics

9 July 2013 18:08

Ed Miliband got it right. Faced with a fiasco in Falkirk, where the trade union, Unite, attempted to fix the…

Beppe Grillo

Why I love Beppe Grillo

28 February 2013 12:54

‘Crazy Italians!’ you might think.  Offered the choice between Bunga Bunga Berlusconi, an ex-Communist and a Brussels stooge, one in…