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The Changing Face Of The UK High Street

Britain’s banks fail the poor

28 July 2014 11:36

Britain’s banks aren’t working for the poor. We, the better off, might moan when our internet banking crashes or in-branch mortgage advisers can’t meet us on Saturday mornings; but these… Continue reading

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Forget zombies – the Queen is fighting slavery

4 June 2014 9:29

Two years ago a well-known MP told me that the Centre for Social Justice was wasting our time chasing political action against slavery, because it wasn’t a ‘doorstep issue’. I’m… Continue reading

Justice at last? (Photo: Christopher Furlong/Getty)

Justice for the cockle pickers would be a new Modern Slavery Bill

5 February 2014 18:21

Ten years ago the sands of Morecambe Bay were stained by modern slavery.  The death of 23 terrified Chinese cockle pickers, left stranded as the tide swept in, shocked our… Continue reading

The 'cap' on AME spending is a bold move, albeit one that might imperil other parts of the government's agenda.

Wriggle room welfare – 6 AME ‘cap’ observations

27 June 2013 15:53

The savings-hungry government has set its sights on welfare-related Annually Managed Expenditure (AME). At £183bn a year – it’s over half of all government AME spending. The state pension is… Continue reading

Are children growing up in poverty in spite of the welfare state - or because of it? Photo: Getty Images

Why church leaders are wrong to attack welfare cuts

31 March 2013 17:00

Another day, another welfare row. The practical outworking of the Government’s most controversial idea – that people on welfare should actually be better off in work, continues to spark outrage.… Continue reading

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Modern slavery: it happens here

11 March 2013 10:01

Slowly but surely, British court cases are revealing a once great nation of abolitionists to be a shadow of its former self.  We often celebrate the nineteenth century anti-slavery movement… Continue reading

Care of the elderly

Social care reforms: clever politics, bad government

11 February 2013 10:14

Judge a Government on its priorities.  And then its priorities within priorities.  Amidst the clamour for rapid and credible deficit reduction, the dawning reality that green shoots won’t sprout unaided,… Continue reading


Saving the children? Another child poverty report misses the bigger picture

5 September 2012 21:06

Yesterday’s reshuffle isn’t the only story in town. Save the Children, a global charity, has today started to fundraise for children in Britain whom it says are affected by the… Continue reading