Charles Moore

Charles Moore was editor of The Spectator 1984 - 1990. He continues to write a weekly column, The Spectator's Notes. You can read extracts of his column here.

We should be flattered not threatened by France’s bid to take on the City

22 October 2016 10:05

The French are trying to seduce the British to come and work in Paris. A video hymns the delights of…

Donald Trump has truly shown his nasty side

15 October 2016 9:06

Given all the outrageous things that Donald Trump has done and said already, why has he got into so much…

King Bhumibol’s death stops all the clocks in Thailand

13 October 2016 15:27

The sad news that King Bhumibol of Thailand is no longer of this world is causing considerable perplexity, because even…

Theresa May has helped Brexit seem doable

9 October 2016 14:33

People attack the whole business of having an EU referendum, but one of its pluses was that it invited millions…

Theresa May’s plain style is a blessed relief

8 October 2016 15:06

Mrs May’s plain style may well come to irritate people in a few months, but just now it is extremely…

The science – and politics – of climate change

2 October 2016 12:01

Matt Ridley, well known to Spectator readers, is giving the Global Warming Policy Foundation’s Annual Lecture on 17 October, at…

Meet the German business giant who is excited about Brexit

1 October 2016 16:01

Mathias Döpfner, the extremely tall, extremely intelligent head of Axel Springer, is unusual in the generally conformist German business elite…

Why I’d never wear red corduroys

1 October 2016 11:59

The Spectator Book of Wit, Humour and Mischief (Little, Brown) is just out, launched at a party at the paper’s…

Trump fans should be proud to call themselves ‘the Deplorables’

25 September 2016 8:30

Hillary Clinton hazarded that half of Donald Trump’s supporters are a ‘basket of deplorables’. The Kaiser called the BEF a…

Christian criticism of Israel is myopic

24 September 2016 9:00

A Methodist church in Hinde Street, London, is exhibiting ‘You cannot pass today: Life through a dividing wall’, a reconstruction…

The V&A’s director is an accidental Bremoaner hero

24 September 2016 8:30

When I read that Martin Roth, the director of the V&A, was resigning from his job because of Brexit, I…

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Why is the RSPB picking on grouse moors?

21 August 2016 8:00

The Twelfth of August was heralded for me by an email from the RSPB. ‘RSPB warns driven grouse does not…

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The 17.4 Million Committee must be launched, urgently

20 August 2016 8:00

When it was reported that Liam Fox and Boris Johnson are already squabbling about who should be in charge of…


Why was I able to ‘vote’ twice in the EU referendum?

17 August 2016 14:41

When you vote in Britain, there is a relaxed feeling in the polling stations. This is a long-established part of…


The other Remainers who deserve the Légion d’Honneur

11 August 2016 12:11

Congratulations to Lionel Barber, editor of the Financial Times, who accidentally revealed that he is to be awarded the French…

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Brexit gives Theresa May the perfect excuse to stay in Britain

6 August 2016 8:20

Just now, Theresa May understandably feels the need to fly to a great many European countries to introduce herself to…

Michael Spencer (Photo: Getty)

Don’t rage at Cameron’s honours, but at the bureaucrats who blocked them

5 August 2016 10:43

The Daily Telegraph revealed on Tuesday that Michael Spencer, the chief executive of Icap, has been blocked for a peerage…


Scotland doesn’t deserve another referendum

30 July 2016 8:45

If the SNP ever succeeds, it will be because of the failure of the English to understand its game. English…

Mario Draghi

In praise of the European Central Bank

29 July 2016 13:01

During the EU referendum campaign, there was much unfavourable comment (usually justified) about foreign entities or leaders who intervened to…


To beat Islamist terror, France must close the gulf between church and state

28 July 2016 9:40

At the beginning of his war memoirs, Charles de Gaulle famously wrote, ‘All my life I have had a certain…


Is racism really on the rise in Britain?

17 July 2016 8:00

It keeps being said that racist ‘hate crime’ has increased as a result of the referendum. One must bear in…

CDU Holds Federal Party Congress

Is Jean-Claude Juncker the ‘Sepp Blatter of the EU’?

16 July 2016 8:00

A friend, himself a Remainer, describes Jean-Claude Juncker to me as ‘the Sepp Blatter of the EU’. It is a…

Theresa May becomes PM

Why Brexit better mean Brexit

14 July 2016 17:06

‘Brexit means Brexit’, says our new Prime Minister, but that does not tell us what she thinks Brexit would involve.…


Andrea Leadsom’s line about children? Thatcher did it first

14 July 2016 12:42

On Tuesday night in London, I spoke to Women2Win, a Conservative organisation dedicated to recruiting more women candidates. My title,…

Mark Carney Begins Role As New Governor Of Bank Of England

Will Mark Carney Brexit by Christmas?

13 July 2016 12:49

Critics say the Bank of England put itself under suspicion by entering the referendum fray. Now Mark Carney says its…