Charles Moore

Charles Moore was editor of The Spectator 1984 - 1990. He continues to write a weekly column, The Spectator's Notes. You can read extracts of his column here.

What happened after I ‘voted’ twice in the EU referendum?

14 January 2017 9:30

Kind readers sometimes ask what has happened to the case against me for electoral fraud. In these Notes on 20…

Meryl Streep playing Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady

Meryl Streep won an Oscar for imitating the afflicted

11 January 2017 14:07

At the Golden Globes ceremony, Meryl Streep attacked Donald Trump because he ‘imitated a disabled reporter’. ‘When the powerful use…

There’s life after Brexit for Cambridge University

8 January 2017 8:00

As a former student of English at Cambridge, I am sent the faculty magazine, 9 West Road. Its latest issue…

French Far Right Party 'Front National' May Day Demonstration In Paris

I’m a part of the elite. So why am I cheering for the populist right?

11 December 2016 10:00

‘Are you Charles Moore of The Spectator?’ I answered to that description. ‘Well,’ said my questioner, ‘I am worried that you’re…

General Views of BBC Broadcasting House

The day I got Rod Liddle sacked

4 December 2016 14:00

On the few occasions when something I have written has directly affected a person, I have usually regretted it. During…


Supreme Court judges want it both ways

4 December 2016 8:30

The Article 50 case has at last woken people up to the power of the Supreme Court. On Monday, at…

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The reality of Cuba’s health service

3 December 2016 11:00

In all the arguments surging about Fidel Castro, I have noticed the lack of simple, even tourist-level observation, of what…


François Fillon’s Thatcherism is both respectable and brave

3 December 2016 8:30

It seems perplexing that François Fillon, now the Republican candidate for the French presidency, should be a declared admirer of…

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How Sir Norman Bettison suffered over Hillsborough

27 November 2016 9:15

An independence problem afflicts the aftermath of the Hillsborough inquiry. I have just read a new book by Norman Bettison,…


The trouble with ‘independent’ inquiries

26 November 2016 9:15

‘Independent’ is becoming an excuse-word in government. The inquiry into historical child abuse is called the Independent Inquiry into Child…


JFK picked his own British ambassador. Why shouldn’t Trump?

24 November 2016 15:18

It is not self-evidently ridiculous that Nigel Farage should be the next British ambassador to the United States. The wishes…

Why Conrad Black was right about the genius of Trump

20 November 2016 10:00

At least two former Spectator figures understood things about the recent American contest which eluded most commentators. The first is…

Why is this church offering diva pics and videos?

19 November 2016 8:30

In Northern Ireland recently, I sought out the Mass times of the local Church of the Immaculate Conception. Its website…

A Trump supporter

Will Trump produce merchandise for his ‘basket of deplorables’?

17 November 2016 8:43

When, in September, Mrs Clinton consigned ‘half’ of Mr Trump’s supporters to what she called the ‘basket of deplorables’, I…

Gillon Aitken: A great literary agent we all looked up to

6 November 2016 9:00

Gillon Aitken, the great literary agent, who has just died, was a reserved man. It is an admirable and brave…

Larkin, Keats and Hardy can all be summed up in a word – but not Shakespeare

5 November 2016 9:00

What can be said in a word? A lot, if you are a poet. Poets annex familiar words and empower…

Hillary Clinton’s bad luck with sex scandals

3 November 2016 16:17

It is such bad luck for Mrs Clinton that her last-minute troubles have come upon her because of the curious…


A ‘Battle of Orgreave’ inquiry would have been a complete travesty

2 November 2016 10:07

It is a great relief that there will be no inquiry into the ‘Battle of Orgreave’ in 1984. The weirdness…

Why I’d rather be called mate, sir or Mr Moore, than Charles

29 October 2016 9:30

Would you like to be called Charles or Mr Moore?’ my bank asked me when I rang with a query.…

Alan Turing was given a posthumous pardon 59 years after his death

It’s not Alan Turing who needs an apology

27 October 2016 15:00

My invitation to the Pink News dinner (where David Cameron won an award) on Wednesday night promised ‘an inspirational evening’…

We should be flattered not threatened by France’s bid to take on the City

22 October 2016 10:05

The French are trying to seduce the British to come and work in Paris. A video hymns the delights of…

Donald Trump has truly shown his nasty side

15 October 2016 9:06

Given all the outrageous things that Donald Trump has done and said already, why has he got into so much…

King Bhumibol’s death stops all the clocks in Thailand

13 October 2016 15:27

The sad news that King Bhumibol of Thailand is no longer of this world is causing considerable perplexity, because even…

Theresa May has helped Brexit seem doable

9 October 2016 14:33

People attack the whole business of having an EU referendum, but one of its pluses was that it invited millions…

Theresa May’s plain style is a blessed relief

8 October 2016 15:06

Mrs May’s plain style may well come to irritate people in a few months, but just now it is extremely…