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Camilla Swift is an editorial assistant at The Spectator.

Riders Meet For The Traditional Boxing Day Hunt

Why all the fuss about hunting? After all, it’s not a vote-loser

23 April 2014 10:23

The last couple of months have seen a huge amount of to-and-froing over the hunting ban from David Cameron. After the Federation of Welsh Farmers Packs published research into the… Continue reading

Zara Phillips competing in Buckinghamshire this weekend, 12 weeks after giving birth. Image: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Zara Phillips and The Queen are a well-needed breath of fresh air

22 April 2014 18:32

‘Look at how fantastic Kate looks on her tour of Australia and New Zealand’, everyone exclaims. ‘And she only gave birth 9 months ago!’ Yes, the Duchess of Cambridge certainly… Continue reading

Britain's first cloned puppy. Image: Channel 4

The cloning industry may be closer than you think

15 April 2014 14:55

A cute puppy is natural front-page fodder, as the birth of Britain’s first cloned puppy last week proved. When it was announced that Rebecca Smith, from London, had won a… Continue reading

The inimitable Clarissa Dickson Wright. Image: PA

Eight of Clarissa Dickson Wright’s finest moments

7 April 2014 15:30

The funeral of Clarissa Dickson Wright: cook, television personality, countryside campaigner and, at the time, the youngest woman ever to be called to the Bar, was held in Edinburgh this… Continue reading

Image: Getty

The Grand National 2014: Could the ‘Royal Dude’ triumph?

5 April 2014 10:49

Channel 4 have gone all out with their coverage of today’s Grand National (sponsored, for the first time, by Crabbie’s). As well as the race itself, the channel boasts of having… Continue reading

The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay on a trip to Harris Image: Brighter Still/PA Wire

Hurrah for National Tweed Day!

3 April 2014 14:27

As I’m sure many of you will be aware, today is a very important day: National Tweed Day. To be honest, I don’t quite understand why they chose the first… Continue reading

Image: Getty

Why not fine those who waste the NHS’s resources?

1 April 2014 16:07

What do I want from the budget, I was asked. So I had a think. One plea was for no more pasty taxes, which I argued distracted from the more… Continue reading

What would you like to see in this year's Budget?

What I want in the Budget: penalties for those who miss NHS appointments

16 March 2014 14:25

Every year the Budget comes and goes, amid a flurry of live blogging and urgent blog posts at The Spectator. And almost every year, the papers are full of the… Continue reading

Image: PA

Why culling isn’t a black and white issue

15 March 2014 11:32

To cull or not to cull: that is – once again – the question. This time it’s not badgers, deer, or even goats that are being discussed, but wild boar.… Continue reading

Tony McCoy celebrates his win on Sychronised in 2012. Image: Getty

Cheltenham Gold Cup predictions: Peter Oborne, Robin Oakley, and more

14 March 2014 12:00

The jewel in the crown of the Cheltenham Festival – the Gold Cup – starts this afternoon at 3.20. And, unsurprisingly, today is also one of the biggest betting days… Continue reading

Arkle with Pat Taaffe. Image: Getty

Weighed in, weighed in. Cheltenham 2014 is underway

11 March 2014 13:23

The Cheltenham Festival kicks off today, and this year marks the 50th anniversary of the beginning of Arkle’s winning streak of 3 consecutive Cheltenham Gold Cups, from 1964-1966. Here he… Continue reading

A bloodhound at Crufts 2013. Image: PA

Crufts should be celebrated, not censured

6 March 2014 19:53

It’s turned out to be a bit of a doggy week. Yesterday, an email plopped into my inbox from the animal rights charity Peta. ‘We have fired off a letter… Continue reading

George MacDonald, Wriggle and Rosie deliver their petition to Holyrood. Image: PA

When it comes to working dogs, sometimes tail docking is the kindest option

4 March 2014 16:10

Imagine you’re a dog with a long, silky tail that you like to wag. The problem is, you spend your days running across moorland, through prickly undergrowth, which makes your… Continue reading

Image: Getty

If this picture puts your toddler off his lunch, he should consider vegetarianism

28 February 2014 14:40

How can we encourage children to be closer to nature, when 80% of Britons live in urban areas? This is the question that Michael Gove attempts to answer in his… Continue reading

(Image: Carla Miller)

Podcast: Cameron’s Northern Alliance, Christianity and the left, and the end of two-party politics

27 February 2014 9:54

Is David Cameron’s new gameplan to look to the northern states for allies? Fraser Nelson is joined on the podcast by Stephen Booth of Open Europe, to discuss the influence that people… Continue reading

Gavin Grant and Brian May at a 'Stop the Badger Cull' rally in Bristol. Image: PA

Gavin Grant steps down. What now for the RSPCA?

25 February 2014 15:21

Gavin Grant, the CEO of the RSPCA, is stepping down from his role after just over two years in the job because there are ‘concerns about his health’, the charity… Continue reading


The Environment Agency is not funny

22 February 2014 10:24

‘Kool-Aid conservationists’ are on the rise, and they’re part of the reason why Britain is still covered in water. So says Melissa Kite in this week’s Spectator, as she highlights… Continue reading

Can't you just feel the excitement? Image: Getty

Is the curling still on…?

19 February 2014 16:50

The Winter Olympics have been going on for over a week now, and we’ve been treated to a good ten hours of winter sports per day by the BBC. But… Continue reading


Will China kill all of Africa’s elephants?

13 February 2014 14:30

In 2010, Aidan Hartley, our ‘Wild Life’ columnist and Unreported World presenter, asked in his feature below: ‘Will China kill all Africa’s elephants?’ And, as I type, politicians from over 50… Continue reading

The solution to the floods?

Could beavers really solve our flooding crisis?

11 February 2014 17:35

All this talk about dredging is well and good; but could the humble beaver in fact be the solution to the nation’s floods? Well, as far as the Mammal Society… Continue reading

High Tides, Rain And Strong Winds Continue To Hit The UK

Memo to the Environment Agency: humans have needs too

10 February 2014 11:31

It is not surprising that the Environment Agency (EA) have come under attack for the flooding in South West England. What is surprising is how long it took people to catch… Continue reading

Pigs in their pen in Chengdu, China. Image: Getty

The mutant meat industry

7 February 2014 14:11

When it emerged that there was horsemeat in cheap burgers, some people thought it might spark a revolution in the British meat industry. Now that the public are more aware… Continue reading

A dramatic, gory picture does not necessarily tell the whole story. (Image: Michael Heath)

Let them eat whale

30 January 2014 11:28

If the Faroe Islanders want to eat whale, let them. So says Tim Ecott in today’s Spectator. He argues that the Faroese – who live on dramatic and remote islands… Continue reading

Frankel and Danedream - a match made in heaven? Images: PA

A racing tip for the future

29 January 2014 10:04

Here’s a tip for the gamblers among you, albeit one that you’ll have to sit on for a while. Danedream, winner of the 2011 Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, has… Continue reading

Are sheep the enemies of promise of the countryside?(PETER MUHLY/AFP/Getty Images)

Will Britain ever see George Monbiot’s sheep-free fantasy?

28 January 2014 11:50

Would England be the same without the sight of sheep grazing on its ‘green and pleasant land’? Most likely not; but, then again, that might not be a bad thing.… Continue reading