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'In Times of Fading Light' by Eugen Ruge tells the story of one German family's conflicts over the course of 70 years.

Review: In Times of Fading Light by Eugen Ruge – a tale of rebellion and conformity

21 August 2013 15:30

In Times of Fading Light’s seven narrators exist in an almost permanent state of bewildered disappointment. Given that the narrators are various generations of the same family, what we’re shown… Continue reading


Dangerous romance – Clever Girl by Tessa Hadley

21 May 2013 9:10

‘The bus company’s yellow tin sign on its concrete post seemed for a long while a forlorn flag announcing nothing,’ notes Stella, the narrator of Tessa Hadley’s new novel Clever… Continue reading

The Humans by Matt Haig will be published on Thursday by Canongate Books.

Alienation effect

7 May 2013 12:54

‘To give you an idea of the way people here consume stories, I have put this book together as a human would’ writes the alien narrator of Matt Haig’s novel… Continue reading

Weathering the Wall Street Crash; a party at the Piccadilly Hotel in 1931. (Photo by Sasha/Getty Images)

Heat Lightning by Helen Hull – review

16 April 2013 9:56

‘I had decided that I wished to write a novel about the immediate present – this was the summer of 1930 – and I had been speculating about the way… Continue reading

Elvis Presley appears in a dream to Enoch O’Reilly, the "hero" of Peter Murphy's 'Shall We Gather At The River', and Enoch is compelled to become a radiovangelist, albeit one who does not believe in God. Image: Getty

Review – Shall We Gather At The River, by Peter Murphy

24 January 2013 17:09

Shall We Gather At The River is a book of unfortunate endings — the stories of nine suicides hang from a plot-line that tells of a freak flood in the… Continue reading

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