Andrew Green


Where are the government going on immigration?

1 December 2016 17:35

Today’s net migration figures are still at their record level of just over a third of a million a year.…


Why Brexit wouldn’t leave voters out of pocket

8 June 2016 13:22

The Treasury says that the cost of the UK leaving the EU would be £4,300 per household – but compared…

Post-Brexit Britain could cut net migration by 100,000 a year. Here’s how

30 May 2016 13:41

The absence of an outline of a post-exit immigration regime is a serious gap in the Referendum debate. That need…


Can we really trust the economists on EU immigration?

13 May 2016 10:49

A recent Coffee House blog quite rightly noted that many British people are concerned that high levels of immigration have hurt…

Eastern European immigrants are  perceived as taking British jobs (Photo: Denis Charlet/AFP/Getty)

The Ukip ‘earthquake’ must provoke a proper debate about immigration

27 May 2014 12:09

The ‘debate’ about immigration in recent weeks has failed to focus on the crucial issue – the sheer scale that…

Those vans

The BBC’s immigration scare story

5 March 2014 12:11

The BBC’s enthusiasm for anything that might undermine the Government’s immigration policy was demonstrated yet again by the excitable tone…


Romanian and Bulgarian migration – What next?

1 January 2014 16:57

So there was no great rush of arrivals from Romania and Bulgaria on day one – nor was there ever…

Putin, Cameron and Obama at the G8 in Northern Ireland. Image: Getty

If you think arming the rebels is the answer, then you don’t understand Syria

20 June 2013 10:46

The Spectator debate on Monday will no doubt pick up from Cameron’s statement to the House of Commons after the…

Image: Getty

Why, once again, a fall in student immigration is good

24 May 2013 13:21

Yesterday came the news that net migration has once again fallen, this time to its lowest level for ten years.…

David Cameron visiting UK Border Control. Photo: Getty Images.

Falling net migration: a clear policy success?

28 February 2013 17:37

The fall of one third in the net immigration statistics announced today is the most significant development since that number rose by…

Protest Takes Place Over Immigration Rights

Reducing the ‘pull factor’ for Romanian and Bulgarian migrants

7 February 2013 10:23

Whisper it but the government have a fighting chance of reaching their immigration target. The main risk now is an…

Photo: PA

Immigration caps don’t hamper the economic recovery. Why pretend otherwise?

28 October 2012 15:55

The immigration lobby are getting desperately short of arguments to set against the huge costs of mass immigration. The first…