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Andrew Neil’s eulogy for Sir Alastair Burnet

12 November 2012 16:00

A memorial service was held today for Sir Alastair Burnet at St Martins-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square. Hundreds of family, friends and colleagues from the worlds of politics, print journalism, broadcasting… Continue reading

Wilson At ITV

Sir Alastair Burnet, 1928-2012

20 July 2012 10:30

It is with much sadness and regret that I have been asked by family and friends to announce the death of Sir Alastair Burnet. He passed away peacefully in the… Continue reading


The full story on NHS spending

4 October 2011 15:32

I make no apologies for returning to government spending on health. The Tory promise in the election to ring-fence health spending and increase it in real terms every year even… Continue reading


Why work experience matters more than ever

13 February 2011 13:28

In my recent BBC2 documentary, Posh & Posher, I explained how networking and contacts played a crucial role in giving those with the right connections an early leg up in… Continue reading


Brown let the dogs out

14 April 2009 10:20

When you keep a kennel of attack dogs then I guess you can’t entirely claim ignorance or absence of responsibility when one of them bites several passers by. That explains… Continue reading


The shape of things to come

26 March 2009 11:15

Today the Daily Politics stages the battle of the bloggers — on the New Labour left, Dolly Draper, on the libertarian right, Guido Fawkes — and we do so on… Continue reading


Today’s surprise inflation figures have strengthened Darling’s hand as he tries to prevent another stimulus

24 March 2009 10:52

In the current unprecedented economic circumstances, politicians and policy-makers are having to learn as they go. So are economic commentators. It was widely predicted by economists in the City and… Continue reading


Thoughts from abroad, with two days to go…

3 November 2008 14:17

…and assuming an Obama victory. If McCain wins expect very different thoughts on Wednesday morning! 1) That part of the world which does not include the USA is pretty much… Continue reading


Coffee House exclusive: What the Russians want in return for bailing out Iceland

7 October 2008 13:52

Near-bankrupt Iceland’s €4bn ($5.43bn) loan from Russia is still not a done deal. Iceland’s central bank Governor David Oddsson says that talks are still "ongoing" but that any aid from… Continue reading


The post-conference landscape

2 October 2008 11:21

The party conference season is over and we’re back to business as usual — except that in the current financial and economic turmoil, political business is anything but normal.  … Continue reading


Exclusive: Martha Stewart banned from Britain! Her loss — or ours?

20 June 2008 13:26

I was scheduled to have dinner with Martha Stewart, America’s very own domestic goddess, in London next week — but not any more. She was due to arrive for an… Continue reading


Will Gordon shed a tear for his old grammar school?

18 May 2008 9:19

When Gordon Brown entered Downing Street for the first time as Prime Minister he talked about the excellence of the education he received at Kirkcaldy High School in Fife. He… Continue reading


Raising taxes on those who work hard for little money could be the end of Labour

20 April 2008 10:44

Coffee Housers will soon be piling in with their own take on Alistair Darling’s performance on BBC1′s Andrew Marr Show this morning — he seemed to accept the abolition of… Continue reading


Binge borrowers

12 March 2008 13:51

The TV pundits still don’t seem to grasp the enormity of the Chancellor’s borrowing binge to come, all the more significant because of the borrowing binge we’ve already had. The… Continue reading


But what would the Tories do?

12 March 2008 13:39

Cameron is making an effective attack on Darling and his non-Budget. He is rightly concentrating on the government’s consistent and substantial underestimating of budget deficits. But if the deficits are… Continue reading


Not much to say, Darling

12 March 2008 13:26

He’s sat down already! So much for the spin that he would speak for an hour. He barely had enough for half an hour and eked that out to 50… Continue reading


A do nothing Budget

12 March 2008 13:20

We’re already into padding … a penny here, a penny there on various pet spending projects (schools, apprentices) which have already underperformed despite the billions thrown at them … and… Continue reading


Borrow, borrow and borrow again

12 March 2008 13:04

The bottom line of this budget so far: lower growth and higher borrowing … indeed higher borrowing for as far as the eye can see. There is not a surplus… Continue reading

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European inaction

30 January 2008 8:35

Consider the response of America and Europe to the current financial turmoil. In Washington, the US Federal Reserve slashes interest rates by 75 basis points and the Bush administration proposes… Continue reading


What London should learn from New York

27 December 2007 14:00

New York’s famed zero-tolerance approach to crime continues to work its magic. This year murders are on track to fall below 500 for the first time since reliable records began… Continue reading


Party Non-Etiquette

26 December 2007 17:15

I gave two big Christmas bashes this year, one in London, one in New York. Both included friends who are celebrities, such as Joan Collins, Michael Winner, Tina Brown, Harry… Continue reading


London needs a dedicated traffic police

18 December 2007 12:29

On the way to a birthday party in Bucks on Sunday night we were delayed by a long tailback on the elevated section of the A4 out of London by… Continue reading