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Alex Massie a freelance journalist and former Washington correspondent for The Scotsman. He was short-listed for the 2012 Orwell Prize for his blogging.

Former Prime Minister John Major And Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband Give Evidence At The Leveson Inquiry

Sir John Major is right about education and privilege in modern Britain

12 November 2013 12:18

Sir John Major is, of course, correct. It is depressing, though perhaps not surprising, that the British upper-middle-classes – that is, those educated privately – still dominate what he termed… Continue reading


Commemorating the First World War is not a festival of British Nationalism

8 November 2013 14:08

You should never, these days, under-estimate peoples’ ability to be outraged – outraged, I tells you – by the most innocuous event. Never. There are, after all, a depressing number… Continue reading

26th Annual ARIA Awards 2012 - Award Winner Portraits

Russell Brand is right about one thing: he is a twerp.

6 November 2013 12:53

Oh for the love of God, he’s back. Russell Brand, Britain’s sophomoric revolutionary-in-chief, has written another call-to-something. At least this one is shorter than his previous manifesto. Alas it makes… Continue reading

New Naval Ship Launch In Glasgow

I see no ships (on the Clyde)

6 November 2013 10:32

The sorry truth of the matter is that Glasgow has been in decline for a century. 1913 was the city’s greatest year. Then it produced a third of the railway… Continue reading

World Series - St Louis Cardinals v Boston Red Sox - Game Six

Ed Miliband supports the Boston Red Sox. This is all anyone need know about him.

31 October 2013 18:03

It is, of course, beyond dismal that the Boston Red Sox won the World Series last night. The only upside to this is that it ensured the St Louis Cardinals,… Continue reading

Ecstasy Seisure In Los Angeles

Peter Hitchens is wrong (on the internet!). There really is a War on Drugs.

30 October 2013 12:31

Before I headed off on honeymoon I took a pop at Peter Hitchens’ rather odd assertion that there was no such thing in this country as the War on Drugs.… Continue reading

Home Secretary Theresa May Speaks At The College of Policing Conference

Theresa May’s grubby little warning: an independent Scotland will be out in the cold

29 October 2013 18:10

It is a good thing that government ministers come to Scotland sometimes. It is a bad thing that they insist on opening their mouths when they do. Earlier this year… Continue reading

Alex Salmond Speaks At Scottish Independence March And Rally

Life after Scottish Independence: lower taxes, lower spending, no free lunches

29 October 2013 8:40

Every so often a report is published that cheers you up. Not because it contains any particularly good news but simply – that is to say, selfishly – because it… Continue reading

Amnesty International's Secret Policeman's Ball 2012 - Show

Russell Brand: an adolescent extremist whose hatred of politics is matched by his ignorance

28 October 2013 12:11

So, I recommend a trip to Sri Lanka. Wonderful place. Go now before everyone else does. Being (almost entirely) offline for a couple of weeks is a blessing too. But… Continue reading

Labour Conference Focuses On Leader's Speech

If Ed Miliband is to become Prime Minister he needs more than gimmicks

11 October 2013 12:26

Ed Miliband, everyone seems to agree, has had a good few weeks, even months. Everyone agrees on this even though Labour’s position in the polls is not significantly better now… Continue reading

Blackpool's Shale Gas Drilling Begins

Why won’t the SNP embrace the shale gas revolution?

11 October 2013 10:08

One of the odder elements of the current energy debate at present is that the political party that spends the most time talking about energy – that’s the SNP by… Continue reading

Theresa May attacked critics of the Communications Data Bill yesterday. Picture: Getty

Theresa May’s Immigration Bill is another contemptible piece of legislation

10 October 2013 15:11

Say this for the government, they are at least consistent. Their contemptible lobbying bill is now followed by their equally contemptible immigration bill. Sometimes you think that if it weren’t… Continue reading

Obama Admin. Unveils New Policy Easing Medical Marijuana Prosecutions

Yes, of course the War on Drugs exists (but it shouldn’t)

10 October 2013 0:04

There is something contemptible about Nick Clegg’s latest piece of handwringing. the Deputy Prime Minister – a position that, at least notionally, carries some clout – complains that he’d very… Continue reading


Tommy Robinson: Zionist puppet, Neocon Fraud and Wahhabist Stooge.

8 October 2013 15:56

If you ever want a laugh, read the websites of Britain’s collection of far-right political groupings. It is worth doing so if only to remind yourself that the “threat” from… Continue reading

Some of the ministers who are in or out in today's reshuffle.

Small Reshuffle in Britain; Not Many Dead

7 October 2013 14:56

First things first: a reshuffle in which only one cabinet minister is sacked redeployed is a reshuffle in name only. It means the action – if you can call it… Continue reading

Witnesses Are Recalled To The Leveson Inquiry

The Daily Mail is disreputable, twisted, tendentious and malignant. Thank heavens for that

4 October 2013 10:18

For the want of a question mark, the empire was defeated. Something like that anyway. Changing The Man Who Hated Britain to A Man Who Hated Britain? would have saved the Daily Mail… Continue reading

Prince Charles Attends Drumhead Service in Edinburgh

David Cameron ducks a debate with Alex Salmond. This makes sense but is still depressing.

27 September 2013 15:07

A novice poker player quickly learns – or had better quickly learn – that strength often connotes weakness and weakness is a reliable indicator of strength. But as the stakes… Continue reading

Sir David Attenborough Attends The Press View Of The Ashmolean Museum's new Edward Lear Exhibition

Being a ‘National Treasure’ appears to be a license to talk rot

26 September 2013 11:36

Take, for instance, the curious case of Sir David Attenborough. The poor booby is another neo-Malthusian. Which is another reminder that expertise in one area is no guarantee of good… Continue reading

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Gives His Keynote Speech At the Annual Party Conference

Ed Miliband: You Are The Quiet Bat People And I Am On Your Side

24 September 2013 18:25

Ronald Reagan once quipped that  “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” As was so often the case… Continue reading


The heroism of Pussy Riot and life inside the modern Russian gulag

24 September 2013 13:35

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova’s decision to begin a hunger strike in protest against the conditions she and her fellow prisoners endure inside Russia’s modern gulag will, doubtless, be met with a measure… Continue reading

UKIP Annual Conference 2013

Thank Heavens for Godfrey Bloom

23 September 2013 17:47

I was at a funeral on Friday and so late catching-up with the latest entertainment provided by UKIP. But, gosh, thank heavens for Godfrey Bloom. Not just because he and… Continue reading

Berlin Senior Citizens' Week

World Without Borders: Lebensraum for German Pensioners

18 September 2013 12:33

Borders matter less than they used to. That’s not always apparent in this country protected as it is by the sea but on the continent frontiers are, once again, increasingly… Continue reading

England And Scotland Fans Arrive To Renew The Oldest Rivalry In Football

A Cheap Parcel of Rogues

16 September 2013 15:28

What price a Scotsman’s vote? About £500 apparently. Beneath a headline claiming ‘New poll gives Yes campaign hope’ The Scotsman reports that support for independence, as measured by ICM, rises to… Continue reading

Royal Mail Misses All Performance Targets

Yes, Royal Mail should be privatised.

12 September 2013 12:36

In this morning’s post: enticing offers from McDonald’s, Domino’s pizza, Sainsbury’s a local clothes shop and a children’s charity. Arriving later today: a couriered parcel from Amazon.  That’s often the… Continue reading

Press Censorship

The lobbying bill is a pernicious attack on freedom. All good men (and women) should oppose it.

10 September 2013 18:18

Sometimes, you know, I come close to despair. These are the times when you think the Reverend I.M Jolly was right. About everything. I mean, you could read Benedict Brogan’s… Continue reading