Alex Massie

Alex Massie is Scotland Editor of The Spectator. He also writes a column for The Times and is a regular contributor to the Scottish Daily Mail, The Scotsman and other publications.


No, Donald Trump isn’t a ‘massive, magnificent gift’ for Britain

20 January 2017 12:41

There are certain traditional ceremonies without which the inauguration of a new American president cannot take place. Chief among them,…

UKIP Referendum Bus Travels To South Yorkshire

A full English Brexit is on the menu

17 January 2017 18:17

Kipling wrote about Brexit first, you know: “It is always a temptation for a rich and lazy nation, To puff…

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Princess Diana understood what ‘global Britain’ meant. Does Theresa May?

16 January 2017 14:46

So, ‘global Britain’ eh? This, we are told, will be the leitmotif for Theresa May’s Brexit speech tomorrow and, indeed,…

The SNP’s dominance in Scotland is complete

13 January 2017 16:53

Like the past, Scotland is a different country. Things are done differently here. What might be thought eyebrow-raisingly inappropriate in…

Nicola Sturgeon is making it up as she goes along

9 January 2017 14:32

Because the SNP have won so often and so conclusively in recent years there is an understandable temptation to suppose they…

Nicola Sturgeon’s Baldrick moment

21 December 2016 15:00

Yesterday, the Scottish government published its ‘plan’ for life after Brexit. It was, at 60 or so pages, more detailed…

EU Referendum - Signage And Symbols

Brexiteers won’t now admit it, but removing EU citizens was a key part of Vote Leave’s campaign

1 December 2016 10:40

Who could have predicted that the fate of millions of people from EU member states presently residing in the United…


This St Andrew’s Day, Scottish Tories should count their blessings

30 November 2016 15:47

As is traditional, St Andrew’s Day will be marked in the proper style by expatriate Scots gathering to bless what…

Donald Trump is going to be a dreadful president. Let’s not suddenly pretend otherwise

14 November 2016 17:12

Life, like they say, comes at you fast. Just a week ago the reality-based world worried that the American people…


America elected a man who believes in nothing but himself

10 November 2016 14:49

In the aftermath of disaster, it is always easy – and perhaps even psychologically necessary – to suppose matters cannot…

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America, what has become of you?

7 November 2016 17:58

And so, at long, long last, the end approaches. In fact, as millions of Americans have voted before election day, the…

Nigel Farage has spoken out against the High Court's Article 50 ruling

The unhinged backlash to the High Court’s Brexit ruling

4 November 2016 13:50

As a general rule, any day the government loses in court is a good day. So yesterday was an especially…

Nicola Sturgeon’s cherished Brexit grievance rears its head

13 October 2016 13:32

Politics is a question of priorities. Push always comes to shove and that’s when you discover what a party really…


Britain for the British: Theresa May leads a new nationalist government

6 October 2016 8:54

Scottish jobs for Scottish workers. We’re going to stop foreigners from coming here and taking jobs Scottish people can do.…

The Conservative Party Conference 2016 - Day One

Why didn’t Theresa May campaign for Brexit?

2 October 2016 15:35

According to Theresa May, interviewed by Tim Shipman in today’s Sunday Times, Brexit will make the United Kingdom ‘a sovereign and…


Last night’s debate was Donald Trump vs Himself. And Trump lost

27 September 2016 12:47

As a general rule, presidential debates don’t change much. The winning and the losing matters much less than you think.…

Middlesex v Yorkshire - Specsavers County Championship: Division One

Another glorious year of County Championship cricket; another glorious failure for Somerset

23 September 2016 19:39

Nearly fifty years ago, CR Poole published a short work entitled ‘The Customs, Superstitions, and Legends of the County of Somerset’.…

Keynote Speech By New Leader Of The SNP Nicola Sturgeon

Scottish independence has become a zombie policy

17 September 2016 8:16

Sunday is the second anniversary of the Scottish independence referendum, the second ‘Here’s what you could have won’ day of…

Liam Fox is giving a speech on the economy to the IEA today. Picture: Getty

Liam Fox confirms that Britain now has a nationalist government

11 September 2016 13:42

Unlike the boss, I thought Liam Fox’s comments on fat and lazy British businesses that could be exporting more but aren’t because, well, an…

Where has all the money gone, Nicola Sturgeon?

24 August 2016 13:37

Just three years ago, the Scottish government enjoyed claiming that an independent Scotland would be one of the wealthiest countries…

Now the SNP are in power their skin seems to have thinned

19 August 2016 14:01

Scotland is a small place. This has many advantages. There is an intimacy to Scottish public life that can, on…


Nicola Sturgeon’s Brexit test is designed to fail

26 July 2016 8:37

Nicola Sturgeon still believes in Scottish independence. I know, who knew? That’s the point of the SNP, a party Ms…

Theresa May faces an impossible test over Scotland and Brexit

15 July 2016 10:42

For some time now, and especially since September 2014, the SNP administration in Edinburgh has been inspired by a single,…

Flotilla Of Pro Brexit fishing Vessels Protest Outside The Houses of Parliament

What kind of Brexit has Britain chosen? We need a general election to find out

10 July 2016 17:04

Britain voted for Brexit so Brexit is going to have to happen. That’s the way it works and there’s no…

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Brexit has encouraged an eruption of nasty nativism. Why is anyone surprised by this?

8 July 2016 12:26

Even in an age of ridiculousness there is something preposterous about the sight of so many prominent Leavers clutching their…