Alex Massie

Alex Massie is Scotland Editor of The Spectator. He also writes a column for The Times and is a regular contributor to the Scottish Daily Mail, The Scotsman and other publications.

Theresa May faces an impossible test over Scotland and Brexit

15 July 2016 10:42

For some time now, and especially since September 2014, the SNP administration in Edinburgh has been inspired by a single,…

Flotilla Of Pro Brexit fishing Vessels Protest Outside The Houses of Parliament

What kind of Brexit has Britain chosen? We need a general election to find out

10 July 2016 17:04

Britain voted for Brexit so Brexit is going to have to happen. That’s the way it works and there’s no…

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Brexit has encouraged an eruption of nasty nativism. Why is anyone surprised by this?

8 July 2016 12:26

Even in an age of ridiculousness there is something preposterous about the sight of so many prominent Leavers clutching their…

ABERDEEN, SCOTLAND - OCTOBER 15:  First Minister Nicola Sturgeon delivers a welcome address to the 81st Annual SNP conference at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference centre on October 15, 2015 in Aberdeen, Scotland. Nicola Sturgeon used her opening speech at the SNP conference to call on people who rejected independence in the referendum to vote for her party in next years Holyrood election.  (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Is Brexit the beginning of the End of Britain?

27 June 2016 20:53

So where are we now? Pretty much in the same position as the traveller who asks for directions to Limerick…

BBC Hosts EU Debate At Wembley Arena

Ruth Davidson is not the answer to English Tory prayers

22 June 2016 14:26

Tacitus argued that, after 68, ‘the secret of imperial rule was revealed: an emperor could be made somewhere other than Rome’.…


Every political generation has its low moment; this is ours

20 June 2016 14:59

No, there was never a Golden Age of genteel and elevated discourse. Never a time when the fate of the…


A Day of Infamy

16 June 2016 18:17

Events have a multiplier effect. And when they come in bunches the effect can be overpowering. This was already a…


Has England gone mad?

15 June 2016 13:25

In the final, frenzied, all-things-seem-possible days of the Scottish referendum on independence – the days when it seemed there was…


Every honest and decent person must hope Hillary Clinton wins this Presidential election

3 June 2016 13:38

You don’t have to like Hillary Clinton to hope she becomes the next President of the United States. But, by…


Confirmed: the junior doctors’ strike was about money, not patient safety

26 May 2016 13:16

Everyone respects doctors. Some people even love them. They may not be quite as nobly exalted as nurses but they’re…


Project Fear 2 is a rubbish sequel. But it will still work

24 May 2016 13:17

Sometimes, in this game, it’s tempting to over-complicate things. The lesson of Talleyrand’s death – What did he mean by that? –…

Jeremy-Corbyn-with-Gerry-Adams copy

Jeremy Corbyn should not be allowed to rewrite the history of his support for the IRA

17 May 2016 13:22

Something remarkable is happening in British politics right now. Something rotten and disgusting too. Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Her…


Yes, there really has been a Tory revival in Scotland. Only a fool can deny that.

9 May 2016 20:39

For people who profess to be utterly uninterested in the fortunes of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party, SNP parliamentarians…


A force awakens in Scotland: the Union strikes back

6 May 2016 9:12

Nicola Sturgeon has her mandate but it is a smaller, feebler, mandate than almost everyone thought likely as recently as…


The Tories’ Return: New poll puts Conservatives ahead of Labour in Scotland

27 April 2016 15:22

At the 1997 general election the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party won 17.5 percent of the vote and lost its…


Theresa May sells Tory members an empty promise: are they as gullible as she thinks they are?

26 April 2016 8:58

What is Theresa May playing at? I mean, it’s one thing to treat the Conservative party’s remaining members as fools…

President Obama Meets With David Cameron At Downing Street

Barack Obama is driving the British right crazy. No wonder they sound like Republicans

23 April 2016 13:43

Something very strange and rather disturbing appears to be happening to the British right. Or at least to a large…


A vote for Brexit is a vote against Toryism

22 April 2016 16:12

It’s the rage I struggle to comprehend. There is, I am sure, an entirely reasonable case to be made for…

<> on April 20, 2016 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

All shall have prizes: the SNP launch the most unnecessary manifesto in Scottish political history

20 April 2016 13:22

The SNP launched their manifesto for the forthcoming election to the Scottish parliament in Edinburgh today. 1,400 party members gathered…


If you think this photograph is shameful you should probably be ashamed of yourself

14 April 2016 15:02

Today’s starter for ten: how does this photograph make you feel? Does it make you angry? Does it do more…


There’s been a Tweet but, worry not, DCI Taggart is on the case

1 April 2016 15:29

Behold, the Tweet that banned the internet. Has it really come to this? Evidently so. It is necessary to laugh…


The genius of Myles na Gopaleen must not be subjugated by the imperialism of Flann O’Brien

1 April 2016 13:32

Faith, has it really been two score years and ten? It has you know. Well, would you credit that? I…

George Osborne Visits Primary School In Yorkshire

George Osborne is the most over-rated politician in Britain

18 March 2016 20:36

Many moons ago, Charles J Haughey, Taoiseach of the 26 free counties, bestowed a great compliment upon an up-and-coming young…

Rangers v Celtic

The SNP’s ongoing war on football supporters would shame a better government

16 March 2016 19:09

Here we go, here we go, here we [expletive of your choice] go again. Our old friend, the Offensive Behaviour…

Barack Obama and David Cameron shake hands during a bilateral meeting at the summit of G7 nations at Schloss Elmau on June 7, 2015 near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

Barack Obama is right to offer his government’s view on the EU referendum

15 March 2016 13:04

My word, what a disgrace! What an outrage! Isn’t it deplorable that the President of the United States has the…