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James Delingpole is officially the world's best political blogger. (Well, that's what the 2013 Bloggies said). Besides the Spectator, he is executive editor of Breitbart London and writes for Bogpaper.com and Ricochet.com. His website is www.jamesdelingpole.com and his latest book is Watermelons.


I hope more darlings are killed off in Game of Thrones season 6

25 April 2016 21:55

So: Game of Thrones. Finally — season six — the TV series has overtaken the books on which it is…

A hunting bird chases a hare at a sports festival in Kazakhstan (Photo: Getty)

Green sentimentalists forget something: nature is utterly brutal

22 January 2016 12:11

Wild Lone is one of the most violent books I’ve ever read. It was published just before the last war and…


War & Peace is actually just an upmarket Downton Abbey

6 January 2016 12:07

Gosh what a breath of fresh air was Andrew Davies’s War & Peace adaptation (BBC1, Sundays) after all the stale…

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If I was elected your dictator for life, this is what I’d ban in 2016

1 January 2016 9:00

Things I am going to ban when, by popular acclaim, I am elected your Dictator For Life in 2016. 1.…

James Delingpole (right) with David Cameron (centre)

The truth about me, David Cameron, drugs and Supertramp

22 September 2015 13:36

This week I woke up shocked to find myself on the front page of the Daily Mail. Apparently I’m the…

Television UKIP: The First 100 Days

UKIP: The First 100 Days, Channel 4, review: a sad, predictable, desperate hatchet job

18 February 2015 11:31

This is an extract from this week’s magazine, available from tomorrow Just three months into Ukip’s shock victory as the…

Nigel Farage with Steph and Dom Parker. Photo: Channel 4.

Poor Farage was stitched up by Steph and Dom

16 December 2014 10:38

Steph and Dom are the posh-sounding, drunk couple from Gogglebox – the surprise hit programme where people are recorded sitting…


The big fat lie about cholesterol

26 June 2014 10:55

In his latest Spectator column, James Delingpole looks at a gigantic scare that lasts for decades because the experts are too…


Spectator Debate: Sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. Welcome to Generation Y’s world

18 June 2014 13:26

The Spectator’s latest debate – Stop Whining Young People: You’ve Never Had It So Good – was most disgracefully skewed…


The Keyser Söze of Ukrainian politics

18 April 2014 12:00

Dmitry Firtash is the Keyser Söze of Ukrainian politics — a mystery figure about whom you hear two very different…


Bitcoin vs Big Brother: why cryptocurrencies make sense

3 January 2014 17:29

You don’t need to be a particularly virulent pessimist to notice something phoney about this glorious economic recovery we’re supposedly…


It’s a boy! Advice for the royal baby from James Delingpole

22 July 2013 21:54

Congratulations, Baby Windsor. You have just been born a subject of Her Britannic Majesty (as it used to say on…

The laughing lefty

16 January 2012 15:17

What a shame the Christmas literary recommends season is over: otherwise I would have loved to draw this to your…

Good news! Sea levels aren’t rising dangerously

1 December 2011 16:37

This week’s Spectator cover star Nils-Axel Mörner brings some good news to a world otherwise mired in misery: sea levels…

Vote for Melanie!

12 January 2009 12:19

A bit like Andrew Sullivan’s blog in the last Gulf war, Melanie Phillips’s magnificent blog has become THE place to…

Fake plastic politics?

25 March 2008 19:04

Words you seldom hear at U2 concerts (or, indeed anywhere else): “If only Bono spent a bit less time in…

No kidding

9 May 2007 13:27

Children’s films ought to be at least as much for adults as children and I do get annoyed by those…