Yanis Varoufakis distances himself from Jeremy Corbyn

3 March 2016

12:12 PM

3 March 2016

12:12 PM

Oh dear. This week Jeremy Corbyn claimed that Yanis Varoufakis would advise Labour in ‘some capacity’. However, whatever capacity that will be, the message doesn’t appear to have got through to Varoufakis. After a week in which the former Syriza MP and Greek finance minister has been made fun of by senior Tories over the arrangement, Varoufakis seems to be at pains to play down any such role.

In an interview with CNBC, Varoufakis states that he is not advising Corbyn — ‘I’m a full time active politician. As such, I could not be advising another politician’. Instead he says he is just talking to ‘anyone who wants to talk to me’.

‘So, I am talking to Jeremy Corbyn because he talks to me, I talk to Norman Lamont from the Conservatives, to Caroline Lucas from the Green Party.

This is what we’re doing in Europe now: we have this movement that we’ve started for the purpose of having, at last, a conversation amongst democrats, the purpose of which ought to be to consolidate and to find common program for arresting this slide into an abyss. And we’re sliding in to an abyss in Europe.’


What’s more, there is no formal agreement:

CNBC: Let me just nail this down for a moment. Can you confirm, are you receiving any money from the Labour Party for advising Jeremy Corbyn or John McDonnell?

YV: No

CNBC: Is there a contract, in a business sense, where you give advice to them in return for something else?

YV: Well let me generalise my answer…

CNBC: No don’t generalise, be very specific…

YV: I have no such contract with anyone. Let alone Jeremy Corbyn or the Labour Party.

It’s almost as though Varoufakis doesn’t want to be associated with Corbyn’s Labour…

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  • Leftator


    “Varoufakis seems to be at pains to play down any such role.”
    Nope. He doesn’t seem to have a problem answering the questions put to him and isn’t dodging anything.

    “It’s almost as though Varoufakis doesn’t want to be associated with Corbyn’s Labour…”
    How’d you figure that one matey boy? Which part of that interview would indicate that he specifically doesn’t want to be associated with “Corbyn’s Labour”?

    Instead of looking at this with your Specs on, if you took the time to listen to and read many of Yanis’ lectures, interviews and discussions, you’d have a decent understanding of what he’s about, and you’d probably not have an article to write. I’m aware that (c)onservative economists like to have a good old chuckle at Varoufakis, but he’s not as much of a joke as some people think.

  • Terry Field

    Varoufakis is correct; Europe is most certainly sliding into an irrecoverable abyss. Socialism is the cause of this. He does not recognise that, but it is, nonetheless, true.

  • The Masked Marvel

    So, I am talking to Jeremy Corbyn because he talks to me, I talk to Norman Lamont from the Conservatives, to Caroline Lucas from the Green Party.

    This is what we’re doing in Europe now: we have this movement that we’ve started for the purpose of having, at last, a conversation amongst democrats….
    I think I see the problem here…..

  • Lu K

    Corbyn is great! And as far as I understand this article, he didn’t say
    that there was a kind of “formal agreement”. I hope Corbyn will be able
    to give the British back what belongs to them anyway. And hope more and
    more british people will understand, that they are beeing robbed
    (slowly, bit by bit) by their own upper class. And I hope that they will
    stop voting against their very own intrest!

  • dissidentvoice

    So, basically the story is that Corbyn and Varoufakis’s stories were exactly the same? “Oh dear.” Steerpike is just an anonymous smear artist used as a front for a poxy right-wing rag.

  • David Simpson

    oh dear, the Speccy weirdos are out in force . . . perhaps VF simply prefers to keep the message simple – not paid for by anyone, Old / new new Labour included.

  • JP Janson De Couët

    Would it be a good idea to get someone competent and interesting to write this column, preferably not under a false name?

    • Alex

      Absolutely not, the purpose of the column is to provide gossip rag material which below the line trolls can use to bully lefties. These are simple people and they need a simple message.

  • trobrianders

    Trump may be a loose cannon but he’s not certifiable like Jez, Ken, McConnell and Abbot. Varoufakis must have given Jezbollah the benefit of the doubt before meeting him. He won’t be doing that again.

  • MC

    He’s so thick skinned having been wrong all his life on everything he’s ever said and done, that in his own mind Corbyn the Cretin probably still thinks he’s best mates with the Greek Govt.

    • trobrianders

      I’ll miss Corbychev when he’s replaced by one of the activist types of the 2015 intake.

  • The Meissen Bison

    Somebody might simply have misheard Corbyn saying something along the lines of “Varoufakis all the money going to come from?”

    • Donafugata


      Thanks for the laugh. I always thought there’d be a way to make Varoufakis sound like a swear word.

    • Terry Field

      Good one.

  • Wessex Man

    Oh no, Jezza has been rejected by one of the biggest loonies in Europe! what next Diane Abbott stabbing him in the back and forming the New Socialist Racist Party of the Republic of London along with Red Ken?

    • MC

      My theory is that Abbott omly became an anti-white racist AFTER her affair with Corbyn the Cretin

      • trobrianders

        She actually believes whites are superior. All Lefties do. In their Soviet fantasy they liberate the swarthy races and use them as grunts. Abbot regards herself as Honorary White befitting her excellent socialist education.

  • Chris Hobson

    Who elected this prat to swan around with politicians in the UK?

    • trobrianders

      I swan around and I’ve never been elected.

  • Atlas

    So even one of the nuttier members of the Syriza brigade don’t want to be associated with Jezbollah, its not looking good for the revolution is it?

    • George Sandhu

      The Comrade likes hiring incompetent has-beens, as long as they’re true red like him.

      • trobrianders

        He’s a man of such low intellect moving in a world of high achievers. I shouldn’t laugh.

    • Damian Hurts

      Remind me, why are we lifting Varoufakis to demigod status?

      • flipkipper

        We’re not. We need Atlasbot to gather a day’s worth of credit for a throw-away comment like the above. Even Nephthys has come out in support. Gobsmacked!

        • balance_and_reason

          we are not….he is just part of a bunch of opportunists who took advantage of disarray in Greek politics to gain power, make a bad situation severely worse, get paid a fair bit, then buggered off to further polish his earnings capacity elsewhere.

  • CO Jones

    Let’s face it, most Labour MPs don’t want to be associated with Corbyn, either …

  • leg11

    Who would?