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Cameron’s support for Turkey’s EU membership should worry us all

15 March 2016

4:05 PM

15 March 2016

4:05 PM

David Cameron this morning claimed that people who wish to leave the EU are ‘taking a risk with people’s jobs, taking a risk with families’ finances.’ Well then let us consider an even bigger risk that David Cameron is taking.

In a visit to Turkey in 2010 our own Prime Minister announced that he would do everything he could to ensure Turkey entered the EU. Speaking as a guest of the country’s Islamist Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, our own PM said, ‘Turkey deserves its place at the top table of European politics – and that is what I will fight for.’


Since then he has indeed been fighting to get Turkey into the EU.  This is despite Turkey doing everything it can to demonstrate that it has no place in the EU.  Its government has been arresting opponents, raiding the offices of critical newspapers and locking up journalists who dare to criticise the Islamist direction of the country.  Simultaneously it has done everything it can to prolong and inflame the Syrian civil war, making special efforts to bomb our Kurdish allies.  And of course it is a country whose security situation has now deteriorated so badly that Turkey increasingly resembles the neighbour it has been doing so much to wreck.

All this while it has also been allowing illegal migrants to flood into Europe from across the Far East and Middle East. And now it is blackmailing the EU by taking billions of Euros off the terrified Europeans to ‘stem’ this flood of people. But they are doing so only on the condition that visa restrictions are relaxed for the 75 million Turks who might then be able to travel freely into Europe. And so at the point of utmost danger, David Cameron will extend the EU’s borders to Iraq and Syria.

Has he changed his mind at all?  It would appear not. Only a few months ago he confirmed in response to a question in the Commons that his government’s policy remains entirely supportive of Turkey joining the EU.   His view remains what it was in 2010 when he told Erdogan: ‘My view is clear. I believe it’s just wrong to say that Turkey can guard the camp but not be allowed to sit in the tent. So I will remain your strongest possible advocate for EU membership and for greater influence at the top-table of European diplomacy.’

It is worth remembering this when David Cameron says ‘Brexiteers’ are taking a risk with people’s finances.  Because David Cameron is not only taking the greatest possible gamble with our jobs and our finances – he is also putting at risk our entire civilisation.

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  • tamimisledus

    2nd May 2016
    “Brussels embraces open borders for Turks”

    Here is the latest stage in Cameron’s betrayal of the British people.

  • whichiswhich

    Couldn’t agree more, Douglas. Very good article.

  • ianharwood

    I cannot fathom how any traiterous European leader would support admitting Turkey to the EU.

    Terrorism and Muslim gang violence against white Europeans would shoot through the roof and in about 20 years Turkey’s population will exceed Germany’s, making it the most populous member of the EU.

    That’s just what the EU needs – a radical Muslim nation deciding policy for everybody else, not to mention that TURKEY IS CURRENTLY ILLEGALLY OCCUPYING THE NORTHERN HALF OF CYPRUS, A MEMBER OF THE EU. How they could even be considered for admission into the EU blows my mind.

    If Turkey is let in, the end result will be war. That’s the cold, hard truth. Europeans need to wake up quickly before things spin completely out of control.

  • DaHitman

    David Cameron = Bogus Tory. He loves giving British taxes abroad and flooding the UK with third world parasites, he’s SCUM just like Blair

  • Kasperlos

    ‘…- he is also putting at risk our entire civilisation.’ That’s the crux of this entire manufactured ‘crisis’, i.e. survival or demise. We are living in the most momentous of times, times of great peril for those who manage to fire two brain cells together. Whatever behind the scenes horse trading is going on, the perceived gains will never equate to what we in the West will lose, viz. our very essence of being, who we are: peoples, inheritors of the Western Tradition and everything that entails. Our elite ‘betters’, their supporters and their paymasters seem hysterical on selling not only the kitchen sink, but the baby that’s in it. We are doomed if the present chaotic situation festers much longer.

  • johnb1945

    There is a good argument based in history that trade is a conduit of ideas.

    The closer Turkey is, the more influence we have on liberalising them.

    I don’t know, there is no easy answer here………

  • sebastian2

    I’ve lost all confidence in Cameron. This is the man who predicted democracy in a post Gadaffi Libya; backed the flesh eating Sunni rebels in Syria; prevaricated over the Referendum; hid his intentions – his EU demands – from his own colleagues; confidently promised a reduction in immigration; came back from EU negotiations with a pretty worthless set of agreements he’s frantically tried to flog to us; refused to pay an EU surcharge, then paid it when we weren’t looking; gagged his supporters; and supports Turkey’s EU membership.

    The man’s a disaster looking for somewhere to happen.

  • William Brown

    “…Its government has been arresting opponents, raiding the offices of critical newspapers and locking up journalists who dare to criticise the direction of the country. ”

    Coming to the UK soon. But then there are so few journalists, and even less newspapers, really criticising the Government of the day – I guess they know not to bite the hand that feeds…

  • Cheradenine

    Of course he is doing this on the instructions of the Americans. The American government has exerted continuous pressure on all European countries to admit Turkey to the EU. When Turkey-sceptic heads of government have come to power, like Sarkozy in France, American diplomacy has immediately moved in to try to limit their potential damage to the accession process. Some of this can be seen in the Wikileaks cables. You don’t mention any of this because you are pro-American and work for American organisations.

  • Richard

    The question is: when Britain leaves the EU, what deals will he make with Turkey? Visa-free entry to the UK? Anschluss with Turkey? Is it Turkey qua EU that he wants, or Turkey qua UK? Hopefully the issue will resolve itself, in that he will resign when we leave the EU. Of course, we don’t know who will replace him. The Queen herself wants Turkey in the EU. She has only made two overtly political comments that I know of: one was for sanctions against South Africa, the other is for Turkey in the EU. South Africa is going down the drain very quickly. As for the second…

    • Cheradenine

      When did she say she wanted Turkey in the EU? My recollection is the exact opposite.

      • Richard

        She said she wanted them kept out in her more recent statement, but in a previous one she wanted them in. The earlier statement was made during Blair’s time.

  • voidist

    have a closer look at that photo and you will see why dave luvs erdie…..they almost look like brothers..

    now here is a question for rest of you lazy so?s……which baby was stolen from which hospital and which country at the time of birth

  • Ozzy Guy

    Cameron…Britain’s own disgusting little cultural marxist…and supporter of the Kalergi Plan’s intention of destroying the “whiteness” of Europe.

  • Ominous

    Cameron is following diktats from the Americans who want Turkey in the EU as part of their geopolitical strategy.

  • Norbert

    Didn’t Mr. Cameron say this in 2010 … six years ago? What has he done since that indicates he’s pushing for Turkey EU membership?

    He’d have to be crazy to do this. What am I missing? Why not push for Iran and Saudi membership too? Damn!

  • andersm0

    Unless Cameron deliberately intends the destruction of Britain, he should run in the opposite direction of whatever mad policies Angela Merkel supports. The political classes are slowly annihilating the UK by allowing and accommodating too many immigrants antithetical to British values over too short a time. In private Cameron acknowledges the problems but in public he steams full speed ahead toward the rocks that will shipwreck his nation. Whose tune does he dance to? Saudi Arabia?

  • pobinr

    The EU is a one party state just like the old Soviet Union

    Vote Cameron get Juncker

    Vote Fallon get Juncker

    Vote Corbyn get Juncker

    Vote Sturgeon get Juncker

    Vote IN get Juncker

    In fact Vote for anyone you like & you still get Juncker >


  • Marvin

    This slimy snake oil salesman, under his watch has presided over the highest migration figures ever, and he does not care one jot. It just never dawns on him the type of migrants he has left the door open for, and the proof is his obsession and lies and deceit about us staying in Europe regardless of the millions of Moslem migrants who will change and eventually control Europe.

  • SunnyD

    It can’t be said enough – Turkey is a menace to society and including them in the EU will mean extending the EU’s borders to the skirts of ISIS/Daesh. Erdogan is the fox that Cameron is trying to put amongst the hens – and I hope to God that the EU don’t slip him in through the back door, assuming that at least one member country will vote against Turkey’s inclusion. And what they’re still doing in NATO, I have no idea.
    In short, allowing Turkey into the EU is a Turkey voting for Christmas. When is someone going to tell the emperor that he has no clothes on?

    • trobrianders

      He wants to see a Muslim Prime Minister!

      • SunnyD

        I was going to say that an Islamist’s wishes should carry no weight whatsoever, but (based on what I see going on around me) I fear that our current crop of “leaders” are only too eager to fawn and pander to their desires in what I can only think of as a desperate attempt to preserve their own necks – when the hammer really falls

        • trobrianders

          I don’t think our “leaders” are pandering to Islam to protect their necks. They’re doing it to sell off Europe for a song.

          • SunnyD

            maybe I credit them with more foresight than they have? Either way, we screwed if this carries on

            • trobrianders


  • MajorFrustration

    Lets be fair to the chap he is only thinking about his next job

  • Malcolm Stevas

    A very good summary of a key issue. It is tempting to suggest that the possibility of Turkey’s joining the EU might be one of the most powerful incentives for Brits to vote “Out” in June – if it were publicised sufficiently. Given the shameless scaremongering indulged in by the “Remain” camp to date, they could hardly complain… But I wonder how many voters are aware of the Turkey issue: indeed, despite the publicity given to the waves of migrants in the tabloids and elsewhere, I wonder how many realise the implications of millions of non-Europeans arriving in Germany, Sweden etc, then at some future point when they have EU passports, being free to travel here…
    Cameron still seems to poll quite well in terms of perceived competence: this is puzzling and depressing, given (e.g.) his dismal non-renegotiation record, and his extraordinary enthusiasm for extending the EU’s borders to the Near East coupled with giving 75 million Muslim Turks a right to roam across Europe.

    • starfish

      I agree

      When you recall the MSM opprobrium heaped on Farage for talking about potential migrants from Romania etc (all of which has since occurred) it should send the RemAiniacs into orbit

      Their consistent lie that to Remain is t carry on with the status quo and that nothing will change flies in the face of all of our experience in the EU

  • WuffoTheWonderDog

    When will a journalist go berserk and ask Cameron a question on live TV about his wish to bring Turkey into the EU, with a supplementary about the pride he feels about his success he brought about with regime-change in Libya?

  • Patrick Clarke

    Can I suggest David Cameron visits our long standing ally and fellow member of the Commonwealth, Cyprus. He can then acquaint himself on the merits or otherwise of Turkey’s true intentions. If still in doubt he could visit the border with North Cyprus to see them in their true colours.

  • Arthur Sparknottle

    I have no idea at all why Cameron would want Turkey inside the EU. It has a lower GDP per capita than Romania – about one third of ours, and it has almost 80 million people most of them Muslims. The draw of earning three times as much as a hard working Turk can at home will unleash an avalanche of new Muslim migrants….. How will that help our young get a job that pays, afford a home, find a place in schools for their children, or live their lives inside a culture that British people would recognise as their own? The idea is complete madness. What is Cameron thinking of?

    • Denis_Cooper

      Maybe he’s thinking of securing a fresh supply of cheap and biddable foreign labour
      for when the eastern European reserves have been depleted.

      • trobrianders

        The new foreign labour will behead their employers.

      • Arthur Sparknottle

        The white working class will be eternally grateful for that. None of the advocates of mass migration have ever had to face the competition for low skilled jobs and even more skilled trades that has come from it. The pressure on wages has been massive. I think the conundrum of higher growth and yet low productivity is all down to this issue. It isn’t rocket science; growth can be explained by the 330,000 net inward migrants a year coming and getting work, and the low productivity is all down to the downward pressure on wages. Wages don’t rise hence the so called low productivity.

        By the way – the EU migrant figures are a mess. Totally inaccurate. they calculate them from voluntary surveys at a range of airports. There are far more people coming than are caught by the governments ridiculous figures. The government claim that 272,000 EU migrants arrived, but 600,000 new national insurance numbers were issued to EU migrants.

  • Harryagain

    Sign the petition against DC having anything to do with post Brexit negotiations

    We all know how good he is at negotiating.