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A terrorist attack has happened in Europe. Let the standard response begin…

22 March 2016

5:52 PM

22 March 2016

5:52 PM

Well at least we all know the form by now.  This morning Islamist suicide-bombers struck one of the few European capitals they haven’t previously hit in a mass-casualty terrorist attack.

The standard response now goes as follows.  First the body parts of innocent people are flung across airport check-ins or underground trains.  Briefly there is some shock.  On social media the sentimentalists await the arrival of this atrocity’s cutesy hashtag or motif and hope it will tide them over until the piano man arrives at the scene of the attack to sing ‘Imagine there’s no countries’.  Meantime someone will hopefully have said something which a lot of people can condemn as ‘inappropriate’.  I see that the Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson was this morning’s Twitter miscreant, foolish enough to say in the wake of the Brussels attack that the EU might not make us very safe.  One may agree or disagree with this sentiment, but Ms Pearson should have known that the only acceptable thing to do after a suicide bomber detonates beside the European Commission is to acclaim the Commission as one of the few entities able to keep us safe.


We will shortly move to the next phase, which is to find a good news story amid the rubble.  Anything will do, but best of all is a Muslim good news story.  After Paris it was swiftly reported that one of the suicide bombers at Stade de France had been turned away by a brave Muslim security guard.  The story whizzed around the world before anyone could check whether it was true.  It wasn’t.  But people needed it to be.  Not because Muslims don’t do good deeds, but because in the wake of any Islamist terrorist attack people need people opposed to the bombers to be Muslim and the bombers themselves not to be Muslim.  Then the good Muslim can represent Islam while the bad Muslims can be said to have nothing to do with it.

Soon we will move to the next phase, during which broadcast media will ask questions that address no major points.  So in the UK the government’s Communications Data Bill will get quite a lot of mentions.  We will probably also have another round of the old discussion about Control Orders versus TPIMs.  This will most likely be first raised by a Labour politician hoping to look tough. Everywhere on the media people will start to talk of ‘radicalisation’ as though it is something you can get from the water, and experts will claim insight into the ‘paths to extremism’.  Nicky Morgan will announce that the Prevent agenda should be extended to encompass pre-kindergarten.  A year later she will close some Quaker-run nursery.

Meanwhile other people will change the subject over to the question of Belgium’s unacceptably interventionist foreign policy.  Others will get onto Israel-Palestine.  At around the same time the Corbynite-wing of the Labour party will get onto their favourite subject which is not dead bodies in airports but people who have been looked at meanly on a bus while wearing a headscarf.  By at least tomorrow the story of a savage ‘backlash’ (consisting mainly of stares and horrible things written on social media) will be being talked-up by all mainstream Muslim leaders.  By Thursday no one will be talking about the victims.

Meanwhile Twitter will reprise some version of the post-Sydney ‘I’ll ride with you’ meme (based on a fib) or the ‘You ain’t no Muslim, bruv’ which was shouted during December’s Leytonstone attack by a non-Muslim and briefly acclaimed by everyone from the Prime Minister down as one of the finest expressions ever of the English spirit and language.

This is how it goes in Europe now.  Everything barely worth saying will be said endlessly.  And the only things that are worth saying won’t be said.  What are those things?  Among other things the fact that we are living with the consequences of an immigration and ‘integration’ fantasy which should have been abandoned years ago.  Instead our governments have kept pretending that the weakening of Europe’s external borders and the erosion of its internal borders happening at the same time as one of the largest population replacement exercises in history could have no tangible effects on our continent’s future.  They pretend that Britain will always be Britain, France will always be France, Sweden will always be Sweden and Belgium will always be Belgium.

But perhaps we do learn some things. Albeit silently. A decade ago, after every attack, the pundits used to point to places where mass immigration, integration and open borders were meant to have worked.  After London people said ‘What can we learn from France’.  After Paris they said ‘What can we learn from the Swedish model.’  Nobody cites Sweden anymore.  In fact nobody looks to anyone else’s model anymore.  Because all of the ‘models’ failed.  So here we are – stuck with a problem our politicians have given us and to which they have no answers.  Perhaps all this pointless chatter is just what people do to distract themselves before they have to face up to that fact.

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  • shaw

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  • andychrist

    theres been loads in europe , the ira has been car bombing, fire bombing and firing ak47s at cars and vans plus a few shootings in ireland plus a few letter bombs to army barracks in mainland britain .since 2014

  • WTF

    Meanwhile the EU pontificates over security issues after Brussels but no solution is likely.

    In reality it is impossible for the EU to come up with any sort of security strategy as any changes will go to the heart of EU ideology and undermine their political correctness, multiculturalism and diversity. Just as oil and water don’t mix neither can improving European security be achieved whilst we have the sorts of domestic and immigration policies of Merkel & Juncker.

    I can just envisage the debates over security inside the EU institutions, for every security suggestion we’ll have a “you can’t do that because blah, blah, blah” from the progressive liberal elements. The peoples of Europe have to accept that nothing significant will change as whats a few hundred deaths through Islamic terrorism when compared to the far more important agenda of EU ideology and dogma. Naturally its a price worth paying to ensure the continuation of EU social engineering even
    though its us paying that price.

  • hoss2013

    “Perhaps all this pointless chatter is just what people do to distract themselves before they have to face up to that fact.”
    To the fact that first in line of guilty are The Politicians. Allowing their citizens returning from Jihad to JUST return is “extremely suspect”. I’d say it is treason or a terrorist act against its own people. Allowing refugees without documents to flood EU is treasonous/criminal act. Not to ask “Who is funding the the boat, food, smartphones, etc given to the refugees ?” is treasonous/criminal act.

    In short, It is Not the Muslims. It is Your Own People that are doing this to You Europe.

  • Bill Kendall

    I see someone has blown himself up in a Pakistan park today, (Easter Sunday),killing sixty odd innocents, which religion do you think the person was, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian?

  • Zhang Wei

    Congratulations President Assad on recapturing Palmyra from ISIS……legend, hero, man of steel.

  • Ragnar

    No matter how well intentioned the state may be mass Islamic immigration will inevitably end in disaster. People such as myself have been lampooned as ‘far right’ or racist whenever we have warned of the consequences and now here we are.

    We need to accept as a society that Islam and its proponents are not bringing any benefits to Britain – There has been no recordable economic gain, a definite increase in violence and we are now being asked to live in a virtual surveillance state for our own safety. This problem has been imported and did not spontaneously appear.

    It is obvious that the migrants and their culture are deficient and degenerate so I don’t blame them. I lay the blame for this squarely at the foot of our political class who have continuously disallowed a sensible discussion on the topic of immigration and even as we speak continue to endorse more of the same in the delusional belief that their plan will work. I will not stand in ‘solidarity’ with a political class or society which is signing its own death warrant.

    This amount of death and destruction is only going to escalate as the Islamic fifth column in Europe increases in size.