Tory MP heckles Jeremy Corbyn: ‘who are you?’

22 February 2016

4:14 PM

22 February 2016

4:14 PM

Although the Conservative party is currently divided over the EU, some Tory MPs are still managing to remember to attack the opposition party — rather than their colleagues.

Today the Commons returned firmly to ‘Punch and Judy’ politics following Cameron’s EU statement in the Commons. As Jeremy Corbyn gave his reply, Chris Pincher — the MP for Tamworth — couldn’t resist having the last laugh. The incident occurred as the Labour leader discussed his recent trip to Brussels:

Jeremy Corbyn: Last week — like him — I was in Brussels, meeting with heads of government and leaders of European socialist parties, one of whom said to me…

Chris Pincher: Who are you?


While Corbyn insists this is not what the leader said to him, the heckler certainly managed to cheer up the Conservative MPs after a difficult few days. In fact, even Labour’s Andy Burnham seemed amused:


Update: It has come to Mr S’s attention that Nigel Farage may still be the champion when it comes to the ‘who are you’ heckle.

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  • Kieron Russell

    If he was any good he’d have had a decent retort. He just looks like something left outside a charity shop. Pleb.

  • NormanWells

    And who says socialist comedians don’t have a sense of timing?

  • ButcombeMan

    If only Corbyn had the wit, the brains, to laugh at the joke.

    • morbidfascination

      Agreed. His plodding “no, no” or whatever it was he tried to say over the laughter are entirely consistent with the mediocre intelligence revealed by his nonsense positions on many matters (including the EU question of course).

  • Liberanos

    That question was more relevant than it seemed. Who is he? Is Mr Corbyn the politician who, as he claims, brings unspun honesty and sincerity into the chamber, unlike the trimmers and tackers we dislike so much? Or is he the inveterate anti-EU supporter who suddenly forgets his principles in order to keep his party together, and supports the stayers?

  • Arthur Sparknottle

    There is no doubt that Corbyn is a gift from the conservative gods, but is anybody else revolted by the bear garden atmosphere of our parliament? How can we expect decent government from what looks to me like an out of control classroom where the bullies have taken over. The behaviour of the House of Commons is frankly a disgrace, and the oafish carry on that prevails there makes it clear to me that the function of most MPs is simply to add the pretence of representation to cabinet government. It seems that nothing good goes on in that chamber even though Parliamentarians are always going on about their sovereignty and other grandiose notions which are never represented there at all.

    • Andrew Cole

      I don’t know why you say where the bullies have taken over. Have you only just started watching? This has been the norm for centuries. The Labour front benches have always done it. The only reason they don’t at the moment and keep things to the odd finger pointing is because they don’t believe in their leader.

      Ed Balls was one of the worst.

      • Arthur Sparknottle

        I absolutely agree. You didn’t think I was for ‘Labour’ did you? God forbid.

        • Andrew Cole

          No although your name sounds Northern 😉

          • Arthur Sparknottle

            I am ‘northern’. What has that to do with anything?

            You don’t think I’m really called Arthur Sparknottle, do you?

            • Andrew Cole

              Why are you hiding behind an alias?

              • grammarschoolman

                Because the dictionary’s too small? Oh sorry, ‘alias’…

              • Arthur Sparknottle

                Shhhhhhhhh! I have people after me.

                • Andrew Cole

                  Salman is that you?

                • Arthur Sparknottle

                  My lips are sealed.

                • aspeckofboggart

                  ‘fatwah’ means crying of a fat person whereas fatwa……

                • Arthur Sparknottle

                  Ah – thanks. But don’t expect me to learn this Arabic nonsense.

      • Arthur Sparknottle

        I didn’t imply at all that it had just happened. I simply expressed my disgust at the way the House of Commons is run – it IS exactly like I said – like an out of control classroom where the bullies have taken over. None of that implies that it is new. It just says what it is like.

        • Andrew Cole

          OK just the way I read it. It was taken over centuries ago by bullies.

          I’m not that disgusted with it. There’s a little bit of the old fashioned charm about it all to me. Something Britain does well is tradition even though many want to get rid of our traditions.

          Americans watch our parliament. Most other parliaments are ridiculously boring in comparison other than if you’re lucky there will be a punch up once a year of in the case of the EU Parliament when Guy Verhofstadt and Farage start verbally jousting.

          There have been some great moments in Parliament especially when people like Hague were at the despatch box. My favourite was

          “For the prime minister there’s always someone else to blame. The NHS is in crisis and he says the government is innocent. Whatever happens in this government, everybody always says they are innocent.

          “The trade secretary resigns and he is innocent, the paymaster general resigns – and now we know why he was called the paymaster general – and he is meant to be innocent.

          “The chancellor’s press secretary resigns, or intends to resign, and he is innocent. The NHS is in crisis and the prime minister is innocent – Saint Tony, the angel of Islington is always innocent,”

          It wasn’t just the words but the excellent delivery and tone. I was watching the news and a staunch Labour supporter I was sat next to (a good friend of mine) couldn’t stop laughing.

          He also used to make mincemeat out of Harriet Harmon and John Prescott as well. Pity he didn’t fit the UK’s obsession with image.

    • GraveDave

      here is no doubt that Corbyn is a gift from the conservative gods, but is anybody else revolted by the bear garden atmosphere of our parliament? How can we expect decent government from what looks to me like an out of control classroom where the bullies have taken over.

      Good point. .But the bullies all seem to be Tories. They just love Bullying. That’s why they’re always in the news for it.

      • disruptivethoughts

        It’s certainly a spectacle from time to time but what can anyone do about it? Maybe the people we expect to have an opinion on everything 24 hours a day are entitled to an occasional giggle at the Leader of the Opposition’s expense…

      • whs1954

        Corbyn does not exactly help matters by standing there silent, peering over his glasses, waiting for silence. He looks like a second rate geography teacher and you almost expect him to stare at the Tory benches and say “It’s your own time you’re wasting, not mine”.

  • Jaria1

    Andy Burnhams smirk might get him into trouble.

    • Wessex Man

      Well Hillary Benn is still there.

      • Jaria1

        Andy was considered on side Hilary not but sacking him would have caused too many waves.
        Anyhow I didn’t mention sacking just that his smirk would not have been appreciated.

  • justejudexultionis

    It is disturbing to watch the decline of democracy and triumph of unregulated capital in this country.

    • Maxwell Frere

      Well, something has clearly disturbed you but I doubt if it is “unregulated capital”, whatever that is.

    • Kingstonian

      The decline began in 1972 when we joined the Common Market. The decline will end on 23 June 2016.

      • siphil


    • Onesize

      Yep everything would be fine if only the government would regulate all capital…….

      • Wessex Man

        off to North Korea you go!

        • Onesize

          Do they understand irony in North Korea?

          • grammarschoolman

            It’s more effective as a blunt instrument than goldy and silvery, but still not as good as a lump of leady.

          • Wessex Man

            Don’t think so you will be feeling at home.

  • Business Cat

    It can’t have escaped people that Jezza has been all but absent from our radios & screens for a few weeks now.

    Ever since the fallout from the Andrew Marr show appearance, Jezza has been kept under wraps.

    Accordingly, Labour have had a slight bump in the polls.

  • Alex

    Disgusting lack of respect, but of course it is no less than we have come to expect from the Tory backbenchers. Their insecurity is palpable: they know how slim their majority is and how divided their party is, even if the newspapers don’t report on it.

    “Who are you?” It is a question which would be far better directed at this obscure junketeer from Tamworth of whom I for one have never heard and whom I am sure has never made a material contribution to the House of Commons in his six-year career.

    • Enoch Powell

      Since when have the Labour Benches ever afforded or deserved respect?

    • me

      You know you’re right. I have been reading the papers today, and no-one at all has mentioned how split the Tories are.

      • Dr Carrington

        Who are you?

        Ha ha ha ha ha

        • Father Todd Untious

          Jeremy missed the obvious riposte. I am leader of Her Majestys loyal Opposition. Who might you be?

          • 100

            Perhaps the heckler should have asked “who are you wearing” AKA Oscars,, Jeremy,s ripoiste. “Oxfam”. Hahaha

      • GraveDave

        Nor the pound falling against the dollar. You never get real actual news from the Tory rags.
        Thank God for the Daily mail. Though it’s a Tory rag it seems to loathe this shower.

    • Jaria1

      Didn’t realise Dennis Skinner was a Tory

    • Lamia

      If Cameron had walked into the same trap, Corbyn fans would still be chortling about it, and that would be fair enough. It was silly but it was funny.

    • vieuxceps2

      “whom I am sure has never made….” your attempt at grown-up grammar has led you into the mire. “who”is the correct form here.

      • GraveDave

        As if it matters you pathetic little troll.

        • vieuxceps2

          yer fink it don marrer? What a bathetic and patronising fat troll you must be.

    • kyalami

      “… they know how slim their majority is …”

      Yes. They have a majority. Get over it.

      • Wessex Man

        mind, when they split into two they won’t but the sane portion will come roaring back.

      • Alex

        Often not – the government has either lost or been forced to back down on major manifesto commitments at the rate of about one a month because they don’t have the numbers. These have, every time I think, been rebels on the left of the party too.

        On Europe, they certainly don’t have a majority, at least not in their own party!! In the last parliament, although not reported of course by the Tory leaning media, there were rebellions over Europe on a scale not seen since Blair and the Tories combined to take us into the Iraq War.

        • GraveDave

          They never had any commitments to start with. Not one manifesto promise has been upheld.Other than getting the unemployment figures down -even if it kills them.
          The unemployed that is ; – )

    • Wessex Man

      et tu brute? what a struggle for Burnham, he just couldn’t keep the grin off his face.

    • Andrew Cole

      He was suggesting that the EU Beaurocrats would be saying ‘Who are you’ to Corbyn.

      Considering no-one in the UK knew until a few minutes ago then it is quite a funny and quick witted response.

  • Mike Thomas

    Labour are irrelevant, you have two Tory groups arguing over what we do about Europe.

    The reason why it was funny – it was also right. He is a non-entity.

    • Maxwell Frere

      He has a claim to fame: he is Piers Corbyn’s rather silly brother.

    • GraveDave

      Shows a rather pathetic mindset. Mind you, didn’t they all titter when Corbyn was reading out those letters from the deserving poor , as your mate Osborne describes them; meaning people we ought to be helping.

      Off to school now. There’s a good lad.

  • Ralph

    Not bad but I still prefer,
    Bercow: “I’m not happy!”

    Simon Burns: “Well, which one are you?”

    • Alex

      That’s good because it’s actually funny.

      • Wessex Man

        come on, both are great!

  • Nick

    That’s why I like Nigel Farage.A straight forward speaker who tells it like it is.

  • Puzzled.

    What a brilliant article. This really is a fine piece of journalism.

    • GnosticBrian

      Well, if you knows of a better ‘ole, go to it.

    • sfin

      Yep! I love slagging Steerpike – but credit where it’s due…

      Ace digging on the fact that ‘Independence Day 2’ (the movie) will be in full marketing mode in the run up to the EU referendum, as well!

      Our boy is mining this rich seam rather well.