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Exclusive: Sajid Javid to back staying in the EU

20 February 2016

10:15 AM

20 February 2016

10:15 AM

Sajid Javid will campaign for Britain to stay in the EU. The Business Secretary’s decision is a blow to the Leave camp which had been hopefully of recruiting him; Javid had spoken in the past of how he was ‘not afraid’ of Britain leaving the EU as it ‘would open up opportunities’. Senior figures on the Leave side had hoped that Javid would help them persuade voters that quitting the EU would not be bad for business.

Those familiar with the Business Secretary’s thinking say that what has swung Javid to IN is his sense that it is just too risky for Britain to leave right now given the parlous state of the global economy. I suspect that he will be deployed by the IN campaign to try and persuade those crucial swing voters who are attracted to the idea of getting Out of the EU but are worried about the risks in doing so.

Javid’s decision will be greeted with sighs of relief in both Numbers 10 and 11 Downing Street. Osborne is particularly close to Javid, Javid served both as Osborne’s PPS and as one of his junior Treasury minister before entering the Cabinet, and the Chancellor wouldn’t have wanted him on the other side from him in this campaign, making the economic case for Brexit.

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  • observer20

    After reading that detailed cost/benefit analysis prepared by the government, who wouldn’t vote in?

    Anyone seen it by the way?

  • FriendlyFire

    ‘And then she (Thatcher) said, “Sajid!” and I said, “Yes”, and she said, “Sajid, you will protect our great island. You will protect our great island!” And I said, “Yes I will.” And then she let go of my hand and walked off.

    Forgotten all about that, have you Sajid?

  • Chudsmania

    ‘ I suspect that he will be deployed by the IN campaign to try and
    persuade those crucial swing voters who are attracted to the idea of
    getting Out of the EU but are worried about the risks in doing so.’
    He will be wheeled out because of his ethnicity , nothing else.

  • cping500

    not like Michael Gove who ha kicked his patron Cameron in the teeth after but he is ambitious

  • General_Patten

    Career before country. How does he sleep at night?

  • Terry Field

    Why does the opinion of Javid matter?

  • jim

    ‘Course he does.Another good reason to leave.

  • Cobbett

    Who cares if it’s Javid, Johnson, May et al in the Leave campaign(it would be a reason not to vote)

    The majority have made their mind up either way…as we’re going to be subjected to a load of bull and ridiculous scare stories it just remains to be seen who among the undecided believes it.

  • berosos_bubos

    Are there any powers of constituency MP recall?

  • Liberanos

    “As a patriot I’m sure he pondered long and hard on where the best interests of the country lay, and he’s fully entitled to come to the decision he did. If it happens to coincide with his own best interests, that is just a coincidence.”
    Something like that, minister?

  • The PrangWizard of England

    Sajid David, the creep has sold out.
    I recommend everyone to read Michael Gove’s statement on why we should leave the EU. It has been published by Guido in full. At least there are some with integrity. I do hope that we LEAVE, we can then chase Cameron and his clique out of Downing Street into the wilderness. Perhaps we will then get a PM with some honour.

  • Cheddarcakes

    Another Tory who doesn’t deserve the support of their constituents

  • George Sandhu

    By the by, when will the proposal be published, so we can go through and read it thoroughly?

  • southerner

    Spineless sycophant alert.

  • George Sandhu

    Putting his career before the people. Shocking actually. He knows Cameron is set to leave The Commons, and Osborne will be a front runner for leadership and he wants his place right beside him. I’ve lost all respect for him.

  • Blindsideflanker

    Well that wasn’t worth waiting for.

    Cameron lays out his case for the EU , which is just project fear.

  • General_Patten

    Now go back and research what he has said about the EU in the past. What a lying treasonous self serving quisling!

  • Katabasis


  • teigitur

    Yet another politician whose only concern is himself. No surprises there.

  • Blindsideflanker

    With most of the political establishment siding with ‘In’ , it will just show what a gulf there is between the electorate and the representatives , and why insurgent political parties and politicians are getting so much support.

    Rather than the closing of ranks by the political establishment over the EU showing strength , it actually precipitates a crisis.

  • itdoesntaddup

    End of a promising career.

  • jeffersonian

    How disappointing of Sajid Javid. He clearly knows which side his bread is buttered on.

    I hope all those Eurosceptic local Tory party activists whom the leadership despises so remembers this when the next election comes around.

    • jeremy Morfey

      You can see Javid’s mind ticking over…

      Unfortunately, UKIP’s 2020 Strategy is unlikely to deliver them Government from a starting point of one MP and a national executive squabbling among themselves. The official Opposition is either Jeremy Corbyn, a Europhile, or his successor, all of whom are Europhiles. On Polling Day, Tory party activists will be reminding their voters what might happen if they cannot count on their vote. Nothing will therefore come of it.

      If the Referendum goes against Cameron, and he resigns as he said he would, then a pro-Europe successor would create chaos in the Government, ruling out George Osborne and Teresa May. Boris is dithering, and probably lacks the killer instinct and his support in the party is dwindling. It would be fascinating to see how Michael Gove and Chris Grayling get on, considering Gove has been studiously and correctly undoing Grayling’s mistakes.

      If Cameron wasn’t confident of getting the result he wanted, he wouldn’t call the Referendum. All now hinges on the spin doctors, and on Corbyn getting out the young people. If he calls the election, we can assume Cameron and Osborne have got it all sewn up.

  • Suzy61

    If these negotiations served any useful purpose they have brought into sharp focus those politicians who have chosen personal interests over their country. I am thinking of those who have taken a calculated gamble – rather than decide with conviction. Javid and May are prime examples.

    I sincerely hope they have backed the wrong horse – it is all they deserve.

  • mike53

    Spectator exclusive, Seriously ?
    I think just about everyone in the UK new this guy would be backing the IN movement.

  • Blindsideflanker

    Careerists putting their ambitions before country.

    • Rosenbaum’s Tinted Spectacles


  • 4194

    The UK deal is basically just Brexit light, in effect EEA/EFTA minus independent FTA negotiation but a UK seat in the EU legislative. Seemingly a sensible practical option for others also not intending to join full EZ integration. The sort of flexibility needed to operate in tandem with the emerging, if controversial, US- TTIP progressing to Round 12 negotiations next week.

    • berosos_bubos

      Which deal is that?

  • saffrin

    Hardly a surprise to find a first generation immigrant supporting a regime with an open door immigration policy.

    • Wee Mental Davie

      Ah, to be fair to the man, he’s not been signed up to mass immigration. He just feels his own future is more important than those he represents. Equally repulsive actions though, so tomayto tomato.

    • Alex

      A Commonwealth immigrant?

  • Wee Mental Davie

    I thought he was a decent man but now it turns out he’s just another pathetic politician, more interested in his own future and his own agenda.

    • Village Idiot

      Was about to post this, more or less word for word. Have an upvote instead sir.

    • Numpty McTumshie

      Indeed. And he has also miscalculated if he had any leadership ambitions.

  • iMutti

    The British Conservative Party is about to change dramatically in the course of this local event. The old guard a la Ian Smith are on the way out, step forward a new form of multi-national, multi-heritage Conservativism best represented by the promising Mr Javid.

    • Duckworth Keats

      Or the even more promising Miss Priti “Brexit” Patel.

      • flipkipper

        Laddy, don’t we all know that this is carefully choreographed posturing.
        The party of working people is framing the narrative as no other party is interested in this bllcks. No one laddy. Not here and not abroad.

        May the infighting begin. Day 1 Round 1.

        • Duckworth Keats

          There are two Rs in narrative. Laddy.

          • flipkipper

            Which one of your many questions would you like me to answer first?

            • mike53

              You mean that you cannot multi task then 🙂

        • Frank

          “The party of working people” can you explain since most politicians do work. At a guess, you mean Corbyn, in which case his party is “framing a narrative” that the public is not interested in.

      • jeffersonian

        Patel at least has the principles Javid threw over for career advancement.

        • Duckworth Keats

          Exactly. Sell Javids, buy Patels.

    • Blindsideflanker

      So you think a nation is going to be well severed by people who have divided loyalties.

      • Trini’s dad

        Me can tell you dat me na cyare aboot your fascist aal white aal German roots ‘mon.

    • Frank

      Ha ha, Osborne is toast, so if Javid thinks he is hitching his horse to the correct future leader he is making a serious mistake.

  • Duckworth Keats

    Javid is not afraid of leaving the EU but he is afraid of losing the patronage of George Osborne. No contest.

    • jeffersonian

      Well put.

    • Planet Vague

      He’s a banker.

  • Helenos

    He’s dead to me.

  • HansMartinMezger

    There goes his credibility, then.