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EU officials find that most of the ‘refugees’ are not refugees. What a mess

30 January 2016

12:03 PM

30 January 2016

12:03 PM

Even EU officials are now finally admitting that a lot – or, rather, most – of the people we have been calling ‘refugees’ are not refugees. They are economic migrants with no more right to be called European citizens than anybody else in the world. Even Frans Timmermans, Vice President of the European Commission, made this point this week. In his accounting, at least 60pc of the people who are here are economic migrants who should not be here –  are from North African states such as Morocco and Tunisia. As he told Dutch television:-

“These are people that you can assume have no reason to apply for refugee status.”

Swedish officials are coming to a similar conclusion, saying that as many as 80,000 of the mainly young men who have gone to Sweden as ‘refugees’ in the past year alone are no such thing.

Now there are the usual attempts to crowd-please from certain politicians and officials who are talking about how they might have to deport these people. But they won’t, will they? Does anybody honestly believe that the Swedish authorities are currently preparing to deport 80,000 fake asylum seekers from their country?

Or let us assume that the 60pc figure is correct for Germany and that 60pc of the people who have arrived in Germany in the past year alone should not be there. Given that it has taken in more than a million people in the last twelve months, is Germany now going to deport as many as three quarters of a million fake asylum seekers from its territory? Of course not. They will not even attempt it. Everybody in Europe knows that. And everybody following events and weighing up their chances from outside Europe knows that.

Everybody on earth now knows that Europe’s present leaders lack either the will or the means to enforce their own laws. So more people will come next year, and the year after that and the year after that. All in the knowledge that once you’re in, you’re in. If the facts were otherwise then Sweden, Germany and other countries across the continent would currently be preparing to ship hundreds of thousands of people out of Europe and back to their countries of origin. But they’re not.

And so the numbers coming in will increase, and the politicians will keep posing, and the European peoples will rightly get more and more enraged at the fact that their continent is being taken away from them. Eventually perhaps even the constant bogeyman warnings about the ‘far-right’ will lose their capacity to scare. Not good times ahead, I’d say.

Still, at least we all listened to Benedict Cumberbatch.

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  • kris

    Any discussion on immigration or multiculturalism has been stifled over the last 60 odd years by the PC brigade to such an extent we are scared to raise our heads above the parapet for fear of being labeled fascist or racist. These intellectual left elite PC prophets are symptomatic of civilisations in decline. They have grown too familiar with their own sophistication and familiarity breeds contempt. They have actually grown to hate their own Western values and look back at their history with the sole purpose of digging up all the negative things they can find. They look instead at ‘The Noble Savage’ of lesser cultures and suggest that we, far from imagining ourselves superior should look up to these primitive people as if we can go back to our roots and learn something moral and uplifting from them. Hence they refuse to criticise any third world countries and glorify in multiculturalism. They are prepared to ignore all the centuries of Western progress in freedom, science, medicine, philosophy, education, art, painting, music, literature, architecture and human rights achieved at great expense and millions of lives in order to express their thinly disguised self disgust. They are the reason we are preparing to hand over our cultural legacy with out so much as a whimper and we apparently havent got the backbone to stand up to them.

  • canalboat

    Wow What a surprise but its too late now, Their are hundreds of thousands of these people throughout the EU and no way of getting rid of them The first thing they do is to get rid of any documents so when deportation is considered there is no where to send them

  • JohnnyBoyCali

    I’m from America and dont understand why you Europeans use the term “far right” for people who are against the Islamization of your continent. First of all “right” comes from the fact that Republicans in the American congress sit on the right side and the Democrats sit on the left. However make no mistake about it, for decades Republicans have welcomed immigrants because corporations want lower wages and cheap labor. Only recently have Republicans in America started speaking against Illegal immigration because many of our cities are turning into slums and have problems with crime. Also with the recession and many Americans out of work, Republicasn rightfully want to curtail some immigration. For that they are called racists, biggots and all sorts of other bad names.

  • Paul Rice

    So when EU voters kick out the current politicians and political parties and ask for investigations and court cases for politicians who have allowed this situation to continue , and punishment , what will happen then . There will be a day of reckoning and it won’t be pretty , and most politicians will not survive the reaction .
    There will also be a reaction from the 20 million unemployed , many without homes and enough to eat , and they will never forgive the politicians .

  • Dennis Nilsson

    Numbers from UNCHR, UN’s refugee agency, tells fact’s that the author of this opinion-article doesn’t inform you about.

    Syria Regional Refugee Response

    “The number of Syrians arriving in Europe seeking international protection continues to increase. However, it remains low compared to Syria`s neighboring countries, with slightly more than 10% of those who have fled the conflict seeking safety in Europe.”

    Top Countries Syrian Asylum Applications in Europe:
    57% Serbia (and Kosovo: S/RES/1244(1999)) & Germany
    31% Sweden, Hungary, Austria, Netherlands, Bulgaria
    12% All others

    Syrian Asylum Applications in Europe:
    813,599 between Apr 2011 and Nov 2015, 137,947 in 2014 only.

    Total Syrian Asylum Applications in Europe and North Africa
    Turkey 2,503 milj.
    Lebanon 1,069 milj.
    Jordan 0,63 milj.
    Iraq 0,25 milj.
    Egypt 0,12 milj.
    North Africa 0.026 milj.

    Demography of Registered Syrian Refugees

    Total Male (49.3%)
    Total Female (50.7%)

    Male age of 0-4 is 9%
    Female age of 0-4 is 8.6%

    Male age of 5-11 is 11.1%
    Female age of 5-11 old is 10.5%

    Male age of 12-17 is 6.5%
    Female age of 12-17 is 6.2%

    Male age of 18-59 is 21.4%
    Female age of 18-59 is 23.8%

    Male age of 60+ is 1.3%
    Female age of 60+ is 1.6%

    Note – Data for 37 European countries which provide monthly information to UNHCR. To the extent possible, the figures reflect first time asylum applications, but some of the statistics are likely to include repeated applications (same or different country.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Come on Britisher pals, you really do need alternative home comforts providers if Brit chicks are your only option. Just not Muslims.

  • Arthur Sparknottle

    Europe is completely spineless. These chancers know that. Is the UK also spineless? Probably. The left have paralysed any kind of robust or manly impulse. We roll over and comply as dusky, macho interlopers come and take advantage of us. Mass sexual assault is just the beginning. These people are not like us. They don’t think like we do, and they don’t act like we do. When asked to register at camps in the Balkans, they set the place on fire. How much more evidence will it take to realise what is going on and act with some spine and determination?

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    In 1973, I emigrated to Japan as an economic migrant. Naturally there were other factors, namely Britain sucked, but that hardly amounted to political refugee status. And no way was I demanding a church on every street corner.

  • Ronke

    Just wait for the spring… god help us! We should all support Pegida UK as our politicians are totally useless. They would rather discuss banning Trump…

  • Jacobi

    These people are not refugees. They are religious immigrants. Young men for the mostly of military age. When will people wake up and see what is staring them in the face.
    And these immigrants intend to fight each in his own way. The last time we were at war young men left home and family, as these religious immigrants have done, and joined the army, which is what they have done.
    It is all so obvious but people in Europe, polititians, Church and laity, will just not admit the obvious!


    I’m more relaxed about this than most. This crisis will ultimately only be solved by stronger border controls and looser restrictions on deportation. The Euro elites will twist and turn and try all other more PC options until they finally, reluctantly find that only the non-PC ones work. If they don’t secure the borders then the public will vote for other politicians who will. This is a binary calculation you either control immigration or you don’t. How many more Colognes do you think the German people will stomach before they will elect a government which will stop it from happening again?
    Meanwhile the process of getting to that point is going to cause a political revolution in Europe as the left evaporates into an existential crisis where the snowflakes of neo-progressivism evaporate in the harsh sunlight of reality.

  • frank davidson

    They are all young men to. Sexual attacks as have occurred in Germany and elsewhere will continue.

  • Sylvia Zoos

    I think Europeans may have to start attending church again. They need to have a religious identity in order to defend it. The migrants know who they are and what they stand for and which cultures are weak and ripe for invasion. And that’s what they are doing.

  • SuzyQue

    So, you have exposed your population to this antagonistic invasion. What are you going to do about it?

  • Observant55

    Europe needs immigration and the reason for this are the low birthrates, we have to few kids and soon the growing number of senior citizen will break the welfare state. Without massive immigration the continent will face a demographic an finally an economic breakdown. If these immigrants are refugees or not is not important, we need them here in Europe.

    Angela Merkel and the Swedish government understand these demographic and economical facts but it is sad to see that so many other European governments and political leaders don´t follow Swedens and Germanys realistic immigration policy.

    As a Swede i am proud over how well my country ant it´s leaders have managed this immigration and refugee crisis and I just hope more countries will follow in Sweden´s and Germany´s wake when it comes to immigration. That would solve both the problems for the refugees and end Europe´s current demographic melt down.

    • Mr B J Mann

      I take it they haven’t got round to raping you yet?!

    • Jon Barrow

      You start with the primary error of assuming that all migrants are the same, in terms of supposed economic benefits, and proceed from there. How do you think Sweden became wealthy in the first place? Do you think it might have been due to having a homogenous, high-social-capital state with low levels of corruption and a commitment to rule of law and a strong work ethic? And do you think that people from some of the most dysfunctional states on earth share this?

      • Observant55

        No, I don´t think that Sweden became wealthy because my country was a “homogenous high social-capital state”. The most successful state during the 20th century is the United States which was and still is an multicultural state based on immigration from poor backward countries and arias like Ireland in the 19th century, from Poland, Italy and in the 20th century and now from Mexico and South America. China is today the powerhouse of the world when it comes to manufacturing industry and that county is not only multicultural but also very corrupted and riddled with all sort of crime, still it´s economic has been a startling success for nearly four decades.

        Homogeneity, high-social capital. low corruption and the rule of law just doesn’t seems so important for economic development as you believes Jon Barrow!

        • naná

          In what sense do you consider China a multicultural country? Actually the largest ethnic group, Han, according to a 2005 sampling, constitute about 91.9% of the total population. That does not sound too multicultural for me, and they definitely do not have high rate of immigration from Africa or the MENA region or any other continents. The only significant immigration to China has been by the overseas Chinese.
          To sum up China is a pretty homogeneous state, so your theory that multiculturalism would be the key factor for economic growth is highly questionable and most probably false.

          Regarding the demographic problems of Europe it is definitely a strong and misleading exaggeration to claim that there is no alternative way to solve it and only mass immigration is the only answer for a shrinking population.
          I myself also doubt it: on the one hand the welfare state is a relatively new phenomenon in history, and should be used flexibly, so it would be a much lower risk to redesign it, and rethink how the goods and services could be distributed more equally within the society than to destroy the current European societies and cultural heritage and replace it with a “soup” of cheap migrants from all over the world.
          Replacement migration is dangerous for European societies and communities as it is not only the welfare state that they can lose but much more.

          Honestly I feel pity for the people of Sweden as it seems that many of them have lost all their self-esteem, they are not able to respect and appreciate what their forefathers and their communities have created and achieved, as they seem so careless to give up their identity.

          Another issue is the current trends in the labourmarket, that is due to automation and new technologies less and less people will be needed to produce the goods and provide the services that society needs in the future.

          I agree with Jon that homogenous, high-social-capital state with low levels of corruption and a commitment to rule of law are by far more important to the success of European countries than anything else- it makes not much sense to compare Europe with the US, as the development of the US was historically very different form that of Europe or China.

          I find it also morally dubious to handle migrants only as a commodity- and actually that is happening if immigration is encouraged with the demographic claims that you mentioned. For me it is cold hearted exploitation.

          • Jon Barrow

            Good points nana, I read your post after responding (above). Please see my post viz-a-viz my thoughts on China (I live in Shanghai).

          • Observant55

            I answered your claims about China not being multicultural here above in my post directed to Jon.

            When it comes to Sweden and us Swedes I am not particularly worried that we should lose our cultural heritage because of immigration. Sweden has changed much and as I compare present day Sweden with my childhoods Sweden in the sixties I just can`t feel any nostalgia for those lost times.

            In the sixties homosexuality was considered a disease while rape if it occurred in a marriage was not a criminal act. The laws from the thirties that allowed for forced sterilisation were still in full swing and women who had the audacity to try to invade the male world as priests, scientists and professionals were openly and shamelessly discriminated.

            The Sweden of today with it`s gay marriages, female bishops and professors are a much more pleasant place to live in, even if we have lost much of our ancestors heritage of homophobia and misogyny. This loss of prejudices could be called a loss of identity but I must admit that it is a identity that I´m glad to lose. If these changes are a result of immigration then hail to immigration!

            I must confess that I shamelessly enjoy to live in present day Sweden with it´s mosques and Pride parades where people of all sorts of ethnic and sexual background mix in the streets. The ice cold homogenous Sweden of the sixties is gone and may it never come back!

            • naná

              Sorry, I can find zero logic in your answer.
              Could you elaborate a bit more what does the acceptance of LGBT people and women’s rights movement has to do with the utopia of “multiculturalism” and mass immigration from other continents to Sweden?
              You want to say that there is more freedom for the members of the Swedish LGBT community or more freedom for women because the state organized migration of mostly muslim people to get cheap labourforce?
              It must be my fault, but I doubt it…

              And why would be the acceptance of LGBT people contrary to any national identity? Though I am a foreigner but for me Sweden and its culture has a very clear national character, and being anti-gay was never a key or a differentiating part of it compared to any other community anywhere in the world.
              Women’s rights was also a natural evolution that took place everywhere in the world- it has not much to do with national identity more with the restructuring of the societies especially after WWII, when Europe count not have been rebuilt and also economic development could not have taken place without the involvement of women .

              What I see in Sweden these days – and your words also prove that- is an insane neo-Marxist, anti-white and anti-European utopia that is based on a dangerous ideology and blind to the real world, the human nature and common sense.

              As I come from Easter parts of the EU and we have already seen and tried unfortunately such things against our will – being oppressed both under the Ottoman empire and also the Sovietunion- I can assure you that none of these experiments ended well. And I bet that this new ideological wave which is just coming to the surface in Europe will neither end well and will cause a lot of suffering for everybody that is involved: both for migrants and Europeans.

              I truly believe that the real responsibility of Europe would be to help other societies in the world to develop where they are – and by help I mean the minimum intervention in their domestic politics- as the majority of the people would like to live happily at the place and in the original communities from where their families and ancestors came.

              Birds of a feather flock together- Mother Nature is right, it’s stupid to mess with her because of vain, man-made ideologies.

              • Observant55

                You write that Sweden “- is an insane neo-Marxist, anti-white and anti-European utopia”. Well, that is your personal view and I think it says more of you and your political ideas than about the current state of Sweden!

                • naná

                  Yes, you are right. I am a true European liberal- I suppose this is the word you are looking for. 🙂

                • Arthur Sparknottle

                  You will CERTAINLY come to discover (and are doing) that your new migrants from Muslim background and current devotion, will bring an end to your liberal paradise of understanding the other. In general, a large part of any muslim population have very closed and unforgiving views about some of the things you prize, such as the freedom to express yourself as lesbian or gay. It may have escaped your attention while you were patting yourself on the back, but in Syria and Iraq and Pakistan, such people are regularly thrown from tall buildings. As for misogyny, you obviously are not paying attention to what these people believe about the role of women, if you think women in Sweden in the future will be allowed to continue living autonomous lives.

                  In England, forty years ago, many of us believed that our new Muslim migrants would fit in with our ways and adopt our language and customs. Some did, but huge numbers did not. They congregated in certain areas of our cities, already run down, and ran them down far more. Very large proportions, particularly women made no attempt to speak our language and seem incapable of learning it. They are more or less excluded from normal British life. They have an unshakeable custom of marrying off their sons and daughters to their foreign cousins and continue doing this in spite of campaigns to point out the very high number of damaged offspring they produce by this habit of inbreeding. It is VERY common among Pakistani families that children in a family have only ONE SET OF GRANDPARENTS because their parents are full cousins. We now see increasing radicalisation among our Muslim citizens from all parts of the Muslim world. Many are also quite vociferous about demanding that we the host population adapt to their ways of doing things. It is no accident that the entire Muslim world is dysfunctional from a societal point of view. They are riddled with corruption and crime, extremism and misogyny. They bring that with them and in fact prize these things as if they were virtues.

                  A small nation from a population point of view as Sweden is, can not afford to take in large numbers of such people or you will lose what your country is. You already are doing if only you opened your eyes, but collective blindness in pursuit of multi cultural dogma is rife among you. Even the police are involved in suppressing the reality of a new wave of criminal activities by Muslims because the stated aim of senior policemen was that the truth could not be told in case it aided the Sweden Democrats! We have seen a little of the same here in the suppression of information about very shocking sexual abuse scandals perpetrated in many cities by Muslim men who raped and prostituted vulnerable young girls of under sixteen. There have been many cases of such mass abuse which have come to court in England in the last three or four years.

                  I predict that Sweden will see the same kind of things and that your new migrant population will grow very rapidly. They will import their relatives. They will marry foreigners and demand that you accept them and they will vastly out breed you Swedes. The average family size of these people is about three times that of the traditional English population. YOU will discover the same. I predict that Sweden will be a brown skinned Muslim country in about twenty five years. Certainly by fifty years. They will introduce shariah law in your land.

                  Don’t believe me? Go to Malmo and take a look.

                • Observant55

                  You write about sexual abuse in Great Britain and blames the Muslims but forget that this kind of sexual abuse have a long history in Britain involving such natives sons of the British Islands as Gary Glitter and Jimmy Salvile. That kind of crimes seems to be a sort of British tradition and not peculiar to Muslim immigrants.

                  Muslims in Sweden comes from other countries than they who live in Britain, we have very few Pakistans in Sweden but instead Bosnians, Turks, Syrians, Lebanese and North Africans. You just can´t make such sweeping generalizations about Muslim families as you do!

                  In 2003 the Pride Festival in Stockholm were attacked by right wing extremists and several homosexual men have been murdered during the years by Swedish right wing extremists.
                  Homophobia certainly exist in i Islam but also in the traditional Swedish society, specially among nationalist, anti-islamic groups.

                  You Artur seems to make the Muslims scapegoats for a lot of evils that also exists and for long have existed among us native Europeans.

        • Pioneer

          US was successful because previous immigrants took on a shared “American” identity and loyalty. Immigration was almost entirely from Europe, so they already had a lot in common. Social capital is essential.

          Completely different from what you said.

          Take your suicidal “progressive” cult somewhere else.

          • Jon Barrow

            Just read your post, Pioneer, after responding (above). My thoughts on the US echo yours.

          • Observant55

            What have Europeans in common, if you look into the last hundred years of European history that seems to be a lust for bloodshed and genocide!

            It is however interesting to note that while Europeans in Europe have killed each other indiscriminately they have been able to live in harmony and relatively tolerance in the USA. Multicultural and tolerant societies are not only good for business, they are also safer than nationalistic and intolerant societies that tries to conserve an often dreamt up homogeneity.

        • Jon Barrow

          The USA was about 75% British origin until about 1890, and 85% northern European until about 1980 – I would assume that, if you want to have this argument, you would already know that. It’s wealth was built on that cultural background, plus extraordinary natural resources, plus no serious threats from neighbours, plus a self-confidence that meant the US inducted all incomers into becoming primarily Americans – even into the 50s and 60s people like Roosevelt were saying ‘we have no hyphenated Americans [no dual loyalties], only Americans’.

          Modern immigration into the US (from Latin America) is on a much greater scale and from less culturally-assimilable backgrounds than ever before.

          China is not multicultural – about 93% are Han Chinese. It is not in fact all that corrupt – nowhere near corrupt as, say, most African or ME states. It’s economic success has come from a very low base, but is predicated on its hard-working people, respect for education and success, and it’s quite high, trust-based social capital. I live in Shanghai, work in business here, and have not once come across an incidence of corruption – it happens at high levels, in the form of collusion between Party officials and (often) construction contractors – the predicatable outcome of a monopolistic state.

          From my experience of Swedes, you are in general the most deluded first-world people I’ve come across: parochial, with minds shut down by various modern dogmas, and now lacking what in most countries would be seen as basic common sense. Having seen military service in Bosnia and lived in some dozen countries around the world, I can tell you that you are setting yourselves up for disaster – which no ‘moral superpower’ hubris will mitigate against.

          I really don’t have anything else to say on the matter. Time will tell.

          • Observant55

            You claims that China is not multicultural and still you live in Shanghai where people speaks both their traditional language and Mandarin while they dress upp in western clothes instead of their traditional garb and eat traditional Chinese food one day and traditional Chinese food the next. You just have to go to a pharmacist in that city and compare the Chines medicine department with the department that sells “western” medicine to understand that you are visiting a truly multicultural city. The inhabitants of Shanghai speaks a dialect of the Wu language which not is the same language as Mandarin
            You live in a multicultural city Jon, it´s just that you missed it!

            In 1980 nearly thirty procent of the Americans claimed to be catholics and nearly twelve procent of the US population considered themselves as blacks Figures that casts some doubts on your claim that eighty-five procent of Americans where decedents from Northern Europe immigrants at that time.
            It seems as if you missed some very important facts and figures in your discussion post Jon.

            • Jon Barrow

              Sorry, I just can’t find much logic here.

              Are you claiming that dressing in international clothes and using modern medicine are ‘multicultural’? Culture is not a consumer choice: it’s your way of perceiving the world, and behaviour based on those perceptions. Not only is China about 93% Han Chinese, but the other 7% are similar ethnic groups – Koreans, Mongols, Viets, Tibetans, some Uighurs in the far north-west: these people are scattered around the periphery, as they have been for at least 1500 years.

              The large Irish population in the US are traditionally Catholics, as are southern Germans and Poles – all northern European in origin.

              I’ve read through various of your posts on this thread – all your arguments tend to favour the emotional over the rational; the prevailing dogma over thinking from first principles. In some cases you confuse two different things – for instance the perceived demographic problem on the one hand; the migrant crisis on the other.

              I spent ten years in the former USSR, where there were (and are) large numbers of people afflicted by a miasma of illogical interpretation of the wider world. Ditto large numbers of people in less-developed countries. In both cases its understandable – the USSR being a closed system and the less developed populations having poor access to sources of information, and in many cases living in cultures which suppress independent thought. I know that Sweden has for many years had cradle-to-grave state control, with not much room for people to think or do differently: despite that, people like you appear to have voluntarily given up your inheritance of independent and rational thought.

              • Observant55

                The Irish are undoubtedly “northern Europeans but Poland and southern Germany are not parts of northern Europe but belongs to central and eastern Europe.

                Yes, I claim that you have multiculturalism when different languages and traditions mix in the same place. That people in this place roughly have the same skin colour and shape on their eyes doesn`t matter.

                • Jon Barrow

                  In English, all Germans, and Poles, are – in common understanding – recognised as ‘northern Europeans’.

                  Don’t really understand the relevance of your last point – it does not seem to have any bearing on what you wrote earlier (about consumer choices).

                  In all societies there is some ethnic and cultural diversity – that is bleeding obvious. Britain has quite a wide range of local differentiations. The point is that at some point, in all organisations, diversity of culture stops being a strength and starts becoming a weakness. In a military platoon there can’t be much diversity before the organisation fails; a bunch of entrepreneurs can have more; but there still have to be shared basic values – mutual trust, openness to new ideas, etc. All organisations will fail, or split (often the same thing) if some members don’t ascribe to the basic rules. A law-and-liberty democracy has its collapse point too.

                  PC types very often go on about diversity without ever bothering to think through the difference between diversity of appearance and diversity of opinion: they are obssessed with the former, suppress the latter. And also fail to think through the limits of diversity. Even diversity of appearance is an open question as far as I’m concerned – all species (including human babies) prefer others who look like themselves.

                  People like you seem to think that western democracy is the human default position. This shows both your arrogance and lack of understanding of the world. Law-and-liberty states are very hard to create, demand stability, demand widespread commitment to certain standards of law and ethics. I first learned this at 22 in Bosnia, and have seen it in many other places since. If you’re under about 65 you’re likely to see it, in your lifetime, in Sweden. At that time you’ll regret the choices you’re making now.

                • Observant55

                  You are just wrong when you states that “in English, all Germans, and Poles, are – in common understanding – recognised as ‘northern Europeans”. Here is a link to wikipedia:

                • Jon Barrow

                  I can’t be ‘wrong’ – I’m English.

                  Don’t know about in your language, but in the way I use English and in the way that I’d expect other English-speakers to understand it northern Europe includes: Ireland, northern France, Holland, Belgium, Lux, the UK, Scandinavia, Germany, Poland, the Baltics, north-west Russia. Also Austria and Switzerland, and possibly Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In English, we normally contrast nothern/southern Europe OR Western/Eastern Europe (though the latter has political connotations too – for instance Greece is part of ‘Western Europe’). Your Wiki link is irrelevant – it’s about Eastern Europe.

                  If you are unsure, please ask. This is, after all, an English-langiuage site. Policing language gives the impression of a totalitarian mind.

                • Observant55

                  You were wrong when you stated that 85% of the US population were descendants from North European immigrants in 1980 and you are also obviously wrong when you try to make parts of eastern and central Europe into parts of Northern Europe.

                  I understand that you don´t like to be proven wrong but to accuse me for having a “totalitarian mind” is just ridiculous. Did you also call your teachers at school for totalitarians when they corrected you?

                  In my opinion culture is a consumers choice, people chose the culture and language that suits them best. A good example is the Swedish speaking minority in Finland which under the past hundred years have chosen to cease speaking Swedish and become Finnish speaking Finns. The reason is that it just simplifies your life in Finland if you speak Finnish!

                • Jon Barrow

                  Seems we have reached an impasse about how to use English. Given that it’s my native language, I’ll stick with what I know.

                  With this: ‘In my opinion culture is a consumers choice, people chose the culture and language that suits them best’ you have shown yourself to be stuck at the mental level of an adolescent.

                  Sorry, but as far as I’m concerned it’s conversation over.

        • DaviddeAngelis

          Multi-culttural? China? Jeez Diane Abbottism really is rife! I’ve taught in CHina for many years and I’ll tell you Multi-Kult it most certainly isn’t – a few ethnic minority groups which are closely related, but that’s it. Bloody Nora do some research before you open your bouche. Next you’ll be telling us Japan is multi-Kult too….

    • Pioneer

      False. Automation will remove millions of jobs. You will then need to support the older folk and a vast number out of work.

      Sweden’s imiigration policy is a catastrophe, economically and socially.

      • Dennis Nilsson

        “Sweden’s immigration policy is a catastrophe, economically and socially.”

        Noop. To integrate in a society takes some time. After that, it is a really good investment for the society.

        Here in Sweden the migrants are welcome. We need more young migrants, to take care of the older people.

    • DaviddeAngelis

      This level of brainwashing is scary. I don;t suppose you’ve ever read Ed West’s book ‘The Diversity Illusion?’ Probably not. Well, guess what happens when you import mass immigration to support your ageing population? You got it, you get an even bigger ageing population and you know why? Cos immigrants also get older too – and so the vicious circle goes on. What you going to do import 10 million immigrants once every generation? Then 20 million to support that generation? And you talk about the current European ‘meltdown.’ If this balkanisation continues at the rate it’s going you’ll see a real meltdown – the type that will make you fill your pants.. What’s ‘realistic’ about cultural and social suicide? Now stop watching your state broadcaster and reading lefty newspapers and go out, seek the truth and try to have your very first original thought

  • new_number_2

    “European peoples will rightly get more and more enraged at the fact that their continent is being taken away from them”

    The population of Europe is 742.5 million. The Muslim population of that is 44,138,000 projected to increase to 58,209,000 by 2030.

    “Pan and Pfeil (2004) count 87 distinct “peoples of Europe”, of which 33 form the majority population in at least one sovereign state, while the remaining 54 constitute ethnic minorities. The total number of national minority populations in Europe is estimated at 105 million people, or 14% of 770 million Europeans. (including Europeans in Asian Russia)[17]

    The largest ethnic groups are the Russians, of whom 92 million reside in Europe, the Germans, with 72 million. In some countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Spain, the designation of nationality may controversially take on ethnic aspects, subsuming smaller ethnic groups such as Welsh, Bretons and Basques, making it difficult to quantify a “British” or “French” ethnicity, for example.

    Approximately 20 million non-Europeans live in the EU, 4% of the overall population”

    Alarmist much?

    • Y Matters

      Not at all ‘alarmist’ as there are grounds for believing the sector in question is underestimated..

      According to the Guardian, ”the Muslim Council for Wales, believes up to 20,000 Muslims living in Cardiff didn’t state their religion in (the census) 2001” in addition to the 11000 who did so declare, making a total of 31000..

      The census total nationally was 1.5 million in 2001 and 2.7 million in 2011, both of which could therefore be huge underestimates.

      If the rate of non declaration was the same in the 2011 census, and allowing for an ONS confirmed 75% increase in the 10 years since 2001, this sector could amount to a total in excess of 6 million in 2011 when extrapolated nationally.

      Consequently, If the rate of expansion since 2011 is similar, ie 7% per annum approx., then the overall numbers in 2015 in Britain could be between 7 and 8 million, or up to 10% of the population.

      This situation could be replicated across Europe.

  • marvin

    Doh! What bright spark has just woken up to the idea that it was impossible for hundreds of thousands of people travelling from vast areas of the World, to suddenly collude with one another to travel the long journey to the West? The EU has been holding talks in the Middle East and Africa for a number of years now – coinciding with this huge influx of people, that also coincides with the reduction of EU migrant labour from the EU!
    There is fighting going on in Syria, mainly on the borders – but people are commuting as normal, going to work as usual and children are going to school etc., the war is a civil war which is sporadic and insular – certainly not of the scale that the UK experienced in WW2. There is also no mention of ISIS as such – the Syrians are fighting against the rebels who have crossed the borders.
    Either the newspapers in most of Africa and the Middle East are lying – or our own newspapers are full of propaganda. Just wait to see what media delights await you as the voting for IN/OUT of the EU really gets going! Just keep in mind that Merkel was the head of the German Propaganda Council in Germany before she gained her government position!

  • MadameDellaporte
  • MadameDellaporte
  • Vinnie

    The feminists are back talking about a pretend rape culture again (Roosh V) now that the ‘real’ rape culture of Cologne is all a distant memory.

  • Cyril Sneer

    You cannot have free movement of people within the EU if the EU’s external borders are not controlled.

    Out out out!

  • Cyril Sneer

    Philip Hammond tries to enlighten us all by telling us what we already knew 6 months ago – that the majority of ‘refugees’ are not Syrian and are not fleeing war. Well thank you for that Philip, we already have that one covered.

    He then tells us that Russia is helping ISIS by not bombing them…. well Philip Russia is bombing ISIS and, unlike the west, is supporting the only credible force to stop these jihadists.

    The real question Philip Hammond is…. why isn’t the west bombing Al Nusra, Al Sham and all the other AQ affiliates and salafi groups that the Russians are bombing?

    • Pioneer

      Your so called leaders are deluded, and very dangerous

  • Kasperlos

    That EU member states do not enforce their immigration, border laws – and have no intention of doing so – ensures a Europe heading for collapse. The photo accompanying this article is frightening. If Europeans believe their country is their home then they would be horrified at seeing these law breakers like burglars. So long, however, that the average person sticks their head in the sand and believes ‘well, at least they’re not coming to stay in my flat/semi-detached/mansion, then I don’t care.’ Europeans have permitted this slow motion demise. Collapse will not come overnight, but the demographic influx of uneducated third world migrants with wholly incompatible political and social cultures/values/norms and religions ensures that Europe will descend from the rung of the first world to, at best, second world status. The last remnants of pre-WW One Europe is being finished off by the elites in search for their version of utopia. And one knows full well how that turned out throughout history. Fasten seat belts.

    • Arthur Sparknottle

      The worst part of it is that unlike most migrants, they devote themselves to preserving their backward, radical and dangerous cultural baggage and tend to get more radical in the second generation. We have FAR more problem of terrorism from second generations migrant youth than with their settler parents. Most of our jihadi wannabes were born here. The 7/7 bombers were born in England.

  • Itinerant

    The EU is apparently so green it even recycles migrants;

    Sweden deports Tunisian………….to Denmark.
    Denmark deports”refugees who arrived from Germany” back to Germany while hundreds have already “vanished”
    Germany has lost track of 600,000 ‘seekers’, Sweden misplaced 14,000- it’s chaos.

    Almost full circle- pro-EU officials announce possible deportations but what they’re not saying is- many countries in North Africa, Africa and Asia are refusing to take back migrants who don’t have valid passports;
    “Africans rejected the EU plan”
    “Pakistan suspends readmission agreements with western countries”

    What’s the first thing that gets torn up at the borders of Europe? the passports of course- because it “gives them a better of chance of receiving asylum”

    The EU destroying Europe by absurdity, lies, diktats and uncontrolled mass-immigration- while having the blinding temerity to call it ‘progress’.

  • The_greyhound

    The Guardian has said it will no longer permit discussion of this, or allied matters on its website.

    Social media are now clamping down to the use of expressions which call into question the “refugee” status of migrants.

    Remarkably Paul Staines has now banned a number of regulars on his Guido Fawkes website for raising these issues.

    So the BBC shouldn’t have nearly so much trouble maintaining a news black out the next time the “refugees” behaviour gets out of hand.

    Welcome to the end of free speech, the end of a free press, and the end of our civilization.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      “You will lap up multiculturism and like it.”
      Well I for one will not and do not.
      Because multiculturism is the totally flawed notion that brought about industrial scale child rape of British children by Muslim immigrants.
      So Guido’s chickened out. Well, well.
      Jack, the Japan Alps Brit

  • Roger Hudson

    The current and future disaster of mass immigration into the EU can only be tackled under conditions of ‘night and fog’, google it.

  • Cyril Sneer

    I am sickened to the bone. Just when you thought the Guardian and the left could stoop any lower, oh no, there is more.

    The Lisa F. case, look into it.

    The Guardian says “Teenage girl admits making up migrant rape claim that outraged Germany. Allegation by 13-year-old sparked far-right protests and anger in the Kremlin.”


    Wikipedia says: “Nevertheless criminal investigation due to severe child abuse continued
    against the two before mentioned persons, who are suspected to have had
    sexual contact with her in the months before her disappearance.[3][5][6] The age of consent in Germany is 14.”


    So the 13 year old child for months has been raped by these two individuals. In Germany I believe this is statutory rape and also child abuse. A criminal investigation is ongoing. So… what exactly did this child lie about?

    Actually the headlines of other media outlets say much the same.

    A cover up.

  • sebastian2

    The people – the officials, bureaucrats and EU jobsworths – are the ones who’d control the EU and Britain if we opt to stay in. Incompetent, short sighted, cowardly and deceitful, they nevertheless want to be in charge of us. The prospect makes my blood run cold.

    As for so called refugees and asylum seekers – the facts are coming to light. The facts are, but firm action to deal with them is not. Brussels is absolutely clueless and impotent: long on delusional waffle and meaningless concessions but very short indeed on doing something beyond bureaucratic tinkering. Futile. What passes through their tiny minds? What parallel universe do they inhabit?

    Of course these people will not politely and obediently allow themselves to be ushered onto deportation coaches. Of course the sluggish EU will not halt the inward flow. The predictions for arrivals in the coming months are frightening – the UN estimates one million more, probably mostly males, all on the take.

    Britain has to leave this atrocious debacle and hope that by doing so, by recovering our sovereignty, we will avoid the mass militancy that Europe – with only some exceptions – will suffer as frustrated citizens lose patience and take to the streets.

    I have a baaad feeling about this. I really do.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      You gutless wonders will never take ittothe

      • EUSSR 4 All!

        I can always smell a Labour/SWP agent provocateur when I see one! You were from Teesside, after all!

  • sorleyboy

    The far right “racists” and “anti-Semites” are all that can save Europa and the West in general. Time for white folks to get tough. First task–get rid of the anti-white “leadership” that is allowing the dark hordes to overrun our civilization. Treat them as the traitors they are. Next–drive out the dark hordes by any means necessary. And finally–seal the borders to all non-white immigration.

  • Jules Wright

    “Far right” is a bit of a misnomer as all opponents of the Merkelisation of Europe are labelled thus these days. However, those of a firmer nationalist bent do represent the thin wax seal in a bottle of widespread worry that’s warming week by week.

    That seal is melting. And can anyone sane be in the slightest bit surprised?

  • Kieron Russell

    Surely these facts are racist and bigoted?

  • Arclight101

    If the EU was interested in only letting in genuine refugees it would have set up refugee holding centres along the Turkish Syrian border, or at least in Greece and Italy.

    Instead boats were picked up 1 km off the coast of Africa and Turkey and their occupants ferried to Italy and Greece where they were set free or housed according to their wishes. Most headed straight for North Europe.

    This African-Arab invasion isn’t as the UN/BBC/Guardian like to pretend some act of God or akin to an adverse weather condition about which we are powerless to control. It is a crisis manufactured by a small elite in Stockholm, Brussels, Berlin and at the UN. This crisis could have been nipped in the bud years ago, instead the EU chose to fan the flames until they engulfed us all.

    • Cyril Sneer

      Indeed. It is by design not by incompetence or accident.

  • Knight of Tipton

    Low wage labour chaps, low wage labour. The fact some on em’ might wanna turn themselves into walking bombs ay important.

    Cheap car washers, taxi drivers galore. Factory workers who’ll work fourteen hours for peanuts and then more. So what if it turns our country into a third work s***e hole? It ain’t their problem. So they don’t give a s**t.

  • Cyril Sneer

    It’s like this:

    The establishment ignores the rules regarding refugee status in that one loses this status if one moves through numerous safe countries cherry picking the most lucrative target.

    The establishment ignores that the Calais camp parasites are just illegal economic migrants, and very ungrateful ones who refuse to register their identities or seek asylum in France.

    The establishment ignores the rapefugee exploits and the clear social issues this has brought..

    The establishment ignores the fact that they had no right to invite these people here with an open door policy.

    The establishment ignores that fact that Europe is now a regular target for Islamic terrorism.

    The establishment couldn’t care less that these unwelcome parasites are 80% male. This is an invading army.

    The establishment couldn’t care less by the fact that inviting them all here will result in far more drownings and deaths of these unwelcome people.

    The establishment couldn’t care less that it simply isn’t possible to take in the whole of the fricking Middle East and Africa and no one has bothered to ask us.

    The establishment couldn’t care less about you or me or the future of our children.

  • Stephen Cowley

    We don’t necessarily have to deport them, in the sense of frogmarching them to the departure lounge. We just have to prevent them working or claiming benefits in cash or kind. Then they will start to leave – they are economic migrants after all.

    • red2black

      If you stop people working and claiming benefits, there’s a fair chance they’ll turn to crime.

      • Stephen Cowley

        Fair point. Economic incentives are still part of the solution.

      • Flintshire Ian

        In which case, lock them up and then deport them.

  • Arthur Sparknottle


    Nobody who arrives on the shores of Europe from Turkey or North Africa has come directly from an oppressive state. They have ALL travelled through safe countries to get here. The left has systematically blurred the definition of refugee and people are now suggesting that people coming from poor countries are bona fide refugees. This is complete rubbish. They are ALL ECONOMIC MIGRANTS. They refuse even to stay in Hungary where the authorities attempted to register and look after them as the EU law requires. They MUST apply for asylum in the first safe country they come to. That is the law. How stupid have we become inviting half the middle east to arrive on our shores. It makes me despair that any of our nations in Europe has leadership whose main objective isn’t on the virtue signalling left and the next opinion pole.

    • Cosmo

      Whether it’s asylum, rape, violence, racism, misogyny, or numerous fake “phobias”, the left believe they can redefine and control our language to suit their own twisted agenda. We need to resist these odious fascists.

  • Anthorny

    So even the EU Vice President Frans Timmermans has admitted that 6 out of 10 of the “refugees” to Europe, have come purely for ‘economic reasons’ and are therefore not refugees. We have to take any EU presented facts with a pinch of salt, so the real figure is probably more like 9 out of 10.

    So it has now been been officially confirmed and admitted that what we all thought was definitively true; the the majority of what we thought were refugees simply are not refugees. In that case, can all reporters and journalists in TV and print, please start using the term “so-called refugees”. This would then be consistent with the term “so-called Islamic State”.

    It could then be said that among the “so-called refugees” were are large proportion of members and supporters of “so-called Islamic State”.

    • HFC

      er, so-called reporters, surely?

  • Hippograd

    Well, we have been warned for 50 years by the Board of Jewish Deputies, the Community Security Trust and a long line of Chief Rabbis. Israel doesn’t allow mass immigration by Muslims (or goyish blacks), so Israel doesn’t increase the problems it already has with the Religion of Peace.

  • ashieuk

    The obvious question not addressed by Douglas is whether the proportion of asylum seekers or refugees who do not qualify for such status is greater, the same or lesser than it was a few years ago. Just saying that a lot of them don’t or aren’t doesn’t tell us a great deal. Does anyone in Speccie-land have a link to the stats?

  • Frank Moore

    Douglas, any nation of Europe which wants to reassert sovereignity of its borders has no choice but to reject any irregular arrivals. Find a 3rd world nation to take your asylum seekers. Process them and if necessary – offer settlement there.
    The one thing you must do is assert that border violators will never be settled in your nation.
    Their rights will be protected.
    Protection will be offered – in a nation of your country’s choosing. Not the choosing of the customer of a people smuggler nor the choice of the smuggler.
    One plane load from Germany will empty that country of its illegals.
    Once Germany’s resolve is established – all these tourists with ambitions will leave of their own accord.
    Australia’s experience is that the very few actual real asylum seekers amongst people smuggler customers refuse point blank the offer of safe subsidised asylum in a third word country.
    At that point, finally, they too become ‘economic migrants’.
    I simply don’t believe that 40% of the irregular arrivals are genuine refugees.
    When you offer them asylum in Botswana – you too – will see I’m correct.

  • AlexanderGalt

    Listen to Cumberbatch! I want to make him responsible for immigration. A hands on position you understand, where he takes personal responsibility for several of the more psycho dwellers of the “Jungle”.

  • victor

    they should be burned in ovens, that population is trash everywhere. Especially where they came from. Europe has no standards, and all are equal here and thus smelly alcoholics, bums and the pillars of society are all treated the same. Yes, no standards of quality, no morals at all in Europe. And thanks to affirmative action programs the scum is actually treated better by the omnipresent oppression-apparatus (aka bureaucracy).

  • Vinnie

    These people are not going anywhere, they have the liberal left to fight for them to stay

  • dbob

    Put trump in charge of Sweden and/or Germany and throw ’em back to where they came from

  • Sharon F Close

    Yep and Angela Merkel is still bleeding about UK taking its quota! Excuse me you dilly woman it was you who said come we welcome you all without discussing it with any other country not even her own country, so now Germany Merkel is your problem you keep all the so called refugees no one else wants them especially since Isis claimed 4000 of its members got through as refugees.
    Germany has caused the worst problem Europe can ever imagine and we have only just started to see the tip of the iceberg, the real problems or horror is still to come!

    • Harryagain

      It will be worse if we don’t leave the EUSSR
      They are already making plans to send them to the UK. (Altering the Dublin rules).
      The rejects and rapists that Merkel doesn’t want for the German economy.

      • Sharon F Close

        I think France is pushing this as they want the UK out of the EU.

        • Harryagain

          If we leave the EUSSR, it is doomed. (Roll On!)
          Only Germany and us are net contributers.
          And the Germans have just shot themselves in the foot.
          But we need to keep these scroungers/invaders out.

  • Communityleader

    Next they will be telling us that just maybe,there’s an ever so slight chance some of the child refugees are in fact adults.

  • Susanna

    Ms Merkel has said refugees will have to return to their respective countries once conflicts are over.

    Yeah, right – I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Same goes for all the northern European countries who (irresponsibly), opened their borders to the

    migrant masses and are now panicking because of the growing backlash from their betrayed citizens.

    Governments will put out these statements in order to pacify and placate the people but, of course, they
    have no intention of sending them back.

    • Harryagain

      Many will want to come to the UK as they speak English.