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Farewell Shami Chakrabarti, leading figure of the New Establishment

14 January 2016

12:02 PM

14 January 2016

12:02 PM

So farewell, Shami Chakrabarti. The woman is stepping down as boss of Liberty, for whom – whatever your political views – she has been a hugely effective campaigner. And, further credit: for a comprehensive school girl from an ethnic minority to have achieved so much is pretty laudable, I would argue.

I don’t suppose we’ll be seeing much less of her. She holds more job titles than an African dictator. Here’s her CV entry from Wiki:

Chakrabarti is Chancellor of the University of Essex, Visiting Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford, Honorary Fellow of Mansfield College, Oxford and a Master of the Bench of Middle Temple. She has served as Chancellor of Oxford Brookes University, a governor of the British Film Institute, and was a member of the Council and Court of Governors of the London School of Economics until April 2013.[26] She was appointed a Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in the 2007 Queen’s Birthday Honours.[37]

She received honorary doctorates from the School of Law at University of Southampton in 2010[38] and the University of Glamorgan[39] and Middlesex University in 2011.[40] In 2014 she was made an Honorary Professor of Law at the University of Manchester[41]

She was one of eight Olympic Flag carriers at the London 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony (the announcer incorrectly described her as “the founder of Liberty”).[42] She was assessed as one of the 100 most powerful women in the United Kingdom in 2013 by Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4,[43] and in 2014 she was included in The Sunday Times “100 Makers of the 21st Century” list.[44][45]

Lordy. That’s because, with her bien-pensant views, she has become a leading figure of the New Establishment, the people who run everything. In my book I had a section on ‘Eight Degrees of Shami Chakrabarti’ – you can get from every quango, charity, government body to Shami in actually two moves, rather than eight. And the same names keep cropping up all the time. All with the same views.

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  • John King

    Given her associations with ‘Human Rights’, Essex Uni, LSE, BBC and other hotbeds of Leftism she is clearly suffering from some delusion of oppression while lording it over indigenous whites! What a self serving hypocrite.

  • Cornelius Bonkers

    Well, all those “honorary doctorates”; shame she’s too stupid to get a proper one…

  • Neil Saunders

    God speed, Shami. Your next well-paid Common Purpose sinecure awaits!

  • Marvin

    Maybe but I won’t hold my breath, she could be employed as an Ambassador of human rights and sent to Syria to smack some sense into ISIS, and insist that they surrender. She’s brilliant at that stuff.

  • MathMan

    She was paid by the British taxpayer to defend our enemies.

  • Bonkim

    Clever girl.

  • Hagen vanTronje

    Shami Chakrabarti, the most unfeminine creature since Irma Giese !

    • Bonkim

      But has brains.

  • nicknuts

    All these ‘freedoms’ seem to work in favour of the minority who have infested our nation. I’m saddened that so many people are now involved with politics and ‘movements’ that affect our lives and have come from other lands. They are manipulating our country and culture to suit their own needs, and we can’t say anything as it is their ‘right’ and their ‘freedoms’. Meanwhile, if half of the London population originated from abroad, and there are 7 million inhabitants, what happened to the three and a half million indigenous citizens who have been ethnically cleansed? Could you imagine what would be said in the media, and particularly the BBC, if this had been the other way around. Seems to me these human rights are fine, so long as nothing is done to preserve the culture and society of the indigenous British who apparently have no rights..
    Well, we might get a Muslim Mayor of London. I suggest we hand the whole lot to the Muslims, as is the Islington Liberal hand-wringers intention, all under the banner of human rights, and we, the indigenous population take-off and start a new country elsewhere, with Nigel Farage as the first President. Over the last 65 years, I have seen this country taken from us, under the name of ‘freedom’, so long as it is not our ‘freedom’.

    • Bonkim

      never read such crap. Look at people as individuals not as belonging to any group – that is the British tradition and you obviously don’t subscribe to British values. The hallmark British values is staunch individualism and this Lady is an individual not representing any ethnicity or minority group. that is why she succeeded.

      • nicknuts

        never read such crap? Try reading your own stuff sometime. British values are being used to destroy the British and our culture you moron. I subscribe to British values amongst the British. Not so a bunch of third worlders can come and steal our great country from us that we have worked hard to achieve. British values according to you mean it’s fine for foreigners to come here and get an NI number straight away, when I have paid NI for 40 years. I know when I am being mugged. It’s people like you who are helping our destruction. Thanks a bunch.

        • Bonkim

          Change the Law through the system to what you want – that is democracy. A Great country needs to renew itself and from what I see the people are dragging it down through incompetence – not immigrants. Seriously you are not made up of the metal that made Britain Great – instead of complaining what are you contributing to Britain’s greatness at the moment, don’t just rely on the historic past?

          • nicknuts

            The historic past proves the country’s worth. Labour have dragged us down, and too many Brits fall for the ‘caring’ angle that is a myth. The left have infiltrated too many organisations, and their plan is to ruin us. I’m a development engineer, with a professional engineering qualification. I’m in manufacturing trying to produce wealth and make the world a better place. How dare you say I’m not made of the metal. The standards are falling by mass immigration from the wrong parts of the world.

          • Simon Fay

            “Change the Law through the system to what you want”

            I think that’s been the long-march strategy of the interlopers and their sponsors, whose behaviour tells you that they certainly don’t actually believe the “no such thing as group identity” schtick, even if they use noisy belief in it as a stick with which to beat the groups they are trying to supplant

            • Bonkim

              Group identity is a myth – constantly changing. Before the Asian and Carribbean immigrants arrived there were other groups such as the Irish or Travellers, or Catholics or Jews or other subgroups/underclass that were the Bogey-men. Bearing in mind the distinct class divisions in British society pre-WW2 the real communities were in individual urban/rural or neighbourhoods that spoke different dialects and did very little socializing with each other and looked at the others with suspicion.

              The upper class had their own clubs and circles.

              • Simon Fay


              • Mr B J Mann

                Class, upper class, clubs…..

                You forgot Toffs, Aristos, Old Etonians, fat-cats, bankers, capitalists, the bosses……

                Not to mention the Bourgeoisie.

                Oh, and the Lumpen Proletariat.

                And all MEN!

                • Bonkim

                  You are proving the point – society is continuously evolving and old comparisons are now redundant.

                • Mr B J Mann

                  And you are proving the point that people don’t judge individuals: they stereotype groups prejudicially!

                • Bonkim

                  You can only consider individuals if you are familiar with them – yes certain group characteristics tend to identify the groups – also group identity is based more on differences heightened when you don’t like them than by common characteristics. However rational persons try to separate their dislikes and prejudices from analysing the substantive issues although not always succeeding.

                • Mr B J Mann

                  Look at people as individuals not as belonging to any group – that is the British tradition and you obviously don’t subscribe to British values.

                  the people are dragging it down through incompetence – not immigrants.

                • Bonkim

                  Don’t jump to conclusions. Stranger Beware and adapt and change – once bitten twice shy – these are all British values and in today’s world one has to be canny, and adapt and change to preserve what is best in Britain or else will be trodden over by aggressive dark ages cultures. Incompetence is a by-product of affluence, relative security based on past glory, and unjustified sense of superiority.

  • slyblade

    Another apologist who would say sorry for bleeding on a IS executioners blade. But as one steps down there are meany who will take her place. The Conveyor belt that is the so called higher education system churns them out in their thousands and the Establishment can’t wait to employ them all.

  • Emma Roydes

    Say what you like, I still think that she is a silly Ermingtrude and is as racist as they come. When she appeared on my tv screen my hand goes to the off switch as I do not want to hear her vile comments.

  • Simon Fay

    Thin, dour-looking and a speed-dial-reliable booking. She endeared herself to me slightly by remarking that she wasn’t a vegetarian – just somebody who looked like one. And she was thrilled to visit New York some years ago off the back of an avowed dazzlement at American founding rhetoric and its latterly-manifesting Progressive possibilities. One suspects they’ll be seeing her more as she brings her clout to bear in a bigger market than little old England can muster.

  • Dominic Stockford

    She did very well, helped no end by her sister being a BBC newsreader.

  • mountolive

    Far be it and all that, Rod, but wasn’t your chapter “SIX degrees of Shami Shakeyerbatti”?

  • trobrianders

    Her comeuppance is due.