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Meet Jeremy Corbyn’s German doppelganger

30 December 2015

3:52 PM

30 December 2015

3:52 PM

Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn has a socialist doppelganger in Germany. Her name is Sahra Wagenknecht and she serves as co-chairperson of the largest opposition party in the German Bundestag—The Left Party.

Her remarks blanketed the German media on Tuesday because she equated Islamic State terrorism in Paris with Britain’s aerial campaign designed to help destroy the terrorist organisation in the Syrian and Iraqi theatres of war.

‘Of course it is no less a crime to murder innocent civilians in Syria with bombs than it is to shoot them in Parisian restaurants and concert halls. One is individual terrorism, the other state-sponsored,’ Sahra Wagenknecht, an admirer of the now-defunct East German communist state and Stalinism, told the Bundestag on Monday.

The attitudes of Wagenknecht’s Left Party mirror in many respects the enthusiasm of Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn for Hamas, Iran’s clerical regime and Hezbollah. Moral conflation and a bottomless level of cultural relativity dominate the thinking of both hardcore left-wing leaderships. For Wagenknecht, Corbyn brought ‘movement into the sleeping social democracy of Europe’.  

The Left Party is a formidable force in German politics. Germany’s Parliament has 630 members, of which the Left Party has 64 seats. This amalgam of West German leftists, trade unionists and East German communists (including many former Stasi officers) catapulted itself into the largest opposition bloc in the 2013 national election. 

German Chancellor Merkel’s conservative coalition garnered 41 per cent of the vote. Her coalition partner, the Social Democrats, won 25.7 per cent and the Left Party managed 8.6 per cent. The traditionally powerful Green Party slipped below the Leftists with 8.4 per cent of the electorate.


The Left Party secured an enormous victory a year later when its candidate Bodo Ramelow won the governor’s race in the eastern state of Thuringia. He became the first socialist to win a German state election since the dissolution of communism in 1990. Merkel warned against a ‘Karl Marx in the state chancellery’ in Thuringia.

Unsurprisingly, The Left Party opposes German military intervention in Syria and does a lot of heavy lifting for the policies of Vladimir Putin. There is no shortage of apologists for radical Islamic regimes in the Left Party. 

The Left Party’s foreign policy spokesman, Bundestag deputy Wolfgang Gehrcke, has attended pro-Hezbollah and pro-Hamas demonstrations in Germany. He participated in a 2006 rally where ‘We are all Hezbollah’ blared from the loudspeakers. Many of the party’s parliamentarians hold views from a catalogue of horrors. Deputy Christine Buchhloz supports the ‘legitimate resistance of Hamas and Hezbollah.

She and Left Party Vice President Wagenknecht declared as ‘untruth’ the reality of Iran’s drive to build nuclear weapons. However, Germany’s foreign intelligence agency, the BND, affirmed in reports that Iran has carried work on nuclear bombs.

Wagenknecht and Buchholz’s refusal to participate in the standing ovation for Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former Israeli President Shimon Peres during his Holocaust remembrance speech in the Bundestag which was praised by Germany’s NPD neo-Nazi party. The Left Party has a peculiar obsession with fanning the flames of the Boycott, Divestment,Sanctions (BDS) movement in Germany targeting the Jewish state.

Wagenknecht has gone to great lengths to defend her party’s lawmakers who traveled aboard the Mavi Marmara vessel in 2010 in an attempt to break Israel’s legal blockade of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

By way of background, the deputies, Inge Höger and Annette Groth, agreed to be segregated into an all-female section aboard the ship filled with a substantial number of Islamists. 

Tossing aside the Left Party’s allegedly pro-women views in favour of Islamism is just one example of the party’s startling hypocrisy and reactionary social correctness. Another: when Wagenknecht was caught on camera in 2007 devouring a ‘rich man’s dish’ of lobster, she sought to destroy the evidence of her dinner at the upscale Strasbourg restaurant Aux Armes.

She achieved her goal: The photographs were deleted. It is worth recalling that the Left Party traces its origins to the austere socialist ideology of the communists’ ‘Workers’ and Farmers’ state’ that was East Germany.

When defending her deletion of the pictures because ‘I didn’t like them,’ Wagenknecht said, ‘I’m fighting for a society in which everyone can afford to eat lobster’. 

Wagenknecht’s existing socialism, like Corbyn’s, advances the benefits of the few at the expense of the majority.

Benjamin Weinthal is a Berlin-based research fellow for the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

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  • sidor

    She looks much more attractive than frau Merkel.

  • NMS

    While claiming to be “non partisan” , the organisation he represents is no more than a front for extreme elements of the US Republican party and other nutters who would like the cold war back. They can’t even spell “defence” correctly!

  • trobrianders

    Wagenknecht! Disappear her, somebody please.

  • Thomas Hagard

    This is Benny at it’s best. Speaking about German politics one must consider, that EVERY sentence is wrong…wrong information, wrong data, wrong persons at a wrong place, wrong wordings, wrong translations (german-english), wrong connections. Only the profile photo is correct. I refuse corrections – it would be too much work to do on New Years Day. One thing: Ms. Wagenknecht is a staunch supporter of all Kurdish resistance groups – the only military force which is fighting IS successfully on the ground in Iraq and Syria. To label her as a “Stalinist” – are ya really kidding?

    • Swarm of Drones

      You spotted that every sentence is wrong. It requires skill for the author to do this kind of thing. It also exposes how unintelligent the readership are for not spotting it.

      • Tamerlane

        You’re an expert yourself are you oh brave keyboard warrior? Miaow!

        • Swarm of Drones

          An expert in seconding the alternative view, soldier. ‘Enjoy’.

          • Tamerlane

            Right behind you my brave key board warrior.

            • Swarm of Drones

              “Every sentence wrong”. How long will you be chewing on that fabulous put down?

              • Tamerlane

                Did you award yourself a medal for that one? Pip! Pip! Brave soldier!

  • Lowell Blackman

    For sure their mothers were eating far too much currywurst during their pregnancies leading to arrested development of fetal brain cells.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Nazis in Germany. Where’s my fainting couch?

  • Terence Hale

    „Meet Jeremy Corbyn’s German doppelganger”. Sahra Wagenknecht from the “Left” party a bunch of ex-DDR politicians sits in the German parliament as the largest opposition party, this because the two main parties are in a grand coalition. She also sits on most talk shows wearing a Cross of Israel neckless. As an attractive women she combines a sharp intellect with a penetrant voice, said the be the girlfriend of Oskar Lafontaine, who also himself preaches water and drinks wine.

    • P.

      I believe the “girlfriend” is actually Frau Lafontaine since 2014.

  • Anglian Reed

    The Utopian fantasy :

    “I’m fighting for a society in which everyone can afford to eat lobster”

    The reality :

    “I’ll create a society in which everyone will be forced to queue for gruel”

    • Geo

      Proof, if it was needed, that socialists don’t understand why things cost what they do. Lobster is expensive because there isn’t enough to go round, and unless she has a brilliant new technology up her sleeve to increase the productivity of Lobster farms, Lobster will be scarce whatever the economic regime.

  • aufholjagd

    There are socialists (the SPD) who are not in Die Linke, and they have been in government both as the primary and secondary members of a coalition in more than one East German state since unification, while Die Linke has also been in such coalitions before becoming the primary member of the tripartite coalition (with the SDP and the Greens) currently in power in Thu”ringen. Are you really Berlin based, Mr Winevalley? Or do facts not matter to you? And also ‘governor’ is an insane translation of Minister-Pra”sident, the head of the coalition in Thuringen.

  • eat your greens

    There is something seriously wrong with your eyesight, Benjamin.
    Why do the hard left leftards on the continent always get to be represented by the pretty ones?
    All we get is Angela Eagle!

    • Violin Sonata.

      Actually you get the Eagle twins- vote for one and get one free- a socialist special offer 🙂

    • Herman_U_Tick

      Agree. Much easier on the eye than Jezza.

      • flipkipper

        Unless the Corbynites drop their ugly bird policy they will remain unelectable.

        Phew, at least that’s us safe and secure init bruv.

  • jim

    Happy New Year Speccies….Drink up lads.We’re going to need it..Try not to get too depressed about kraut commie bints.

  • Muttley

    Depressing but unsurprising to see so many Germans remaining true to type and keeping up their long, dishonorable relationship with anti-Semitism. Merkel is the same, opening Germany’s borders to people from a region which is overwhelmingly anti-Semitic, without regard to the wellbeing of the few remaining German Jews.

    • post_x_it

      “the few remaining German Jews”
      Not quite true. There was a huge wave of Jewish immigration into Germany in the 1990s and 2000s, many of whom came from Israel thinking that Germany was now a safe and welcoming place for them. I wonder what they think now.

      • Muttley

        Thanks – I didn’t realise that. There doesn’t seem to be any escape for them now, wherever they go.

        • Are You Sure

          You’re right. If Corbyn ever gets in (which I don’t think he will for a second) I will be on the first flight out with my family.

          What with the rise of the far left and Islamists outnumbering Jews 10:1 in the UK, my home no longer feels like the assured place of safety that I’ve always taken for granted.

          I have no interest in going to Israel. America isn’t really my bag either (although it’s my wife’s choice). I’d have to settle for Australia or NZ.

          The real problem is, with 1.2bn muslims and 14m Jews, there’s nowhere that I would consider future proof for my family.

          • E.I.Cronin

            I’m sorry to be alarmist but I would not choose Australia… we are rapidly being colonised by Islam and while the Labor Party betrayed Israel for the Muzzie vote years ago the Liberals are now submitting in competition. Since 1990 we’ve had ten synagogues firebombed. Speak to Jewish organisations of course, and perhaps Western Australia/Tasmania/South Australia would be your best options, but I’d go for NZ. The savvy Key government has kept their numbers low but under pressure from the Left have had to cave in to the Syrian influx. The South Island remains an Anglo stronghold but one under siege from traitors within and an ethnic bureaucracy up north determined to cleanse them. What about South America? Chile or Argentina? I’ve even thought of emigrating of Australia continues. Better to be a stranger in a foreign land than a stranger in a land that was once my homeland.

            • Are You Sure

              It’s a toughy. There’s pretty much no Western countries left that haven’t been subject to masive immigration from these people who are literally bred to hate Jews.

              Even the idea of leaving England makes me feel sick. Hopefully Corbyn and his lot will take the pasting they deserve (which I’m sure they will).

              • E.I.Cronin

                Yes the likelihood of the far left claiming power is doubtful. Plus there’s another 4 years in the UK in which events can show the public the danger that the extreme left truly represent. Even our lone Jewish MP Josh Frydenberg was a typical apologist for RoP (Turkeys do vote for Thanksgiving!) but recently found the courage to speak honestly.

                Australia is still safer than Europe. I’d argue the bulk of our population now mistrust and despise Islam to such an extent that the next few outbreaks of JIhad will propel anti-immigration parties into the Senate and from there into the Lower House.

                I can’t imagine the unease and fear Jews now feel, but you have a lot goodwill amongst the mainstream.

                • Are You Sure


                • E.I.Cronin

                  It’s a hidden gem. Many Sydneysiders don’t know it exists.

                • Are You Sure

                  We’re due a family trip down under. I’ll make sure we check it out when we get around to organising it.

          • Yew Leaves

            thanks, I’ll make sure he gets my vote now.

      • Are You Sure

        There are 118k Jews in Germany. Hardly huge.

        • post_x_it

          It is huge compared to what it was 25 years ago.

          • Are You Sure

            Larger perhaps. Huge, not so much.

          • heb macman

            The vast majority of those additional Jew are from the former USSR…

    • rationality

      I think that Germany should be more concerned with protecting all German people as a whole rather than a significant minority. Dont you?

      • Muttley

        Yes, I do.

  • sebastian2

    She indulges her radical fantasies from the comfort and security of one of the world’s most advanced countries, the hypocrite. I doubt that Yazidi female captives or free Christian female militia fighting IS would share her eccentric delusions.

    • flipkipper

      And you don’t do comfort and security? Who are you bruv? Rambo the Elder?
      Matey, I bet you are a couch potato with a fat beer belly. Jesus Christ.

      • The_greyhound

        Go and help your islamo-fascist friends, if you’re so brave.

        • flipkipper

          Now if anyone needed any more gibberish pointing out you’d be top of the heap init bruv.

      • Tamerlane

        I think his point is that Yazidi or Christian women in Iraq or Syria, many murdered, many brutalised and raped by ISIS as they have been, may feel bombs dropped from Western aircraft are not to be equated with acts of terrorism and would find the suggestion they are upsetting to say the least. It’s probably beyond your scope to comprehend that but there you go, ho hum, it’s New Year so have a free one on me.

  • MaxSceptic

    Shock horror: German extremists, like our British counterparts (whether of the left or right – no difference) are hardcore nutters and antisemites.